Zinc and Magnesium Tablets Supplement with Added Vitamin B6 by Opal Fitness, — Sports Performance and Recovery Formula, — GMO Free,


Is mold resistant GMO-Free
Product benefits Metabolism Improvement
Dosage form Tablets
Format Tablet
  • PERFORMANCE RECOVERY FORMULA – Zinc & Magnesium supplement with performance and recovery formula for hard-working humans. With added Vitamin B6 which contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal hormone levels in the blood
  • SAFE AND CERTIFIED - Opal Fitness Zinc and Magnesium is GMO-free and produced in the UK to strict GMP and ISO 9001 standards
  • DESIGNED FOR ATHLETES - Originally for athletes, suitable for everybody. Each two-tablet serving contains 276mg of magnesium, 36mg of zinc gluconate, and 4mg of Vitamin B6
  • TAKE BEFORE BED - For best results, we recommend taking before bedtime and avoid taking with milk or other foods high in calcium
  • SUITABLE FOR VEGANS – Like all Opal Fitness products, Zinc & Magnesium tablets are suitable for vegans.


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Product Description

Zinc magnesium ZMA supplement Testosterone Booster zmb zm6 glutamine hmb supplement capsules opal
our mission

Opal Fitness is driven by a passion for helping hard working humans to become the best version of themselves.

our mission
Expert Knowledge Opal Fitness
Real Results Opal Fitness Max Chegwyn
Opal Fitness Made in UK manufactured

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Important information


Mag­ne­sium, Zinc Glu­to­nate, Vit­a­min B6, Micro­crys­talline Cel­lu­lose, Sil­i­con Diox­ide, Mag­ne­sium Stearate

Legal Disclaimer

Con­sult your GP before tak­ing food sup­ple­ments. Store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of chil­dren. Do not use if the safe­ty seal is bro­ken or dam­aged. This prod­uct is man­u­fac­tured on equip­ment which process­es prod­ucts con­tain­ing nuts, milk, gluten, egg, soya and peanuts.

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Additional information


120 count





Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

15 Jan. 2019




  1. Dave H

    The bot­tle says some­thing dif­fer­ent to the descrip­tionThe pho­to of the prod­uct and the descrip­tions says 138mg of Mag­ne­sium and 18mg of zinc per one tablet. The bot­tle itself when the item arrived says 138mg of Mag­ne­sium and 18mg of zing per 2 tablet serv­ing. Half the adver­tised amount. Very disappointing.

  2. Jholmes

    Rapid ben­e­fits so farSleep still inter­rupt­ed, but cer­tain­ly feel I am get­ting more out of it. Only been on them for five days, and don’t think that it is a place­bo effect. Prob­a­bly that my body is short of Mg & Zn, so responds to a boost. Cer­tain­ly noticed last week that my nails were stri­at­ed which indi­cates Zn shortage.Good to feel more ener­gised gen­er­al­ly too.Had a cold virus (exhaust­ed, but no man­ly snot etc) that has tak­en months to shift and cur­tailed too much train­ing. Look­ing for­ward to a good x‑training ses­sion tonight!

  3. Gar­ry Richards

    Dis­ap­point­ing prod­uctThese seem to do the exact oppo­site of what they are adver­tised to do.…… Since tak­ing them my sleep has been bro­ken (wak­ing every hour) and I’ve been get­ting real­ly bad pains in my knees and low­er back.……so stopped tak­ing them 2 weeks ago and sleep has returned to nor­mal (around 7 hours a night) and no more pains.….…

  4. Ed S

    Mis­lead­ing adver­tis­ing!I bought these sup­ple­ments as they were quot­ed to be gluten free which is a require­ment for me. Unfor­tu­nate­ly when I received them I noticed it stat­ed on the bot­tle that the sup­ple­ments are han­dled on a pro­duc­tion line that include gluten and oth­er con­t­a­m­i­nants. This basi­cal­ly means the tablets are use­less to me as I can­not risk tak­ing them even though the ingre­di­ents are gluten free! This is clear­ly mis­lead­ing adver­tis­ing and should be cor­rect­ed on Ama­zon’s website.

  5. Dave C

    Worth a try as seem to have an affectThese are well priced and do seem to have an impact. I have tried new mem­o­ry foam mat­tress and pil­lows, win­dow blinds, eye mask, ear plugs, no TV, no cof­fee, etc all with min­i­mal impact. Since start­ing these I notice that I still not sleep­ing 8 hours or so but the 6 hours I do sleep if deeper/fuller. Worth a tried.

  6. Suzan­neZ

    Every­thing and moreThree sup­ple­ments that I need, in one. The extra added bonus was an email from the sell­er explain­ing how to take this sup­ple­ment and what to avoid, for max­i­mum absoption.


    Was it sup­pose to come off like that?This is more of a con­cern than a review of the item. I have lit­er­al­ly opened it today and the inner top seal came off straight away. I didn’t unseal it myself.

  8. San­dra

    Great prod­uctArrived on time and exact­ly what I was look­ing for. Sup­pli­er also sent an email with use­ful infor­ma­tion and rec­om­men­da­tions of when to take. Have already seen some ben­e­fits as have helped reduce mus­cle dis­com­fort after a day. Hop­ing it helps pro­mote more pos­i­tive sleep pat­terns but only time will tell. Would high­ly recommend

  9. Ama­zon Customer

    Pack­age opened and tablets stolen.Nor­mal­ly this prod­uct has been great. This time the seal was bro­ken and 7 tablets were miss­ing. The thought that some­body’s filthy fin­gers have been there, means we can­not use even those remaining.I need a replace­ment please.

  10. Southy

    ImpressedHad a great email with help­ful notes from sell­er which were great. I now sleep prop­er­ly. Rec­om­mend­ing to my friends espe­cial­ly for menopause madness

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