Whiskas Adult 1+ Wet Cat Food Pouches with Fish in Jelly, 12 x 100g

£ 3.00

Brand Whiskas
Flavour 1+ Fish in Jelly
Item Form Wet Food
Specific Uses Skin & Coat
Package information Bag
  • 100% complete and balanced cat meal pouch
  • Contains nutritious and tasty salmon, tuna, coley, and whitefish pieces
  • With balanced mineral levels to support a healthy urinary tract
  • Zinc helps to support healthy skin and coat


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From the manufacturer

Delicious, jelly,try it
whiskas 1+

WHISKAS 1+ Cat Pouches Fish Selection in Jelly 12x100g

WHISKAS cat food pouch­es have been devel­oped with our nutri­tion­ists and vet­eri­nar­i­ans at The WALTHAM Cen­tre. WALTHAM is one of the lead­ing author­i­ty on pet care and nutrition.

Our deli­cious adult cat food pouch­es pro­vide every­thing your adult cat nutri­tion­al­ly needs for a long and hap­py life, and are avail­able in a vari­ety of tastes and textures.

Give your cat more vari­ety with cat food pouch­es in jel­ly or cat food pouch­es in gravy, which are healthy and taste great too.

Balanced diet

Nutritious meals

How do I transition my cat to WHISKAS recipe cat food?

Mixed feeding

Balanced Diet

Com­plete and bal­anced cat meal pouch with no arti­fi­cial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Nutritious Meals

WHISKAS cat food pouch­es con­tain nutri­tious and tasty pieces to give your cat the meals they love.

How do I Transition My Cat to WHISKAS Recipe Cat Food?

We advise chang­ing your cat’s diet grad­u­al­ly over course of a week. Every few days, add a lit­tle more of the cat food take out a lit­tle of the old. Keep doing this until, after sev­en days or so, your cat is being fed entire­ly this cat good in cor­rect proportions.

Mixed Feeding

Both WHISKAS wet and dry cat food are 100 per cent nutri­tion­al­ly com­plete, to opti­mise the ben­e­fits, we rec­om­mend feed­ing across all food for­mats. Wet cat food has more mois­ture to help sup­port uri­nary tract health and less calo­rie dense than dry food. The kib­bles in our dry cat food will help clean your cat’s teeth and sup­port healthy gums. we rec­om­mend that 2/3 of your car’s dai­ly calo­ries come from wet cat food and 1/3 come from dry cay bis­cuits — don’t for­get to treat your cat too.


Important information

Safety Information:

Feed­ing instruc­tions: Small dogs (4–10 kg), feed up to 1 chew per week. Medi­um dogs (10–15 kg), feed up to 2 chews per week. Medi­um dogs (15–25 kg), feed up to 3 chews per week. Large dogs (25 kg and above), feed up to 5 chews per week. Each chew pro­vides 8 per cent of the week­ly ener­gy require­ments of a 4 kg dog. Please reduce main meal accord­ing­ly. Not suit­able for dogs under 4 kg or pup­pies under the age 9 months. Use with­in 14 days of open­ing. Fresh drink­ing water should always be available.

To avoid suf­fo­ca­tion, keep bags away from babies, young chil­dren and pets.


with Salmon Meat and Ani­mal Deriv­a­tives, Fish and Fish Deriv­a­tives (includ­ing 4% Salmon), Min­er­als, Var­i­ous Sug­ars with Tuna Meat and Ani­mal Deriv­a­tives, Fish and Fish Deriv­a­tives (includ­ing 4% Tuna), Min­er­als, Var­i­ous Sug­ars with Coley Meat and Ani­mal Deriv­a­tives, Fish and Fish Deriv­a­tives (includ­ing 4% Coley), Min­er­als, Var­i­ous Sug­ars with White­fish Meat and Ani­mal Deriv­a­tives, Fish and Fish Deriv­a­tives (includ­ing 4% White­fish), Min­er­als, Var­i­ous Sugars


Prepa­ra­tion: Dai­ly feed­ing instruc­tions: Pouch Only: 3kg 2 1/2, 4kg 3, 5kg 3 1/2 Pouch + Dry Food: 3kg 1 1/2 + 15 g, 4kg 2 + 20g, 5kg 2 1/2 + 15g We rec­om­mend to feed a mix of WHISKAS wet and dry food. Feed­ing instruc­tions: Allow a tran­si­tion phase and adjust amounts accord­ing to your pet’s needs. For over­weight cats reduce dai­ly amount. For more infor­ma­tion on feed­ing your cat, please con­tact our Con­sumer Care­line. Fresh water should always be avail­able. Serve at room tem­per­a­ture, sur­plus food can be refrig­er­at­ed for up to 2 days. 76 kcal/100g Whilst both Whiskas wet and dry cat food are 100% nutri­tion­al­ly com­plete, to opti­mise the ben­e­fits, Whiskas rec­om­mends feed­ing across all food for­mats. Wet cat food has more mois­ture to help sup­port uri­nary tract health and is less calo­rie dense than, but as digestible as, dry food. Dry cat food also has a range of health ben­e­fits. It is made with a spe­cial­ly designed kib­ble that will have an abra­sive effect to help clean your cat’s teeth and sup­port healthy gums. Con­se­quent­ly for your cat’s enjoy­ment and health, Whiskas rec­om­mends that 2/3 of your cat’s dai­ly calo­ries come from wet cat food and 1/3 come from dry cat bis­cuits — don’t for­get to treat your cat too!

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Additional information

Weight 1.31 kg
Dimensions 19.6 × 14.2 × 9.7 cm
Pet Type


Package Dimensions

19.6 x 14.2 x 9.7 cm; 1.31 Kilograms

Item model number


Pet Life Stage



1+ Fish in Jelly

Item Form

Wet Food

Allergen Information




Number of Items




Storage Information

Best before date: see side.

Specific Uses

Skin & Coat

Batteries Required


Item Weight

1.31 kg



Date First Available

12 Nov. 2015




  1. Star­lin­er

    What meat is this? None of my cats would touch itI don’t know what the real ingre­di­ents are in these pouch­es but I have a 7yr old cat and 12month old. So as you can imag­ine, they will have com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent tastes and dif­fer­ent things will attract them. So at least one of them would eat this food. NOT A CHANCE. I bought a few box­es of this food. Both would eat the jel­ly but not the meat.(and that was prob­a­bly because they were hungry)I thought they were just being fussy so did­n’t give them any­thing else, hop­ing they would eat their food. A cou­ple of mouth­fuls to kill the hunger then they left it. That’s four pouch­es a day wast­ed. Maybe half a pouch eat­en between them. ????????IIve just had some more pouch­es deliv­ered. Put a pouch each out and they have both eat­en it all. Are sat clean­ing them­selves. Just as it should be (Although they were prob­a­bly also relieved that they final­ly got meat that was meat..So I’m sor­ry for the bad review but had i of read one like this. I may of saved myself a pock­et of pen­nies and saved the cats from doing with. Makes me won­der what meat it was. If meat at all. ???I dont know

  2. sylvia

    Works out expen­sive.Made a mis­take with these. Works out real­ly expen­sive as you can usu­al­ly get them for £3–4 for one box of 12 in the shop.

  3. R. Craven

    Dou­ble the priceI hon­est­ly thought this was for two box­es of cat food which would of been the nor­mal cost of these pouch­es. But instead I end­ed up pay­ing dou­ble the super­mar­ket cost for just one box. So be aware before buy­ing this is one box of pouches.

  4. Rob

    The cats love itI’ve rat­ed Flavour and Scent based on the cats scoff­ing it all down as I think it smells like s*** and tastes like *hit. Good val­ue because they eat all of it, unlike some brands that even the think smells like s*** and tastes like *hit !! 😀

  5. shell35

    Good prod­uct bad price!This prod­uct is over­priced. Each pack works out at £6.74 each. I was in a stress because my cat only eats this prod­uct and flavour and because of lock­down find­ing dif­fi­cult to get sup­plies. By the time I calmed down and cal­cu­lat­ed I couldn’t can­cel order because it said no returns. I bought 40 in the past from an eBay shop for approx £10 which was a fair price. So beware make sure you do the cal­cu­la­tions before you buy! My pan­ic made me cal­cu­late wrong!

  6. Mrs L.

    My cats favourite flavour!This is the best cat food and usu­al­ly buy from the super­mar­ket but great not hav­ing to car­ry this home and will def­i­nite­ly be order­ing again from this sell­er. I did actu­al­ly have a prob­lem with the order which did not arrive on the cor­rect date but had been dis­patched — I con­tact­ed this sell­er who respond­ed imme­di­ate­ly and resent a new order which arrived the ver next day — just bril­liant and could not ask for more.

  7. Eng­lish­Miss

    Well my cat does…My cat eats all her Whiskas so it must be okay. I con­tact­ed Whiskas direct­ly and asked them to pro­duce more flavours in the Senior cat line, and though they replied at present the choice is the same, and rather lim­it­ed I feel. Home shop­ping from super­mar­kets does­n’t always pro­duce the right results — if they don’t have Senior cat food avail­able the ” Pick­ers ” seem to think the ordi­nary adult food will be okay, which it WON’T. Offered at a good price and arrived quick­ly, and exact­ly as described !.

  8. sal­ly

    not hap­pythought this was good val­ue for mon­ey. just seen them in tesco for £3 less. not happy

  9. Dorothy Meah

    Excel­lentThis prod­uct is a favorite for my cats they eat every morsel and they are fussy. Great val­ue if you cant get to the shops to car­ry a few boxes.

  10. ali­cia smith

    Babs is a catBabs liked it. I don’t intend on try­ing it myself so I can only go by her actions and she didn’t spit it out so that’s a good sign

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