Warrior Creatine Monohydrate Tablets, — 1000mg, — 60 Capsules, — Supplement for Performance,


Brand Warrior
Age range (description) Adult
Format Capsule
Units 60 count
Item weight 100 Grams
  • Micronized for easier mixing, uptake, and consumption
  • Unflavoured - it to your pre or intra-workout for a creatine boost


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Product Description

War­rior Cre­a­tine Mono­hy­drate Tablets pro­vides you with 1000mg of Pure Cre­a­tine Mono­hy­drate in each tablet, the rec­om­mend­ed con­sump­tion is 5g per day, these tablets allow you to eas­i­ly mea­sure and con­sume the opti­mal lev­el for your body.


1000mg Cre­a­tine Mono­hy­drate Oth­er Ingre­di­ents: Micro­crys­talline Cel­lu­lose, Mag­ne­sium Stearate (bind­ing agents)

From the manufacturer

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Important information

Safety Information:

Cre­a­tine Mono­hy­drate Tablets should be used as part of a bal­anced and var­ied diet. Do not exceed the rec­om­mend­ed dose. Store out of reach of chil­dren. Please con­sult your doc­tor pri­or to use if you have a med­ical con­di­tion. Not rec­om­mend­ed for preg­nant or lac­tat­ing women.


1000mg Cre­a­tine Mono­hy­drate Oth­er Ingre­di­ents: Micro­crys­talline Cel­lu­lose, Mag­ne­sium Stearate (bind­ing agents)


Take 5 tablets per day every day, there is no need to load or cycle these tablets.

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Additional information

Product Name

Creatine Monohydrate


0.1 Kilograms


0.08 Millilitres


60 count

Manufacturer contact

Guinness Road Trading Estate Unit 1& 3 Guinness Rd Trafford Park Stretford Manchester M17 1SB





Age Range Description




Date First Available

28 May 2018




  1. Ama­zon Customer

    Mas­sive pills bewareThese pills are huge, I would­n’t mind if they were cap­sules but they are big hard edged white things and very hard to swal­low. That being said been tak­ing 4 a day 2 in morn­ing and 2 in late after­noon before gym and they are doing the job. If you are ok with big pills just grab em

  2. Dan

    Quite a large sized pillThe prod­uct arrived and was almost as expect­ed for exam­ple the tub had a anti tam­per seal attached, the pills were quite large how­ev­er large enough to split in half to be com­fort­able to swal­low. (for me any­way) how­ev­er I do gen­uine­ly feel I have phys­i­cal­ly ben­e­fit­ted from this sup­ple­ment and feel I recov­er faster from most activ­i­ties i under­take on a day to day basis and along with a lean diet whey pro­tein shake I have lost weight and gained some mus­cle mass with help from my semi-phys­i­cal­ly demand­ing job. Worth buy­ing in over­all opin­ion but pills may need to be crushed and put in a shake if they are still to big after splitting.

  3. Mr S.

    Good for the priceThese tablets are good val­ue for mon­ey only down side is the size of the pills I just snap them in half as they are too big to swal­low whole.

  4. Niamh

    Hard to swal­low and beware of serv­ing sizeThe serv­ing size is 5 huge tablets dai­ly, no mat­ter who is tak­ing them. I’m a 145lb/65kg woman and these wrecked my stom­ach. Any­one who has issues with bloat­ing or dis­com­fort from sup­ple­ments needs to beware — I had sim­i­lar issues from a cheap whey pro­tein. Check with a train­er or Google how much to actu­al­ly take.

  5. jonathan storey

    Hard to swal­lowThe tablets are mas­sive and hard to swal­low if cut them In half but I’d rather just get the pow­der in future.

  6. Stu­art smith

    Per­fectAlways a good prod­uct from war­rior nev­er had a bad one

  7. Octa­vian Bendea

    Big size pillSize quite big due to units per pill

  8. chris williams

    every lit­tle helps!every lit­tle helps!

  9. Sarah Blewett


  10. John

    Good choiceBit tricky swal­low­ing but cer­tain­ly do the job in the gym

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