VTech 507103 Kidizoom Duo Camera 5.0|Digital Camera For Children |Electronic Toy Camera |Photos & Video For Kids Aged 3, 4, 5,


  • PERFECT FIRST CAMERA: This children's camera is ideal as your kid's first camera, so they can start creating memories by themselves or with their friends. A great toy to enhance their creativity
  • DESIGNED FOR KIDS: With a 5-megapixel lens, this toy camera takes high-quality photos and videos. Your kid can even edit photos or apply funny effects on videos whilst using their creativity to achieve their desired result
  • A CREATIVE TODDLER CAMERA: Your kid will be the director with this toy. With the movie recording and voice recording effects, your little one is in for hours of fun behind the camera
  • GREAT FEATURES: With front and rear-facing cameras, this toy offers several features to your kid. Through learning games, photo editing, and applying fun effects, your little one will enjoy this new best friend
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR BOYS & GIRLS AGED 3+: This kids camera is suitable for kids aged 3+ to learn and develop their creativity while having heaps of fun!


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From the manufacturer

Kidizoom Duo Camera — Blue

Kidi­zoom Duo Cam­era is a fun, durable and easy to use dig­i­tal cam­era with front and rear fac­ing cam­eras so you can take fun pho­tos and selfies.

Spe­cial fea­tured Pho­to Opti­mi­sa­tion, when you take a pho­to, mul­ti­ple shots will be tak­en and the cam­era will find the best shot to save.

The cam­era also fea­tures movie record­ing and voice record­ing with five dif­fer­ent voice chang­ing effects.

There are also fun games with motion con­trol and cre­ativ­i­ty options allow­ing you to enhance your pho­tos with a vari­ety of frames, stamps and wacky effects. Requires 4 AA batteries.

Bat­ter­ies includ­ed for demo pur­pos­es only.

Duo 5.0 Camera Blue

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Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 4 × 11.4 × 8.5 cm
Product Dimensions

4 x 11.4 x 8.5 cm; 200 Grams


4 AA batteries required.

Item model number




Assembly Required


Batteries Required


Batteries included


Material Types


Material Composition


Remote Control Included




Release date

31 Oct. 2019



Date First Available

2 May 2018


36 months - 9 years


  1. Becky

    You’ll need recharge­able bat­ter­ies and an SD card!The cam­era works out of the box (no need to take it and set it up before wrap­ping it) and is a very decent first cam­era for a child. My 4.5 year old daugh­ter can oper­ate it and actu­al­ly sussed out the dif­fer­ent main fea­tures faster than I did! As with most dig­i­tal cam­eras it has a dig­i­tal screen dis­play­ing the live image, but it also has a dou­ble viewfind­er which teach­es young­sters about lin­ing up an image by eye, but with­out them hav­ing to coor­di­nate clos­ing one eye to do it (which might be tricky for small­er chil­dren). The cam­era has fea­tures found on adult cam­eras includ­ing a 4 times zoom, a flash which can be turned on or off or put on auto­mat­ic, and a timer, plus it also has a rear cam­era for self­ies, coloured fil­ters (includ­ing black and white), a video cam­era option, voice recorder, fun pho­to effects, a basic pho­to edi­tor and some games which can be dis­abled or lim­it­ed through the parental controls.It’s a robust cam­era with a rub­ber shell and a stur­dy feel, and it takes 5 megapix­el pho­tos. Whilst the pic­ture qual­i­ty isn’t fan­tas­tic, it is much bet­ter out­doors and this is a great cam­era for a child to learn to use a cam­era with, whilst being rel­a­tive­ly hardy to being dropped etc, and the pho­tos them­selves not tak­ing up too much space on a com­put­er. The inter­nal mem­o­ry stores about 200 pho­tos, and we pur­chased a 16GB micro SD card to expand the mem­o­ry (it will take up to 32GB), which will store approx 14,000 pho­tos or 900 min­utes of video, which is plen­ty. The cam­era talks to a PC using the pro­vid­ed micro USB cable and Drop­box is able to recog­nise the cam­era and down­load the new pho­tos automatically.My only gripe, and the rea­son I’m giv­ing it 4 stars rather than 5, is that it runs on bat­ter­ies (4xAA) rather than being recharge­able. I would expect any dig­i­tal cam­era in this day and age to be recharge­able so did­n’t even think to check. The bat­ter­ies sup­plied with the unit only last­ed 1 day, so we have pur­chased some Ener­giz­er extreme recharge­able bat­ter­ies and they are last­ing longer.

  2. Neo99

    ALERT : HAS A USB BUT NOT CHARGEABLE. NEEDS 4 AA BATTERIESMy wife bought this for my son and assumed that it was sup­plied with recharge­able bat­ter­ies which can be charged via USB. Wrong assump­tion! After the cam­era had no charge left, not know­ing the bat­ter­ies were stan­dard AAs , we plugged it into the USB and found it did­nt charge. I assumed it must be a defec­tive prod­uct and asked for a replace­ment which prompt­ly arrived. Same issue again . Only then did I look at past reviews where oth­er par­ents have also made the same mis­take and bought the prod­uct assum­ing it must be recharge­able giv­en it has a USB port. Com­plete­ly crim­i­nal of VTEC to make a chil­dren’s prod­uct with a USB need­ing dis­pos­able bat­ter­ies! Had I known that, I doubt my wife or I would have bought this prod­uct. Most peo­ple in this day and age would assume if a prod­uct has a USB port, it would be charge­able through it and thats a rea­son­able assump­tion to make. The Ama­zon pur­chase page should make it clear that this cam­era needs AA bat­ter­ies to work and is not charge­able through the USB port which can only be used to con­nect to a com­put­er. Unfor­tu­nate­ly for me, the cam­era is now out­side the replacement/refund win­dow so stuck with it!

  3. Clan­cy­ness

    If Vtech removed the games it would be greatPic­ture qual­i­ty is fine for 5–8s and in the price brack­et. I’m not going up a Prince point until there’s less chance of break­ing it, and let’s face it, the old­er folk break things anyway.It’s super easy to use but as per usu­al, doesn’t store much so you have to buy the mini card for extra stor­age. In these times, WHY are we still using bat­ter­ies to oper­ate, recharge­able or not? This bugs me.Also why have the games? Destroys the cre­ativ­i­ty and cam­eras become anoth­er thing entire­ly. I have anoth­er child star­ing at a screen. Star­ing at screens isn’t nor­mal and why are we all con­di­tioned to believe this? Remove the games as soon as you can — easy to dis­able this in settings.Otherwise this is a great cam­era com­pared to oth­ers. Looked at cheap­er — didn’t feel com­fort­able spend­ing my hard earned cash on them.This is bump proof and my daugh­ter is lov­ing it.

  4. AG-Fam­i­ly

    Amaz­ing first cam­era for lit­tle fin­gers — A cou­ple of acces­sories need­edThis lit­tle cam­era is bril­liant val­ue for mon­ey. I paid 35£ for this item when it was on offer but I still feel it is great val­ue for mon­ey at its retail price of 42£. It is the per­fect birth­day or Christ­mas present.I love tak­ing pho­tos and have recent­ly brought myself a new cam­era to play around with so I brought this for my 2 year old so he can join in with me tak­ing pho­tos with­out hav­ing to touch MY new toy!I was not expect­ing much for the price I paid but it real­ly is a great lit­tle gadget.The cam­era its self is real­ly easy to use. My lit­tle one knows how to turn it on and take pho­tos with­out any issues.It isn’t to heavy either so it is easy for lit­tle fin­gers to hold.Just be mind­ful like an adults cam­era you ‘need’ to buy extras to go with (which then makes a cheap toy a lot more expen­sive, shock!!) I would rec­om­mend get­ting the fol­low­ing ‑1. Recharge­able bat­ter­ies. This will save you mon­ey in hav­ing to replace them every week!2. An SD card to store the pho­tos on.3. The match­ing cam­era case to store it in. This makes my lit­tle one feel like he is a prop­er pho­tog­ra­ph­er and feels the part when we take our cam­eras out!The rea­son I have giv­en it a 4 star is because I hon­est­ly don’t under­stand why there are sil­ly lit­tle games on there?! That did near­ly put me off buy­ing it as I want­ed just a cam­era but noth­ing else on the mar­ket seemed as good as this option. The games are just as rub­bish as I imag­ined too. Lucky my lit­tle one is to young to work­out how to play them but I am sure a 4/5 year old would know how to.I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend this to friends and family.

  5. Mrs Grant

    Bril­liantBought this for my grand­son’s 4th birth­day hav­ing already bought one for one of my oth­er grand­sons three years ago and it is still going strong. It is very well made — robust even for the liveli­est of chil­dren and is very easy to use for a lit­tle one. The new fea­tures on this lat­est ver­sion are great and will give hours of fun just chang­ing the back­groounds and pro­duc­ing hilar­i­ous pho­tos as a result. I would highy rec­om­mend it. The only gripe I have is that it works on bat­ter­ies, why on earth don’t they pro­duce one which can be recharged — much eas­i­er for busy par­ents than hunt­ing down bat­ter­ies all the time.

  6. SMT

    More than a cam­eraRobust cam­era which my 4 year old grand son took to imme­di­ate­ly. BUT as well as hav­ing a range of pic­ture adjust­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties it also had some com­put­er games that can be played on it screen. As a fam­i­ly that does not want our chil­dren turned into com­put­er games addicts, had I real­ly appre­ci­at­ed that as well as being a cam­era it is a games con­sole, I woudl not have bought it, sure enough, my grand son will sit for ages on the sofa com­plete­ly absorbed by the games. He loves the cam­era though — his father thanked me for buy­ing the extra ‘card’ as its inter­nal mem­o­ry is not great and the extra card will hold a coupe of thou­sand pho­tos — plenty.

  7. Dave T.

    Excel­lent qual­i­tyGreat prod­uct. Bought for you 4 year old son for hol­i­day so that we could take pic­tures while at the beach, zoo, aquar­i­um etc and he loves. Added bonus of “snapchat” type fea­tures so he can take fun­ny pic­tures of the fam­i­ly. The games are also handy although at times are hard for a 4 year old to under­stand how to con­trol and/or move cer­tain things

  8. Lau­ra

    Fan­tas­tic toddler/kids cam­eraOur son absolute­ly loves this cam­era and now our phones are same! ;-)Very easg to use with good twin view find­ers and com­fort­able grips to avoid drops. The czmwra feels sol­id with rub­ber­ized edges to protect.The pic­ture qual­i­ty from pho­tos tak­en are much bet­ter than expected!Should your tod­dler need a break from tak­ing pics, then there are also a num­ber of games also included

  9. Ms. K. T. Lenton

    Excel­lent toy for toddler/young pre-school­er — good val­ue for mon­eyThis is my 3rd V‑Tech cam­era pur­chase, hav­ing brought 2 pre­vi­ous­ly for my now teenag­er eldest dur­ing her ear­ly years. My youngest just turned 4 and like a lot of kids that age is always pick­ing up every­one elses tablets/phones to play — I want­ed to get him some­thing age appro­pri­ate that was his to tin­ker with. V‑Tech has done the job perfectly.Some review­ers have com­plained that the games take away from the cam­era fea­ture, my response to this (from my pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ences with ear­li­er ver­sion of the cam­era that also had games on) would be, yes they do but only to some extent. Even­tu­al­ly the child gets inter­est­ed in going back to look at oth­er fea­tures too. I like that my son has his own lit­tle device to play with — if he’s play­ing with the games then I have no prob­lem with that (they are very sim­ple games), in fact we all sit with him and play them/help him with it. We also encour­age the pho­to side and do lots of the com­e­dy frames togeth­er. We also have a lot of fun doing sil­ly voic­es on the voice recorder. You can of course turn the games fea­ture off in the options.It’s robust enough to be dropped about and easy enough for a 4 year old to oper­ate (with a bit of help here and there, also he turned the lan­guage to ger­man by acci­dent at one point!).The pho­tos them­selves are fair­ly low qual­i­ty. It does have a flash on it and also a lim­it­ed zoom fea­ture. As above there are lots of frames and ani­ma­tions you can do (my eldest got more into this when she was a bit older/after hav­ing the cam­era for a while).If you are look­ing for a pure cam­era for more seri­ous pho­tog­ra­phy then this is not it — but if you are look­ing for an age appripri­ate elec­tron­ic toy with a few dif­fer­ent fea­tures and some­thing that does a great job of enter­tain­ing old­er toddlers/preschoolers/early years this is real­ly bril­liant and excel­lent val­ue for money.

  10. Rose

    On offer — Fan­tas­tic.Bought for a boys Christ­mas present, 3 yearsPros…Camera itself is sim­ple to use. Easy set up and requires 4 x AA bat­ter­ies. We’ve con­vert­ed to using rechar­gables, but it’s bat­tery life over­all is very good.Sturdy due to the side pro­tec­tion. Has a good selec­tion of frames and games to play, which are very sim­ple so excel­lent for a three to four year old.A par­tic­u­lar favourite fea­ture of it is the Self­ie mode, and the focus tuner on the lens changes the colour of the pic­tures, there’s about 7 filters.We got this about a month before Chirst­mas at just over twen­ty pounds (on a deal) and I think it has been fan­tas­tic for the price so far.Cons…The image qual­i­ty is very poor on both the front and back cam­eras, I did­n’t expect it to be bril­liant, but it’s worse than I thought it would be.I would maybe have bought it for when he was 4–5, as it requires a steady hand, It is made ergonom­i­cal­ly well to hold straight and still, how­ev­er my son was just a tad to young at the time of pur­chase and is much bet­ter with it now he’s a bit old­er. (Near­ly 4).

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