VITAYUMMY Vitamin D and Calcium Supplement — Chewable Calcium & amp; Vitamin d3 Gummy Bears — Adult & amp; Kids Vitamin D Gummies

£ 14.99

Primary supplement type Calcium, Vitamin D
Brand Vitayummy
Format Gummy
Flavour Raspberry
Units 60 count
  • GREATER THAN PILLS - Do you have a hard time swallowing vitamin tablets? These vitamin d & calcium gummies are made with natural flavor and coloring. The great taste comes from rasberries & the natural color comes from carrot and black current
  • CHEWABLE MULTIVITAMINS - These chewable vitamin gummys are suitible for everyone! Calcium & Vitamin d for kids and adults. Free of any artificial coloring, taste and sweeteners these gummy vitamins are 100% vegan friendly and ultra healthy.
  • SUPPLEMENT SYNERGY - Calcium is an essentiel supplement in maintaining the health of your bones, joints and teeth & contributes to normal muscular functions. Vitamin D promotes absorbation of calcium in the gut, helps with normal bone mineralization
  • VITAMINS FOR KIDS- This supplement is made for both adults & kids. Vitamin D is essentiel for everyone. Vitamin D is naturally found in few foods and from the sunlight. It helps withstand colds and viruses. Be sure you aren't vitamin d deficient!
  • MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY - Quality is our top priority which is one of the reasons our products are manufactured in Germany. Vitayummy originates in Denmark and we strive to provide the high Scandinavian standard in our products.


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Product Description

 The chewable calcium & vitamin supplement helps with normal bone mineralization
The vegan, calcium and vitamin d supplement contributes to normal muscular functions.
The calcium & vitamin d vitayummy chewable gummies for kids are lactose free and taste flavorful.

The organic vitamin gummies have no artificial additives and it maintains the health of your bones

The gummies are very tasty, easy to take and free of any artificial coloring and sweeteners.

The chewable gummy bear vitamins are a healthy yet tasty supplement for kids.

The gummy bear vitamins are free of any type of artificial sweeteners and are great for hair.

Your daily delicious dose is amazing for your health, bone, muscles and teeth.

Important information


Glu­cose syrup, sug­ar, gelling agent pectin, cal­ci­umphos­phat acid cit­ric acid, col­or­ing food (con­cen­trate of car­rot and black­cur­rant), nat­ur­al rasp­ber­ry fla­vor­ing, veg­etable oil (coconut, rape­seed), glaz­ing agent car­nau­ba wax, cholecalciferol

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Additional information


60 count





Country of origin




Date First Available

6 July 2020




  1. Nico­la Thompson

    For the adult who does­n’t take vit­a­minsI got these for my part­ner who refus­es to take vit­a­mins. And it worked! He likes the taste, likes the tex­ture and hap­pi­ly takes them. I’ve tried one and they are pret­ty good.

  2. Taby

    Yum­my bear vit­a­minsNoth­ing to dis­like; yum­my taste

  3. Lau­ren Binder

    Med­i­c­i­nal tasteArrived in good time. Very chewy and ini­tial­ly the flavour is fruity but then leaves a med­i­c­i­nal taste in your mouth.

  4. Ama­zon Customer

    Deli­cious!My favourite vit­a­mins! Taste deli­cious. The only bad thing is they always sell out.

  5. Paul

    TastyA much bet­ter alter­na­tive to Cal­ci­um tablets that taste awful and are hard to swal­low, these are soft, flavour­ful and easy to chew/swallow.

  6. Ama­zon Customer

    Kids loved them!I bought these for my chil­dren as they have trou­ble swal­low­ing tablets and they are also veg­an. They both agreed they tast­ed yummy.

  7. Nicky

    Great taste!Great taste! Pre­vi­ous cal­ci­um sup­ple­ments have had a chalk taste that’s hor­rid! But these are fruity and taste good!

  8. Katie

    Taste goodThese taste good. Great for veg­e­tar­i­an chil­dren who can’t take big tablets. Great colour and fun design.

  9. Doc­ta Osiris

    Tast­ed awful and smelled like nail pol­ish 🤮I don’t know if I got a bad batch or some­thing since most reviews are say­ing they tast­ed real­ly nice but mine absolute­ly did not taste good at all, when I opened the tub for the first time it actu­al­ly smelled like nail pol­ish, you know that “pear drop” kind of smell and a bit fumer­ous, I tried one after about 10 min­utes, hon­est­ly the smell had already put me off but I was deter­mined to give them a chance like I do with every­thing I review but they real­ly did­n’t taste good at all, quite waxy with a kind of almost chem­i­cal plas­tic taste, not fruity in the slight­est, a few hours lat­er I had a bit of an upset stom­ach, I tried again for the next few days and it was the exact same expe­ri­ence so either I received a bad batch or the oth­er peo­ple who reviewed them have some­thing wrong with their taste buds and sense of smell 🤣 I’m going to go with the bad batch thing though 🤣The price feels quite steep though, almost £15 for 60 gum­mies feels exces­sive although there are some brands of gum­mies I’ve had that cost the same amount for half as much, but those things were absolute­ly deli­cious and it was all I could do to stop myself eat­ing them all in one sit­ting so I digress 🤣I don’t like it when I have to make a bad review but I do like to keep my reviews 100% hon­est and with­out being able to actu­al­ly afford to buy them myself and with­out access to a dif­fer­ent batch this is the best I can do, they get a cou­ple of stars for the idea but the rest of it is a big fail, sor­ry 🙏(My apolo­gies too, I’m hav­ing an issue with my phone’s cam­era so at the moment I can’t take pic­tures of my prod­ucts but as soon as I’ve resolved the issue I’ll add pictures 😊👍 ♥)

  10. Steph War­ren

    Yum­my nat­ur­al gum­mies, but a lit­tle bit expen­sive for reg­u­lar useThese gum­mies taste real­ly nice and solve the prob­lem of hard-to-swal­low pills and cap­sules. They taste like rasp­ber­ry sweets!I chose the ones with Cal­ci­um and Vit­a­min D to sup­ple­ment the diets of myself and my son, as we are both dairy intol­er­ant, and I was real­ly pleased with how easy it was to get him to take these (trick­i­er to restrict him to just one, to be honest!)The only draw­back I found is that the dosage is 1 bear a day for kids, 2 bears a day for adults, so this pot of 60 gum­mies would only last me 1 month. At £15 a pot, this puts them on the high­er end of my price range.That said, I would still buy these again, as the taste and tex­ture are good; I like that the ingre­di­ents are nat­ur­al and veg­an; and they are ide­al for get­ting a lit­tle one to take his dai­ly dose. (I’d pay this price just for that last benefit!)

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