Vealind Pet Interactive Fun Roller Exerciser 3 Level Cat Teaser Ball Toy with 3 Colourful Balls(Blue)

£ 9.99

Pet toy type Ball
Target species Cat
Theme Animals
Brand Vealind
Colour Blue
  • ★Size: 9.5 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches, 9 ounces, 3 levels of tracks with 3 different colored balls.
  • ★Multi-Level Tracks: The cat toy attracts kittens to play and entertain for several hours and yet your lovely cat won't feel boring. Perfect for one or more cats.
  • ★Colorful Balls: A bright color ball on each floor, entertaining multiple cats at the same time.
  • ★Great Function: Balls spin and roll to excite kittens' desire to play, you can interact with a pet cat. Also, the cat can play alone instead of sleep when you are not at home. Help to keep your cat away from fat and dull.
  • ★Perfect Design: Made of high-quality ABS plastic material. A creative head design makes the toy extremely cute. The toy has non-skid pads at the bottom and The balls will not come loose during play.


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Product Description

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Product Detail

  • Col­or: Blue/Pink/Green
  • Weight: 320g with col­or­ful box
  • Size: 9.5*9.5*3inch with col­or­ful box
  • Safe­ty Mate­r­i­al: Qual­i­ty ABS plas­tic, no wor­ry about scratching
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Product Feature

  • Three Lever: A bright col­or ball on each floor, enter­tain­ing mul­ti­ple cats at the same time
  • A cute head design: Attract­ing your cat’s atten­tion to play the toy
  • Non Skid Base: Keep­ing the toy in the same place dur­ing play­ing time
  • Wash­able and easy to clean: This toy is easy to disassemble
  • Keep­ing Healthy: Giv­ing them the phys­i­cal and men­tal work out they need
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  • Designed for pets only, not a chil­dren toy
  • This toy might not suit for you cat If your cat can eas­i­ly dam­age a plas­tic product
  • Remove toy from pet if any part becomes loose or detached
  • If your cats do not imme­di­ate­ly respond to the toy, try play­ing with your cats at a dif­fer­ent time of day such as imme­di­ate­ly before or after a meal
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Easy to Install and Disassemble

Just con­nect the parts of the toy through the buck­le, you can quick­ly install it

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Hours of Fun

Enter­tain­ing for sev­er­al hours and yet your love­ly cat won’t feel boring

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Not Lonely Anymore

Your cat can play with the toy when you are not at home

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Buy one for your cat soon

We can’t imag­ine how hap­py your cat is to see its new toy!

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enrichment activity entertainment stimulation endless fun natural self high quality 2019 new model
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Vealind Cat Interactive Toy

Your ide­al choice for pets!!

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Additional information

Weight 310 kg
Dimensions 24.13 × 24.13 × 18.54 cm
Pet Type

Small Animals Cat Dog

Product Dimensions

24.13 x 24.13 x 18.54 cm; 310 Grams



Number of Items




Batteries Required


Batteries included


Item Weight

310 g



Date First Available

18 July 2018




  1. Maria

    Hap­py Kit­ty!The media could not be loaded.

     Bril­liant roller game for kit­tens and cats alike, I haven’t stopped laugh­ing since putting this togeth­er! 😻very hap­py kit­ten she loves it! High­ly recommend!

  2. Vic­to­ria

    Per­fect, and they fits right into the Catit cir­cuit to form a play sta­tion 😍I bought a blue one first, and my cat was inter­est­ed at first but did­n’t play with it for long. How­ev­er sud­den­ly this year he got inter­est­ed in it again and I realised it would fit into the Catit cir­cuit per­fect­ly, so I bought anoth­er one and now it’s like a pur­pose designed Play Sta­tion! My two cats both love to play with them now.The only thing I would say, is that the blue one came with blue, green and yel­low balls, while the pink one came with pink, orange and pur­ple balls, so basi­cal­ly they came with sim­i­lar coloured balls with the rack, which I think should be the oth­er way around as the cats respond to con­trast­ing colours a lot bet­ter than sim­i­lar colours. Since I bought two, I sim­ply swapped the balls so now both have con­trast­ing coloured balls, and I think they got more inter­est­ed for this rea­son also.Overall, still would recommend!

  3. WS

    new toy for my kit­tensCat is ‘greedy’, not only on food but also on toys. My kit­tens are indoor cats. Its very impor­tant to keep them enter­tained with toys so that they can get good exer­cis­es to keep them­selves fit. They get bored with old toys so my mis­sion is to look for new toys for them. Read an arti­cle rec­om­mend­ing 7 bril­liant toys for cats from Ama­zon and saw this tow­er of balls tracks. It is afford­able and takes up small space. Love­ly blue colour three-lay­ered tracks with bright-coloured balls. It is easy to assem­ble and stays firm after being assem­bled. Balls run smooth­ly in the tracks. My younger kit­ten plays the balls with both paws, which is very cute to watch. My old­er kit­ten is lazier but very fun­ny. He lies there and reach­es out his paw to stop the ball rolling, which obvi­ous­ly annoys his play­mate. I dont leave toys with­in their sights all the time just in case they get bored soon. I leave dif­fer­ent toys around in turns every day to stim­u­late their inter­ests in old toys. Hope­ful­ly, this method will save me spend­ing too much on their toys.

  4. V

    Great toy for the mon­eyThe media could not be loaded.

     Real­ly easy to assem­ble and my cat played with it for hours when it was first assem­bled. He’s lost a bit of inter­est in it but still plays with it if you start the balls rolling. Real­ly silent too. He likes to chew on the rims but so far no signs of damage.Only com­plaint is that it’s quite light so when he gets real­ly into it, he some­times knocks it over. Then it becomes quite loud on lam­i­nate floor­ing. He jumped on it once and broke the top off but it popped back togeth­er no prob­lem. Also, when he gets a good grip on the ball, he can pull it out but he has­n’t learned to do it reg­u­lar­ly yet.

  5. Ama­zon Customer

    Per­fectThis is per­fect, no oth­er words can describe my cat…shes loopy, just does­nt stay still. I decid­ed to give this a try, wow she abso­lut­ley loves it. Non stop for 30 mins now and still going. Only down­side is my oth­er cat is not get­ting a look in so may have to pur­chase anoth­er one. Did­nt come with instruc­tions but its easy to build, just start from bot­tom, put ball in, clip next piece on top, add ball and so on. High­ly recomend for eas­i­ly pleased and very active cats.

  6. Ama­zon Customer

    Best mon­ey I’ve spent on the cats!Fan­tas­tic toy! Keeps the cats enter­tained for hours. They’ve nev­er been that inster­est­ed in toys and usu­al­ly get bored after first cou­ple of times play­ing with them — from laser toys to cat tun­nels to cat­nip ted­dies, but they go back to this loads through­out the day! Per­fect for indoor cats to keep them enter­tained. Real­ly hap­py with my purchase!

  7. aliba­ba

    Great toy — cats love itMy cats love this. I was going to buy a sim­i­lar one from Pets at Home but when I saw the price I fig­ured I’d get one much cheap­er. You have to put it togeth­er your­self but it’s super easy. The only rea­son I’ve giv­en 4 stars is because the balls don’t shoot around fast enough as they are not smooth plas­tic they are coat­ed. Mind you this only both­ers me, my cats are none the wis­er they think it’s ace.

  8. Jone

    Not built well for pur­poseThis looked good until attacked by the cats. The edges don’t curl over enough so the balls eas­i­ly came out and, being thin and light, we’re quick­ly destroyed. I replaced the balls after an age find­ing the cor­rect size, that is slight­ly larg­er so they don’t come out eas­i­ly but small enough to move. They do come out but are stronger so I have to keep putting them back.As the balls go in as you fit it togeth­er, I don’t under­stand why the edges dont curl over more so the balls only come out on dis­man­tling it.

  9. Rosi­lyn Carroll

    Cat lost inter­est in it with­in min­utesThe media could not be loaded.

     My cat can open doors, she’s smart and active. I want­ed a toy she could play on her own. She was imme­di­ate­ly inter­est­ed and played with it for 3 min­utes after real­is­ing she could nev­er get the ball out and there­fore could nev­er catch her prey. She gave a dis­grun­tled chirrup after. I per­suad­ed her to play with it a sec­ond time which I cap­tured on video. Again, after a few min­utes she lost inter­est. I’ve not been able to get her to play with it again, even if I put treats under the ball, she will just scoop the treat out and not play with the ball. Can only give it one star over­all as I’m going to have to give to char­i­ty as my cat lost inter­est in it with­in minutes

  10. ALB

    The cats opin­ion and it’s good!Our cat said he’s delight­ed to tell you all that he total­ly rec­om­mends this dif­fi­cult cat chal­lenge to all cats every­where and is delight­ed we gave it to him, but that he hasn’t man­aged to cap­ture even one ball yet…so the bat­tle goes on! He thinks kit­tens will love it as well as more mature ladies and chaps like him. And we think we count­ed 7 meows as he deliv­er this info- the high­est acco­lade he’s ever award­ed! Well done we say!

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