Vax Evolve Cordless Upright Vacuum Cleaner | Lightweight & Cordless | Versatile Cleaning Modes | Up to 35min runtime — CLSV-LXKS


Brand Vax
Colour Grey
Item weight 4.1 Kilograms
Item dimensions L x W x H 25.3 x 28 x 111.5 centimetres
Model name Evolve Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Lightweight, quick cleaning - without the cord
  • Designed for quick cleaning around the home, VAX Evolve offers consistent effective performance and is ideal for both carpets and hard floors.
  • Lightweight and cordless; moving from room to room or carrying upstairs is easy
  • Removable battery with up to 35 minutes of run time
  • Versatile cleaning modes: Choose from: Hard floor, Carpet and Brushbar Off, designed to keep you in control of the best mode to suit the surface and pick up.


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Mak­ing light work of acci­den­tal mess­es and keep­ing on top of dust and pet hair, Evolve is ide­al for quick and easy clean­ing around the home. With a more tra­di­tion­al upright form, large dirt bin capac­i­ty, and Vax ONEPWR remov­able 4.0Ah bat­tery, Evolve has been spe­cial­ly designed to be a light­weight alter­na­tive for easy clean­ing floor sur­faces through­out the home, for longer and with­out the cord.

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Additional information

Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 25.3 × 28 × 111.5 cm




Product Dimensions

25.3 x 28 x 111.5 cm; 4.1 Kilograms


1.2 litres




35 minutes

Special Features

Lightweight Cordless Bagless

Item Weight

4.1 kg



Date First Available

20 Jan. 2022




  1. Susan Wal­lace

    Def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend.Vax Evolve Cord­less Upright Vac­u­um Clean­er | Light­weight & Cord­less | Ver­sa­tile Clean­ing Modes | Up to 35min run­time — CLSV-LXKS. This is a bril­liant hoover. It charges up well. I can do the whole flat in one go. Only one light went out. The cus­tomer ser­vice was out­stand­ing. I can­not fault them. The hoover is Light­weight and easy to put togeth­er. It glides across the car­pet. Turns real­ly well too. Would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend. Excel­lent qual­i­ty and price.180.00 at time of review. 5*.

  2. M 😍😎💜🐶🐕🐈💖

    Real­ly light­weightThis Vax Evolve Cord­less Upright Vac­u­um Clean­er is real­ly good, it’s cur­rent­ly priced at £170.00The Vax comes in a brand­ed box with an instruc­tion book­let and doc­u­ments to send off to receive 2 years war­ran­ty. It also comes with the bat­tery and charg­ing dock. It does not have any addi­tion­al tools though. It weighs 4.1kg and is real­ly light­weight and easy to car­ry. Mea­sures 25.3 x 28 x 111.5 cm (L x W x H) and does­n’t take up much roomWhen you unpack it, there’s no assem­bly required, apart from fix­ing the bat­tery to it, although I did put mine on charge for a while before using it. Once ful­ly charged it can last up to 35 min­utes before it needs to be charged again, enough time to do a quick cleanI have used this Vax on both lam­i­nate floor­ing and car­pets, it’s quite qui­et on lam­i­nate but a bit loud­er on car­pets. There are 3 modes, hard floor, car­pets and brush bar off (although I’ve not used the brush bar off) I found I was eas­i­ly able to clean under my cof­fee table with­out mov­ing it as it goes down quite low. So will be per­fect for clean­ing under my bed. Please note, it’s not suit­able for using on stairs as there’s no attach­ment or place to put any, that’s the only small thing that let’s it down in my opin­ionI have 2 dogs and I found it soon cleaned up their hair. This clean­er is ide­al for quick cleans and being light­weight can eas­i­ly be car­ried up and down­stairs. The bin is quite big for a cord­less which is a bonus as it means you don’t have to emp­ty it as muchI’m real­ly hap­py with this Vax Cord­less and it’s per­fect for what I want it for. If you need some­thing to clean stairs too, you may want to look at anoth­er oneThank you for read­ing my review and I hope you found it useful

  3. CJ

    Per­fect for quick clean­ingThe media could not be loaded.

     This item arrived well pack­aged. The instruc­tions were clear and easy to under­stand, the only part I had a slight issue with was access­ing the fil­ter as the ‘flap’ that you need to pull blends in with the rest of the fab­ric. Very small thing.The VAX Evolve is very light to pick up and move around the house. We have a cord­ed vac­u­um (dif­fer­ent brand) with addi­tion­al noz­zles that we’ve pre­vi­ous­ly used for house­hold clean­ing. That vac­u­um is very heavy, and when you want to vac­u­um quick­ly, isn’t the ide­al option. The VAX Evolve is per­fect for quick and easy clean­ing and would be suit­able for any old­er per­son who strug­gles with heavy clean­ing equipment.Another plus point is that the Evolve is cord­less so as long as you have the bat­tery charged up, you are ready to go in any room of the house. I have a par­tic­u­lar hard to reach area beside the bed, so I can lift this vac­u­um over and eas­i­ly clean the area.There are three clean­ing modes: hard floor, car­pet and brush­bar off. The brush turns on with the first two, but only when the clean­ing head is tilt­ed down. In the video attached, I used some oats as an exam­ple of the hard floor set­ting and as you can see, the VAX Evolve had no prob­lem pick­ing up the indi­vid­ual oats.This vac­u­um is also very light in use and moves around cor­ners with ease, even tilt­ing back­ward to get under some hard to reach areas under­neath fur­ni­ture. The dirt bin is large and I can see this last­ing a while before fill­ing up; how­ev­er, it is very sim­ple to release from the base and open to emp­ty the contents.

  4. Dar­ren

    Great hoover! Light­weight and works wellWhat a fan­tas­tic hoover! I am real­ly impressed with this, hav­ing been a long user of anoth­er well known brand, I was keen to see how this com­pared and I was surprised.A lot of hoovers these days promise to be light­weight but then still end up feel­ing like they weigh a ton when try­ing to car­ry them up the stairs, this hoover real­ly is light­weight and is so easy to car­ry up and down the stairs.The suc­tion pow­er is impres­sive and eas­i­ly cleans the hair from our 2 cats and my part­ners ever shed­ding long hair!Cleaning it is also super sim­ple and charg­ing the hoover works well and lasts around 35 mins which is impres­sive vs my old hoover that only gave me 16mins per charge!This is a great val­ue hoover and I am so impressed with it, this would be sim­ple for any­one to use and works well at keep­ing your home clean, great val­ue for mon­ey and worth an investment.

  5. Sue

    The best cord­less vac­u­um clean­er I have tried!This is a bril­liant prod­uct, as to be expect­ed from Vax. Out of the box you get the vac­u­um clean­er, a recharge­able bat­tery and a charg­ing cra­dle with mains cable. There is some assem­bly required to but the han­dle and clean­er togeth­er but this is eas­i­ly managed.I rec­om­mend charg­ing the bat­tery before use by plug­ging in the sep­a­rate mains cra­dle and slot­ting the bat­tery into it. It charges quick­ly, so you can get clean­ing in a lit­tle while.When ready, remove the bat­tery from the charg­ing cable and slot into the clean­er until it clicks secure­ly. You can now get start­ed. The clean­er has set­tings for hard floors and car­pets and has a boost func­tion for extra suc­tion. It has all the pow­er you would expect from a Vax clean­er and even removes pet hair from car­pet with ease. It’s light­weight and easy to manoeu­vre on the whole, but is a lit­tle bulky to get under some fur­ni­ture because of the lar­gish size of the dust col­lec­tion cham­ber — though I would rather have a size­able cham­ber that does not clean­ing every 5 min­utes any­way. When full, the cham­ber is a dod­dle to remove and emp­ty straight into the bin, which is a bonus.Overall this is a crack­ing lit­tle clean­er and the best one I have tried so far. I real­ly like that the bat­tery can be charged sep­a­rate­ly, as it means you can store the clean­er away in a cup­board away from an elec­tri­cal sock­et, and the charg­ing cra­dle is compact.There is no option for a hose, which means you can only use it as a stand-up clean­er, which is a draw-back when it comes to stairs. under low fur­ni­ture, or up high, so you still need a clean­ing option for these areas (although it is actu­al­ly light enough to use on the stairs if you are can­ny). How­ev­er, for the qual­i­ty of clean­er and lev­el of suc­tion you get, I think these are accept­able cons.Well worth the price tag in my opinion!

  6. Bee Pawsi­tive

    Very use­ful cord­less every­day vac­u­um clean­erI like this much bet­ter than my vax blade 4. Ok, sure, it does not come with acces­sories to clean those nooks and cran­nies — this is a vac­u­um clean­er for every day tidy up, not one for deep clean­ing. Quick vac­u­um through at the end of the day, job done. Easy for the kids to use. But the biggest thing in its favour over the vax blade is that it sup­ports itself in stand­ing upright posi­tion. I, with­out fail, have to move things off the floor as I’m vac­u­um­ing and this will stand hap­pi­ly on its own and wait for me to do so. Very easy to set up (remove pack­ag­ing, engage han­dle, put bat­tery in place — yes there’s enough charge to get you going). Intu­itive to use — on but­ton; and then a choice of car­pet, hard floor (the default) and brush­less (for del­i­cate floor­ing). Just press those as need­ed as you move along your floor­ing. It’s noise lev­el is aver­age. Weight, well it is light in com­par­i­son to my reg­u­lar Shark upright; but it’s not feath­er light either. Moves nice­ly and swivels at the front for good move­ment. Quite a wide head for good cov­er­age. Great to be cord­less, and it says you get 35mins run from each charge… This real­ly does depend on your floor­ing — if you’re all hard floors then prob­a­bly that’s accu­rate; I do find it eats through more pow­er on car­pets, as the brush is going. Bat­tery charged in under 2 hrs (for­got to note exact time). Easy to emp­ty dirt cham­ber, that’s easy to remove and reat­tach too. Easy to clean brush. Self stand­ing to store, and doesn’t take up too much room.

  7. Old Andy

    Sim­ple and Effec­tiveWe have tried a few vac­u­ums over the years and they seem to have become more com­plex with added fea­tures to jus­ti­fy the asso­ci­at­ed high­er prices but in real­i­ty do the same job. This Vax does to some extent go back to sim­plic­i­ty but in a good way.Firstly, unlike many, it has a decent size dirt con­tain­er which is easy to remove, emp­ty and refit. Next it is easy to use. Just press the start but­ton and select hard, car­pet or no brush. Final­ly, and most impor­tant, we first used it after car­pets had been vac­u­umed by a far more expen­sive and com­plex item and this one found an amaz­ing amount of dirt embed­ded in the carpets.Other plus points are that it does not take a degree to assem­ble. Just push the han­dle into the body and it clips into place. Then slide the bat­tery into place and turn it on. It is light­weight and easy to use so no prob­lem tak­ing it up and down stairs. No prob­lem with the half hour of bat­tery life although we are two peo­ple in a three bed house so we dont make a lot of dirt.Minus points? Just two and they won’t affect most peo­ple. When the han­dle is pushed into place it locks and there is no way that we have found to unlock it. We keep our clean­ers in a low cup­board so have had to find a new home as once assem­bled it is too tall to go in. The bat­tery has enough life for our use but if you need more pow­er extra bat­ter­ies are rather expensive.

  8. The usu­al suspect

    Def­i­nite­ly light­weight and easy to useHav­ing already got a Vax prod­uct that we love, I des­per­ate­ly want­ed to give this anoth­er 5 stars but…I just can’t.We were hop­ing for a Blade4 that’s bet­ter bal­anced due to the motor posi­tion. It is bet­ter bal­anced and eas­i­er to use around our home of hard and car­pet but it sounds weedy and strug­gling to turn the pow­er head, all the time. I feel sor­ry for it — come on lit­tle fel­la, keep it going! There are only two modes of oper­a­tion Hard or Car­pet which are just effort or more effort. If you are pick­ing up a lot of dirt on a hard sur­face, use car­pet mode.I can see that the aim of this prod­uct was to make a sim­ple, light­weight clean­er for quick an easy clean­ing. It does achieve that. If you’re some­one who needs some­thing extra light and does­n’t need the super pow­er­ful offer­ings that are avail­able, this could be it. Grab it, press on, choose Hard or Car­pet and then push it along. Job done. Charge the bat­tery on the odd occa­sion. If you’re some­one who wants some­thing ver­sa­tile, ignore that they have put the word in the head­line because it isn’t. It’s a light clean­er for hard floor or short pile car­pet and that’s all. If you need ver­sa­til­i­ty, I’ll hap­pi­ly point you at the Vax Blade4 which is frac­tion­al­ly more expen­sive and offers so, so much more. And on that front, it makes the Evolve look over­priced. They need to beef up the pow­er or low­er the price IMHO.

  9. Andy Sweeney

    Bril­liant cord­less vac­u­um clean­er, just wish it had a hose attach­ment!This Vax Evolve vac­u­um clean­er was very easy to put togeth­er straight out of the box and I did­n’t even need to look at the instruc­tions. I was espe­cial­ly impressed with the card­board pack­ag­ing, as it is all easy to recy­cle (it does­n’t have that shiny plas­tic and there’s no poly­styrene involved either). It already had some charge on the bat­tery which was great and the bat­tery itself is real­ly easy to pop in place and to remove to put on charge (every­thing you need is sup­plied). It’s also good that there is work towards an indus­try stan­dard bat­tery which will be easy to replace when it no longer works. The charge lasts real­ly well; we’ve vac­u­umed sev­er­al rooms, plus the stairs three times before we recharg­ing it and it nev­er looked as if it was about to run out of pow­er. It’s light­weight, effi­cient, easy to use and picks up real­ly well for a cord­less. My only com­plaint is that there is no hose part any­where so there’s no option to just use a noz­zle to pick up any­thing around the edges of rooms/furniture or to get into small spaces. It’s a huge shame because oth­er than that it’s a well-designed effi­cient vac­u­um clean­er with a lot going for it. Four stars for that rea­son only, but if not hav­ing a hose attach­ment isn’t impor­tant to you, this light­weight, cord­less mod­el could be a per­fect buy.

  10. Tele-Addict

    Neat lit­tle bud­get vac­u­umThe media could not be loaded.

     When you con­sid­er the price of Lithi­um Bat­ter­ies this prod­uct is quite cheap. The vac­u­um is incred­i­bly light and I can­not help think­ing about my late moth­er in law that used to strug­gle with big hefty vac­u­ums as she pro­gres­sive­ly got weak­er due to her age and ill­ness. She would have loved this.It can be picked up with just two or three fin­gers by some­one with aver­age strength thanks to its light weight plas­tics and alu­mini­um construction.Up to the edge clean­ing and easy switch­ing for hard sur­faces. The dust con­tain­er is easy to remove and replace when emptied.In oper­a­tion its not too noisy.The bat­tery lasts long enough for at least one clean.The desk charg­er is easy to use.Just take note that this is pure­ly an upright clean­er and there are no sep­a­rate attach­ments for pipe cleaning.Be care­ful unpack­ing as the bat­tery and charg­er sit at the top of the car­ton and can quite eas­i­ly fall to the ground if you are unaware of this?In my opin­ion this holds its own against more expen­sive mod­els and I am hap­py to rec­om­mend this house­hold brand product.

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