Vax Air Stretch Upright Vacuum Cleaner | Over 17m Reach |No Loss of Suction*| Lightweight — U85-AS-Be [Energy Class A]


Brand Vax
Form factor Upright
Surface recommendation Upholstery
Special feature Power Brush, Lightweight, Cord;bagless, HEPA Filter, Bagless, Cord
Colour Silver and Orange
  • Longest reach over 17 m, with powerful 70 mph airflow
  • No loss of suction
  • Lightweight - weighs only 5 kg
  • Includes extension hose and 3-in-1 tool for easy above the floor cleaning
  • 1-year guarantee


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From the manufacturer

Vax Air Stretch U85-AS-Be Upright Vacuum

The Vax Air Stretch U85-AS-Be boasts the UK’s longest reach over 17 m, with pow­er­ful 70 mph airflow.

The Vax Air Stretch is a pow­er­ful mul­ti- cyclonic upright vac­u­um clean­er that has no loss of suc­tion*. This upright vac­u­um clean­er also weighs only 5kg in use mak­ing it easy to lift up and down stairs.

The Air Stretch has a long exten­sion hose for easy stair clean­ing and a long cord for less fre­quent plug­ging and unplug­ging. This exten­sive 17m reach is per­fect for com­plet­ing a total home clean.

The 3‑in‑1 tool fea­tures a crevice, uphol­stery and dust­ing tool that’s ide­al for an effort­less clean around the home.

No loss of suc­tion*- Per IEC60312‑1 first Edi­tion, 5.9. Machine must be main­tained as per instruct­ed in the user guide.

*Terms and con­di­tions apply.


  • UK’s one of the longest reach over 17 m, with pow­er­ful 70 mph air­flow
  • No loss of suc­tion
  • Light­weight — Weighs only 5 kg
  • Includes exten­sion hose and 3‑in‑1 tool for easy above the floor clean­ing



Multi-cyclonic technology

The Vax Air Stretch U85-AS-Be has pow­er­ful mul­ti-cyclonic tech­nol­o­gy for no loss of suc­tion* across both car­pets and hard floors.


This upright vac­u­um clean­er also weighs only 5kg in use mak­ing it easy to lift up and down stairs.

Long stretch hose and cord

The extra-long 3.6m hose is great for stair clean­ing and reach­ing up high. The extra-long 13m cord also means less fre­quent unplugging.

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Additional information

Weight 4.9 kg
Dimensions 31 × 30.5 × 110 cm


Model Number



Silver and Orange

Product Dimensions

31 x 30.5 x 110 cm; 4.9 Kilograms


1.5 litres

Volume Capacity

1.5 litres

Power Wattage

820 watts



Auto Shutoff


Energy Efficiency Class

A+ to G

Annual Energy Consumption

23.6 Kilowatt Hours Per Year

Dust Re-emission Class


Noise Level

86 dB


0 minute

Special Features

Power Brush Lightweight Cord;bagless HEPA Filter Bagless Cord

Item Weight

4.9 kg



Date First Available

21 Sept. 2015




  1. Poo­tle McPootle

    £79.99, good qual­i­ty gen­er­al­ly, han­dle has last­ed so far.Han­dle very flim­sy, suc­tion is out of this world. Slight­ly wor­ried how long han­dle will hold up to rigour of yank­ing vac­u­um clean­er across car­pet it is try­ing to rip off the floor. The amount of fine dust this hoover col­lects is wor­ry­ing, it looks like a sand­pit. I have a dyson DC29 as well (5 years old plus) which is cur­rent­ly out­per­formed by this. I doubt this will be the case in 2 years, but, we’ll see. Paid £79.99. (still bet­ter than Dyson, does­n’t seem to have lost suc­tion yet)EDITED March 2019- 18 months in, this Vax is still out­stand­ing, noth­ing is bro­ken, still col­lects wor­ry­ing amounts of fine dust from car­pets on a week­ly basis. Adjustable suc­tion facil­i­ty is a must use on lino floors, could­n’t be hap­pi­er with this fax. Changed review to five stars.

  2. gary train

    great suc­tion, poor designThe suc­tion on this machine is fan­tas­tic and the plug cable excel­lent length, the design how­ev­er is flawed. The nig­gles came when hav­ing to change over from main floor hoover to using for stairs. to use the hose you have to unplug the hose from floor head then attach the sep­a­rate hose to that hose then attach that lot to the pipe / han­dle then when you fin­ish you have to undo all of that to put hoover back togeth­er for nor­mal floor use!! , and because the cable is so long it some­times comes off the stor­age bay. Not the best hoover, awk­ward to use … suc­tion great though,

  3. Stacey Claire

    Amaz­ing!!!Wow! this is amazin.. yes­ter­day I vac­u­umed my entire house from top to bot­tom with my g‑tech air ram which has­n’t been pickin up for mths despite cleanin the fil­ters so a friend sug­gest­ed a vax, which I have had pre­vi­ous­ly. It arrived this mornin & just hooverin the hall, the dust cylin­der was almost half full! ASTOUNDING suc­tion, u can feel the pull as u vac­u­um, the cord is ridicu­lous­ly long & its so easy to do the stairs & it picks up every speck of dirt & dust. I’ll nev­er stop using Vax again l. I’ve even order anoth­er one today for my Mum as she was so impressed! I’d def­i­nite­ly recommend

  4. D. Andrew Burr

    goodVery use­ful indeed. I like it. After only 8 months it stopped work­ing. Phoned Vax and they arranged for a new motor unit to be sent which came prompt­ly. Unfor­tu­nate­ly and rarely it did­nt solve the prob­lem. Phoned Vax again and they arranged to send me a com­plete new item and arranged for the old one to be col­lect­ed. I had excel­lent cus­tomer ser­vice from Vax and would­nt hes­i­tate to use their prod­ucts again.

  5. Wendy

    Bril­liant, strong vac­u­umVery strong vac­u­um! My car­pet has nev­er looked so good, it picked up the pile love­ly and made some very sat­is­fy­ing dia­mond lines. I thought the buck­et filled up fast and maybe abit small but nope, turns out my last vac­u­um was­n’t pick­ing up very much. I emp­tied the buck­et twice just in the liv­ing room! Lots of dog hair, made me quite queasy tbh lolEasy enough to push, the cord is VERY long. Haven’t tried it on the stairs yet but am very hap­py with it so far. :DAdded bonus that you can have the roller on or off and has set­tings for short and long pile carpets.Oh and now my dog is not hap­py because I found his bis­cuit stash under his bed. That made alot of noise lol!

  6. Bar­ry Moran

    Com­plete wast of mon­eyThere is only one good fea­ture on this prod­uct — the suc­tion is excel­lent. Oth­er than that do not waste your mon­ey on this prod­uct. The design of this prod­uct is so bad I can’t believe Vax had the nerve to put this on sale and ask peo­ple to pay mon­ey for it. In short, the design of the dirt cyclin­der is so bad that the only way to emp­ty is to to drag all the con­tents out with your hand, and you will need a wire coat hang­er to get the rest out unless you’ve vacumned noth­ing else oth­er than bread­crumbs. I can’t get my head around what exact­ly the design­er was think­ing. Please do not buy this prod­uct you will only regret it. I’m going to thow mine out today I am so dis­gust­ed with it. I will nev­er, ever buy any­thing made by Vax again. Just wast­ed £100.

  7. Ama­zon Client

    The specs aren’t every­thingWe bought this pure­ly for the specs. “A” for hard floors and car­pets sold it for us, and the price was very good.To be fair the vac­u­um is real­ly pow­er­ful and will do the job perfectly.The rea­son I’m rat­ing it so low is because using it is far from being a good expe­ri­ence — ignor­ing the fact vac­u­um­ing was nev­er a par­tic­u­lar favorite for me.The vac­u­um is heavy which after vac­u­um­ing the whole house can make a dif­fer­ence and because of its size, it’s not easy to manoeu­vre. The fact the suc­tion is so pow­er­ful makes the vac­u­um feel even heav­ier because of the resistance.The oth­er “fea­ture” I don’t like is the cable man­age­ment. You have to man­u­al­ly roll the cable around two clips in the vac­u­um and while you are vac­u­um­ing the cable can get every­where, mak­ing it more dif­fi­cult to vac­u­um. The cable is very long — which can be both good and bad!

  8. Laven­der

    Out of the box seemed good. Sec­ond use and in a show­er of blue …Out of the box seemed good. Sec­ond use and in a show­er of blue sparks around the brush head area it blew up. The motorised brush­es then did­n’t work. Sent back imme­di­ate­ly so thank good­ness I bought through Amazon.Other than that on first use it did pick up well. The dust hold­er is rather small. Long hair will clog the motorised brush­es. Good height. Nice and light to push around.Disappointed so bought some­thing else with which I am pleased.

  9. Jeff Davies

    This sucks! Seri­ous­ly, it real­ly sucksThree days ago I decid­ed it was time to vac­u­um clean the upstairs car­pets. Just 3 bed­rooms and the land­ing. I have three dif­fer­ent car­pet types up there. The front hall, stair, land­ing and front small bed­room have a very deep pile expen­sive car­pet that is still real­ly good after 35 years of me liv­ing here, and it was here before I bought the house. The front mas­ter bed­room had a non expen­sive medi­um-short pile car­pet that is only about two years old, and the back bed­room has an expen­sive short pile (very short but tight­ly woven) one which is about six years old, my bedroom.I was still using my old faith­ful DC04 Dyson that I had from new, so many years ago I can­not even recall where I bought it. The last time I used it, about two months ago it went seri­ous­ly noisy, this time it blew up as soon as I pressed the pow­er but­ton — smoke everywhere.So, I had a car­ry my mains run Ball Dyson up the stairs to clean with that instead. I can’t walk very well hav­ing had a seri­ous crash when I was 21, I am 61 now so cart­ing that through the liv­ing room and up there — and back is hard for me. So I looked on Ama­zon to buy a new upright clean­er for upstairs and I decid­ed on this one based on reviews.It came yes­ter­day. I cart­ed it upstairs, set it on ‘low pile’ and pro­ceed­ed to vac­u­um the two big bed­rooms. The front bed­room with the cheap­er car­pet was pret­ty easy to manoeu­vre the clean­er around but still with a good and strong suc­tion. The back bed­room with the expen­sive low, tight pile was a dif­fer­ent mat­ter. It was almost try­ing to suck itself through the floor. I raised the han­dle to give myself more lever­age and it did help a little.Then I went onto the land­ing and into the small bed­room which both have a real­ly deep pile car­pet. It was still pulling against the car­pet like a good one, and I was strug­gling. I even­tu­al­ly realised I had neglect­ed to slide the ‘thingy’ to deep pile. Once I did that it was OK with great suc­tion very sim­i­lar to that expe­ri­enced in the front bed­room. The suc­tion is so good on this remark­able clean­er that I doubt it would make hard­ly any dif­fer­ence in the effec­tive­ness of the clean­ing if I had both­ered slid­ing the ‘thingy’ between both deep and low pile set­tings. But boy oh boy did it clean, or what!There is a review­er who has stat­ed that it pulls up a “dis­turb­ing amount of grit”, not wrong. Look at the pic­ture! Seri­ous­ly, this is what this VAX pulled out of my upstairs car­pets just two days after I went over the same with a three-year-old ball Dyson, the most pow­er­ful cord­ed one I could buy at the time, just before they jacked in mains oper­at­ed ones for good. Dis­turb­ing indeed!As for the clean­er func­tions. Well the cable is real­ly long, it eas­i­ly got me to every cor­ner upstairs, in fact it maybe too long as it can get in the way but some care­ful place­ment of the coiled up cable into a cor­ner or some­thing before start­ing can elim­i­nate this to a great extent. And it is qui­et as vac­u­um clean­ers go, notice­ably a lot qui­eter than my Dyson.The slid­er ‘thingy’ for the pile selec­tion is a bad design. It is very hard to slide from one option to the oth­er, I don’t know if this will slack­en off with use. I hope so. I am con­sid­er­ing a drop of machine oil in the run­ners. It is real­ly the only nig­gle I have.The oper­a­tion of this clean­er is sim­ple. There are two orange but­tons on the top right of the dust cylin­der, one is ‘pow­er’ while the oth­er turns the brush bar on or off. When the brush-bar is turned on a green light illu­mi­nates on the back of the clean­ing head. I believe the ‘off’ posi­tion is for hard floors. It will also remem­ber this set­ting the next time you use the cleaner.The han­dle is adjustable to quite a height and should be able to be set for any­one who uses this mod­el. Eas­i­ly set by sim­ply lift­ing a cor­ru­gat­ed ring above the cylin­der and lift­ing the han­dle to the desired height before leav­ing the ring go — which locks it.The clean­ing head is very stream­lined and flat across its sur­face, no more than maybe 2 — 2.5″ in height, it can go into very low spaces, spe­cial­ly since the clean­er han­dle can be laid back prac­ti­cal­ly along the floor and it can still be used. It cleans right to the edges too. You place your foot onto the left-hand cor­ner (as look­ing from behind the clean­er) of the clean­ing head to dis­en­gage the cylin­der sec­tion from the ‘lock’ posi­tion which you achieve by pulling back on the han­dle. Much more stur­dy I might add than the Dyson Ball, which is so easy that it some­times does not lock when putting it back up. The VAX cleans right to the edges too, thanks to small open­ings at the edges of the brush bar housing.Removing the cylin­der is sim­ple, again with the press of a but­ton at the back of the car­ry­ing han­dle. Emp­ty­ing it is also sim­ple. Once removed you will see an orange tab at the bot­tom of the cylin­der (which is hid­den when cylin­der is fit­ted to the clean­er). Press the top and the bot­tom opens, give it a shake and a few last post — done. (I put it in its entire­ty into a bag before doing any of this to catch all the dust).I’ve not used the exten­sion hose on this to do my stairs as yet but the pro­ce­dure for using it is pret­ty sim­ple. It is stored on the clean­er on the left side of the cylin­der. It comes with a com­bined crevice and brush tool which stow on the back of the cleaner.I would cer­tain­ly rec­om­mend this vac­u­um to anyone.

  10. Paddy4964

    Back Break­erI would not dis­pute that the suc­tion pow­er is very good, how­ev­er, push­ing this vac­u­um clean­er on floors around the house is next to impos­si­ble, back break­ing in fact. It has in the space of a few short days of use put my wife’s back out and when I tried to use it I can see exact­ly why. Its dread­ful­ly dif­fi­cult to use. I have arranged the repair of our old Dyson which was des­tined for the tip and will be delight­ed to get­ting it back into use asap. You will need to be very strong to use the Vax. Per­haps the old adage is true in this case ‘if it looks too good to be true it prob­a­bly is’.

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