UPERFECT Portable Monitor (15.6 Inch)


  • 【Plug and Play 】For PC/Laptop which supports Thunderbolts 3 and mobile phone which supports USB 3.1, you can connect it with the included Type-C to Type-C cable to provide video, audio, and power to the monitor. In addition, if you use the included USB adapter and power cable to power the monitor, it can also power your computer or smartphone at the same time. The portable display also equipped with OTG port (micro-USB) for connecting mouse or keyboard.
  • 【Equipped with Three Kinds of Ports for Different Devices】UPERFECT portable monitor equipped with standard HD, miniDP, and USB Type-C ports can meet your needs to connect with different devices without using adapter. For Android smartphones and iPhones which without Type C 3.1 ports, you can buy a HD Adapter to get it to work with our portable screen.
  • 【FHD 1080P IPS Screen】UPERFECT USB C Monitor is perfect for gaming, watching videos, and working at the office. Adopts IPS LCD panel that allows you to display natural colors with a wide range of 178° up and down and 178° left and right for consistent visibility, so you can see vivid images from any angle. Despite the large screen, it has a slim design that weighs approximately 31.4 oz (905 g) and a thickness of 0.4 inches (11 mm), so it can be easily stored in a travel bag for business trips.
  • 【Upgraded Configuration & Eye Care】 Built-in dual stereo speaker delivers loud and immersive 360-degree sound with deep and accurate bass; Flicker-free backlighting and blue light filter minimize eye fatigue.
  • 【Smart Cover & Screen Protector】The Smart Cover is made of durable PU leather exterior, a soft lining to keep your monitor safe.


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Product Description

UPERFECT Portable Gaming Monitor


UPERFECT Portable Mon­i­tor Equipped with Stan­dard HDMI, Micro-USB, Pow­er Deliv­ery (PD), Type‑C, OTG and Mini DP Ports, as well as Stan­dard HD cable, Pow­er Deliv­ery (PD) cable, Type‑C to Type‑C cable and adjustable portable fold­ing stand .

Prod­uct Specifications:

Size: 15.6 inch (16:9)

Pan­el: IPS

Dis­play Col­or: 16.77 mil­lion col­ors (8 bit).

Res­o­lu­tion: 1920 x 1080

Fre­quen­cy: 60 Hz

Bright­ness: 300 cd/m2

Response speed: 5ms

Brack­et Mate­r­i­al: CNC alu­minum alloy

Video input: USB Type‑C (for out­put & pow­er sup­ply), stan­dard HDMI x 1 (for out­put), mini DP (for output)

Sound Out­put: 3.5 mm audio port

Speak­er: Built-in

USB C Monitor


Kind­ly Note: Please check if the Type C of your laptop/phone is a full-fea­tured Type C port. If it is just a Type C port for charg­ing, you need to buy a type C to HDMI adapter to get it work with our monitor.


Pro­tec­tive case x 1

HDMI — HDMI cable x 1 (for output)

Type C — Type‑C cable x 1 (for out­put and pow­er supply)

USB — Type‑C cable x 1 (for pow­er supply)

USB pow­er adapter x 1 (for pow­er supply)

Instruc­tion man­u­al x 1



portable monitor

Lightweight, Thin, and Full-Featured Port

The mon­i­tor with wight is 1.98LB, and the thin is 0.43 inches.

Equipped with HDMI,Type‑C,micro USB port. HDMI, Type‑C and Mini DP real­ize high-def­i­n­i­tion trans­mis­sion of video sig­nals. Type‑C can also be pow­ered like PD to sup­port Max 100W pow­er­ing sup­ply. The Micro USB is con­nect­ed to the key­board and mouse.

Dual 2W Speakers

UPERFECT Upgrad­ed portable mon­i­tor means not only with the best dis­play, but also top-lev­el audio expe­ri­ence. Adopts cus­tomized 2W long life­time dual stereo speak­ers pro­duce huge immer­sive 360-degree sound with deep and accu­rate bass. You can also add your own speak­er for a bet­ter sound via 3. 5 mm audio input.

VESA Mountable on Wall & Desktop

The com­put­er mon­i­tor with Built in VESA hole (75x75@M4) on the back of mon­i­tor that can be mount­ed on the wall or desktop.




Create a meeting environment anywhere

Use the dual mon­i­tor mir­ror­ing to syn­chro­nize and present your lap­top screen while pro­mot­ing presentation.

Start your face-to-face meet­ings with ease any­time and anywhere.

Excellent for gaming without delay

Com­pat­i­ble with var­i­ous game con­soles such as PS4, Xbox One, Switch and more.

Take it with you on a trip with the game con­sole, put on your head­phones, squeeze the joy­stick lever and enjoy playing!

Watch movies on the large screen of your smartphone

When com­bined with a smart­phone equipped with a USB Type C (Alt DP Mode) ter­mi­nal, you can sync the screen and project it to a mon­i­tor, so you can enjoy pho­tos, movies and more on a large screen.

Before use, the Type‑C ter­mi­nal of your smart­phone must be com­pat­i­ble with alter­nat­ing mode.Please check the spec­i­fi­ca­tions of each device for details.

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Additional information

Weight 903 kg
Dimensions 39.4 × 27.1 × 6.4 cm


Package Dimensions

39.4 x 27.1 x 6.4 cm; 903 Grams

Item model number






Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080 pixels


1080p Full HD

Processor Count


Number of HDMI Ports


Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

903 g



Date First Available

6 Nov. 2020




  1. Ama­zono­holic

    Wide screen portable mon­i­tor.It’s just plug and play style wide portable mon­i­tor. Ide­al to dupli­cate mir­rors or use it as exter­nal display.Came with front screen pro­tec­tors and all around mag­net­ic cov­er and stand.In box was includ­ed charg­er and 3 cables, hdmi to hdmi, usb to c charg­er and hdmi to mini dp.Easy to use side but­tons, screen itself is wide and colour­ful, which quite impres­sive and live colours.Visibility from the side is great, even when very close to 180 degrees. Also has image bright­ness 300 cd/m2 .Dis­play Full HD, has dual build in speak­ers and low blue light reflection.Overall nice portable mon­i­tor have a look my pic­tures to see repaid pic­ture qual­i­ty, hope this will be help­ful to decide if it’s suit­able for per­son­al needs or not.

  2. Jack Mansell

    Returned due to back­light bleedWhen I first opened the box my first impres­sion was how high qual­i­ty the mon­i­tor looked and felt. The pack­ag­ing and every­thing includ­ed with­in was very impres­sive, includ­ing all the cables you could need, how­ev­er things went down­hill very quick­ly from there.From the moment I turned the mon­i­tor on I noticed some white cloud­ing around the edges of the screen when on a dark back­ground or pic­ture. I then tried run­ning my PS4 with the mon­i­tor — which con­nect­ed with­out issue to be fair — but the cloud­ing remained through­out. After an hour or so of try­ing to fig­ure out what was going on I realised the prob­lem was back­light bleed. I imme­di­ate­ly returned the item and got a full refund. Real­ly dis­ap­point­ed as the pic­ture and per­for­mance of the mon­i­tor was excel­lent apart from that 1 major issue. Did­n’t think the price made it worth the risk of order­ing a replace­ment. I’ll look elsewhere.

  3. Rich

    Absolute­ly bril­liant!I’ve only had it a few days but already got so much use out of it. Works per­fect­ly as a sec­ond screen for when I’m work­ing from home but even bet­ter as a portable big screen for my Nin­ten­do Switch. The Switch plugs direct­ly into the mon­i­tor using a USB‑C cable, no need for a dock, and then it gives you a nice big and sharp pic­ture. The speak­ers are bet­ter than I expect­ed too, all in all, a wor­thy pur­chase that I rec­om­mend to any­one think­ing of buy­ing it.It’s real­ly light too and the mag­net­ic case is fantastic.

  4. Riz

    A very under­whelm­ing prod­uct, could have been exe­cut­ed in a much bet­ter way.Unfor­tu­nate­ly the unit I received had some prob­lems. There was some flick­er­ing, as if to sug­gest that the con­nec­tion was con­stant­ly being estab­lished and bro­ken, tried using dif­fer­ent cables and out­put source and it did­n’t rec­ti­fy the prob­lem. I am prob­a­bly going to push through a refund if I can’t get it to work but nonethe­less I will com­ment about the rest of the prod­uct (ignor­ing the defect I’m facing).Things I like:- There is a full size HDMI port. This is not a com­mon fea­ture on these kinds of portable mon­i­tors (usu­al­ly you get a mini-HDMI port which in my expe­ri­ence are flim­sy and gen­er­al­ly a bit naff), and it was prob­a­bly the sin­gle biggest rea­son why I chose this mon­i­tor over oth­ers (I expect­ed to nor­mal­ly use USB‑C from my Mac­book to the mon­i­tor so know­ing that if I ever need­ed to use HDMI, I can grab any cable and not have to wor­ry about car­ry­ing an adapter is extreme­ly use­ful to me).- The size is great. As some­one accus­tomed to 13″ lap­tops, the large screen looks very attrac­tive. I can imag­ine that I would use the exter­nal mon­i­tor as pri­ma­ry and use my main lap­top screen as the sec­ondary just because the exter­nal screen is so large.- Includ­ed cables, they felt like they were good qual­i­ty and not just a cheap after­thought, if I had pur­chased these cables inde­pen­dent­ly I would be quite happy.Things I don’t like:- Thick­ness: The mon­i­tor is not nec­es­sar­i­ly that thick, but com­pared to the aver­age thick­ness of lap­top screens nowa­days it is twice as thick which is a major eye­sore, and it leads the device to look old/cheap. I would­n’t mind so much if there was a built in bat­tery, or if it was a real­ly stur­dy unit with lit­tle flex but unfor­tu­nate­ly nei­ther of these is true.- Felt like a pro­to­type, the thick­ness (and lack of rigid­i­ty) that I already men­tioned, as well as oth­er cru­cial short­com­ing such as the rat­tly but­tons, the amount of wob­ble in the ports and even just the con­struc­tion includ­ing the screws and mate­ri­als used look like the whole prod­uct was designed as a final year uni­ver­si­ty stu­dents design project. This device is typ­i­cal­ly one of the most expen­sive options for a portable mon­i­tor on Ama­zon so the lev­el of qual­i­ty is quite dis­ap­point­ing. I’m not sure if it’s even worth invest­ing in anoth­er mon­i­tor because if this is the qual­i­ty of an prod­uct with RRP of £170–80, then i’m not sure what I’ll get for £130.- Fold­ing case: Attach­es to the mon­i­tor with very weak mag­nets and does­n’t take a lot of push­ing for the mon­i­tor to lose mag­net­ism with the case. I would have pre­ferred if maybe the case con­nect­ed to the mon­i­tor with some tabs or even just a sort of that as you would get with a tablet computer.All in all, I prob­a­bly would­n’t rec­om­mend this prod­uct, for the price you’re pay­ing, I feel like you ought to get a lot more. I need a mon­i­tor to help me to work from home so I’ll have to keep look­ing for a solu­tion, unfor­tu­nate­ly this was­n’t the one.

  5. Brent Wil­son

    Great mon­i­tor light and respon­siveI love every­thing about this mon­i­tor, it will fit into a stan­dard lap­top bag along­side your mon­i­tor, its a 15.6 widescreen for­mat. the screen is very close to the qual­i­ty of my actu­al lap­top with only slight dif­fer­ences, this is illus­trat­ed by the pic­ture i have on my desk­top (see uploaded picture).You get all the cables you could need in three sealed pack­ages, but the mon­i­tor works off the C to C cable, i just plugged it in and it worked straight away.The speak­ers on the mon­i­tor work by default, and they are suit­ably loud if your lap­top has qui­et speak­ers. the weight is good at just under a kilo. The set­tings but­tons are on the right hand side and their des­ig­na­tions are just behind them on the back of the mon­i­torAll in all, its an excel­lent sec­ond trav­el mon­i­tor, if you watch a video on it the respon­sive­ness is the same as the main lap­top screen. It’s also very light and portable.excellent and recommended.

  6. Ams

    Washed out colours and dull dis­play using Mac­Book ProThe screen itself is a good size, portable, light weight and the screen pro­tec­tor / stand is a nice touch, but that’s where the pos­i­tives stop. The pic­ture qual­i­ty of the screen is lousy at best. Colour range and bright­ness are not even close to what you see on the lap­top screen. Using this with a USB‑C on a Mac­Book Pro 16”.For £200 odd might you’re bet­ter off get­ting a prop­er mon­i­tor which will at least get you a decent pic­ture qual­i­ty. I’ve also noticed on odd occa­sions the screen turns com­plete­ly magen­ta how­ev­er unplug­ging and re-plug­ging the cable fix­es it, how­ev­er it’s so annoy­ing to even be hav­ing this sort of issue, out­side of the returns peri­od oth­er­wise I’d have asked for a refund. I doubt it’s dura­bil­i­ty and do not rec­om­mend for Mac users.

  7. Mac­cie

    Ver­sa­tile and good qual­i­tyBought this to help work­ing from home and also as an added bonus to allow my son to play his con­sule in his room on occasion.Having bought anoth­er screen that was about £40 cheap­er before, I sent that back as the build qual­i­ty was very poor and screen was­n’t very bright.Glad I decid­ed to pay a bit extra for this. Real­ly ver­sa­tile — can set up any­where in my house to have an extra screen for work­ing, no prob­lems with set­ting up and very straight­for­ward. Pic­ture qual­i­ty is sharp and screen is bright.Screen is light and well made, feels sol­id for the price. I’d be hap­py trans­port­ing it if I had to. Can see us tak­ing this on trips to help keep kids amused plug­ging in a phone or a Nin­ten­do switch.As for gam­ing, again it’s a great size to pop into a kids room, have done so a few times as a treat for my kids to play in their room. Speak­ers are decent enough, was­n’t expect­ing Alot giv­en the size of screen but sur­passed my expectations.Glad I pur­chased and would recommend

  8. J. D. Stern

    Two screens on the go !If like me you are used to hav­ing two screens when at your desk, it is a hor­ri­ble feel­ing to have to work away from home or the office and only have a sin­gle screen. Every­thing just seems to take longer. Well now there is a sim­ple, and rel­a­tive­ly low cost solu­tion — a portable screen. This 15.6 inch screen weighs less than a kilo and just turn it on (via USB), con­nect it up to your lap­top via USB C or HDMI cables (sup­plied) and away you go. Back to be super effi­cient and fast.…. Qual­i­ty of screen match­es that of my lap­top. Only neg­a­tive is that it does need direct pow­er — but then bat­ter­ies would make it much heavier.

  9. Ama­zon Customer

    Fid­dly to get to work with a blu ray play­er or ps3 but great with a pcI bought this to use as a portable gam­ing mon­i­tor or to watch DVDs on using a blu ray play­er. I also con­nect it to the lap­top as a sec­ond screen. Con­nect­ing to the com­put­er is no prob­lem plug and play but my good­ness con­nect­ing it to a blu ray play­er is a night­mare fid­dling with set­tings to try to get audio to work. I even­tu­al­ly got it to work with a ps3 after get­ting not sup­port­ed mes­sages. So far con­nect­ing speak­ers to the blu ray play­er with opti­cal cable has giv­en me pic­ture and sound but a lot of cables. I bought the mon­i­tor for the fact it has an hdmi input and an audio Jack so I could watch it in bed but so far I can’t get two blu ray play­ers to make the in built speak­ers work and there is silence in the head phones. This has caused a great deal of frus­tra­tion which is why I dropped some stars in the review. When it is work­ing though it is a fan­tas­tic lit­tle mon­i­tor. The man­u­fac­tur­er hasn’t got back to me with­in their 12 hours though to help me out. Not a big enough prob­lem to return the mon­i­tor I don’t think though. Set­tings need fig­ured out:

  10. ukj­eff

    Portable mon­i­tor, great look­ing unit… Update..Since I made my review my sis­ter has pur­chased this mon­i­tor and it works real­ly well so obvi­ous­ly the prob­lem I had was not the unit’s fault but prob­a­bly mine. Screen looks great, colours real­ly pop from the screen, I hope that this update is helpful.

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