Toshiba 800 w 20 L Microwave Oven with 6 Preset Recipes, 11 Power Levels, Procedural Memory, Auto Defrost, and Digital Display

£ 69.99

  • Express Cook: Start cooking instantly by selecting cooking time from 1 second to 6 min, the pre-programmed menu and procedural memory will allow you to heat your favourites in just one touch
  • 11 Power Levels: This 20 L microwave has 11 power levels and a timer up to 100 minutes, use the procedural memory function to save your preferences for hassle-free regular use
  • Safety Guarantee: Child lock function prevents children from operating the microwave, the unit is protected by Toshiba's 1-year guarantee
  • Comfortable Capacity: This 20 L microwave offers good capacity ideal for standard dinner plates, contained within a compact size (Exterior 44 x 32.5 x 25.8 cm, Interior 30.6 x 30.4 x 20.6 cm (W x D x H))
  • Dimensions (cm) - H25.8 x W32.5 x D44.0
  • Amazon Exclusive


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From the manufacturer

plate tray covers popcorn egg poacher combi cookware cleaner rice turntable kettle container steamer
plate tray covers popcorn egg poacher combi cookware cleaner rice turntable kettle container steamer

Toshiba 20L Microwave


Enjoy great results and an array of con­ve­nient fea­tures with this 800w solo 20L microwave oven from Toshiba.

Made for sim­ple, no-frills microwav­ing but still packed full of handy fea­tures includ­ing a user-friend­ly con­trol pan­el, inte­ri­or light and 6 Cook­ing Presets:

Pop­corn, Pota­to, Piz­za, Frozen Veg­etable, Bev­er­age and Din­ner Plate.

At 20L, this microwave offers a prac­ti­cal inte­ri­or capac­i­ty per­fect for stan­dard din­ner plates, bowls, and oth­er crockery.

Product Details

  • Microwave size: 440 x 325 x 258 mm
  • Cav­i­ty size: 306 x 304 x 206 mm
  • Gross Weight: 12 kg
  • 800W
  • 20L
  • 6 cook­ing pre­sets
  • 11 lev­els of pow­er
  • Child lock

plate tray covers popcorn egg poacher combi cookware cleaner rice turntable kettle container steamer

plate tray covers popcorn egg poacher combi cookware cleaner rice turntable kettle container steamer

plate tray covers popcorn egg poacher combi cookware cleaner rice turntable kettle container steamer

Multi-Stage Cooking

You can set two dif­fer­ent cook­ing stages, each with their own time length and pow­er lev­el allow­ing you to cook your food to perfection.

11 Levels of Power

The dif­fer­ent pow­er lev­els makes this microwave great for a broad range of heat­ing jobs, from low heat to soft­en ice cream to high heat for heat­ing up leftovers.


Defrost dif­fer­ent dish­es per­fect­ly based on weight or time.

plate tray covers popcorn egg poacher combi cookware cleaner rice turntable kettle container steamer

plate tray covers popcorn egg poacher combi cookware cleaner rice turntable kettle container steamer

plate tray covers popcorn egg poacher combi cookware cleaner rice turntable kettle container steamer

Express Cook

Start cook­ing instant­ly by select­ing cook­ing time from 1 sec­onds to 6 min.


Fit­ted with a 5 blade fan mak­ing it excep­tion­al­ly qui­et dur­ing use.


The glass turntable rotates when the microwave is on to pre­vent hotspot and pro­vides even cooking.

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Additional information

Weight 11.2 kg
Dimensions 44 × 32.5 × 25.8 cm




Product Dimensions

44 x 32.5 x 25.8 cm; 11.2 Kilograms

Energy Consumption

0.56 KHz


20 litres

Installation Type


Part Number


Heating Method

Speed Microwave

Burner Type





240 Volts


800 watts

Defrost System

Auto Defrost

Material Type


Included Components


Batteries Required


Item Weight

11.2 kg



Date First Available

5 Jun. 2019




  1. R. Bartlett

    Curate’s EggIt’s small, very small, neat, attrac­tive and it does the job. I like the ver­sa­til­i­ty of it’s set­tings very much. Great for cook­ing my por­ridge in stages. But hav­ing come from a 30yr old microwave which I now realise was huge.… I now wish I’d spent more and got some­thing more sub­stan­tial, less toy-like and eas­i­er to use.For starters, there’s a 2 x 4inch pan­el that holds 24 rec­tan­gu­lar switch­es under a shiny sur­face with­out a pip in sight, so you have to be pre­cise in where you press and then make sure you press quite hard. For any­one old and a bit decrepit with fail­ing eye­sight like me, ie who can’t read the switch labels with­out their read­ing glass­es, this is always some­thing of a faff.Next comes the The Open­ing. This microwave does­n’t have a han­dle with which to open the door. Oh no. This is achieved by ram­ming an arthrit­ic thumb deep into it’s inte­ri­or and then a bit deep­er still until the door sud­den­ly springs open with a vengeance and then bounces back again off it’s hinges, so be very care­ful if in your oth­er hand you’re hold­ing any­thing liq­uid ready to ‘just pop into’ the microwave. If the open­ing press-but­ton was in the left hand cor­ner things would be so much eas­i­er and less of a 2 hand­ed faff every time you go to microwave some­thing. Which brings me to the clos­ing of the door and what was orig­i­nal­ly my pet peeve. You can’t close the door qui­et­ly how­ev­er care­ful­ly you try. There is an almighty thwack and clang every time that belies it’s small size. So for­get any secret late night microwav­ing because you’ll wake the house­hold. After some prod­ding and pok­ing I dis­cov­ered that the front switch pan­el on mine was­n’t secured at the base to the main body of the unit, and after tight­en­ing this up by ram­ming a sliv­er of deb­it card into the gap, and stick­ing a cou­ple of Sticky Fix­er pads to the inside cor­ners of the door, the door now shuts with less of a rat­tly clang and more of a sat­is­fy­ing, albeit loud, thud.Something else that made me tut and which I haven’t seen any­one else men­tion is the mains lead. It’s black. On this lit­tle pure white microwave that goes well with my oth­er white kitchen appli­ances and my white paint­work and white pow­er sock­ets on the work­top wall they’ve put a great big thick black cable and plug! Mad­ness if you ask me.I’m still giv­ing it 5 stars though. But next time I’ll get one with a door handle.

  2. John M

    Did the design­er ever use a microwave?It’s a microwave, it works, and at 800W it is decent­ly pow­er­ful. I only need­ed a stop­gap, and as the cheap­est on Ama­zon and Toshi­ba brand­ed, how could I go wrong?However — the design is bad­ly marred by the timer knob, which is hard to grip/turn as it is very stiff, of small diam­e­ter, and with­out any groov­ing to get hold of, and the actu­al timer set­ting is very dif­fi­cult to see as there is no con­trast to the posi­tion mark on the knob! At least I should be able to fix that with a bit of Tippex but this could so eas­i­ly have been bet­ter designed.Three stars because of the power/price, two docked for sim­ple design howlers that make it unnec­es­sar­i­ly hard to use.

  3. Slim

    Poor qual­i­ty — Only last­ed Two months.Last­ed Two months and then decid­ed to blow itself up. Start­ed spit­ting out flames and a side plate blew off. On close inspec­tion this side plate is a piece of sil­ver card­board. This machine is made down to a price. Beware as it could cause a fire.

  4. ang.aloy

    Faulty1Bought this microwave 2 months ago, con­trols are dif­fi­cult to use and hard to see/read but worst of all, there were sparks com­ing from it when i used it yes­ter­day! There was a strong burn­ing smell too so con­tact­ed Ama­zon and they refuse to refund my mon­ey , would only agree to repair or replace the machine so i reluc­tant­ly agreed to a replace­ment but will be scared of using it in case it goes faulty again. Why are com­pa­nies allowed to get away with prod­ucts that only last few months and are obvi­ous­ly not fit for purpose.

  5. Rur­al Girl

    Hap­py hus­band…My hus­band would be lost with­out a lit­tle microwave and the seal on our ancient microwave was extreme­ly sus­pect, so need­ed replac­ing. It need­ed to be small ish, sim­ple to use and we cer­tain­ly didn’t need lots of bells and whis­tles. The price was right on this one, as well, so I ordered it on Ama­zon and it seems to fit the bill per­fect­ly. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much room, which is impor­tant. Work sur­faces are there for doing things on, not to be occu­pied by gad­gets that I rarely use.

  6. S, Mil­ton Keynes

    Cheap, but that’s about it. Absolute­ly HORRIBLE design — what were they think­ingCheap for an 800W microwave, but that is about it. The knob is round and smooth, so it is dif­fi­cult to use. The groove on the knob is not high­light­ed in any way (black on black) and so it is very dif­fi­cult to set the time. The most frus­trat­ing aspect of this microwave is the turntable and wheeled turntable ring. They are so eas­i­ly dis­placed when putting items in to or tak­ing items out of the oven. We spend a lot of time re-seat­ing the ring and turntable.Hard to see what is going on inside when it is working.Altogether extreme­ly poor design, not what I expect from Toshi­ba. I find it hard to believe that this is actu­al­ly a Toshi­ba design. Per­haps just some rub­bish that they re-badged so as to have some­thing at this price-pointCheap, but that is the only thing going for it. When lock-down is over this is going to the char­i­ty shop.

  7. Den­nis Ainsworth

    Dial set­ting num­bers illeg­i­ble.There is only one prob­lem with this microwave and that is that it has dark colours over a black back­ground mak­ing it almost impos­si­ble to see the set­tings, the same applies to the knobs that you set the set­tings by. These are also black with no mark­ings on what­so­ev­er but in place of a mark is a small cutout on the know again this is impos­si­ble to see. I have had to add some white strips of white sticky back tape on both to assist with set­ting the times etc. Even so this is not ide­al as I and my car­er still can­not see the num­bers only the white strips i have added on the com­mon used times. The image i so online looked more leg­i­ble and as a retired pro­fes­sion­al pho­tog­ra­ph­er I know why, we use lights in my pro­fes­sion to pro­vide a bright lights on the sub­ject, but in the real world this can give a false impres­sion, as in this case.

  8. AA

    Fits a full size din­ner plateThis is a great small microwave, easy to use and fits a full size din­ner plate eas­i­ly. So far so good

  9. Rev­erend I.

    Do not buy.Ok i don’t nor­mal­ly write reviews but feel the need to talk about this Microwave.I shall start off with a lit­tle riddle.What is small­er than some­thing that is bigger?Toshiba 20 litre Microwave inter­nal dimen­sions are280 mm wide175 mm high265 mm deep.Tesco 17 litre Microwave inter­nal dimen­sions are 280 mm wide180 mm high295 mm deepThis is by far the worst Microwave I have ever purchased.My plates i have to make sure they are per­fect­ly cen­tral on the Microwave plate or they hit the sides of the Microwave.If not then they hit the inside of the Microwave mak­ing the cen­tral spin­dle dis­en­gage and send the plates off the platter.NextThe first Microwave Ama­zon sent had to be returned because the timer did not work, now I have this replace­ment I have found that both the timer and pow­er con­trols are so smooth with no ridges that the slight­est bit of grease or water on your fin­gers and it is impos­si­ble to turn the timer control.I would guess any user with any weak­ness of hand would be unlike­ly to be able to oper­ate the Microwave.Every time I have to use this Microwave I end up shout­ing abuse at it.I HATE it, I wish I nev­er brought it.Please stay away for your own sanity.

  10. p16rre

    Don’t buy thisBought this microwave for my elder­ly par­ents and it has only been used for light reheatin­gAfter 3 months, the inside began light­ing up like a fire­work show and the out­side got extreme­ly hot to the touchI tried request­ing a replace­ment from Ama­zon, but as it was JUST (around 2 days) out­side their 3 month return win­dow, I was advised to con­tact Toshi­ba direct, which I did.Subsequently, rather than a replace­ment, I was offered a new “mica cov­er” for the inside, as the orig­i­nal, appears to have caught fire at some point.A fur­ther 4 weeks lat­er, I’m still wait­ing for the part­No urgency, what­so­ev­er and in the mean­time, I have an expen­sive orna­ment and Toshiba/Amazon have my mon­ey­Dis­grace­ful cus­tomer ser­vice, so would not recommend

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