TOMY Toomies Pic & Pop Push Along Baby Toy | Toddler Ball Popper With Ball Launcher And Collector | Suitable For 18 Months, 2 & 3 Year Old Boys & Girls ‚Multicoloured,E71161

£ 20.38

Sport Bowling
Colour Multi-coloured
Material Plastic
Brand Toomies
Age range (description) Baby
  • WATCH THE BALL FLY OUT OF THE CANNON! With this push along toy your toddler will have heaps of fun popping balls and scooping them back up!
  • FEATURES TWO BIG BUTTONS TO POP & PLAY - Two big chunky buttons on the handlebar, easy for little hands and fingers to push and play popping the balls
  • LEARN TO WALK TOYS - Ride over the balls to scoop them off the floor. You will soon notice how the little one improves their walking by playing around the house with this fun toddler toy
  • CAUSE & EFFECT PLAY - Pic & Pop toy will challenge your toddler's mobility as they shoot and push the toy over the balls to scoop them back up
  • INCLUDES 4 COLOURFUL BALLS - This push along toddler toy comes with 3 standard colourful balls and 1 egg-stra special Sora the Chick ball for extra fun!


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From the manufacturer


Toomies love to have fun

It’s at the heart of every­thing we do. We’re full of lit­tle sur­pris­es that will delight both you and your child.

We’ve also been built to last, that’s what 90 years of excel­lence does for you!

And call us quirky, but we’re very seri­ous about not tak­ing play­time too seri­ous­ly. Because we under­stand that mem­o­ries are formed when laugh­ter is shared.

So enough about us, lets play.

Beep, bop, squirt and splash!

Toomies Hands on Fun.


TOMY Toomies Pic ‘n’ Pop

Roll up! Roll up! See my sil­ly face as I soar from my can­non! I’m a dare­dev­il — push my han­dle and watch the balls fly out of the can­non. Roll over me and scoop me back up!

Suit­able for ages 18 months and over.



Let’s have lots of fun togeth­er as you take your first steps!

One click of the but­ton launch­es a colour­ful ball from the chute.

Roll over the ball with the pop­per and the ball will be mag­i­cal­ly picked up, ready for the fun to start again.

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Additional information

Weight 380 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 15.24 × 41.91 cm
Product Dimensions

25.4 x 15.24 x 41.91 cm; 380 Grams

Item model number




Number of pieces


Assembly Required


Batteries Required


Batteries included


Material Types


Remote Control Included




Release date

28 Feb. 2010



Date First Available

17 Dec. 2009


18 months - 2 years


  1. Jay

    Good in the­o­ry, but let down by a few design flawsThe media could not be loaded.

     We bought this for our sons first birth­day, at the time it was clear he was too young to use it. It was not sta­ble enough for him to stand and push it, he was using walk­ers well at that point and we were hop­ing that this would help fur­ther his walk­ing but that was not the case.A few months on and he is walk­ing con­fi­dent­ly on his own and can now use this. Unfor­tu­nate­ly there are two main issues with it, first­ly the han­dle is very low, he has bend down slight­ly to hold it cor­rect­ly to push, this doesn’t seem like a big prob­lem, but when he is still rather new to walk­ing it puts him just enough off bal­ance to make it more dif­fi­cult than walk­ing with­out it. The oth­er issue is it is real­ly quite dif­fi­cult to pick up the balls by rolling over them. As you can see in the video I have attached it is pos­si­ble, and even on a rug, but our son is not capa­ble of doing it, you need to get the tech­nique just right where you push down at the same time as going for­ward, which he is not going to be able to do for a while. Which means he prefers plac­ing the balls into the open­ing for them to pop out of.Other than those few issues, the toy is built well, espe­cial­ly for the price and balls are strong but light, mean­ing I am not con­cerned that they will break or break any­thing else. Of course find­ing the ‘right’ balls for this is often a dif­fi­cult task and equal­ly we often find that oth­er non-com­pat­i­ble balls get stuck in the mechanism.The ball launch­ing works well and the balls go sur­pris­ing­ly far, our lit­tle boy will only press one of the trig­gers at a time which still does launch the ball but with less force, which he does enjoy when every­thing comes togeth­er. He does also find it hilar­i­ous when dad­dy launch­es balls as mummy.

  2. miss­mocha

    Ter­ri­ble toyWhat a load of rub­bish! I should have stayed away from this toy! Ok, the click­ing noise does­n’t real­ly both­er me but I tried this on my child’s play area on foam mat and it can­not pick up the balls. Even in upright posi­tion the balls will not roll back in! How frus­trat­ing! The han­dle is also too short, even my 14 months old has to bend a lit­tle to use it. You can’t call this a walk­er because it isn’t! I don’t like any­thing about this toy. Actu­al­ly I got so frus­trat­ed that I could­n’t pick up the balls that it went straight up in the attic. Hus­band told me to get a refund but I real­ly can’t be both­ered. TOMY toys is a let down. I’m nev­er buy­ing TOMY again. It is noth­ing like as adver­tised. The balls fall out with a dis­ap­point­ed flop (as many oth­ers have stat­ed). Stay well away from this toy!

  3. M

    The demo video does not match the real prod­uctFirst­ly, it’s noisy — the demo video thinks its silent — Sec­ond­ly to scoop/collect the balls as it is pushed requires you to release both han­dles on the hand grip. If baby/child holds them down when push­ing the Tomy toy to col­lect the balls it will not work. The demo video does not show this. The han­dles are there to eject the balls, but as is nat­ur­al when baby/child push­es it is to hold both han­dles down thus stop­ping the balls from being col­lect­ed. Also there is a ten­den­cy for the balls to get stuck on the uptake. There is no room to put hands either side of the han­dles. We thought it was faulty at first and changed it but still same. Emailed Tomy and the reply was to say the least poor with no admis­sion of the above just apologies.

  4. NanaAngie1

    A bor­ing toy, it seems…My 18 month grand­son could­n’t do it, nor could his 3 year old sis. They found it hard to get the knack of pick­ing the balls up and when they could the balls just rolled out with a plop, not thrown. This toy was dis­card­ed in about ten min­utes not to be returned to! A shame, most Tomy toys are good. And I thought it rather expen­sive for the performance.

  5. anna bea­man

    Not amaz­ingI’ve found this an odd one to review. My 18 month old, who is quite short, will out­grow this soon. The han­dle is not adjustable mak­ing it unsuit­able for old­er, taller kids but he is at an age where he does­nt under­stand about the balls pop­ping out and hav­ing to col­lect them so all he does is push it around, emp­ty, and enjoys the click­ing noise it makes (I do not enjoy this noise)So over­all, he enjoys the toy but not for the rea­sons I brought it

  6. Lez­du­ur

    Hid­den ballsHave a near­ly 2 yr old boy and a near­ly 5 yr old girl. Both enjoy using this, the younger does­n’t ful­ly yet appre­ci­ate (after 1 day) launch­ing the balls or col­lect­ing them up but does enjoy when his sis­ter does..It is quite stur­dy unlike the foam mak­er we bought.The han­dle is not extend­able which means this will be out­grown in a year or so but seems good fun until then, espe­cial­ly as we are in lockdown.It makes a sound whilst rolling it around, not to noisy.Ther are 4 balls we found in the box, 1 in the toy, anoth­er spe­cial­ly packed (some char­ac­ter we don’t know of) and 3 fur­ther balls under the hid­den card­board com­part­ment right at the bot­tom of the box.

  7. Simon­Coll

    It does­nt fire balls at all AVOIDSeems well put togeth­er, how­ev­er describ­ing it as a can­non is a lie of boris john­son pro­por­tions. The balls do not fly out like in the video they fall out some­times with­out enough force to actu­al­ly leave the toy, dont waste your mon­ey its naff

  8. Ama­zon Customer

    Rub­bishSo rub­bish don’t waste your mon­ey! Doesn’t pick up any­thing. Would give it zero stars but one is the min­i­mum! I did want to return it but it was hard for me to get out with lit­tle man so now have a use­less toy.

  9. Lucy

    Dis­ap­point­edSo imag­ine how dis­ap­point­ed I was when this turns up and I dis­cov­ered you could­nt extend the han­dle. I was expect­ing this to be a lot longer with the han­dle, my one year old is very tall for his age and has to bend over to push it along.Despite that he loves the way the balls pop out and picks them up. Just a real shame it’s so short.

  10. HMc1

    Does­n’t pick up the balls as describedPur­chased for 15month old son at Christ­mas as he loves balls and loves push along toys so I thought this would be bril­liant for him. Very dis­ap­point­ed when balls do not col­lect back through the toy as expect­ed — the hand­ful of times I man­aged to get them through myself seemed flukey so there was no hope for him. My 2.5 year old could not oper­ate it either. Poor design in my opin­ion, that or we got a faulty one. The balls do shoot out no problem.

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