Tipp-Ex Rapid, Correction Fluid Bottle, High Quality Correction Fluid, 20ml, Ideal for School, White, Pack of 1


  • The foam wedge applicator allows versatile and precise correction
  • Fluid dries fast, allowing you to rewrite over it quickly, essential at school and college
  • 20ml of correction fluid makes for a long-lasting product, a great addition to any pencil case
  • Tough bottle and cap help protect the correction fluid inside
  • Pack Size: 1


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From the manufacturer

Tipp-Ex Rapid is designed to give neat, quick and fast-dry­ing cor­rec­tions so you can eas­i­ly undo your mis­takes wher­ev­er you are.

The num­ber one cor­rec­tion flu­id in Europe, it has a foam wedge appli­ca­tor for pre­cise, neat appli­ca­tion and superb cov­er­age. The quick-dry­ing for­mu­la means you can car­ry on work­ing over your errors almost immediately.

Rapid can be used for all types of paper cor­rec­tion and is suit­able whether you are at school, in the office or at home.

Important information


Hydro­car­bons, C7-C9, Isoalka­nes; Fat­ty Acids, C18-Unsatd., Dimers, Reac­tion Prod­ucts With N.N‑Dimethyl‑1,3‑Propanediamine And 1,3‑Propanediamine; Hydro­car­bons, C7, N‑Alkanes, Isoalka­nes, Cyclics

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Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 19.7 × 8 × 3 cm


Model Number


Product Dimensions

19.7 x 8 x 3 cm; 45 Grams



Material Type


Number of Items




Manufacturer Part Number


Item Weight

45 g



Date First Available

17 May 2007




  1. Rochy­coo

    Gen­uine prod­uct but no retail pack­ag­ingQuite sur­prised when I received this as it wasn’t in retail pack­ag­ing, just the bot­tle in a Jiffy bag.I com­pared it to the one I already have and it’s iden­ti­cal, right down to the way the batch num­ber is print­ed so I’m almost cer­tain it’s a gen­uine product.The liq­uid is fair­ly thin at first but cov­ers well, it thick­ens with age and gets less easy to work with, it’s the nature of liq­uid paper unfortunately.I’ve tried non brand­ed alter­na­tives and they aren’t as good, I always go back to using Tippex in the end and as this was on offer and cheap­er than any­where else it’s def­i­nite­ly a bargain.Hope you found my review helpful

  2. Daniel­la Stewart

    Every­body needs these.My hob­by is geneal­o­gy and I get through litres of Tippex. I hand-write all my notes in A4 note­books and spend hours every day doing so, mak­ing many mis­takes as I go. I like it to look neat, and if the pen blobs, or I don’t write a ‘d’ or a ‘b’ etc, with a long enough stalk, it bugs me, so the Tippex bot­tle is always out.I did try a cheap­er brand, but it came with the tra­di­tion­al brush, and the for­mu­la­tion was quite clumpy, I got very frus­trat­ed with it very quick­ly. My old­er notes are full of ‘white mountains’.I decid­ed to go with orig­i­nal Tippex, because I expect­ed it to be bet­ter, and it is. The brush tip is gone, replaced by a tiny, wedge-shaped sponge, that applies the liq­uid very thin­ly and even­ly, and it dries very quick­ly, so you can over­write. In fact, the pens, which are black gel, seem to write bet­ter on the dried Tippex than on the orig­i­nal paper.Although I had bought a 3‑bottle pack­age, which did­n’t work out too expen­sive, I was still get­ting through a lot, and decid­ed to look for a bulk deal instead. I could­n’t believe the val­ue for mon­ey of this deal; 20 bot­tles for less than £20. I have only got through 3 since I bought them, and had so many, I gift­ed some to my sta­tionery-mad moth­er and daugh­ter, who are very hap­py. My daugh­ter says she now does­n’t have to ‘bor­row’ her sup­plies from work, and is delight­ed as I now intend to keep her in Tippex for life.I am very, very, pleased with my pur­chase, and as soon as the bot­tles are run­ning low, I will be repeat­ing my order, prob­a­bly for many years. I am a very hap­py cus­tomer indeed.I have only one lit­tle nig­gle: I can­not seem to find the orig­i­nal Tippex Thin­ners any­where. All cor­rec­tion flu­id thick­ens over time once exposed to the air; Tippex much more slow­ly than cheap­er brands, but it would def­i­nite­ly extend the life of the flu­id in each bot­tle if the Thin­ners were available.It is, how­ev­er, only a lit­tle nig­gle, because at this price, I don’t have to wor­ry about crack­ing open the next bot­tle any time I want; I can afford to.I get a lot of plea­sure from look­ing at my large mul­ti­pack of Tippex bot­tles and know­ing that I nev­er have to put up with a black blob, smudge or bad­ly-writ­ten char­ac­ter ever again.Thanks Tippex, you were the favourite when I was still in school, and now I’m retired, you are still the favourite, and def­i­nite­ly with good rea­son. I just did­n’t expect to be able to afford an end­less sup­ply of the best brand, but with this deal, I most cer­tain­ly can.Highly rec­om­mend­ed, if you don’t need 20, just share them out, you’d be sur­prised how much peo­ple will appre­ci­ate a bot­tle, just in case. Great stuff.

  3. norm­s­ki

    What, no “sheer­ness”?It’s Tipp-Ex… and it still works as well as it always has… just don’t leave the lid off. Accu­ra­cy… hmm inter­est­ing cat­e­go­ry to use for a review… does­n’t that depend on the user’s abil­i­ty? …and the fact that you haven’t left the lid off? …to be hon­est I’m review­ing Tipp-Ex as I thought I might be able to assess It’s “sheer­ness”… a bit dis­ap­point­ing real­ly since this review cat­e­go­ry seems to be used ran­dom­ly on a wide vari­ety of prod­ucts and unusu­al­ly would be appro­pri­ate for Tipp-Ex, as it is cer­tain­ly suf­fi­cient­ly opaque to do it’s job very effec­tive­ly! …so it there­fore lacks sheer­ness… maybe that’s why it’s not on the review cat­e­go­ry “list”.

  4. Lau­riply

    MessyI have found that this does­n’t dry prop­er­ly at all. It does DRY to the extent that you can write over it, but with ink pens they will not try on top of the flu­id. I mean to the extent that even if you wrote it a day ago, if you brush against it at all the ink will smudge because it is just sit­ting on top of the cor­rec­tion flu­id. I’m sure oth­er Tip-Ex prod­ucts I’ve tried before haven’t done this as I don’t remem­ber it but it makes it quite unus­able. It might work with biros but who knows!

  5. Andr3w

    Tipp-Ex vs SnopakePer­haps I got a poor batch but recent­ly I have found Tipp-Ex to be get­ting thin­ner! It often needs two or three coats to com­plete­ly oblit­er­ate the writ­ing. I use a ball point pen with gel ink. So I found this frus­trat­ing and tried Tipp-Ex’s rival Snopake. Snopake was love­ly, it cov­ered the writ­ing com­plete­ly in just one coat and dried real­ly quick­ly. So that’s bet­ter for what I need. If you find Tipp-Ex OK that’s fine, but if you find it a bit thin try the oth­er brand and com­pare them for yourself.

  6. Fiona

    Worth it!I’ve had copies of Tippex pre­vi­ous­ly but it’s nev­er as good, always more watery, doesn’t con­ceal so effec­tive­ly and takes ages to dry. So, I need­ed some more and hey, for a cou­ple of quid, just get the real thing like this! It’s dead easy, dries in a heart­beat (well, not quite but almost) and cov­ers a mul­ti­tude of sins. Oh and Ama­zon asked me to rate its accu­ra­cy — oh the irony!Totally worth it though, wish I’d nev­er both­ered with the non brand­ed ver­sions (and I rarely say things like that, as too many brands are well up themselves).

  7. J. R Hartley

    It’s the Orig­i­nal ‘Tipp-Ex’ and very cheap too thanks.Fast deliv­ery so thanks for that.Easy to use and i now find my self pre­fer­ring it to the ribbons.I was using the Rib­bons for years but every brand kept giv­ing me grief and I’m not heavy handed.Tipp-Ex tape & Staedt­lar’s Mini blue tape both end­ed up not dis­pens­ing the white rib­bon and when i pulled it out slow­ly to use, of course it was not wind­ing up the clear tape. I had three of the Staedt­lar and they all did the same and end­ed up in the bin.

  8. Gra­ham V.

    OMG How hap­py am I with this tipex?Immense­ly that how much! It smells love­ly and I get my high while I dot out my mis­takes on paper. If only I could do this with mis­takes I’ve make in life. I’d need a 10-litre buck­et of white emul­sion to do that. Maybe more. In fact I’d need a swim­ming pool full of Dulux White wall out­side indus­tri­al perm stick paint with an indus­tri­al hose pipe.Anyway, nice tipex.

  9. Hash­brown

    New design is great!I pre­vi­ous­ly owned the old brush-point ver­sion of Tipp-Ex and I would have issues with it includ­ing the inac­cu­rate (and messy) paint­ing of errors. Unlike that old ver­sion, I am thor­ough­ly impressed with this new design of Tipp-Ex. The sponge point allows for more accu­ra­cy when cor­rect­ing errors, feels great to use with its fric­tion-free glid­ing move­ment, and has not shown any signs of wear after two months of mod­er­ate use.I am an Engi­neer­ing stu­dent and I pri­mar­i­ly use this Tipp-Ex in my stud­ies. The ease-of-use and qual­i­ty of the new design has been a life-saver at times, such as incon­spic­u­ous­ly eras­ing errors in bend­ing moment dia­grams with­in my Sta­t­ics mod­ule (where the small­est errors real­ly do mat­ter). The con­ve­nience of using this Tipp-Ex dur­ing revi­sion prompt­ed me to take it in to my exams. Although I got a good telling-off from an invig­i­la­tor for using Tipp-Ex, my mind was at peace know­ing that the cor­rec­tion flu­id helped make my method as crys­tal clear as pos­si­ble. All-in-all I would high­ly rec­om­mend this prod­uct, as you always want to be pre­pared in the best way pos­si­ble for those errors in pen.

  10. James Met­calfe

    Exact­ly what you would expectBought this cor­rec­tion flu­id for school work!This item arrived on time and in an enve­lope which was well sealed, Inside the enve­lope was the Tipp-Ex in its stan­dard pack­ag­ing as if you were to buy it from a shop.I used the flu­id to cor­rect some work and It worked very well there is a lit­tle sponge on the end of stick which is attached to the inside of the lid for easy appli­ca­tion to work.The flu­id dries com­plete­ly in about thir­ty sec­onds, You have to be car­ful not to apply to much or the top lay­er dries leav­ing the liq­uid under­neath in liq­uid form this is a prob­lem because it destroys your pen if you get it on the end when it is still wet.I would def­i­nite­ly buy this prod­uct again due to the quick deliv­ery and price.

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