The Skinny Ice Cream Maker: Delicious Lower Fat, Lower Calorie Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Sorbet Recipes For Your Ice Cream




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  • Deli­cious Low­er Fat, Low­er Calo­rie Ice Cream
  • Skin­ny Ice Cream Maker
  • Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt & Sor­bet Recipes For Your Ice Cream

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  1. P

    Low calo­rie pud­dings with no com­pro­mise on flavour, and ingre­di­ents that will be in most peo­ple’s cup­boards alreadyI have been using this book almost con­stant­ly since I pur­chased it in June. I am a big fan, espe­cial­ly since I love using my own ingre­di­ents rather than buy­ing the ‘syn­thet­ic’ stuff they call ice cream. I have always pre­ferred the ‘clotted/full cream’ vari­eties of ice cream to the ‘milk pow­der’ base that most ice creams are made of. Hav­ing said that, I am not a par­tic­u­lar fan of ice cream nor­mal­ly. Instead, the ‘low fat yoghurt’ recipes in this book have real­ly caught my taste, as well as those of my chil­dren. I am less keen on the recipes using the ‘half fat cus­tard’ but then I don’t real­ly like cus­tard. The straw­ber­ry yoghurt I have made end­less times, but also the lemon ‘ice cream’ which is rather good and made using low fat evap­o­rat­ed milk and low fat creme fraiche.It does­n’t taste as if it is only 45 cals a scoop (straw­ber­ry yoghurt), or maybe 65 cals (I think) for the lemon ice cream, but they taste soooo good. I haven’t used a half and half sweet­en­er before but it does­n’t have an after tang so I have no prob­lem using 1 1/2 oz instead of the usu­al 4oz of caster/granulated sug­ar that nor­mal recipes would call for. I haven’t even tried to use the Ben & Jer­ry book ice cream book I also pur­chased, think­ing that the chil­dren might not enjoy the ‘skin­ny recipes’, sil­ly me!If you want to lose weight, but don’t want to eat some­thing that tastes as if it’s a calo­rie con­trolled recipe, then, with­in rea­son, this should be your book of choice for pud­dings. Also, it’s worth not­ing that most of the recipes are very sim­ple (straw­ber­ry yoghurt requires 3 items, straw­ber­ries, yoghurt and half and half), and don’t real­ly require ‘unusu­al’ ingre­di­ents. For me the half and half was the only item that I had­n’t pur­chased fair­ly reg­u­lar­ly before.

  2. Medling par­ent

    why low fat? Vit­a­mins A D E and K2?Sor­ry but I should nev­er have bought this book but it was rec­om­mend­ed sev­er­al times when look­ing for ice cream recipes for a nut aller­gy suf­fer­er. It is based on poor nutri­tion­al advice of low sat­u­rat­ed fat/cholesterol from the dis­cred­it­ed work of Ancel Keyes which has made the USA obese and now most of the west­ern world. We need these fat-sol­u­ble vit­a­mins not statins, and our cho­les­terol lev­el is genet­ic; the low­er your cho­les­terol lev­el the greater your All Risk Mortality!

  3. Vic­to­ria Julian

    Not the great­estIt just offers you ways to sub­sti­tute ingre­di­ents and use pre made shop bought low fat alter­na­tives- not real­ly home­made in my eyes if you use pre bought cus­tard. Plus low fat con­densed milk may have less fat but does have more sug­ar. I had hoped for more inven­tive ways of healthy ice cream like using fruit or mak­ing ver­sions that could rely on more milk and less cream. The flavours are ok but it all tast­ed quite pack­aged because of the pre made cus­tard. Basi­cal­ly you don’t need it because take your nor­mal recipe and buy low fat cus­tard instead of using cream, eggs and milk or use low fat creme fraiche and a lot of sug­ar to off­set the sour taste.

  4. Nan­na Cupcakes

    Worth the pur­chaseAlways mak­ing my own ice cream from scratch,I decid­ed to give this book a go. There are very few ingredients,which is great bud­get wise. I have made some slight mea­sure­ment adjust­ments for my 1.5 litre bowl. I just dou­bled the quan­ti­ties to fill a 1.3 litre freez­er con­tain­er. My freez­er is now slow­ly fill­ing up ready for the sum­mer. The dark choco­late ice cream is deli­cious, but try adding the zest peel of an orange dur­ing the blend process,then the juice dur­ing the churn process, yum…my Hub­by’s favourite (so far).

  5. Ama­zon Customer

    Recipes won’t work in a machine, one sour recipe with many vari­a­tions.I don’t get these recipes at all. This book con­tains a basic recipe which large­ly con­sists of cus­tard and creme fraiche and many flavour vari­a­tions of the same recipe. The mix­ture is so thick when you put it in your machine so it sticks to the “beat­er” and no churn­ing hap­pens. Nor­mal­ly ice cream needs to be quite liq­uid to begin with oth­er­wise its pret­ty point­less putting it in in a churn­er as no churn­ing hap­pens. Taste is sour from the creme fraiche which is real­ly unpleasant.

  6. J. E. Ballard

    Both are fab­u­lous and real­ly easy to makeI’ve used two recipes so far, one vanil­la made with low-fat cus­tard, and the avo­ca­do ice-cream. Both are fab­u­lous and real­ly easy to make. Nei­ther tast­ed ‘skin­ny’, and the avo­cade will be a favourite, my guests loved it! I would thor­ough­ly rec­om­mend this book on these two recipes alone. I can’t wait to try some others.

  7. bead­ma­ni­ac

    Yum­my Ice creamLots of love­ly recipes for tasty ice creams, but no illus­tra­tions; those I have tried have been deli­cious. I sup­pose if you make ice cream alot you would­n’t need this book because there are no secret ingre­di­ents or spe­cial tech­niques in here, but if like me you are a begin­ner, it does give some good ideas. Over­all I’m glad I bought it as it’s not very expensive.

  8. Kindlelover

    Over­all good.Use­ful for mak­ing low­er fat deserts. I have an ice cream mak­er which has its own recipe book which con­tains deli­cious ice creams and sor­bets etc. But they are very high calorif­i­cal­ly. This book shows how to reduce those calo­ries. Deli­cious too. Some recipes did how­ev­er pro­duce some ice crys­tals in the mix­ture so one star removed. Over­all good though.

  9. lcr

    Quick, easy and tasty recipesThis is a great lit­tle book with deli­cious recipes using sta­ple ingre­di­ents. No mess­ing around or com­pli­cat­ed meth­ods. The calo­rie infor­ma­tion is use­ful and most recipes have a tip or com­ment about serv­ing. I def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend this book.

  10. Lor­raine Braid

    I‑Scream!Can only.give a 4* rat­ing due to not hav­ing used the recipe book yet.Recipes appear easy and straight forward.Just need my ice-cream mak­er to arrive from anoth­er, well-known, on-line shop!Frustration set­ting in!!!

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