The Cheeky Panda – Bamboo Toilet Tissue Paper | Bulk Box of 48 Rolls (3 Ply, 200 Sheets) | No Unnecessary Packaging,

£ 32.29

  • SUPER-SUSTAINABLE – Made from 100% bamboo, The Cheeky Panda’s toilet roll produces 65.5% fewer carbon emissions than standard toilet tissue too!
  • PLASTIC-FREE – Naked loo rolls packaged simply in a cardboard box
  • NATURAL & SKIN-FRIENDLY – No chemical nasties, just pure, plant-based natural ingredients and naturally hypoallergenic material
  • LONG LASTING – Each roll contains 200 sheets
  • KIND TO ANIMALS – Certified vegan-friendly and cruelty-free
  • KIND TO THE PLANET – The Cheeky Panda donate part of every pack purchased to help protect the rainforest
  • BULK PACK - No unnecessary packaging, one box of naked rolls


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Why are trees still being used to make loo roll? Wouldn’t you rather have forests instead? Make the switch to The Cheeky Panda’s FSC-cer­ti­fied bam­boo toi­let roll and keep the plan­et green. These super-soft and sus­tain­able bam­boo loo rolls are good for your bum AND the Earth, main­ly because they pro­duce 65.6% less car­bon than nor­mal tis­sue. Plus, they’re veg­an, FSC-cer­ti­fied, nat­u­ral­ly hypoal­ler­genic and plas­tic-free. Shall we keep going? Okay. They’re also all-nat­ur­al and con­tain no chem­i­cal nas­ties, AND our sup­ply chain is car­bon bal­anced. We’ll stop now… (they’re also super soft).

From the manufacturer

The cheeky panda bamboo range

100% Bamboo | Living sustainably doesn’t have to be boring…

We know it can be a lot of has­sle to try and live a lit­tle more sus­tain­ably — but it doesn’t have to be.

The Cheeky Pan­da cham­pi­ons bam­boo because it gen­uine­ly is amaz­ing (even though we HAVE to say that). It grows super-fast, it’s sus­tain­ably sourced and there’s tonnes of it just sat around doing noth­ing. Until we came along and made amaz­ing stuff out of it.

So why wipe your bum with bam­boo? Because it’s bet­ter than chop­ping down a tree. Plus, it’s nat­u­ral­ly hypoal­ler­genic and super soft. Basically.

We’re a veg­an, cru­el­ty-free B Corp mak­ing prod­ucts that are not only good for you, but our plan­et, too. Join us on our journey!

Paper packaging

No plastic, thanks

Plas­tic has become a filthy word, which is why we’re cut­ting it out of our vocab­u­lary completely.

Excess plas­tic is ruin­ing every­thing – our oceans, our eco-sys­tem, our bod­ies. You’re eat­ing microplas­tics you know, imag­ine that?

We don’t want to live in a world where we have to trun­dle past excess plas­tic on beach­es, which is why you won’t find a shred of plas­tic on our toi­let roll.

No harm to the plan­et here!

bulk box

Buy Bulk!

For the very organ­ised among us, you have the chance to cut down shop­ping for loo roll to once a month (depend­ing on your…usage)

Our bulk box­es, which cram 24 or 48 loo rolls into one con­ve­nient pack­age, come with even less pack­ag­ing.

Soft on Skin

Soft on Skin

As far as we’re con­cerned, sav­ing your skin is as impor­tant as sav­ing the plan­et… (almost).

Luck­i­ly for you, bam­boo is nat­u­ral­ly hypoal­ler­genic, that means it won’t irri­tate your sen­si­tive skin. It has long fibres, which trap less dust par­ti­cles, so our loo roll is excel­lent for those with allergies.

We also avoid using chem­i­cal nas­ties – we like to stick to nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents, because nobody wants to wipe their bum with chem­i­cals. Ew.


Sus­tain­able Bamboo 

Paper packaging

No Plastic 

bulk box

Buy Bulk! 

Soft on Skin

Soft on Skin 

why use bamboo
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Additional information

Product Name

Plastic Free Toilet Tissue Case of 48 Rolls


48 count


The Cheeky Panda


Roll with Sheets

Material Composition

100 bamboo

Country of origin




Date First Available

18 May 2019


The Cheeky Panda


  1. Anna

    NOT PLASTIC FREEThe inner tube is coat­ed with a shiny lay­er of plas­tic, both sides. I will just buy my nor­mal toi­let paper (Asda) that is half the price, has big­ger rolls and I can take the pack­ag­ing back to the super­mar­ket’s car­ri­er bag recy­cling point.

  2. Annah

    Amaz­ing prod­uct but.…!Bril­liant loo paper, and so glad the plas­tic free is final­ly avail­able on sub­scrip­tion, but the zero waste option should NOT be MORE expen­sive than that which comes wrapped in a ton of plas­tic. What on earth, peo­ple?!? I’ll up my rat­ing to five if that changes. Noone is buy­ing bam­boo toi­let paper because they don’t care about the earth so you’re real­ly hurt­ing your cus­tomer base by doing it this way.

  3. wild duck

    Love itI have used many of these now. The paper is soft and strong. There is no plas­tic wrap­pers with the rolls just packed in a card­board box. The com­pa­ny states the inner rolls are also plas­tic free despite their shiny appear­ance. My only sug­ges­tion would be to reduct the qual­i­ty and amount of card­board used on the inner, as a cheap­er thin­ner card­board would work as well, and take less resource to make. Oth­er­wise, bravo.

  4. Dil­ly

    Good but blocked drains.Good in every respect except that it caused our drains to become blocked as it did not seem to dis­in­te­grate so despite its good points will be going back to eco leaf.

  5. paula

    Does the job and good for our dying planet..every lit­tle helps slow its demise.Its not soft­est n cer­tain­ly not cheap­est either but may be bet­ter for our Plan­et .Thats worth it fr me.However …was in at time of deliv­ery n dri­ver just left it behind wheel­ie bin.Obv not in plas­tic to protect.Wet ground­tom rolls soaked.!!Never even knocked the door.My phone told me it had bn deliv­ered to a total­ly inap­pro­pri­ate place fr product !

  6. Miss Rachael Singh

    Bril­liant plas­tic free optionJust as good as Andrex, which we pre­vi­ous­ly used.The toi­let paper is great qual­i­ty and does not fall apart eas­i­ly, as has been the case with oth­er “eco” options.The card­board box is full so there is no waste of space either and the box is tall rather than wide so it can fit in cup­boards eas­i­er which is real­ly helpful.I’ve start­ed a sub­scrip­tion after tri­alling it and this has helped us immensely.

  7. Mrs. S. J. Marquis

    Excel­lent prod­uct, will buy againI’m real­ly pleased with these, they hold togeth­er bet­ter than nor­mal paper and there­fore you need less and no acci­den­tal tears lol. The rolls are full like the old days before they start­ed skimp­ing, even Andrex have done that. Whilst these are more expen­sive, i will con­tin­ue to buy them as i think the cheap­er ones are a false econ­o­my, plus these help the plan­et and no plas­tic which was the main rea­sons for me try­ing them.

  8. NR in London

    Great prod­uct made bet­terLove the Cheeky Pan­da loo roll, great qual­i­ty and more eth­i­cal. The paper/cardboard pack­ag­ing is a good call too.

  9. Scan­dalous Book Blog

    Bam­boo ManiaI am always in the mar­ket for a more envi­ron­men­tal­ly friend­ly prod­uct and I have final­ly found a bril­liant replace­ment for My usu­al toi­let roll.I LOVE any­thing made from Bamboo…I’m bam­boo crazy 😜 it’s a sus­tain­able prod­uct that’s good for the plan­et and our envi­ron­ment what’s not to love?I have been using Cheeky Pan­da 🐼 for a few months now and when I saw this plas­tic free ver­sion I imme­di­ate­ly added it to my sub­scribe and save.This tis­sue is very absorbent and durable (it’s made from the strong stuff😉) Just not as soft as Andrex but it’s still very soft, your bum won’t notice the difference.I use this to blow my noise when I run out of pock­et tis­sues which is the only time I can tell the slight difference.When every­one was pan­ic buy­ing tis­sues 🤦🏾‍♀️ I was able to get two box­es of these deliv­ered right to my door.This is a slight­ly more expen­sive prod­uct but it’s very much worth it.I have nev­er had an issue always arrive on time in per­fect condition.🤩🤩🤩

  10. Ama­zon Customer

    So grate­ful for toi­let paper — thank youAma­zon came through and deliv­ered when I could­n’t get any toi­let roll on recent gro­cery orders from super­mar­kets. So thank­ful. These appear to be good qual­i­ty and both strong and soft. Thank you again. I would­n’t nor­mal­ly pay this price for toi­let roll — but in the cur­rent cri­sis just grate­ful to have some!

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