Tefal GV9071 Pro Express Care High Pressure Steam Generator, 2400 W, Black/Blue


Brand Tefal
Colour Blue
Item weight 4.73 Kilograms
Style Pro Express Care
Item dimensions L x W x H 48.6 x 28.8 x 36.6 centimetres
  • The GV9071's spiral protect and removable scale collector prevent staining and limescale build-up for outstanding ironing results, fast
  • This steam generator's smart technology provides the optimal balance of heat and steam for every fabric at the touch of a button
  • The GV9071 has up to 7.5 bars of high pressure steam, plus 500 g/min steam boost for efficient and outstanding results
  • +33% extra glide** for faster ironing, 1.6 L removable water tank for easy refilling, plus safety lock and easy cord
  • The GV9071's patented removable scale collector collects up to 10 times* more scale particles for long lasting steam performance and effortless crease removal
  • *external testing 2016 **Compared to other Tefal soleplates - external testing 2016


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From the manufacturer

Tefal Pro ExpressCare Anti Scale GV9071 High Pressure Steam Generator, 2400W

Pow­er­ful and pre­cise iron­ing for ulti­mate gar­ment care:

Intro­duc­ing the Pro Express Care Anti Scale GV9071. With up to 7.5 bars of pres­sure, plus an ultra-pow­er­ful steam boost of up to 500g/min, it’s our most pow­er­ful high pres­sure steam gen­er­a­tor yet.

Designed to cut your iron­ing time (com­pared to a stan­dard steam iron), the Pro Express Care Anti Scale has an inte­grat­ed boil­er which trans­forms water into high pres­sure steam to pen­e­trate fab­rics deeply. The result: faster crease removal and more pre­cise iron­ing. Plus, an ultra-fast heat-up time of two min­utes means it’s ready to go in the time it takes you to get the iron­ing board out!

But what makes the Pro Express Care Anti Scale extra spe­cial is the fact that it takes care of your clothes. This is our first high pres­sure steam gen­er­a­tor to com­bine anti-stain and anti-scale tech­nol­o­gy, pro­vid­ing dou­ble pro­tec­tion* and pre­cise iron­ing results.

*Appli­ance com­bines Spi­ral Pro­tect and remov­able Scale Collector.

Double protection: expert care

Spiral Protect – the anti-drip system.

Our exclu­sive anti-drip sys­tem elim­i­nates any risk of gar­ment stain­ing. A pow­er­ful Spi­ral Pro­tect tur­bine – built into every Pro Express Care Anti Scale high pres­sure steam gen­er­a­tor – whisks away dirty water droplets and trans­forms them into steam. It’s the ulti­mate bar­ri­er against stains for com­plete gar­ment care.

Removable Scale Collector – the anti-scale solution.

With­out an anti-scale solu­tion, limescale will build up and clog your iron, reduc­ing its steam out­put and even dis­charg­ing onto your gar­ments. Our patent­ed Scale Col­lec­tor pre­vents limescale build-up, ensur­ing your iron’s long-last­ing steam pow­er for effort­less crease removal. The twist-in spoon cap­tures up to 10 x more par­ti­cles* direct­ly from the water tank. Sim­ply pull out the spoon and tap the con­tents in the bin – scale be gone!

Take expert care of your cloth­ing, and achieve out­stand­ing iron­ing results, with Tefal Pro Express Care Anti Scale.

*com­pared to oth­er tools to cap­ture scale — exter­nal test.

Pro Express Care Anti Scale:

  • Trans­forms dirty water droplets into steam to elim­i­nate stain risk.
  • Cap­tures up to 10 times* more scale par­ti­cles to main­tain long-last­ing steam per­for­mance for effort­less crease removal.

Ultra powerful, fast results

The Pro Express Care Anti Scale has an increased*** steam pres­sure of up to 7.5 bars to pen­e­trate deep into gar­ment fibres and cut through creas­es fast – even on the thick­est of fab­rics. A con­tin­u­ous steam out­put of 120g/min soft­ens clothes for eas­i­er iron­ing, while an ultra-pow­er­ful steam boost of up to 500g/min gets rid of the most stub­born creas­es with ease.

***Com­pared to the pre­vi­ous Pro Express range.

Smart Technology

Five settings for precise ironing.

Smart Tech­nol­o­gy gives you pre­cise iron­ing results at the touch of a but­ton. There are no com­pli­cat­ed con­trols; just five pre­set iron­ing lev­els – ‘syn­thet­ics’, ‘silk’, ‘wool’, ‘cot­ton’ and ‘linen’ – ensure the opti­mal bal­ance of tem­per­a­ture and steam for each fabric.

So, how does it work? The Tefal Pro Express Care Anti Scale is fit­ted with an ultra-pre­cise (<1% vari­a­tion) elec­tron­ic reg­u­la­tor. This mon­i­tors the soleplate’s tem­per­a­ture and steam out­put, pro­vid­ing the opti­mal mix of the two for each fab­ric. It’s the effort­less way to achieve out­stand­ing results across all your iron­able fabrics.

  • Pro­vides the opti­mal bal­ance of tem­per­a­ture and steam at the touch of a but­ton.
  • Offers five set­tings – ‘syn­thet­ics’, ‘silk’, ‘wool’, ‘cot­ton’ and ‘linen’ – for out­stand­ing results across all your iron­able fab­rics.

High glide for fast ironing

The Duril­i­um Air­glide Auto­clean sole­plate pro­vides max­i­mum steam dis­tri­b­u­tion and +33% extra glide** for fast and effort­less iron­ing. The Auto­clean coat­ing keeps it stain free too – so there’s no risk of stain­ing clothes.

**Com­pared to oth­er Tefal sole­plates — exter­nal test­ing 2016.

Large Water Tank

The gen­er­ous 1.6L water tank lets you iron for longer. It’s remov­able too – so you don’t have to turn off the steam gen­er­a­tor then wait for it to reheat. Sim­ply remove the tank mid-ses­sion and refill it under the tap.

Safe to transport

The iron locks secure­ly on to the base and may be car­ried safe­ly by the iron’s han­dle. So, it’s safe to trans­port and store while it’s still warm – no need to wait for it to cool down.

Easy to store

The handy pow­er cord rewinder rewinds the cord auto­mat­i­cal­ly when you’re done, con­ceal­ing it inside the base for quick and easy storage.

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Additional information

Weight 4.73 kg
Dimensions 48.6 × 28.8 × 36.6 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

48.6 x 28.8 x 36.6 cm; 4.73 Kilograms

Power Wattage

2400 watts



Auto Shutoff


Item Weight

4.73 kg



Date First Available

1 Jun. 2017




  1. M. Humphris

    What’s not to like?I bought this iron on the strength of it’s reviews on Ama­zon and else­where. How­ev­er, Ama­zon had this iron priced at around 1/3 of the price of any­where else, I could­n’t work out why so took the plunge quick­ly before it changed.It’s a fan­tas­tic iron, com­pared to my old one which end­ed up con­stant­ly spit­ting steam out and brown streaks com­ing out — I then emp­tied it to find it was absolute­ly full of brown sludge and build up from years of using the bot­tled water (I know, I know, it says you should­n’t..) so with this in mind, I now use tap water and this iron per­forms brilliantly.When you switch it on, you choose from one of the five fab­rics you are iron­ing, wait for it to heat up (around 2 min­utes) and the lev­el of steam and the heat on the sole­plate is per­fect. The steam is pow­er­ful, and iron­ing out creas­es becomes a dod­dle. Could­n’t be sim­pler to use, and it has­n’t burnt any of the cloth­ing and the plate remains pris­tine, despite iron­ing many dif­fer­ent types of fabric.The water tank is real­ly big, and despite the amount of steam, it seems to use lit­tle water — you can remove the tank and fill up whilst in use, which is a bonus fea­ture. It’s not too heavy to trans­port if you need to either, and the pow­er lead and the steam cord are both quite long, allow­ing you to take the iron to the very end of the iron­ing board with ease.It has an auto­mat­ic off set­ting as well, so it will pow­er down if it detects no use in 7 min­utes — for me, this is a huge bonus as I do get para­noid halfway to work that I’ve left it on! I’ve been known to turn around and come home to check, only to find that of course I have switched it off, and then I’m late for work! No more! This will go off with­out a prob­lem just in case you do leave it on.The only down­side is that it does­n’t remem­ber your set­ting when you turn it off, so each time you turn it on, you have to select the fab­ric type again. It’s not a deal break­er, more of a nig­gle. It’s so sim­ple to use, and makes iron­ing a breeze that you can for­give it. And as men­tioned before, the pric­ing on Ama­zon was much much low­er than any­where else, so val­ue for mon­ey is a mas­sive con­sid­er­a­tion. Steam gen­er­a­tors can make a huge dif­fer­ence, espe­cial­ly if you iron frequently.

  2. Ama­zon Customer

    Dis­ap­point­mentWhen this steam gen­er­a­tor arrived I was very hap­py. I replaced a much cheap­er steam gen­er­a­tor and I was wait­ing to get impressed.From the first use I noticed a bad smell but I imag­ined this was nor­mal since it was the first time it was hot. How­ev­er, even now, after two months of use, there is a (much less) smell.The main prob­lem though is that the scale col­lec­tor is only a col­lec­tor in the­o­ry. From the first month and after only a cou­ple of times iron­ing, brown scale came out when I pressed the steam but­ton. I though that the col­lec­tor could be full and I opened it just to see that it was almost noth­ing there. It was a bit tricky to close the col­lec­tor again (and it was leak­ing in every attempt to close it) but this is a dif­fer­ent story.After that I start­ed using deionised water but unfor­tu­nate­ly this did not help. After a cou­ple of iron­ing hours it will leak and of course this will hap­pen at the worst time and on your favorite clothe.I had much less scale leaks with the much cheap­er steam generator.I have attached a pho­to so you can see why I do not rec­om­mend at all this product.

  3. Ros­abarks

    Your iron­ing will be fin­ished faster — for sure!No one looks for­ward to iron­ing — do they? There is noth­ing worse than mak­ing the effort only to find that despite repeat­ed­ly push­ing and pulling the iron over a cot­ton sur­face there are still vis­i­ble wrin­kles. But not with this baby!! A “once-over” is all it takes for your clothes to be pris­tine. This is my sec­ond Tefal steam gen­er­at­ing iron — the last one worked on for about 7–8years and although it did­n’t break, I sus­pect­ed it was­n’t at the top of its game. So, after a great deal of research, I chose anoth­er Tefal. Beware oth­er brands — not all irons are equal. The sole­plate of this iron is amaz­ing — it tru­ly does glide which reduces the effort you must make. With Ama­zon Prime, the iron arrived well packed prompt­ly. Whether you have had a steam gen­er­a­tor or not, once you unbox it, fill with water and plug it in you will be iron­ing straight away. It’s not com­plex at all. This is one item you will def­i­nite­ly not regret buy­ing — in fact, you will be won­der­ing why you did­n’t buy one ear­li­er! And no — I did­n’t get paid to say this at all.

  4. SML

    Tan­gled leadI am find­ing this very hard to use as the lead is so tan­gled I am find­ing it dif­fi­cult to use. I keep try­ing to detan­gle it but it wont let me!

  5. Cyber­shop­per

    Bril­liant !!This is seri­ous­ly good. My third Tefal Pro Express Steam Gen­er­a­tor in about 10 years( I live in hard water area and this is not at all good for these irons) How­ev­er, that said I do love this one. It is by far the best of the three, iron­ing is a plea­sure and results are bril­liant. There are many more to choose from now than when I had my first Steam Gen­er­a­tor, hav­ing done my research I still came back to Tefal. Hon­est­ly, you could­n’t expect more from an iron, it does every job well from del­i­cates to cot­ton bed­li­nen. It is expen­sive but well worth the mon­ey. I even say that hav­ing had to replace my pre­vi­ous two in a rel­a­tive­ly short time. Trou­ble is, you get such good results, you just don’t want to go back to a con­ven­tion­al iron. Go on, treat your­self, you’ll love it too.

  6. T.Barker

    Great ironLove­ly iron my wife loves it.…probably not the best Valentine’s Day present, but once I get out of hos­pi­tal maybe she’ll for­give me

  7. Ana

    Nice, but steam is inter­mit­tent after 3rd useI missed the return date as it worked fine till last week when the steam flow had some issues. I will see if it set­tles by itself. With linen per­son­al­ly this is not my best expe­ri­ence. I find it mo easy with bet­ter results to use my old irron which cost­ed 6 times less. How­ev­er I enjoy press­ing as the irron is real­ly light in weight, it slides beat­i­ful­ly when press­ing and it is a time saver as I get ter­ri­ble back pain when stand­ing for long. Over­all I like the prod­uct, but I am not sure I would buy it again as it seems too expen­sive to have an issue after 3rd use

  8. Ellie

    Does its job real­ly well.I am very hap­py with this iron. I bought it to replace my pre­vi­ous tefal steam gen­er­a­tor iron which I bought in July 2013, sad­ly now bro­ken after eight years of excel­lent ser­vice. I want­ed some­thing at least as good as my old one and this is what I have got with a few improve­ments. First of all I can­not believe how qui­et it is, it is also lighter and eas­i­er to manoeu­vre and I don’t know whether this is my imag­i­na­tion but I seem to be get­ting through my iron­ing quick­er. A review­er men­tioned the fact that when you switch the iron off it goes back to the low­est set­ting, I must admit this seems right to me as I always start my iron­ing with the items that need the low­est heat and work my way up. I use sheets and blan­kets on my bed as I pre­fer the weight rather than the light­ness of a duvet and my sheets are hotel grade Egyp­tion cot­ton. This iron sails through them with ease and I know from expe­ri­ence this is a true test for any iron. I am very hap­py with my puchase and and have no qualms in rec­om­mend­ing it to anyone.

  9. Couch Spud

    GREAT !!!Bril­liant piece of kit. We had an old­er mod­el that we thought was good, but this one is so much bet­ter with bet­ter steam deliv­ery , eas­i­er to set­up and use.

  10. heather wear

    I love this ironI love this iron .. it’s very light­weight yet super pow­er­ful — removes creas­es with ease .. the water tank is quite big so saves time when iron­ing — I love the neat way the cable is stored around the front.Expensive .. but well worth the money

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