Swan SB22110N Digital Bread Maker with Adjustable Crust Control, LCD Display, 12 Functions including Fast Bake and Keep Warm,


Colour White
Item weight 4.3 Kilograms
Power / Wattage 550 watts
Item dimensions L x W x H 29.6 x 27 x 27 centimetres
Brand Swan
  • 12 functions- You can create many varieties of bread including a basic white loaf, French bread, whole wheat bread, pizza dough, or brioche. This bread maker also has a function for making delicious cakes and jams too.
  • Delay & Keep Warm Function- The Swan bread maker has a variety of useful functions. The delay function has a 13-hour delay timer, which means you can bake safely overnight, fast bake allows you to bake in under an hour and it can also be set to keep bread warm for 1 hour, providing warm bread for you to enjoy when you fancy.
  • Crust Control- This bread maker hasn’t left anything to chance and even features a crust control function allowing you to select from 3 settings so you can make crusts just the way you like them.
  • LCD Display- The automatic and easy-to-use LCD display makes this bread maker perfect for beginners. It is simple to use and takes the hassle out of making bread. Perfect as a gift for bread lovers, friends, and family or as a house-warming gift.
  • Non-stick pan- Features a non-stick bread pan that can be removed and makes light work of cleaning up after a good baking session. A viewing window on the lid provides you with a clear view of the loaf without having to open the lid and disrupting the baking process.


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From the manufacturer

Swan bread maker range

Image of Swan Bread Maker with 12 different functions

Delay Time function that allows you to wake up to fresh bread

Fast speed bread function

Swan Bread Maker non stick bread pan

Endless Options

With 12 dif­fer­ent func­tions, the Swan bread mak­er allows you to not only bake a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent breads, but you can also make cakes and jam! Make bread just the way you like it with options such as, gluten-free, French bread, whole wheat with seeds, or brioche with choco­late chips. Any recipe is pos­si­ble, you just have to choose the ingre­di­ents and the Swan bread mak­er will bake a deli­cious loaf with ease.

Delay Timer

Wake up to the smell of fresh bread in the morn­ing using the delay timer. This func­tion allows you to delay bak­ing for up to 13 hours, so it can be ready for when you wake up in the morning.

Fast Bake Function

The fast bake func­tion makes a fresh­ly baked loaf in under an hour! This bread mak­er also gives you the option to bake either a 1.5lb or 2lb loaf, so you can bake to your exact requirements.

Non-Stick Pan

The bread pan is non-stick, which can be removed for easy clean­ing. There’s also a view­ing win­dow that pro­vides a clear view of how the loaf is look­ing dur­ing the bak­ing process with­out disturbance.

Swan Brand Graphic

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Additional information

Weight 4.3 kg
Dimensions 29.6 × 27 × 27 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

29.6 x 27 x 27 cm; 4.3 Kilograms

Power Wattage

550 watts

Item Weight

4.3 kg



Date First Available

5 Jan. 2021




  1. adam brails­ford

    Suprised how cheap it is to runhi allAfter con­sid­er­ing buy­ing a bread mak­er (I have on occa­sion made oven loafs) I thought Id give it a go but on a cheap brand­ed mak­er rather than the £150 mod­els. I did­nt know if Id take to it, but now i have, theres no regrets.My jour­ney so far has been with the includ­ed recipes and although there are plen­ty of oth­er recipes online this review is about what you get, out of the box.On first appearence the lid seemed a lit­tle loose but not to an extent that gives me con­cern. There are only 4 selection/setting but­tons mean­ing its not com­pli­cat­ed to use, even for a novice like me. There are vents in the back of the lid that chuck out quite a bit of heat so i would­nt push it upto an un-tiled wall when using, The sides are warm to the touch but not hot enough to burn. It does have a fair­ly small foot­print so sits well on the work­top. Inside you’ll find the bak­ing tin, pad­dle and a sin­gle ringed heat­ing ele­ment that is so easy to clean. No major dirt traps inside which is a relief. The tin itself is very thin. Maybe this is to trans­fer the heat more effi­cient­ly so be gen­tle with it. in say­ing that the non stick coat­ing works well and cleans eas­i­ly with a sponge pad with­out any dra­mas. Final­ly it does­nt ‘walk’ around when mix­ing, just keep it on a flat surface.So here we go!My first attempt was a com­plete fail­ure! The loaf did not rise leav­ing me with a 2 inch goo cen­tered thing. I have added a pho­to to show how things go wrong. i sus­pect that it was due to either using water straight from the tap and not room temp or when adding the ingre­di­ents the salt was in con­tact with the yeast caus­ing it to spend its pow­er before the pro­gram was start­ed. Any­how tak­ing care the sec­ond time around gave me a per­fect loaf. The piz­za recipe is my favourite at the moment. Yes i still have to bake in the oven for 20 mins but mix­ing pro­duces non of the usu­al mess. Also the mak­er is doing its stuff so less work for me.I am now using very strong bread flour instead of plain old strong bread flour and that seems to make alot of difference.My only gripe is when it comes to adding but­ter. The recipes states it by vol­ume not weight and the but­ter sod to get of the mea­sur­ing spoon pro­vid­ed. Not to mean­tion try­ing to clean the thing with chunky fin­gers. So weigh the spoon add but­ter and weigh again. sub­tract­ing means that 1 table­spoon of but­ter aver­ages out at 14 grams. Prob­lem solved!I’m suprised how cheap it is to run. its pow­er rat­ing is 550 watts but just like your fridge may have a 100 watt motor it does­nt run at full pow­er all the time. My elec­tric­i­ty tar­iff is cur­rent­ly fixed at 19 pence per k/watt hour until sep­tem­ber and Plug­ging in a watt counter I’ve cal­cu­lat­ed so far…tariff per kilo­watt hour divid­ed by 1000 then mul­ti­ply by watts used = Cost per loa­fuse your elec­tric­i­ty tar­iff val­ue for your cost.Programme 1 ( Basic Loaf)680g loaf uses 281 watts .…. (19 pence/1000) x 281 = 5.3 pence800g loaf uses 304 watts .…. (19 pence/1000) x 304 = 5.8 pen­ce­Pro­gramme 8 (Piz­za Dough)Mixing list­ed ingre­di­ents uses 40 watts … (19 pence/1000) x 40 = 0.8 pen­ce­Pro­gramme 11 (Sand­wich Loaf)800g Loaf uses 256 watts.…. (19 pence/1000) x 256 = 4.9 penceok you have to add the price of the ingre­di­ents but i hope it gives you an idea on run­ning costs.If you guys are inter­est­ed i’ll see if ama­zon will allow me to update as i go through the oth­er programmes.So, all in all, i like.… i like it alot. this bread mak­er was prob­a­bly the cheap­est going at the time of pur­chase and im using it a cou­ple of times a week. Main­ly for piz­za­’a but at the cost to mix i just cant complain.For now thats all folk­sTake care

  2. David Brig­gs

    Com­pact, Easy to Use and Good Out­comes.The Swan Bread Mak­er arrived on time and was extreme­ly easy to unpack and set up. I read the beau­ti­ful­ly writ­ten hand­book care­ful­ly and found the style of writ­ing friend­ly and easy to under­stand. Fol­low­ing the instruc­tions for “Your First Loaf” care­ful­ly pro­duced a par­tic­u­lar­ly good loaf pic­tured here. I have tried oth­er recipes from the hand­book all with good suc­cess and can thor­ough­ly rec­om­mend this machine to any novice bread mak­er such as me. I would sug­gest that any first-time user be care­ful in their choice and mea­sure­ment of ingre­di­ents. I use a dig­i­tal set of scales to obtain accu­ra­cy. The mea­sur­ing tool pro­vid­ed is quite easy to use, with one excep­tion [ see lat­er!] I have used Strong Flour [ NOT Extra Strong!!], both White and Whole­meal from a well-known brand and a Supermarket’s Own Prod­uct with equal suc­cess. Ensure that you use the Quick Action Yeast obtain­able in sachets at your super­mar­ket but be care­ful as each sachet is like­ly to con­tain more yeast than need­ed for a sin­gle large loaf.There are two improve­ments I would sug­gest to Swans. First, I find that the dig­i­tal dis­play is dif­fi­cult to read for a Senior Cit­i­zen such as me, as there is no back­light for the dis­play. The indi­ca­tors for the “Crust Con­trol” and the “Loaf Size” are small and dif­fi­cult to see with­out the use of a torch.The sec­ond is for the Hand­book. While the Mea­sur­ing Tool sup­plied is suit­able for salt, sug­ar, and yeast, and herbs as required, the recipes also use the “Table­spoon” mea­sure for butter/margarine. In my opin­ion, this mea­sure­ment should be a weight, not a vol­ume, as both but­ter and mar­garine are pur­chased by weight. Using the Mea­sur­ing Tool for butter/margarine is not prac­ti­ca­ble. I sug­gest the Hand­book is amend­ed to show the WEIGHT required for the sol­id ingre­di­ents of butter/margarine.Overall, I am very hap­py with the machine that I trust will serve my bread and occa­sion­al cake needs well into the future.

  3. jen­nie

    Bro­ken!This machine was bought in august last year, it has giv­en up the ghost today just packed up,informed Ama­zon they were not both­ered would not refund me! I’m real­ly annoyed I do not have mon­ey to throw around,when it did work it was a great machine made love­ly bread. So think before you both­er buy­ing this machine, ama­zon should be ashamed but big company’s are not both­ered about us lit­tle people,

  4. David

    Use your loaf!This machine weighs less than my old machine and takes up a small­er foot­print. So far it has per­formed well, pro­duc­ing a good loaf. The first loaf I made did pro­duce an uneven sur­face using the basic recipe sug­gest­ed but I did use half white half wheat flour and used oil rather than but­ter. How­ev­er I realised that adding oil instead of but­ter had increased the liq­uid vol­ume. The sec­ond loaf I made I reduced the water by the vol­ume of oil, and the loaf was per­fect. The recipe I now use for a 1.5lb (680g) loaf is as fol­lows baked on Pro­gramme 1( basic) medi­um colour crust.Water 250ml. Oil (light olive or sun­flower) 1tbsp (20ml). 225g Strong white flour, 225g Whole­meal bread flour. Sug­ar 1 tsp. Salt 1tsp. Yeast 1 tsp. If you like you can add 1tbsp of milk powder.The recipe in the book­let states 1 table spoon of sug­ar which would make a much sweet­er loaf which is not to my taste though I gath­er sweet­er bread is the norm in North America.

  5. Ama­zon Customer

    Great val­ue, easy to use and great result!Hav­ing not used a bread machine for years this is a super price and very lightweight.Instruction man­u­al made me chuck­le as writ­ten with some humour included.Simple step by step instruc­tions with pho­tos and addi­tion­al notes.The small starter loaf is already half demol­ished (see pho­to) and was yum­my warm with butter.Came clean out of the bread machine and pad­dle came out easily.Very sat­is­fied with this pur­chase and can’t wait to try the oth­er recipes 😄Have now tried oth­er loaves includ­ing fruit loaf, banana bread and fudge Brown­ie ..love this lit­tle machine !!

  6. Ama­zon Customer

    Bril­liant!I ordered this very late Sat­ur­day night and it arrived Mon­day after­noon, despite it being bank hol­i­day week­end. Excel­lent ser­vice. I read the enter­tain­ing instruc­tion man­u­al care­ful­ly and last night put in the nec­es­sary ingre­di­ents for a basic white loaf, set the timer and went to bed. This morn­ing, I awoke to a beau­ti­ful gold­en brown loaf with crispy crust and soft, springy inte­ri­or. I can’t believe how suc­cess­ful my first attempt has been! I even used just ordi­nary Tesco self rais­ing white flour, because that’s all I had in the house. The man­u­al said that would­n’t work, but it did for me. I thor­ough­ly rec­om­mend this machine.

  7. Char­lene G.

    Easy to use bread mak­erI was very pleas­ant­ly sur­prised at how easy this is to use. You chuck all the ingre­di­ents in and switch it on, the machine pret­ty much does every­thing from then on, beep­ing at you 3 hours lat­er to let you know your bread is ready. Taste is down to the ingre­di­ents you use, with some pack­et mix­es giv­ing less than stel­lar results it’s a good idea to exper­i­ment until you get what you want. For the price it is amaz­ing, there is even a clear­ly dis­played helpline num­ber in case you need assis­tance with any­thing. Swan clear­ly state that spare parts are avail­able if you lose or dam­age any­thing so this machine should have a good long life. The man­u­al is quite an expe­ri­ence, it is writ­ten in very col­lo­qui­al lan­guage, much as you would use chat­ting to your mates in the pub, rather than the for­mal lan­guage we used to see before most things were shipped abroad and we had to deal with poor­ly trans­lat­ed Eng­lish. Is this style to prove to the user that it was writ­ten in this coun­try? Pos­si­bly but it’s ok, easy to read and does the job of help­ing you to get start­ed with min­i­mum fuss. So far I’m glad I took a chance on this cheap machine rather than spend a lot more, you could say I used my loaf to save some dough (groan).

  8. Angela Oliveira Macae

    Amaz­ing prod­uct.The media could not be loaded.

     Easy to use. Easy to clean. great result. the bread is super soft. sim­ply deli­cious. worth the investment

  9. A Stu­dent

    Very frus­trat­ing, com­pli­cat­ed, waste of time bread­mak­erThis bread­mak­er was thor­ough­ly dis­ap­point­ing. Wish I had­n’t both­ered to choose it. In spite of all the very chat­ty, chat­ty, humor­ous lit­tle words in instruc­tion leaflet, would have been bet­ter if the mak­ers had con­cen­trat­ed their efforts on pro­duc­ing some­thing more user friend­ly by way of a starter recipe.Struggled to cope with ridicu­lous instruc­tions such as don’t let yeast touch sug­ar, what­ev­er. In the end so frus­trat­ed I chucked first lot away, threw every­thing in togeth­er in a rage n pro­duced an edi­ble loaf. Noth­ing won­der­ful, would have been bet­ter sav­ing my mon­ey on this (expen­sive) bread­mak­er n doing it by hand. Far less stress­ful and ten times easier.

  10. I do my best

    Per­fect first time bread mak­erCho­sen as my intro­duc­tion to the easy world of bak­ing bread. Per­fect starter machine, easy to use, great first time results from the straight­for­ward recipes includ­ed in the man­u­al. Not sure what extra a top machine at 4x the price can do but this is a rec­om­mend­ed way to try home bread making.I’ve baked bread the tra­di­tion­al way for over 20 years, I’m very impressed with the results.

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