Swan Retro Digital Microwave Purple, 20L, 800W, 6 power levels including Defrost Setting, SM22030PURN

£ 69.99

  • 5 Power Levels/800W Defrost setting – with 5 power levels, it makes food preparation quick and hassle-free. Cook a variety of different foods just the way you like it, warmed through and ready to go in no time. The added benefit of a defrost function allows you to cook food directly from frozen for maximum convenience.
  • 60-Minute Digital Timer – comes with a 60-minute timer function, cooking end signal, and handy digital clock, you can keep an eye on your food cooking whilst getting on with more pressing tasks.
  • 20 Litre Capacity/270mm Glass Turntable –with a compact and stylish design this 20-litre capacity microwave has plenty of room for cooking using the 270mm glass turntable. It will easily fit a standard-sized dinner plate, making it suitable for one or all the family. Ideal for domestic kitchens small and large, cafes, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, offices and staffrooms, and students moving into student accommodation.
  • Express Cooking - Start cooking with just one touch of a button, saving precious time when you're in a rush.
  • Stylish Design- Offering top-end technology and retro styling for the style-conscious homeowner, this microwave is part of the on-trend Swan Retro range available in a range of classic colours.
  • 2-year Warranty – can be extended online when you register your microwave at Swan.
  • Included components: 1 x 800W Microwave


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From the manufacturer

Retro Microwave Collection

Stylish Retro Design

5 Power Levels

20L Capacity

Defrost Setting

Stylish Retro Design

The 1950s inspired vin­tage design with a chic black fin­ish and retro chrome accents make this toast­er the per­fect addi­tion to any kitchen or work­space. An ele­gant design, made from high qual­i­ty and durable mate­r­i­al is per­fect for some­one look­ing for prac­ti­cal­i­ty and style.

Five Power Levels

Thanks to the 5 pow­er lev­els and defrost set­ting, life will be made easy for the time-pressed cook, mak­ing it quick and easy for you to cook deli­cious meals for the whole fam­i­ly. Whether you’re heat­ing left­overs from the night before or defrost­ing the mince­meat for tonight’s spaghet­ti Bolog­nese, the dig­i­tal dis­play allows you to eas­i­ly select your set­ting and timer at the touch of a button.

20L Capacity

This microwave has a gen­er­ous 20-litre capac­i­ty. This is the per­fect size to fit a stan­dard-sized din­ner plate, allow­ing you to heat up a read­i­ly pre­pared meal. By using the low­er heat set­ting you could also warm up din­ner plates ahead of serv­ing up din­ner so your food stays nice and warm. The 270mm glass turntable even makes it easy to clean, tak­ing away all the has­sle out of food preparation.

Defrost Setting

For­got to take the chick­en out of the freez­er ready for din­ner? There’s no need to pan­ic, thanks to the defrost set­ting you can have that meat ready to cook in the pan in min­utes. The set­ting is also use­ful for defrost­ing ready-meals, frozen ingre­di­ents and bread for your morn­ing toast. The cook­ing end sig­nal will noti­fy you when your food is ready too!

The Award Winning Retro Collection

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Additional information

Weight 10.87 kg
Dimensions 32.1 × 44 × 26 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

32.1 x 44 x 26 cm; 10.87 Kilograms


20 litres

Volume Capacity

20 litres

Power Wattage

800 watts


220 Volts



Special Features

20 litre capacity 5 power levels Stylish design

Item Weight

10.9 kg



Date First Available

3 Feb. 2021




  1. mum

    Loved the retro look and colour of this microwaveLoved the retro look and colour of this microwave. I bought this in April 2016, I did­n’t start using it until the Novem­ber as we’d been wait­ing for our kitchen ren­o­va­tion to be com­plet­ed. It’s only used once maybe twice a week to reheat meals or the odd bowl of beans/spaghetti. I always make sure I leave the door open for it to vent after use and that the bot­tom does­n’t have any pools of water, but after only 4/5 months of use the inside had gone rusty and it’s bare­ly use­able. Before the rust showed, the white coat­ing began to bub­ble and I only noticed this when I was heat­ing a bag of pop­corn and the bag caught fire because the turn­ing plate had jilt­ed and jammed, push­ing the pop­corn bag up against the side of the microwave! It was a good job I was in the same room keep­ing an eye on it oth­er­wise it could have been a lot worse than just a scorch mark inside the microwave! Would not rec­om­mend as I’ve seen a few peo­ple have had sim­i­lar prob­lems regard­ing the rust.

  2. Car­mody

    Poten­tial­ly dan­ger­ousI should have fol­lowed my instincts and pur­chased a com­peti­tor prod­uct instead of accept­ing a replace­ment when this microwave showed signs of rust after only a few months use. We are throw­ing out the replace­ment after three years as it has devel­oped the same rust prob­lems at the inter­nal seams as the orig­i­nal and the inter­nal base has rust­ed, bub­bled and detached. I have fol­lowed all the instruc­tions regard­ing clean­ing and vent­ing the microwave but the bot­tom line is that this microwave is high on retro style but extreme­ly poor on struc­tur­al qual­i­ty. As the white base mate­r­i­al appears to be cov­er­ing a metal­lic lay­er, this is poten­tial­ly a very dan­ger­ous prod­uct to have in your kitchen.

  3. Matthew Jack­son

    Time bomb MicrowaveAs oth­ers have put here the con­den­sa­tion cre­at­ed by this oven results in the inte­ri­or coat­ing peel­ing off. The exposed inside rusts instantly.Thank good­ness for Ama­zon cus­tomer ser­vice who have agreed a full refund with no fuss after 14 months. Ama­zon 5 star ser­vice for a one star product.

  4. Jack­ie Highland

    Rust after 16 monthsPur­chased April 2016, but had to throw away in August 2017. Not in heavy use either. As oth­er peo­ple com­ment­ed, con­den­sa­tion is ter­ri­ble. Despite leav­ing door open after using, it start­ed to rust inside. Before the rust showed, the white coat­ing inside dis­coloured and began to bub­ble. Would not rec­om­mend as I’ve seen a few peo­ple have had sim­i­lar prob­lems regard­ing the rust.

  5. da

    Style over sub­stanceHad for just over a year. Left door ajar to cope with con­den­sa­tion. The back of the microwave has now cracked and rust­ed any­way and very rapid­ly. Short­est time ever had a microwave. Loks good but not well made.

  6. Dr David I. South

    This has put me off all SWAN prod­ucts.The enam­el has peeled off the inside base already. This has put me off all SWAN products.

  7. tom­cat

    Glad I bought this. Goes with my fridge freez­er too.I real­ly like this. Good look­ing and copes well for my needs.This is a nice look­ing prod­uct, goes well with fridge freez­er and has done its job well.However, we dis­cov­ered that the paint was com­ing offand showed signs of rust, so:We ordered a replace­ment, refur­bished, which, did not work.We ordered a sec­ond refur­bished replace­ment, just received. One of the screws on the chas­sis was loose and the door looked like it was not on prop­er­ly and, cru­cial­ly, it does­n’t work either. The light did’t work, the fan would­n’t stop and it did­n’t heat anything.How these pass any Qual­i­ty Con­trol issues is a mys­tery not to men­tion the sheer­in­con­ve­nience it has caused.Not impressed at all.

  8. Ama­zon Customer

    Stay clear of all swan prod­uctsImpor­tant please read full reviewLove the microwave and I did want the full range ie orange ket­tle toast­er, looked on ama­zon for them but none here, so went on Swan web­site and they are out of stock with no due back in stock date, which means I’ll have to find an oth­er make of the Orange ket­tle and toast­er, I am very unhap­py with this as it will be hard to get a colour match.Update I held of get­ting a dif­fer­ent make of toast­er and ket­tle and man­aged to order it from ama­zon some good months lat­er 😁😁😁 so now very hap­py my toast­er arrived 5 days ear­ly, still wait­ing on the ket­tle, the only down­side at the moment is I can’t find any­more Swan orange kitchen equip­ment like the bin, bread bin, tea sug­ar and cof­fee con­tain­ers again very dis­ap­point­ed with Swan, updat­ed 5th Novem­ber 2020 please stay clear of all Swan prod­ucts I pur­chased the ket­tle, microwave and toast­er, the toast­er blew my elec­tric 2 weeks in use man­aged to get a full refund, the ket­tle the lid is rust­ing away and it’s not even a year old, my microwave blew the electrics I pur­chased the microwave in 2019 and I only use it occa­sion­al­ly I’ve replaced the fuse and it’s no longer work­ing, I’m very dis­ap­point­ed with swan, back in my child­hood my moth­er only bought Swan and I hon­est­ly thought Swan was a name to be trust­ed, how wrong am I, they are rub­bish, now I have to pur­chase a new ket­tle, microwave and toast­er, I’m not hap­py that I now have to replace these in such a short time peri­od, I have very lit­tle mon­ey and I strug­gle to pur­chase these swan items 😭

  9. Pinkelvis66

    Retro look­ing microwave by SwanOnly had it a day or so, but pret­ty pleased with my new pur­chase. A love­ly bright+vibrant colour.. So far just cooked sum jack­ets in it+warmed up a few bits, but it’s pret­ty idiot proof+Seems pow­er­ful for the job in hand. And the fact also get a two year guar­an­tee If reg­is­ter it online, giv­ing an extra year, is even bet­ter..!:-] All In all am chuffed with my purchase.

  10. Lynz Pinz

    Shiny and clean and reminder beepBought this to match my oth­er swan kitchen items. Nice and shiny and clean looking.It looks love­ly and very strik­ing with the pol­ished door and chrome han­dle and dials. Nice that it has a dig­i­tal dis­play, although the dis­play is blue and it seems to blur a lit­tle. It’s not just me, my hub­by and a friend also noticed it blurs when you’re about 2 metres away.The biggest down side is that it’s a lit­tle small.Microwaveable pouch­es only just fit in and touch the top on the inside. But they do fit, so that’s good!Plus my large plates do not fit and they stop the turn table glass from spin­ning. So I use my small plates instead!It looks real­ly nice.Plus the fea­ture I do like is that once the timer has fin­ished amid it beeps, it also does a reminder beep until you open the door.I’m for­ev­er warm­ing up cof­fee and for­get­ting it’s in the microwave, so I love that aspect.Great buy for me, the pos­i­tives out­weigh the neg­a­tives, so it’s all good.

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