Swan 2 Slice Retro Toaster, Blue, Defrost, Cancel and Reheat Functions, Slide Out Crumb Tray, ST19010BLN


Brand Swan
Colour Blue
Material Stainless Steel
Item dimensions L x W x H 26 x 15.5 x 18.5 centimetres
Item weight 1.28 Kilograms
  • 815 W Defrost/Reheat and Cancel Functions - The Swan 2-slice Retro toaster comes with a powerful 1600-watt output, allowing you to produce toasted bagels, crispy crumpets and thaw out loaves using the handy reheat, defrost and cancel functions
  • 6 Electronic Browning Control- Ensures you can multi-task, ideal on those busy mornings and makes it easier to not burn your toast, helping you to make that perfect slice
  • Automatic Shut Off - This toaster isn’t lacking in the safety stakes. It switches off automatically when its finished toasting and cool-touch walls ensure no heat is transferred to your hands when toasting
  • 2-Slice Capacity - The capacity allows you to toast 2 slices at once and the slots are great for varying sized loaves, muffins, bagels, and crumpets
  • Stylish Retro Design - The Swan 815 W 2-slice retro toaster inspired by the 1950s combines modern technology with vintage-styling featuring a chic black casing and vintage chrome accents to make a stylish statement in every home. An elegant design, made from high-quality and durable stainless steel
  • High Lift Function - Modern technology has been included to make it easier and safer to remove your food from the toaster for added convenience


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From the manufacturer

Retro Two Slice Toaster Collection

Handy functionality

Ensures your safety

Two slice capacity

Stylish retro design two slice toaster next to retro mug tree

Handy functionality

The Swan Retro toast­er fea­tures a range of use­ful func­tions that allow you to defrost, reheat and toast in min­utes. This toast­er is incred­i­bly effi­cient with red indi­ca­tor lights so that you know when your per­fect slice is ready, and a can­cel but­ton for when you want to stop toast­ing mid-way through.

Ensures your safety

Comes with an impres­sive array of safe­ty fea­tures to pre­vent harm and acci­dents. Cool-touch walls ensure no heat is trans­ferred to your hands and when remov­ing items from the toast­er and the large slice com­part­ments, with high lift allows for easy and safe removal for added convenience.

2‑Slice Capacity

The 2‑slice capac­i­ty has space for lit­tle mouths, per­fect for the morn­ing school run, or mak­ing break­fast for you and your part­ner quick­ly before work. The slots and a self-cen­tring guide allow for even brown­ing of a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent types of bread as well as bagels, muffins, and crumpets.

Stylish Retro Design

The 1950s inspired vin­tage design with chic black fin­ish and retro chrome accents make this toast­er the per­fect addi­tion to any kitchen or work­space. An ele­gant design, made from high-qual­i­ty and durable stain­less-steel. It also comes with a remov­able tray, which pre­vents the build-up of crumbs and ensures your work­tops are left mess free.

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Additional information

Weight 1.28 kg
Dimensions 26 × 15.5 × 18.5 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

26 x 15.5 x 18.5 cm; 1.28 Kilograms

Power Wattage

815 watts


Stainless Steel

Auto Shutoff


Number of Slices


Item Weight

1.28 kg



Date First Available

19 July 2016




  1. hi,man43

    over priced and crumb tray not big enoughWhere or where can one buy a decent toast­er or ket­tle these days. They are all plas­tic rub­bish no mat­ter what you pay. I have tried all sorts, some of them £60–70 , not a decent one among them. So when I had to replace my Mur­phy Richards toast­er, I though why pay a lot,. I did­n’t expect a “design­er” toast­er, but Heav­ens Above — the crumb tray under­neath is only about 3″ wide so it does­n’t actu­al­ly run under­neath the toast slots. Every time I use it I get a del­uge of crumbs on my work top Grrrh! Will some­body some­where one day design a decent toast­er for a real­is­tic price! This is not it.

  2. Ama­zon Customer

    Swan orange retro toast­er rangeOrdered from ama­zon came 5 days ear­li­er 🤑 final­ly man­age to order this prod­uct as was out of stock when I ordered my microwave from the same range, toast­er itself, I’m a lit­tle dis­ap­point­ed about the qual­i­ty the push down could have been bet­ter, oth­er than that I’m very hap­py with the toast­er, unlike oth­er com­ments the toast­er match­es well with my microwave, my bread fits per­fect­ly (but I don’t buy War­bur­tons bread) but to be fair I don’t know of a toast­er that would fit a slice of War­bur­tons in it, my toast toast even­ly and once now that I’ve set the set­tings cor­rect­ly for my bread, look­ing for­ward to my ket­tle comin­gUp­date my toast blew my electrics this morn­ing and no longer works after a weeks usage, not a hap­py bun­ny, this prod­uct was rat­ed 5 star and now I’ve down grad­ed it to 1 star, but real­ly is a 0 star, I’m hop­ing this will be sort­ed out ASAP

  3. SG

    Very low qual­i­tyBroke down after 5 months. Lever won’t stay down and from the oth­er reviews here, it seems I was­n’t the only one fooled into buy­ing this faulty cheap product.No way to return or replace also…Do your­self a favor and avoid.

  4. MichaelD

    Faulty mod­el. Poor qual­i­ty con­trol.My toast­er seemed to work for a few weeks though I was not entire­ly hap­py with the qual­i­ty of over­all toast. Then it became clear it was faulty as it kept trip­ping my sys­tem. An elec­tri­cian friend test­ed my sock­et, which was ok. He con­clud­ed that the toast­er was faulty and had not been ade­quate­ly earth­ed. Very poor that any qual­i­ty con­trol did not pick this up. I will not buy toast­ers, ket­tles etc off the inter­net again.

  5. noneb­ut­the­brave

    Broke after a few months.Prod­uct was ok for the first 6 months, then the push down han­dle broke off, and the pop up stopped work­ing. Sup­pos­ed­ly guar­an­tee for 5 years but swan not refund­ing nor repair­ing! Very unhappy.

  6. M0rph3u5

    Good look, poor qual­i­ty…Got a set of Swan appli­ances of the the same “retro green” col­or includ­ing Frdge, toast­er and a ket­tle, along with bread bin and cansters. The ket­tle was replaced after less than a year as the paint start­ed com­ing off and was lit­er­al­ly grey. The toast­er, on the oth­er hand, was work­ing ok (apart from the few times that it caused the main cir­cuit to shut) and the han­dle after few months broke up (cheap plas­tic) and that’s when it stopped work­ing as the lever does­n’t lock at the bot­tom position.The fridge is just crap all togeth­er, the space was small inside and now the bot­tles frame came off (the plas­tic bump that holds it just broke off and can not be replaced).I would avoid Swan at all costs, and def­i­nite­ly their retro versions.Why 2 stars you ask, well the col­or was nice and the appli­ances looked good and worked good for the first few months, but for the price they are not worth it at all

  7. Tut­tles

    A great buy!!I was a lit­tle appre­hen­sive on whether to buy this prod­uct or not, based on some of the pre­vi­ous reviews but I am glad I did. I pur­chased the orange toast­er (to go with oth­er kitchen acces­sories) and not only does the toast­er look good but it also toasts quite well. I have only used it on a medi­um set­ting at the moment but the bread does tend to toast quite even­ly. Anoth­er plus for me is that the toast­er is not as bulky as my pre­vi­ous one, so it pro­vides me with a lit­tle more space on my work­top. I am def­i­nite­ly glad I made this purchase.

  8. Car­ol Watson

    Looks great!Bought the toast­er to go with new­ly dec­o­rat­ed kitchen. Looks fab­u­lous but is very inef­fi­cient at toast­ing bread. Either it does­n’t brown the bread even­ly or at all.Tried all set­tings ‑on high­est the toast is too hard, mid­way requires two attempts to get any colour. I have love­ly match­ing can­is­ters, bread bin, microwave and ket­tle but can no longer snack on a deli­cous but­tery slice of toast. Very disappointing!


    Great toast­er while it workedGreat toast­er while it worked. How­ev­er, after 7 months the lever wouldn’t stay down so was un-usable. Seem to be unable to return the prod­uct for repair and can find no way to con­tact sell­er about it. Very dis­ap­point­ed in this as I will now have to shell out for anoth­er toast­er. This one is not cheap so would expect more than 7 months life-expectancy

  10. Ama­zon Customer

    Wires inside got stuck, lose mate­ri­als, start­ed rust­ing!The look is good but the qual­i­ty feels cheap and lose mate­ri­als, sur­prised as i have a swan microwave for over 5 years and hap­py with it, i want­ed to match the brand/colour for my wife but got disappointed!The inside wires got stuck after 1 week, so when i want to push it up to get the bread slices i could­n’t. The shiny sil­ver sur­face start­ed rust­ing after 2 weeks.. returned it and got a quick refund (thanks amazon)

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