Sure Sensitive 48h protection against sweat and odour Anti-perspirant Stick MotionSense technology deodorant 50 ml pack of 6

£ 11.88

  • Sure Sensitive Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick 50 ml has been developed to give you cutting-edge protection against sweat and odour
  • This deodorant features our unique MotionSense technology – the more you move, the more it protects
  • Our deodorant stick helps to keep you dry all day long and feeling fresh with a reassuring scent of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla
  • Get all-day freshness and 48h protection from sweat and odour with Sure Sensitive Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick for Men
  • This stick deodorant contains no alcohol* and is gentle enough for everyday use
  • Sure Sensitive Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick allows you to always be protected for whatever happens. Sure, it won't let you down


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Product Description

Every sec­ond counts, whether you’re run­ning late or run­ning to beat your per­son­al best. Noth­ing should dis­tract you from your focus – espe­cial­ly not sweat. Sure Sen­si­tive Anti-per­spi­rant Deodor­ant Stick for Men 50 ml is for­mu­lat­ed to pro­vide 48h pro­tec­tion against sweat and odour, so you can feel fresh, dry and pro­tect­ed all day long, and always pre­pared for what­ev­er hap­pens. Our Sen­si­tive deodor­ant stick comes in a pack of 6 that will pro­tect you against sweat and odour for longer. This deodor­ant stick also con­tains Sure’s inno­v­a­tive Motion­Sense tech­nol­o­gy. It works like this: unique micro­cap­sules sit on the sur­face of your skin. When you move, fric­tion breaks those micro­cap­sules, and they release more fra­grance. So, every time you move, Motion­Sense keeps you fresh and free from odour. Whether you’re work­ing hard in the office, play­ing hard out and about or just meet­ing up with friends, Sure Sen­si­tive anti-per­spi­rant will give you all the back-up you need, when­ev­er you need it. Sure, it won’t let you down. So, get all-day fresh­ness and 48h anti sweat pro­tec­tion morn­ing to night with Sure Sen­si­tive anti-per­spi­rant deodor­ant to keep sweat and odour at bay. How to use: Apply stick deodor­ant onto dry under­arms even­ly to release a reas­sur­ing scent with sen­su­al notes of san­dal­wood, patchouli and vanil­la. Avoid con­tact with eyes and bro­ken skin. *eth­yl alcohol

Box Contains

1 x Sure Men Sen­si­tive Stick Anti-Per­spi­rant Deodor­ant, 50 ml, Pack of 6

From the manufacturer

Sure Sensitive Anti-perspirant Deodorant Stick: MotionSense technology + motion-activated freshness

Stay fresh for whatever happens with Sure Men Sensitive Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick 50 ml x 6

Long-lasting power, an anti-perspirant deodorant stick with 48-hour sweat and body-odour protection

Sure deodorant has a clean fragrance released throughout the day so you feel fresh, dry, confident

Sure's Maximum Protection technology is safe and gentle enough for everyday use on sensitive skin

Stay fresh for whatever happens

From the moment you open your eyes in the morn­ing, you need to be ready. It’s time to jump out of bed and into the show­er. Race to the sta­tion, beat the crowds and stride into your meet­ing. Sweat won’t slow you down. Sure Men Sen­si­tive Dry Antiper­spi­rant Deodor­ant Stick helps to keep you dry and feel­ing fresh.

Long-lasting power

Up to 48 hours sweat and body-odour pro­tec­tion, this anti-per­spi­rant deodor­ant stick for men works for you all day long and then some. So when you need it most, it’s there.

Smell great, all day long

This pow­er­ful anti-per­spi­rant deodor­ant stick for men effec­tive­ly fights body odour. Its clean fra­grance is released through­out the day to make you feel fresh, dry and confident.

Suitable for everyday use

Sure’s Max­i­mum Pro­tec­tion tech­nol­o­gy forms a pro­tec­tive lay­er across your sweat glands for up to 48 hours while leav­ing a clean, fresh scent, and is safe and gen­tle enough for every­day use on sen­si­tive skin.

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Additional information

Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12.2 × 7.1 cm
Package Dimensions

18 x 12.2 x 7.1 centimetres

Package Weight

0.62 Kilograms

Item dimensions L x W x H

20.3 x 7.5 x 12.2 centimetres

Item Weight

1.37 Pounds






300 Millilitres


Sandalwood Vanilla Patchouli

Item model number


Product Dimensions

20.3 x 7.5 x 12.2 cm; 621.42 Grams



Date First Available

6 Feb. 2017


Unilever UK Limited


  1. Blue­lashua

    Not just for menSo I’m going through the menopause and the hot flush­es are just delight­ful. Cou­ple that with sum­mer and noth­ing helped… Until now. I’ve wait­ed a while for the review but wow! I’ve just repur­chased but it lasts for­ev­er and I’m scared it will he dis­con­tin­ued haha. It does have a sub­tle mas­cu­line fra­grance but noth­ing over­pow­er­ing and in all hon­esty I would­n’t care if I smelt like a bloke as long as it worked and this does. High­ly recommended 😁.

  2. R J Sinclair

    I can­not buy this again until the war in Ukraine endsThe Sure sen­si­tive deodor­ant stick is easy to apply & effec­tive — a good product.I can no longer buy it as the pur­chase feels like sup­port for Vladimir Putin & his oppres­sion of Belarus & his war on Ukraine.

  3. Scu­ba Steve

    Bought by mis­take, but liked itI actu­al­ly bought these by mis­take, I usu­al­ly go for the “Sure Men Max­i­mum Pro­tec­tion Clean Scent Cream Anti-Per­spi­rant Deodor­ant” but in my haste I acci­den­tal­ly bought these. On arrival I instant­ly noticed that it wasn’t the prod­uct which I had intend­ed to buy but still thought I’d give it a try. I’ve just fin­ished the last stick (I get around 3–4 weeks per one) and although not as good as my usu­al anti-per­spi­rant (doesn’t dry as quick­ly into the skin as a cream and is prone to leav­ing white marks on cloth­ing more) they were still a great prod­uct and the scent is very clean and fresh. I have sen­si­tive skin and these didn’t cause any sore patch­es or irri­ta­tion which was also good.

  4. Aaron Hamp­son

    Used for yearsThe 100ml Cream sticks are the best deodor­ant I’ve used. They real­ly stop bad odours from occur­ring, even on a hot day.I changed to these orig­i­nal­ly because aerosol deodor­ant was start­ing to cause my skin to sting and become sore and red. I would also have to reap­ply a cou­ple of times per day, so they nev­er real­ly last­ed long.These are true to their name and are great for sen­si­tive skin, they last for about 3–4 weeks or more, you real­ly don’t need to use very much — I use just once per day in the morn­ing and still smell fresh when going to bed. I might occa­sion­al­ly use it twice if it’s a real­ly hot day.The only down­side is that they do cause marks on tshirts.

  5. JB

    Con­tains Stearyl Alco­holI bought this because it claims to be sen­si­tive and because I thought the roll on was more eco friend­ly than a spray. It is more or less oudour­less. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I am aller­gic to alco­hol and found that I devel­oped an itch where I had used it with­in a cou­ple of days of start­ing to use it.

  6. T & C

    Quick and easy, roll-on antiper­spi­rant!This roll-on antiper­spi­rant is a great alter­na­tive to spray­ing strong chem­i­cals over your walls, ceil­ing and in your face; last­ing long, pro­vid­ing strong pro­tec­tion against sweat and odour!I often show­er twice a day, but 1 unit lasts me rough­ly 3 weeks, so if you only need to use once a day, a sin­gle unit should last rough­ly 6/7 weeks, mak­ing them great value.

  7. Roy

    Does what it says on the tinI usu­al­ly use the aerosol ver­sion of this deodor­ant but gave the roll-on ver­sion a go as it was on offer.Smells the same, seems to last as long (to be fair I’ve not actu­al­ly test­ed to see if it last the whole 48 hours as promised)

  8. Lind­sey

    Smells love­ly, long last­ing wear, and most impor­tant­ly — no skin irri­ta­tion.The indi­vid­ual these were pur­chased for has big issues with skin sen­si­tiv­i­ty when it comes to deodor­ants, but had been using this spe­cif­ic brand and scent for months now with no prob­lems The prod­uct is effec­tive all day long, and com­fort­able to wear. High­ly rec­om­mend­ed this product.

  9. Mohamed Niza­mdeen

    Best deo­drant I’ve usedI’ve been using this prod­uct for over 3 years and its by far the most effec­tive one for me.The price is amaz­ing! Nor­mal­ly these are close to 4 pounds for a sin­gle stick! 6 OF THEM for under 9 is a bar­gain! High­ly recommended

  10. G Fair­head

    Great pro­tec­tion, weak scentI bought the pack of 6 when they were on offer which was a fan­tas­tic deal.I have only recent­ly start­ed using these cream deodor­ants after years of using the sprays and I think they are much better.I bought 2 Mitchum ladies stick deodor­ants (I know 😃) when they were on offer in anoth­er shop and found them excel­lent with a real­ly nice smell and no breath­ing in clouds of spray so decid­ed to buy these Sure ones.I find the pro­tec­tion they offer is real­ly good, I walk to and from work 4 times a day and these gave me real­ly good pro­tec­tion in the warm days we’ve been hav­ing recently.My only gripe is that the scent is very min­i­mal which may suit some peo­ple but I much pre­fer a stronger scent (I found the Mitchum ones far stronger).All in all they are real­ly great and do the job they are intend­ed for at a good price but I think I will try and find some with a stronger smell for my next purchase.

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