STAEDTLER 120–2 BK5D Noris HB Pencils (Pack of 5)


Colour Yellow
Material Wood
Point type Medium
Pattern HB
Unit count 5.0 count
Style Pack of 5
Item dimensions L x W x H 7 x 7 x 175 millimetres
Item hardness HB





  • High-quality lead pencil for writing, drawing, sketching
  • Break-resistant through special lead formulation and super-bonded lead
  • Pack of five wooden pencils with pencil sharpener and eraser
  • Wood from certified, sustainably managed forests
  • Ideal pencil for kids


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Product Description

The Staedtler Noris pen­cil is a high qual­i­ty pen­cil that is ide­al for both school and office use. The pen­cil is easy to erase and easy to sharp­en with any qual­i­ty sharp­en­er. The lead is unbe­liev­ably break-resis­tant due to a spe­cial lead for­mu­la­tion and a bond­ed lead. The lead diam­e­ter is 2mm.

Box Contains

blis­ter­card con­tain­ing 5 HB pencils

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Additional information

Weight 28.6 kg
Dimensions 0.7 × 0.7 × 17.5 cm


Model Number

120-2 BK5DST

Product Dimensions

0.7 x 0.7 x 17.5 cm; 28.6 Grams



Pencil Lead Degree Hardness


Material Type


Number of Items



5 Count Pack of 1

Point Type


Manufacturer Part Number

120-2 BK5D

Item Weight

28.6 g



Date First Available

12 July 2007




  1. The Tech Reviewer

    Qual­i­ty Pen­cilBought for exams which I had com­ing up and they were excel­len­tev­ery­body’s favourite brand and I can see why

  2. The Very Angry Maker

    Superb, Been Using for 30 Plus YearsI have been using Staedtler brand­ed pen­cils for over 30 years since I was in pri­ma­ry school and I still use them today.Every year I eas­i­ly go through about 50 of these pen­cils in my work­shop through nor­mal use but also I have a habit of los­ing them among the wood shav­ings and dust.They are a great all rounder graphite pen­cil that are strong and sharp­en well and not any­thing like those cheap and awful Chi­nese made pen­cils which when sharp­ened their leads just break all the time. The pen­cils hexa­gon shape feels good in the hand even for extend­ed peri­ods of time and helps with grip to con­trol the pen­cil dur­ing use. The eras­er on the end works very well and is high qual­i­ty again noth­ing like cheap erasers which end up tear­ing up the paper as opposed to eras­ing pen­cil marks.In the work­shop these pen­cils get knocked about and dropped pret­ty much con­stant­ly but nev­er had a prob­lem with bro­ken leads these things just keep work­ing as intend­ed regard­less of the abuse given.Definitely a high qual­i­ty afford­able pen­cil that I will con­tin­ue to use for anoth­er 30 years.

  3. DIY Enthu­si­ast

    Qual­i­ty Worth Pay­ing ForThis is a review for the Staedtler 5 pack of HB2 pencils.In sum­ma­ry; these are excellent.I use pen­cils a lot for work and lam­en­ta­bly have plen­ty of expe­ri­ence of work-sup­plied cheap pen­cils from the office sta­tion­ary room — pen­cils with bro­ken leads, paint that flakes off in your hand and man­u­fac­tured from low-grade wood that will not sharp­en etc.Which is why I buy these. They are excel­lent: good leads that do not eas­i­ly break and wood that is good qual­i­ty and will sharp­en real­ly well.I buy these on Ama­zon as an ‘add-on’ at a great price which l am hap­py to pay despite get­ting lim­it­less free gener­ic pen­cils at work. They last and are a joy to use com­pared to gener­ic cheap ones. They are made in Ger­many and from sus­tain­able wood too.Recommended.

  4. lim­n­er

    Good val­ue pen­cils for when you want a hard­er lead.This mixed pack of the reli­able Staedtler Noris pen­cils are good val­ue. You get a 2B,B,HB,H and 2H in a blis­ter pack. I use these pen­cils for trac­ing and trans­fer­ring designs where you need a sol­id, hard lead. I feel Staedtler’s grades are hard­er than oth­er brands so look else­where for my soft sketch­ing pen­cils, sav­ing these for where I need a clean line. They sharp­en and erase well, don’t break eas­i­ly and keep their point well. These are a good set for tech­ni­cal draw­ing and the occa­sions when you need a hard­er lead.

  5. Con­stance

    Just what I was look­ing for.I have been look­ing around for ages now for some good pen­cils with a rub­ber that actu­al­ly works. Most end of pen­cil rub­bers are hard and just leave an ugly smudge. I asked a ques­tion about the effi­cien­cy of the rub­bers at the end of these pen­cils from oth­er buy­ers on Ama­zon and the replies were main­ly pos­i­tive. I am delight­ed now that I have actu­al­ly got a box of these pen­cils. They are the best I have ever had.

  6. Kid Fer­rous 🔴🟡🟢

    The best pen­cils mon­ey can buyI have used Staedtler pen­cils for many years as I con­sid­er them to be the best avail­able. The lead is strong and they sharp­en well. Being an avid cross­word fan I go through a lot of these dur­ing a year as I love the con­ve­nience of a stur­dy, reli­able pen­cil and an eras­er tip. This pack is tremen­dous val­ue for mon­ey as you get 10 qual­i­ty pen­cils which will last ages.

  7. HV Engi­neer

    It’s a pen­cil.What can I say about a pen­cil? This is a good qual­i­ty prod­uct that sharp­ens well. The graphite core sits nes­tled in the cen­tre of the wood cen­tral­ly and does not not split when sharp­ened. The wood is good qual­i­ty as well as it does­n’t splin­ter when sharpened.The colour and gen­er­al design of the pen­cil is excel­lent. I would nev­er mis­take it as any­thing oth­er than a pen­cil which is use­ful, espe­cial­ly if I need­ed a pencil.The pen­cil works well in its nor­mal ‘draw­ing’ mode and comes free with mul­ti­lin­gual sup­port allow­ing you to write actu­al words in dif­fer­ent lan­guages effort­less­ly. Spell check leaves a lot to be desired but I think that main­ly comes down to oper­a­tor error although they say a good work­man always blames his tools. The only dis­ad­van­tage to this item is that it only oper­ates in one colour, although you can vary the shade. Oh, and it does­n’t come with instruc­tions but it is very intu­itive. You could actu­al write your own instruc­tions with it if you so choose (ha ha, ahem)Ironically I am writ­ing this review with­out the pen­cil but I am con­fi­dent that I could pick it up at any­time and use it with­out hav­ing to charge it first or change its batteries.Another fea­ture that I for­got to men­tion is its prac­ti­cal use as a cof­fee stir­rer. My cof­fee tast­ed excep­tion­al after gen­tly agi­tat­ing the milk, water and instant cof­fee for a few sec­onds. It enhanced the flavour and cof­fee drink­ing expe­ri­ence bet­ter than any scald­ed fin­ger could.Overall I am pleased with its pur­chase and would buy it again if I need­ed to.I hope you enjoyed this review, that’s two min­utes that you’re nev­er get­ting back.

  8. Fusspot

    Very sur­prised but dis­ap­point­edI have used these pen­cils for many years and would not have hes­i­tat­ed to buy again but the last two lots I bought have bro­ken leads. So, once bit­ten twice shy with this prod­uct unfor­tu­nate­ly. A night­mare to sharp­en since they keep break­ing. The only redeem­ing fea­tures are the eras­er tips.However, I am tired of start­ing off with long pen­cils and end­ing up with short ones with­in a few moments and with­out using them!Last time I waste my mon­ey on these.Surprised because they were very good val­ue in the past.

  9. DDR

    Qual­i­ty pen­cilsIt seems daft to write a review of some­thing as sim­ple as a pen­cil. How­ev­er, I’ve found a lot of (cheap) mod­ern pen­cils have breaks in the lead all the way up the pen­cil mak­ing them impos­si­ble to sharp­en or use.These pen­cils have no such issues and are of very high qual­i­ty. The eras­er at the end is high­ly con­ve­nient and there’s some­thing deeply nos­tal­gic about these black and yel­low pen­cils that makes them plea­sur­able to use.

  10. Steve Goach­er

    The best on the mar­ket!These Staedtler pen­cils are, in my opin­ion, the best on the mar­ket. Hav­ing tried a lot of oth­er, cheap­er, makes over a long teach­ing career, I can hon­est­ly say that these deliv­er on qual­i­ty and longevi­ty. They always sharp­en per­fect­ly, unlike oth­ers that often suf­fer from off­set leads. The eras­er on the end lasts a sur­pris­ing­ly long time and they are a plea­sure to write with. I would high­ly rec­om­mend these pencils.

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