SPRINGLANE Ice Cream Maker Elli with Compressor 135W, 1.2L, Frozen Yoghurt & Sorbet Machine incl. Recipe Book, LCD Display,


Brand Springlane Kitchen
Material Synthetic material, stainless steel
Colour Silver White
Item dimensions L x W x H 45 x 32 x 27 centimetres
Capacity 1.2 litres
  • COMPACT DESIGN - At 39 x 26 x 21.5 cm, the Elli Ice Cream Machine turns even the smallest kitchen into a gelato shop and, thanks to its chic stainless-steel housing, is also an optical highlight.
  • CREAMY RESULTS - With a preparation time starting from 45 minutes, Elli can conjure up around 1.2 litres of crystal-free, creamy ice cream.
  • POWERFUL & VERSATILE - Thanks to the built-in compressor, no ice cream container needs to be pre-cooled meaning you can start whipping up your ice cream whenever you fancy it. Whether classic vanilla ice cream, fruity lemon sorbet or refreshing frozen yoghurt - with Elli, you can prepare your favourite ice cream at the touch of a button.
  • EQUIPMENT - The Elli Ice Cream Maker comes with a self-cooling compressor, an LCD display to indicate preparation time and temperature, a removable stainless-steel ice cream container, and a lid with a refill opening, a stirrer, an ice cream scoop and a recipe booklet.
  • OUR PROMISE - We want you to be 100% satisfied. For this reason, we offer personal customer service with free return shipping.


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Product Description

We at Springlane sim­ply love cooking.

That’s why we devel­op kitchen prod­ucts that make cook­ing fun. We attach great impor­tance to good design and nev­er for­get to work on the details. That’s why you’re sure to get off to a fly­ing start in the kitchen with every dish being a success!

Ice cream indulgence at the touch of a button

Crav­ing ice cream? Elli makes ice cream dreams come true! Whether choco­late or straw­ber­ry — the Elli Ice Cream Machine from Springlane allows you to whip up your favourite ice cream at the touch of a button.

Thanks to its com­pact dimen­sions of 39 x 26 x 21.5 cm Elli com­fort­ably fits into even the small­est of kitchens. Chic and robust thanks to the stain­less steel and white plas­tic hous­ing, Elli is an eye-catch­er in every kitchen.


Here are the key details about Elli

  • Cool­ing capac­i­ty: 135 W
  • Volt/Frequency: 220–240 V, 50Hz
  • Dimen­sions: 39 x 26 x 21.5 cm
  • Weight: approx. 9.5 kg
  • Mate­r­i­al: stain­less steel / plas­tic (hous­ing)
  • Equip­ment: self-cool­ing com­pres­sor, LCD dis­play for time and tem­per­a­ture, remov­able ice cream con­tain­er, lid with refill­ing open­ing, stir­ring unit
  • Acces­sories: ice cream scoop, recipe book­let, mea­sur­ing cup, spatula

Turn your kitchen into a gelato shop

The com­pact 1.2‑litre con­tain­er has plen­ty of space for sev­er­al por­tions of your favourite ice cream.

After a prepa­ra­tion time of just 45 min­utes, you can get the spoons out and enjoy a deli­cious ice cream break.

The trans­par­ent lid lets you keep tabs on the ice cream pro­duc­tion, so you know exact­ly when your ice cream is ready to enjoy. Nuts, brit­tle or sauces can be added via the handy refill­ing open­ing dur­ing the stir­ring process.


Powerful performance for deliciously creamy ice cream

Got the con­tain­er ready? You can eas­i­ly start the ice cream pro­duc­tion via the LCD dis­play. The prepa­ra­tion time can be set indi­vid­u­al­ly using the con­ve­nient con­trol knob.

Thanks to the pow­er­ful, inte­grat­ed com­pres­sor and 135 watts of cool­ing pow­er you can start pro­duc­tion imme­di­ate­ly with­out pre-cooling.

Thanks to the dis­play you can keep an eye on the tem­per­a­ture and the remain­ing time. The rotat­ing mix­ing arm ensures won­der­ful­ly creamy results.




Looking for new ice cream ideas?

Let your ice cream cre­ativ­i­ty run wild and try home­made sor­bet, frozen yoghurt or clas­sic milk ice cream — Elli loves them all. In the enclosed recipe book­let you will find the right ice cream idea for any and every taste.

Once the ice cream has been suf­fi­cient­ly stirred, the includ­ed ice cream scoop gives it an authen­tic shape.

Everything under control

Would you like to serve up some ice cream a lit­tle lat­er? 10 min­utes after the ice cream has been made, Elli inde­pen­dent­ly switch­es to the auto­mat­ic cool­ing func­tion for anoth­er10 min­utes.

Using the prac­ti­cal han­dle, you can eas­i­ly lift the ice cream con­tain­er out of the ice cream mak­er, and thanks to its 4 non-slip feet, Elli stands safe­ly on your worktop.

Cleaning — Easy peasy

After mak­ing the ice cream, you can clean both the mix­ing arm and lid in the dish­wash­er. Ice cream con­tain­ers, scoops and hous­ing should only be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Espe­cial­ly prac­ti­cal: Thanks to the non-stick coat­ing, the ice cream can be eas­i­ly removed from the container.

Cer­ti­fied safe­ty: The Elli Ice Cream machine has been GS-test­ed by Intertek for wor­ry-free use.

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Additional information

Weight 6.98 kg
Dimensions 45 × 32 × 27 cm

Springlane Kitchen

Model Number



Silver White

Product Dimensions

45 x 32 x 27 cm; 6.98 Kilograms


1.2 litres

Power Wattage

135 watts


Synthetic material stainless steel

Item Weight

6.98 kg



Date First Available

9 April 2018


Springlane Kitchen


  1. BWW

    Good, with reser­va­tionsIt makes great ice cream, much bet­ter than any shop bought with the added bonus of adjust­ing the amount of sug­ar to indi­vid­ual taste. It has a cou­ple of draw­backs how­ev­er. One is that as the ice cream nears freez­ing, it is not churned but rotates with the stir­rer as a sol­id lump which pre­vents any more air being added to the ice cream, lim­it­ing its creami­ness. Anoth­er is that when the process is com­plete, it is very dif­fi­cult to remove the prod­uct from the stir­rer, I used a spat­u­la and dug it out piece by piece as the tem­per­a­ture of the ice cream rose due to the heat from my hands with drips of the prod­uct all over the work­top. When clean­ing the tub, make sure it is com­plete­ly dry before putting it back in the machine as if any mois­ture is left on the bot­tom of the tank, if freezes into the machine and can­not be removed until it has defrosted.

  2. Kevin O.

    I scream you scream every­body scream! UPDATEDUpdate 19/07/2022.As I got nowhere with the man­u­fac­tur­er regard­ing spares I took the bull by the horns.Armed with a crosshead screw­driv­er and a tin of ‘pock­et rock­et’ lubri­cant. I set about dis­man­tling the pad­dle motor head.Six screws lay­er I had removed the motor from the plas­tic mount­ing. The motor spin­dle seemed locked in posi­tion and I feared the worst. But after a lib­er­al amount of ‘pock­et rock­et’ sprayed into every ori­fice I could find slow­ly the shaft began to turn a lit­tle easier.Wiping all the over­spray away I reassem­bled the unit and tried it on the machine itself.A laboured screech­ing came first a screech­ing that dimin­ished with every turn of the shaft until, once again I was in the busi­ness of mak­ing ice cream once more!Word to the wise. Should you buy one of these machines. Give the pad­dle motor a squirt of lube because it would seem there is a short­age at the man­u­fac­tur­ers of such basic items.Still two stars for the incon­ve­nience caused and the unwill­ing­ness to hon­our a warranty!UPDATE 16/07/22Well thats anoth­er star lost.They cant sup­ply a replace­ment motor because…( short ver­sion) they cant export due to Brex­it aka cant be both­ered fill­ing out the export/ cus­toms forms.So now I have a per­fect­ly good ice-cream mak­er that does­n’t churn because of a cheap­ly built pad­dle head motor.AVOIDUPDATE 29/06/2022Well, my ini­tial fears have come to pass….the pow­ered pad­dle head has failed! Dead as a doornail!Used eight times since buy­ing this in January!Definately wouldn’t rec­om­mend this…at least for longevi­tynow to con­tact sup­pli­er to see what ( if any­thing they’re going to do about this.Watch this spaceA nifty lit­tle ice cream machine. Sim­plic­i­ty itself to use and does a good job. Easy peasy to clean. Always a bonus!Word to the wise…the churn buck­et has a wire han­dle that gets in the way when trans­fer­ring the fin­ished product.Until you find out that it can be tak­en off that is…🤦🏻‍♂️!Have seri­ous doubts how­ev­er as to how long the pow­ered churn head gears will last before they give up the ghost and need replac­ing. Also the churn pad­dle fix­ing…. Seems flim­sy and rather loose fit­ting. The pad­dle itself is of a hard plas­tic con­struc­tion dri­ven from a thin spin­dle from the motorised head; again I have doubts as to how long it will last.Gave it a full house of stars…hope I don’t have to down­grade them any­time soon! We shall see.

  3. Cof­fee lover

    Regret­tably, Not for us.We thought a com­pres­sor ice cream mak­er might be bet­ter than one where you have to keep the bowl frozen. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, we found this not to be the case. The machine is big and bulky and the bowl rather small. It’s actu­al­ly just 1 litre, not 1.2 as stat­ed in all the lit­er­a­ture. Fur­ther­more, you can’t fill it, so the actu­al amount of ice cream you can make is rather less than 1 litre. It’s also a longer process.If you can afford the freez­er space for a bowl, I would rec­om­mend a non-com­pres­sor ice cream mak­er is a very worth­while alter­na­tive to this monster.I must com­mend Amazon’s excel­lent return pol­i­cy, which made it very easy to try this machine and return it once we found it unsuitable.

  4. mr robert

    A great piece of kitThis was on offer for £99 so I took the plunge and ordered it, and I’m not dis­ap­point­ed, its easy to set up, cools from room tem­per­a­ture to — 24 in about 4 minutes.I have read oth­er reviews com­plain­ing about it being noisy, I don’t find this to be true.I have used it 3 times for the straw­ber­ry, and choco­late ice­cream includ­ed in the book both are very nice, and once for a dairy free vanil­la, whilst mak­ing the choco­late one the stir­rer did stop from freez­ing up but this is a safe­ty func­tion to stop the motor burn­ing out, you just need to keep an eye on it in the lat­er stages of freez­ing and stop the machine before it freezes sol­id ( its eas­i­er to scrape it in to a con­tain­er for stor­age). My freez­er is set to ‑21 so when ful­ly frozen th ice­cream can be quite hard, but a cou­ple of min­utes on the side and it’s ready to go.I like this machine a lot and can’t rec­om­mend it enough.

  5. Ama­zon Customer

    Good machine but poor after ser­viceOrdered one of these for my wife, it arrived and I gave to her in the box and she was very hap­py. How­ev­er, after unpack­ing we found the pad­dle was miss­ing. Tried call­ing Springlane on the UK num­ber on the leaflet in the box, no reply. Then tried con­tact­ing them on-line, no reply. Phoned Ama­zon who said that the order was ful­filled by Springlane, I would have to return the machine and then await a refund. As a Prime account hold­er I had ordered the machine and it was deliv­ered next day. I argued with Ama­zon that I should not have to wait weeks to get a refund. I also told them I had paid Ama­zon, not Springlane and my con­tract was with Ama­zon. They even­tu­al­ly relent­ed and sent me a replace­ment with­in 2 days and asked me to dis­pose of the first one. But beware of Springlane, there is no after sales sup­port and if you need spare parts they won’t send them because we are not in the EU!

  6. Faye Hawkes-King

    Low calo­rie pro­tein desserts!I love this! It took a cou­ple of attempts to find a work­able recipe which turned out to be super sim­ple. 500ml pot of 0% fat greek yoghurt plus flavour drops to taste. That’s it. You get enough for 2 decent por­tions and it only takes 30mins. 1 por­tion is 138 calo­ries and 18 pro­tein. Left overs freeze well too.

  7. Ivor Gotone

    Excel­lentThis is a real­ly great ice cream mak­er. Build qual­i­ty is good and the stain­less steel cov­er looks smart. Gets very cold very quick­ly and gen­er­al­ly makes the ice cream in 45–50 min­utes, although some­thing with alco­hol in (like Rum and Raisin) takes the full hour and then you need to freeze it a lit­tle in the freez­er (or maybe I just put too much rum in it). Makes a noise as expect­ed but not intru­sive, I don’t find it dis­turb­ing at all. I’ve heard some machines can be very loud. Fol­low­ing a recipe care­ful­ly results in top notch ice cream that is smooth and creamy. I did try a short cut of using a tub of ready to use cus­tard (a good one, from M&S), mixed it with full fat milk to get a thin­ner con­sis­ten­cy and added 70% cocoa choco­late. I did­n’t add extra sug­ar. This gives an accept­able result, but not as good as mak­ing the cus­tard base yourself.Only had it a short while so we’ll have to see how well it lasts.

  8. Secret Pan­el

    Sat­is­fied, but it’s not per­fect …After a dis­ap­point­ment with a Sage ice cream mak­er which did not get cold, I have now suc­cess­ful­ly used this one twice. It’s nice and sim­ple (churns and freezes). Although the size of the bowl is slight­ly small­er than the Sage that is per­haps an advan­tage until you know what you are doing, so that there’s less of the failed exper­i­ments to get through! Any­way it’s fine for my pur­pos­es (fam­i­ly of four, and lots of non-diary exper­i­ment­ing). My only prob­lem with it, is that it leaks a bit, such that the churn­ing mech­a­nism freezes unless it’s on con­tin­u­ous­ly dur­ing freez­ing. I was care­ful not to spill any down the sides, so I am now con­fi­dent the liq­uid seeps out of the join in the bowl to the churn­ing mech­a­nism. So long as you keep it going (from room tem­per­a­ture to ice cream) that’s fine (just means a bit of paper tow­el to clean the machine at the end), but if you pause it (for exam­ple to call your daugh­ter in to add the choco­late) then it freezes, gets stuck and you end up writ­ing a review on the website …

  9. A.Holmes

    Easy to use and makes deli­cious ice cream in under an hour.Easy to use and easy to clean. Makes deli­cious ice cream in under an hour. Machine as good as ones cost­ing twice the price. If you love Iove ice cream this is a must buy. The only down­side is it does not come with any recipes just a mul­ti lan­guage instruc­tion book.

  10. Pirin Adven­tures

    quite expen­sive and heavy but it does workIts very heavy to car­ry and because it cost me so much mon­ey I’m cart­ing it around places (across europe to be exact) because it too expen­sive to buy 2.It does work, not a good selec­tion of recipes in the book though, could do with more. Some­times you have to make it go twice to freeze it depend­ing on the ingre­di­ents, and when you scoop it into balls and put it into the freez­er after­wards, when you need ot use then you have to wait an age before peo­ple can eat the ice cream and there is a fine melt­ing time point.….….. but it is easy to use and its got a loud buzzer but you cant ignore the buzzer oth­er­wise you cant get the con­tain­er out. But the ice cream I have made so far has been deli­cious. I’m not sure Id spend this amount on it know­ing how lit­tle i have used it so far, but when i have a sum­mer i might feel dif­fer­ent. But it was­nt a waste of mon­ey by any means.

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