Snopake Hi-Tech Correction Fluid — 20ml Bottle [Pack of 2] Ref: 15836


Brand Snopake
Colour White
Model name Hi-Tech Correction Fluid
Ink colour White
Unit count 40 millilitre
Item dimensions L x W x H 25 x 25 x 70 millimetres
  • White correction fluid effortlessly provides solid coverage, sure to erase all your mistakes
  • The effective correction fluid is suitable for use on virtually all surfaces, covering most everyday inks, laser print, inkjet text, faxes and photocopies
  • Its’ unique quick-drying formula allows you to re-write instantly without any smudges or smears on any type of paper
  • The correction fluid comes in 20 ml bottles with a brush designed for clean, accurate and precise corrections
  • The Trichloroethane-free correction fluid is safe for use by children and adults – ideal for use in home and schools


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From the manufacturer

Snopake Brands
Snopake Correction

Snopake has been cor­rect­ing mis­takes since 1955 – in fact, we were one of the world’s first cor­rec­tion fluids!

Orig­i­nal­ly used for cor­rect­ing typ­ing mis­takes, today our cor­rec­tion prod­ucts are main­ly used to cov­er hand­writ­ing mis­takes. But that’s not all — be it pen ink, laser ink or pho­to­copies, our cor­rec­tion flu­ids are sure to cov­er up any mistake.

Avail­able in flu­id, pen or roller, Snopake cor­rec­tion has the cor­rect solu­tion for all your needs – whether they be large or small.


The Snopake Hi-Tech Cor­rec­tion Flu­id is sure to cor­rect any mistake!

The reli­able and resource­ful cor­rec­tion flu­id is designed to quick­ly cov­er up any writ­ing mis­takes and can be used on all types of paper — there’s no mis­take it can’t fix!

Whether you’re cov­er­ing up mis­takes from pen ink, laser print or pho­to­copies, you can rely on the Snopake Hi-Tech Cor­rec­tion Flu­id to get the job done.

Snopake’s unique quick dry­ing for­mu­la ensures you won’t be wait­ing around. The handy Cor­rec­tion Flu­id will dry up in a mat­ter of sec­onds, allow­ing you to con­tin­ue writ­ing almost imme­di­ate­ly with­out any smudges or smears on your paper.

The Hi-Tech Cor­rec­tion Flu­id is trichloroethane-free, mak­ing the cor­rec­tion flu­id safe for chi­il­dren and adults — ide­al for use in the home and school.

Snopake’s Cor­rec­tion range includes flu­id and tape Cor­rec­tions in a vari­ety of sizes, for all your cor­rect­ing needs.

I Dry Fast

Trichloroethane Free


Quality Materials

Snopake’s unique quick-dry­ing for­mu­la ensures our Hi-Tech Cor­rec­tion Flu­id dries almost imme­di­ate­ly, ready for you to start re-writing.

Snopake’s Cor­rec­tion Flu­id is Trichloroethane-Free, mak­ing it safe for use by chil­dren and adults, ide­al for the home, school and office.

The Hi-Tech Cor­rec­tion Flu­id comes in 20ml bot­tles, pro­vid­ing you with enough Cor­rec­tion Flu­id to cor­rect all your mistakes.

Snopake prides itself in using qual­i­ty mate­ri­als for all our prod­ucts. Our Cor­rec­tion Flu­ids are no excep­tion — they’re designed to get the job done.

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Additional information

Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 7 cm


Model Number


Product Dimensions

2.5 x 2.5 x 7 cm; 70 Grams



Number of Items



2 Count Pack of 1

Ink Colour


Manufacturer Part Number


Item Weight

70 g



Date First Available

14 May 2020




  1. Sun­ny days

    Thin brush which is great!Good old cor­rec­tion flu­id! Saved me get­ting a new form sent out. The brush for those won­der­ing in thin enough to fit in fine lines on most forms its not a thick brush which was ide­al for me.

  2. Anne

    Not worth your mon­eyWhen I first bought this I was pleased but now after a month of use the flu­id has dried up and the brush is unus­able. Also, the flu­id comes out chunky on the paper. Don’t rec­om­mend to anyone.I bought this for £2 and now it’s sell­ing for £11.50, so do with that what you will.

  3. Mrs. N. M. L. Kerr-smiley

    Excel­lentWon­der­ful qual­i­ty, much bet­ter than the bet­ter known alter­na­tive. After all, it also has a brush (which I vague­ly remem­ber­ing the mar­ket lead­ing prod­uct hav­ing but they now replace it with an inef­fec­tu­al and eas­i­ly break­able sponge!). Lasts long time, good qual­i­ty brush, this is far bet­ter than the ‘T’ word alter­na­tive. Great val­ue too.

  4. Sky­lark

    GoodExcel­lent. I’ve only had it for just over a week , but find it to have a good slim firm brush which holds the liq­uid well and gives a quick-dry­ing opaque fin­ish. I def­i­nite­ly pre­fer this to the less con­trol­lable roller-ball type.

  5. Andrew W

    Good Qual­i­ty.I favour Snopake Cor­rec­tion Flu­id over the lead­ing brand, one main rea­son being that you get a BRUSH tip rather than a SPONGE tip. I find it is much eas­i­er, espe­cial­ly for appli­ca­tions for Art as well as cor­rect­ing mis­takes in writ­ten work.It also lasts a long time with good cov­er­age. I thor­ough­ly rec­om­mend it!

  6. Blue­Flu­id

    Could­n’t ask for any­thing more.Works as well as one would expect. Sim­i­lar to larg­er named brands. Brush is good and the flu­id itself seems to have last­ed some time with­out becom­ing hard. A handy prod­uct to have around the house, with more pur­pos­es than cor­rect­ing writ­ing errors.

  7. alan­scape

    Bench­mark prod­uctI’ve used this since my stu­dio days back in 1968.… always con­sis­tent and should be brand leader…far, far bet­ter than the oth­er ‘liq­uid paper’ make.

  8. Christi­na Harris

    Excel­lent sub­sti­tute will buy in futureDelet­ed biro errors


    spelling wrongthis lit­tle bot­tle is a life saver..make a mis­take …and like mag­ic it’s cov­ered over…value for money…by the time i had gone it to town…parked..this was deliv­ered to the door..very quickly..well packaged..and me a very hap­py customer…10/10

  10. Lizzyph

    A qual­i­ty prod­uctJust right con­sis­ten­cy to give good cov­er­age. The appli­ca­tor brush is easy to use, and does not fall apart half way through the bot­tle, like the foam appli­ca­tors pro­vid­ed with some cor­rec­tion fluids.

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