SnoozeShade Original (0–6m) | Universal fit pram and buggy sunshade | Blocks 99% UV | Blackout blind for pushchairs/carrycots |


Brand SnoozeShade
Colour Black with lime green trim
Item dimensions L x W x H 24 x 6 x 16 centimetres
  • WILL IT FIT MY PRAM? - YES! - This mum-invented pram sun shade and portable blackout blind fits all single prams, carrycots and pushchairs. Recommended by baby sleep experts worldwide and winner of 70+ awards - you and your baby are in safe hands. This is our best-seller with a safety green trim
  • HELPS BABY SLEEP - Babies who sleep in the day sleep better at night. Use SnoozeShade from birth as a pram sunshade and baby sleep aid. Better than a muslin it removes distractions and keep baby's naps on track while you get out of the house
  • PROTECT BABY FROM THE SUN - approved by the Melanoma International Foundation, our buggy sunshade and sun cover blocks 99% of the sun's UV rays (UPF50+). When baby is awake use as a canopy to block overhead sun (more effective than an umbrella)
  • WORRY-FREE & SAFE DESIGN – All SnoozeShade products are designed by a safety-obsessed mum to meet the strict safety standards of a toy for a newborn - no other stroller sun shade goes this far
  • EASIER AND SAFER THAN A BLANKET - Made from our scientifically-tested air-permeable mesh SnoozeShade also protects from wind, chill, light rain, mosquitos and midges. It attaches easily and securely with stretchy straps and sides


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Product Description

Snooze­Shade was invent­ed by a par­ent just like you!

British moth­er Cara Say­er became frus­trat­ed with throw­ing a blan­ket over her daugh­ter’s pram. She could­n’t find a prod­uct designed to help her lit­tle one sleep when they were out. She want­ed a portable black­out blind for her pram that also pro­tect­ed her baby from the sun, wind, light rain, chill and mosquitos.

Choose the Orig­i­nal for you

There are four ver­sions of the Orig­i­nal to choose from. Each one has a dif­fer­ent trim and zip detail — safe­ty green, styl­ish gen­der-neu­tral grey, pale pink and a love­ly sil­ver Deluxe.

What it does

Snooze­Shade Orig­i­nal is a fan­tas­tic pram sun­shade and baby sleep aid that blocks up to 99% of UV (UPF50+) and pro­tects lit­tle ones from wind, chill, cats, mos­qui­tos and even light rain. It makes pop­ping out to the shops; day trips and meals out with a baby eas­i­er. It’s a great hol­i­day and trav­el accessory.

Who it’s for

Use Snooze­Shade Orig­i­nal from birth until baby is approx. 6 months old (or starts to sit up or wants to see out when awake — whichev­er is sooner).

For 6 months +

Once your lit­tle one is sit­ting up and wants to look out (or is espe­cial­ly nosy) we rec­om­mend the Snooze­Shade Plus or Plus Deluxe. They enable baby to see out and are much larg­er and will last until baby is out of the buggy.

Run by real mums

The busi­ness is run by Cara and a small team of mums. We all know what it feels like when you need an answer about some­thing you are buy­ing for your baby. We gen­uine­ly want you to be hap­py with your Snooze­Shade and will always help.

Baby sleep consultant recommended

Use SnoozeShade Original in four ways

sunshade stroller snoozeshade umbrella

snoozeshade sun cover stroller parasol

snoozeshade stroller sun cover pram parasol

snooze shade original pushchair parasol umbrella

Help baby sleep

Snooze­Shade Orig­i­nal stops 99% of UV and also blocks 94% of light and blurs the visu­al dis­trac­tions that stop baby from sleep­ing when out and about.

With reg­u­lar use it becomes a sleep trig­ger — like clos­ing the drapes in the nurs­ery — and baby knows it’s nap­time when Snooze­Shade goes on.

Use as an overhead canopy

Snooze­Shade Orig­i­nal blocks 99% of UV (UPF50+).

Did you know that doc­tors world­wide rec­om­mend that babies under 6 months are kept out of direct sun­light com­plete­ly? Their skin is too thin for any sun and too del­i­cate for suncream.

Snooze­Shade makes it easy to keep baby safe­ly shaded.

Keep little legs out of the sun

When not in use as a sleep shade, you can use Snooze­Shade Orig­i­nal to cov­er up lit­tle legs and feet that might oth­er­wise catch the sun when you’re out for a walk.

Snooze­Shade Orig­i­nal blocks 99% of UV (UPF50+).

Extend your pram’s canopy

It’s hard to get babies to wear sun­glass­es and not every pram has a deep hood.

Use Snooze­Shade to give extra shade when you need it and stop bright sun get­ting in baby’s eyes.

It’s real­ly ver­sa­tile and can be used in so many ways.

What makes SnoozeShade special

snoozeshade pram sun cover

snooze shade stroller sunshade

snoozeshade original

Recommended (and used) by baby sleep consultants worldwide

Snooze­Shade is rec­om­mend­ed by the world’s top baby experts because it helps babies get the sleep they need to grow and develop.

Day­time naps low­er cor­ti­sol lev­els in baby’s blood which, if not reduced by bed­time, will keep baby awake and wired just when they need to sleep.

With reg­u­lar use Snooze­Shade often becomes a sleep trig­ger as baby starts to recog­nise that it’s naptime.

Some par­ents have told us that their lit­tle one asks for their Snooze­Shade when tired.

Safety is at the heart of SnoozeShade

All Snooze­Shade prod­ucts are designed to meet the same strin­gent safe­ty stan­dards as a toy for a new­born — this goes above and beyond what is nor­mal­ly expect­ed of a sun­shade. This means no but­tons, no tog­gles, no long straps and super strong zips.

All Snooze­Shade prod­ucts are made from a sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly-test­ed air-per­me­able mesh that allows air (hot or cold) to pass eas­i­ly through it. No claims are made unless they have been test­ed in a laboratory.

Our safe­ty tests are car­ried out by inde­pen­dent lab­o­ra­to­ry SGS on a reg­u­lar basis. Last CPSC test dat­ed Feb­ru­ary 2020.

You can tell a safe­ty-obsessed mum designed them!

Multi award-winning products

Snooze­Shade launched in 2010 and since then has won over 70 awards around the world.

Some of the awards we have won in the last two years include a Made For Mums Gold (2020) NAPPA Gold (2019) and Junior Design Sil­ver (2019).

snoozeshade snooze shade

Why I invented SnoozeShade

As a new mum, I need­ed to go out even when it clashed with my baby daugh­ter’s nap­time. I end­ed up either:

A) hav­ing an over­tired grumpy child who could­n’t sleep at night, or

B) hang­ing items over the pram to encour­age her to sleep which end­ed up dis­tract­ing her more than calm­ing her.

I want­ed some­thing that was uni­ver­sal fit, small, safe and portable and would pro­tect her from the ele­ments when we were out. I want­ed a portable black­out blind and a pro­tec­tive cov­er. I could­n’t find any­thing avail­able to buy and my friends thought it was such a good idea that I devel­oped the idea further.

Snooze­Shade Orig­i­nal launched in 2010, it was the first of 13 prod­ucts that I have devel­oped over the last 11 years — each one designed to make life on the go with a baby or tod­dler easier.

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Additional information

Weight 230 kg
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 16 cm
Model Number


Product Dimensions

24 x 6 x 16 cm; 230 Grams

Item model number


Target gender


Material Composition

Air-permeable mesh

Care Instructions

Washable at 30 degrees tumble on low heat - do not iron

Additional product features


Number of Items


Batteries Required


Dishwasher safe


Seating capacity


Is portable


Item Weight

230 g



Date First Available

23 Feb. 2010




  1. Horris1987

    This is a MUST!!This prod­uct is a must and I mean a MUST for any new parent.Me and my wife had our son this year (2017) and we like to get out and about as much as we can with our lit­tle one.This comes in a handy mesh car­ry bag which has adjustable string which we have tied to the han­dle of our pram which means is eas­i­ly avail­able at any moment, as you can nev­er deter­mine when you are out and the lit­tle one wants to sleep.This pro­vides the same form of “black out” as black out cur­tains which is real­ly help­ful with get­ting your lit­tle one used to know­ing that the dark is time for sleep (which I feel helps when it comes to night time).It has tiny holes which do not let the light in but make it very breath­able, it has a peep hole zip at the front to allow easy access to check to make sure every­thing is alright and will eas­i­ly fit any bug­gy with the Vel­cro tabs and elas­tic banding.On top of all that is it UV pro­tect­ed which means there is no need to be bal­anc­ing blan­kets or posi­tion­ing your­self to keep the Sun off the sen­si­tive skin of the lit­tle one.In my per­son­al opin­ion I don’t know how peo­ple did hot sun­ny days with out one of these and we have been so impressed we brought an extra one for a back up if we need to wash or lose the oth­er one.PROS:- — Light weight and small — Comes in a con­ve­nient car­ry case which can be tied to the han­dles or stored eas­i­ly in a nap­py bag. — Easy to use and quick to put on — Wont leave home with­out it.CONS:- — None come to mind, I just can not rate this any high­er and rec­om­mend highly.

  2. car­o­line casey

    Worked for my I‑love-not-sleep­ing baby!I can’t rec­om­mend the snooze­hade enough for babies that find sleep hard. My baby is cur­rent­ly 4.5 months and has found sleep dif­fi­cult since she was born. She NEVER slept on her pram ever. I bought the snooze­hade and was appre­hen­sive about using it because I know my LO needs her sleep and was scared to take her in the pram incase she did­n’t actu­al­ly fall asleep and then missed her nap. I con­tact­ed snooze­hade who advised me to use it par­tial­ly so she gets used to it…it worked first time!!!! Now you have to understand…my baby NEVER fell asleep in her pram since she was born…and off she nod­ded! Need­less to say I cried with hap­pi­ness and have since been out every­day for a week and each time she has nod­ded off. It’s a mir­a­cle work­er! The love­ly peo­ple at snooze­hade were so help­ful and under­stand­ing of my predi­cent too. All in all, a must!

  3. Miss P.

    Great pur­chaseBought two snooze­shades for our dou­ble bug­gy when we took our four month old twins to Bar­ba­dos. In fact one of them fits across both seats but it was handy to have both if one was awake and one was asleep. We could also use it on our two year olds bug­gy on the odd occa­sion that he fell asleep. They were per­fect to pro­tect from the sun dur­ing the day and to cre­ate a dark and peace­ful space for the babies to sleep in the evening. They were easy to use and would fit a wide vari­ety of prams and pushchairs. They were a great pur­chase and I would high­ly rec­om­mend them.

  4. Dob­sew

    Fits Oys­ter 3 per­fect­ly and ide­al pro­tec­tion from ele­mentsI was hav­ing trou­ble pro­tect­ing my lit­tle one from the sun on walks. I was using a thin muslin to cov­er legs and arms as the pram has a large hood but would find those said legs and arms would find their way out from under the muslin and be exposed to the sun.After some research and not being able to find any reviews for the Oys­ter 3 pram, I took a gam­ble in pur­chas­ing the small­er Snooze­Shade and so glad I did.It fits the Oys­ter 3 per­fect­ly and gives the pram total dark­ness for lit­tle one to snooze, even on the bright­est of days. The Snooze­Shade is very ver­sa­tile and with the use­ful vel­cro straps, you can secure­ly attach to the pram frame to give as much pro­tec­tion as you want. When lit­tle one is awake, I like to cov­er half of the pram to pro­tect their legs, as the pram hood keeps the top half of the body in shade. So far no legs or arms have escaped the SnoozeShade.The Snooze­Shade does exact­ly what I was look­ing for and would rec­om­mend to any­one who want to pro­tect their lit­tle ones from the elements.

  5. Last­Min­ute­Mum

    Great val­ue all rounderLove this! Have real­ly strug­gled with pram para­sols in the past with baby num­ber one. Sec­ond time round I can’t be both­ered mess­ing about — this is so much eas­i­er! Real­ly quick to pop on the pram, has already helped our lit­tle one sleep bet­ter out and about. Obvi­ous­ly helps keep the sun out — but has been great for rain show­ers too. The zip fea­ture is great and lets our old­er son peep in and talk to him, as well as mak­ing it easy to check that baby is ok. It fits our iCan­dy pram eas­i­ly and looks big enough to fit any pram and our bug­gy later.I tried a sim­i­lar shade ear­li­er in the sum­mer but wasn’t as good as this. It might be more expen­sive than oth­er options but I would say it’s worth it for the qual­i­ty. Great buy

  6. Just1979

    Ver­sa­tile prod­uct for prams & pushchairsI pur­chased a snooze­shade after hear­ing of this amaz­ing prod­uct! I love the ver­sa­til­i­ty of the snooze­shade I use it on a buga­boo Cameleon 3 and on a Thule Glide.It’s so sim­ple and easy to use with the super stretchy Vel­cro straps and quick access to my baby with the cen­tral zip.You can attach the snooze­shade in a vari­ety of ways, I have had it over the hood of the buga­boo then on the han­dles (sim­i­lar style to the old fash­ion shade canopy on coach prams) then when using the pushchair seat I have draped it over the baby’s legs whilst using a parasol.I use the snooze­shade vir­tu­al­ly every­time I run with the Thule Glide not always for sun pro­tec­tion but to keep the breeze/wind off the baby it works fab!I also have used the snooze­shade whilst on hol­i­day for day­time naps whilst we were out.I would rec­om­mend the snooze­shade to every­one, infact I have told all my friends about them who have babies, I only wish these were on the mar­ket 18years ago with my oth­er two babies!!

  7. Mrs R

    Absolute­ly bril­liant!!I pur­chased this and was think­ing of return­ing as my pushchair already had quite a large sun­screen but decid­ed to keep just incase — was glad I did. It was fan­tas­tic at keep­ing the sun off my six month old and keep­ing her cool­er while she napped in 42 degree heat. It also fit per­fect­ly on both of my pushchairs — mamas and papas urbo2 and Quin­ny zapp. Well worth mon­ey and would 100% recommend.Just made sure you put Vel­cro straps togeth­er oth­er­wise it will stick to the fab­ric and can ruin it when pulling it off.

  8. sezze1980

    You need this in your life!It real­ly is bril­liant, would real­ly rec­om­mend. You can tell it’s designed by a Mum! I orig­i­nal­ly bought this as my son hates the sun in his eyes, it works bril­liant­ly as a sun shade (although you can’t see into the pushchair when using it this way and push­ing it, not much of an issue though). But, even bet­ter than that, Lit­tle Man (cur­rent­ly 5 months old) doesn’t sleep very well at all in the day, espe­cial­ly when we’re out and about, he’s too nosey! Since buy­ing the Snooze­Shade, as soon as he starts show­ing signs of being tired I fas­ten it on — it’s real­ly easy to use — and we get about an hour snooz­ing instead of 15 min­utes and it’ll be bril­liant for our sum­mer hol­i­day this year.

  9. kris­tiana i.

    A must have!You NEED this prod­uct if you have a stroller!I was orig­i­nal­ly look­ing for the umbrel­la type of shade but came across this with all com­ments say­ing this is bet­ter — it is true, so much better!I was anx­ious about a planned zoo vis­it with a tod­dler and new­born dur­ing the heatwave(28C) but this was a bril­liant help! Not only did it keep shade on my 2month old but it actu­al­ly felt cool­er inside the stroller under the pro­tec­tion lay­er. The zip­per peak is use­ful to check on baby with­out hav­ing to undo the whole thing. The cov­er helped baby sleep as well. It’s easy to put on and off as well. Feels like a good qual­i­ty of mate­r­i­al and def­i­nite­ly does the job it’s sup­posed to do. I was­n’t both­ered by the bright green strip,happy with the val­ue for mon­ey. I wish I had this with my first rather than deal­ing with the has­s­tle of muslins up and down,that aren’t safe any­way Nd over­heat the inside of stroller. I rec­om­mend this prod­uct to any­one with baby/toddler on a hot day!

  10. Dixon

    Help your reluc­tant nap­per — get a Snooze Shade!I’ve got a baby who is extreme­ly against the con­cept of nap­ping (to the point she gets angry when she works out you’re try­ing to get her to nap). She can be falling asleep, even spend a cou­ple of min­utes with her eyes shut, and then jerk her­self awake to look at some­thing. She’s obsessed with light and look­ing at *every­thing* … all of which add up to over­stim­u­la­tion, over­tired­ness, and a mis­er­able cycle of try­ing to get her to relax and get enough sleep.This cov­er has worked won­der­ful­ly — when she’s clos­ing her eyes in the pushchair, I quick­ly lift it up over the canopy, and by the mir­a­cle of the Snooze Shade, her closed eyes actu­al­ly turn into a nap! It’s amaz­ing (well, it is if you know how hard it is to per­suade this par­tic­u­lar baby to nap). It also seems to keep the air cool­er inside the cov­er than outside.The only prob­lem for me is that now I have to keep walk­ing and walk­ing and walk­ing while she naps, but that’s not a reflec­tion on this great lit­tle prod­uct, just on an awk­ward baby! Don’t think twice, if you’ve got a reluc­tant nap­per, just get one of these.(Using with Uppaba­by Cruz and it’s a good fit.)

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