Sistema Water Bottle | Twist ‘n’ Sip Sports Water Bottle | 460 ml | BPA-Free | Blue


Material Plastic
Brand Sistema
Capacity 460 Millilitres
Age range (description) Teen
Colour Blue
  • Leakproof water bottle ideal for school, sports, and on the go, with a sculptured, easy-grip shape
  • The lid allows the bottle to be opened and closed without fingers touching the sipper tip for a more hygienic way to drink
  • Dishwasher-safe (top rack)
  • Designed and made in New Zealand; phthalate & BPA free


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From the manufacturer

Sistema Twist ‘n’ Sip Water Bottle

Sis­tema Twist ‘n’ Sip Bot­tles have a unique lid that allows the bot­tle to be opened and closed with­out fin­gers touch­ing the sip­per tip —  a more hygien­ic way to drink. Per­fect bot­tle for school, sports, pic­nics and days out. Dish­wash­er safe (top rack), and freez­er safe.

About us

It is a remark­able achieve­ment. To build a prod­uct line from your garage in New Zealand to a point 30 years lat­er where it is export­ed to 82 coun­tries around the world and counts its cus­tomers in the millions.

Man­ag­ing Direc­tor Bren­dan Lind­say is proud of his suc­cess and that of his team at their state of the art 200,000 sq foot fac­to­ry in New Zealand.

Tak­ing the sim­ple premise that cus­tomers would want a well made, beau­ti­ful­ly designed, food safe stor­age con­tain­er that would be stack­able, the Sis­tema range was born.

The Klip It col­lec­tion with its dis­tinc­tive blue clips launched the com­pa­ny into the Aus­tralian and New Zealand mar­kets. That range has now been added to with the release of the microwave and to go fam­i­ly of prod­ucts designed for added convenience.

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Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 7.48 × 2.91 × 2.68 cm


Model Number

180 78500A



Product Dimensions

7.48 x 2.91 x 2.68 cm; 40 Grams


1 Centimetres


460 Millilitres



Item Weight

40 g



Date First Available

28 Aug. 2009




  1. Ama­zon Customer

    These bot­tles leak!!I do not rec­om­mend this prod­uct. I bought 2 of these bot­tles and they both have the same faults. When the bot­tle is tipped up to drink from water runs from between the lid and the sip­per, this also hap­pens when either bot­tle is in my bag and gets knocked or moved, I tried both, leav­ing my bag con­tents wet. Also I found drink­ing from this bot­tle hor­ri­ble, so much air comes out with the water that I’ve found myself remov­ing the lid and drink­ing straight from the bot­tle. Very dis­ap­point­ed as Sis­tema is a good make and I’ve had pre­vi­ous pos­i­tive expe­ri­ences with their prod­ucts. I have now bought a Sis­tema 800ml no leak bot­tle with an open top to sip from and as adver­tised it doesn’t leak (it has a rub­ber seal on the lid) and is very easy to use.

  2. MHB

    Easy to use and refill. Per­fect size to car­ry around in school bag.Daugh­ter finds this bot­tle con­ve­nient to use and easy to refill at school. Plus, it is the per­fect size for car­ry­ing around in a school bag.When the inside of the bot­tle starts smelling, I sim­ply add half a tea­spoon of sodi­um bicar­bon­ate into the bot­tle and fill with warm water and leave overnight. By the morn­ing the bot­tle is smell free. You do need to rinse the bot­tle a few times after doing this to remove any bicar­bon­ate residue. I also soak the bot­tle cap in a cup or jug of water again con­tain­ing sodi­um bicarbonate.

  3. Edward H

    Prob­lem with drink­ing mech­a­nism!Hav­ing seen the small­er ver­sion of this prod­uct being used by oth­ers I felt it ide­al for pro­vid­ing a safe recep­ta­cle for water sup­ply dur­ing the night-easy to use and safer than a glass of water (hav­ing knocked over sev­er­al over the years!) It would be true to say that for the past 6 months it has met all require­ments. However,recently the“opening“system(twisting top to open flow aper­ture) has begun to jam,making it impos­si­ble to open aper­ture with­out unscrew­ing the entire top!!!Despite tak­ing apart and clean­ing thoroughly,on a reg­u­lar basis,the prob­lem is becom­ing worse,not better!Having also bought the small­er versions/size,without expe­ri­enc­ing any prob­lems at all,I can only assume that the prod­uct would per­haps ben­e­fit from a clos­er look as to what could be caus­ing this problem?One quick ques­tion- Why make the drink­ing aper­ture oper­ate the same way as unscrew­ing the prod­uct top?- Just curious!

  4. vicky williams

    it did­n’t work and i could only pur­chase this prod­uct if i pur­chased lunch box ‑in total cost £10When you suck on a straw and get bub­bles as well as water…well this but a lot worse (more air than water).. thats how this worked/didnt work for me. My son is autis­tic so we pur­chased to try and get him from a babies bot­tle (which he will only drink from for com­fort rea­sons) to a drink­ing bot­tle. My delight when he reached for the bot­tle in his favourite colour and attempt­ed to drink- my utter dis­ap­point­ment to realise he was get­ting no where fast as it did­nt work. I could only pur­chase this prod­uct on Ama­zon with the lunch box so it was a waste of £10. have i got the time to send it back? …no… have i got the time to write this review? not real­ly but it peed me off so much i did.

  5. Rita.LadyMacbeth

    More air than drink!!I bought these think­ing they were a good make and a lot of the reviews were good. Wish I’d tak­en more notice of the ones who said that they leaked or you got air as well as the drink. My expe­ri­ence is that when you try to drink there is more air com­ing out of the noz­zle than the drink which to me ren­ders the con­tain­er use­less. I took it all to pieces and checked I’d got every­thing in the right place and it was all fixed as it should be but it made no dif­fer­ence. I know they weren’t exact­ly expen­sive, but I was so dis­ap­point­ed with the 2 I’d bought that they are going in the bin. From oth­er reviews it seems like it’s a bit of a lot­tery … some of them seem to work fine and oth­ers don’t, sure­ly they should be fit for pur­pose; sor­ry to say, mine cer­tain­ly weren’t.

  6. Anony­mous

    Great bot­tle and so val­ue for mon­ey!Fan­tas­tic bot­tle; the “twist n sip” mech­a­nism is sim­plis­tic… but some of the sim­plest things in life are genius. It elim­i­nates the old den­tal haz­ard of sports bot­tles from back in the day; bit­ing the top to try and open it, or oth­er­wise try­ing and fail­ing mis­er­ably with one’s hands. It’s also more hygien­ic than said sports bot­tles. The plas­tic is strong (has with­stood sev­er­al wash­es in the dish­wash­er, and hand wash­es), but flex­i­ble enough to be able to squeeze. I only tend to use water in these bot­tles, nev­er tried any­thing else, but have not had any prob­lems. It’s quite a handy size too, at just under 0.5L, mak­ing it ide­al for on-the-go or any­where. I bought a blue one (it’s translu­cent)… looks pret­ty cool tbh! The plas­tic used is the good type (BPA free) and to say its so durable and reli­able… it ain’t half cheap!The only rea­son I have not giv­en it 5* is the bot­tle’s ten­den­cy to retain a drop or two in the cap. While this sounds triv­ial, when the cap is wet and has not been ful­ly dried out, each time it is twist­ed (shut), it pro­duces a drop or two at the end, caus­ing the bot­tle to get wet. How­ev­er, the moral here is obvi­ous­ly to make sure that water does not get poured direct­ly on to the cap (or oth­er­wise, allow it to ful­ly dry out before use)!

  7. Sophia Kyr­i­a­cou

    Great Reusable Bot­tle for Many Uses…I have been using this pink sports bot­tle for many months now and can say that it is still in great con­di­tion; almost new look­ing, no scratches/marks or strange odd plas­tic smells. Love the style, and colour of the bot­tle as it make sit more com­pact and easy to car­ry around; suit­able for my fit­ness lifestyle, (and trav­el­ling abroad; includ­ing in my hand luggage/suitcase). The twist-able cap also makes it easy to refill and spill out water when not in use, as well as hav­ing those handy ‘grip’ lines so you can grip the top well and turn it with­out your hand slip­ping off. In addi­tion I also like the twist-able straw that comes out when you twist the pink cap/lid, as it’s easy to open/close this way, and is a unique fea­ture that i have not seen includ­ed on oth­er bottles!However over­time i have noticed slight leak­age from the cap/lid, so just be wary of this if you are plan­ning to use this long term.Overall the per­fect sports bot­tle, with handy grip­ping features/bumps to allow for easy grip­ping of the lid/bottle itself, and very easy to remove lid/turn to reveal straw, whilst aid­ing in dis­man­tling for clean­ing, so def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend; (only issue is that i had paid above £3 for this bot­tle and i have juts noticed that it is now under £3, which is a lit­tle annoy­ing, but oh well; prices are always changing).

  8. John

    Had it for over a month, great design, easy to clean.Wish this been a blue colour like the pic­ture on the Ama­zon web­site. I appre­ci­ate it was list­ed as assort­ed colours, on the web­site. On reflec­tion, though I’m not a big fan of pur­ple, con­sid­er­ing the price, I can live with that colour. The twist lid mech­a­nism looks good.I’ve had the bot­tle for over a month now and I liked it so much I brought a small­er ver­sion for my daugh­ter. Its easy to clean. The twist mech­a­nism works nice­ly. At two pounds it was good val­ue for mon­ey. So on reflec­tion I’m giv­ing this 5 stars now.

  9. joyce fox

    Strange. Fun. Gim­micky.Ordered from Ama­zon Ware­house. Brand new, afford­able due to large discount.Photo very accu­rate. Mate­r­i­al — bot­tle, soft pli­able coloured trans­par­ent plas­tic. Cap, hard plas­tic twist lock and spout. Spout twists/locks into cap (still leak proof after 8 weeks dai­ly use)Cleaning, top shelf of dish­wash­er safe, though spout will need extra TLC to remove gunk (I use a very dilute Mil­ton solu­tion to soak the cap once every week)

  10. Webshopper77

    Sim­ple design faultThese bot­tles have a sim­ple design fault in that after a lit­tle use the mech­a­nism for lift­ing the sip­per tube stiff­ens up a lit­tle which means that turn­ing the col­lar to lift the sip­per caus­es the com­plete top to unscrew — I have two of them and both have quick­ly devel­oped the same problem.A sim­ple fix would be to enlarge the low­er col­lar slight­ly and give it a knurled edge so that it could be gripped while turn­ing the upper col­lar, thus pre­vent­ing the whole of the cap being unscrewed.I tried to con­tact Sis­tema, but their con­tact form only allows for a cou­ple of short sen­tences, i.e. not enough to explain the prob­lem and the sug­gest­ed fix.I have var­i­ous Sis­tema prod­ucts, most of which work well, but this bot­tle is an excep­tion, which is a shame when a sim­ple mod­i­fi­ca­tion would fix the prob­lem. Pre­sum­ably, the peo­ple who designed this bot­tle don’t use it on a dai­ly basis. Because of this prob­lem, I would pre­fer a sim­ple screw cap and just drink from the bot­tle — which would also low­er pro­duc­tion costs.

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