Simple Smoothie Recipes With Pictures: 7 categories of healthy smoothies made with 5 ingredients under 300 calories




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From the Publisher

Simple Smoothies
Metric and Customary measurements

Shows you exactly how to loose weight with smoothies

Nutrition Guide

Index of Ingredients

Science Based

Nutrition Guide

This sec­tion of the book goes over the basics of nutri­tion to help you under­stand how smooth­ies help with weight loss. The nutri­tion guide goes beyond just smooth­ies and will help you under­stand how dif­fer­ent foods impact your body so you can have an over­all bet­ter diet.

Index of Ingredients

The index of ingre­di­ents shows you the exact health ben­e­fits of each ingre­di­ent used in the book. In the index is a descrip­tion of how each ingre­di­ent impacts you, along with the nutri­tion facts of that ingredient.

Science Based

Los­ing weight comes down to eat­ing the right num­ber of calo­ries while get­ting enough nutri­ents. This book shows you how to find the exact amount of calo­ries you need to be eat­ing to lose weight. It also goes into detail about how to track your food so you know how much you need to be eat­ing every day.

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Additional information

Dimensions 15.24 × 0.61 × 22.86 cm



Independently published 25 May 2022




100 pages




15.24 x 0.61 x 22.86 cm


  1. Lady­Dav­en­port

    As a health pro­fes­sion­al with lit­tle time, this is just what I have been look­ing for.Okay, strange­ly I have been look­ing for some­thing like this but was unable to get it. Luck­i­ly for me, there was some­one out there with more time than me to to put togeth­er this booklet.What I like about it; the veg­etable and fruit syn­er­gy. Okay so the book is basic enough for a begin­ners guide, and gets straight into the recipes of the var­i­ous smooth­ies, as a health pro­fes­sion­al I know what I’m look­ing at and how vit­a­mins and min­er­als work togeth­er. For many body process­es to func­tion opti­mal­ly, you must have the right bal­ance of the nutri­ents. Many nutri­ents work syn­er­gis­ti­cal­ly, so a defi­cien­cy in one might appear as or exac­er­bate a defi­cien­cy in anoth­er and vice ver­sa. Oth­er nutri­ents are antag­o­nists, so care must be tak­en when sup­ple­ment­ing with one so it does not neg­a­tive­ly impact the absorp­tion, uptake, or metab­o­lism of the oth­er. For some nutri­ent pairs, the bal­ance is del­i­cate, with the pairs in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions enhanc­ing the work of the oth­er, and in oth­er sit­u­a­tions, they antag­o­nise one anoth­er. I felt that the author has know­ing­ly or unknow­ing­ly paired the veg­eta­bles and fruits well in his recipes. I do rou­tine­ly take healthy fats such as avo­ca­do, cod liv­er oil, grass fed cows but­ter such as Kerigold and eat salmon and oth­er oily fish on a reg­u­lar basis. I also eat sea veg­eta­bles such as Atlantic dulse, and I eat seafood such as cala­mari, prawns, crab and cock­les, which in my per­son­al case, I was look­ing for veg­eta­bles and fruit smooth­ies to com­pli­ment my diet and opti­mise my vit­a­min and min­er­al absorp­tion. I already eat a lot of healthy fats, some vit­a­mins and min­er­als are fat sol­u­ble mean­ing you need to con­sume healthy fats to absorb and process them, oth­ers are water sol­u­ble which means you need to replace them dai­ly as they don’t stay in your body.By sim­ply tweak­ing how you eat in the lat­ter part of your life, you can max­imise all the good things that come from vit­a­mins and min­er­als through nutri­tion­al syn­er­gy. The sim­plest way of doing this while we live hec­tic lives, is by juic­ing or mak­ing smooth­ies and com­bin­ing those raw organ­ic blend (if pos­si­ble) to your diet which needs to have healthy fats in to max­imise the vit­a­min and min­er­al syn­er­gy effect and reap the ben­e­fits of that. This book­let has been the per­fect com­pan­ion to my diet and exer­cise reg­i­men. As a female of 34 years, I’ve had com­pli­ments since doing all this com­bin­ing that I look younger, as good as my ear­ly 20’s. Pri­or to start­ing this my weight loss had plateaued, it’s now mov­ing down again and whilst mak­ing gains with the var­i­ous free weights train­ing I have been doing. Great addi­tion to a healthy lifestyle, high­ly recommend.

  2. Julie

    A must have book, a one stop shop for every­thing smooth­ie, 10/10Fore­most before get­ting to the indi­vid­ual smooth­ie reviews ‘I want­ed to say this is more than just a recipe book for smooth­ies, which sets it apart from oth­er smooth­ie books I have tried in the past.Will’s book out­lines so much more than the recipes, there are top tips for trou­bleshoot­ing before you get to the recipes, health infor­ma­tion, facts, recipes bro­ken down into spe­cif­ic areas such as detox, pro­tein, antiox­i­dants, calo­rie count­ing and a sec­tion for chil­dren friend­ly smooth­ies. The books encom­pass­es every aspect for every type of per­son and their requirements.One of the many things I adore about this book is that each and every smooth­ie is under 300 calo­ries, mean­ing it is not going to eat into you dai­ly calo­rie count. I find smooth­ies both fill­ing and refresh­ing, and of course nutri­tious! Also each recipe breaks down the nutri­tion­al val­ue — brilliant!The book explains about calo­ries and breaks down the facts into easy to digest expla­na­tions, and there is also a QR code to scan which helps you find your main­te­nance calo­ries. At the end of the book is a source guide as to where the infor­ma­tion in this book can be found if you want to research more or find out about the infor­ma­tion in the book.Carbs, fats, pro­teins, fibre, sug­ar and sodi­um are bro­ken down and explained in a real what you see is what you get way — I love to see facts like that that are easy to read, no fan­cy lan­guage and easy to remem­ber or refer back to.Then the blender tips — this is an absolute gem part of the book, trou­bleshoot­ing tips, stor­ing and prepar­ing ingre­di­ents for the smooth­ies, con­ver­sions for mea­sure­ments and much more, oh and there is anoth­er QR code if you want to learn about the ingre­di­ents. All this infor­ma­tion alone makes the book worth buy­ing — hav­ing the recipes too makes this book a win­ner, hands down in my opinion.Now to the reviews — So far I have tried the recipes with Avo­ca­do — as I adore smooth­ies with this ingredient.Avocado Spinach2 of my favourite ingredients!I find avo­ca­do absolute­ly makes a smooth­ie and com­bined with spinach, banana and apple makes the taste bal­anced with­out being over­pow­er­ing in any one area. Adding almond milk is a win­ner for me as I can­not tol­er­ate more than a dash of milk and dairy. This option is both healthy and veg­e­tar­i­an friend­ly. Love­ly con­sis­ten­cy .Rasp­ber­ry PeachI am not a keen lover of rasp­ber­ries in their nat­ur­al form and some can have a bit of a twang!, but in the smooth­ie there twang is just not there, the sweet­ness of the hon­ey and peach­es elim­i­nates that. A love­ly con­sis­ten­cy , looks amaz­ing and tastes delicious.There are so many smooth­ies to sort all taste­buds, many of which will have your mouth water­ing before you get to pep the food!I rarely write reviews any­where online, but­made an excep­tion here, I could­n’t let this one slip away, it is that good. You will not be disappointed.

  3. Zoe-Marie Mil­li­gan

    Sat­is­fy­ing­ly sim­pleI nev­er thought of smooth­ies as ‘nice’ most like­ly because the shop bought ones all have apples in them(I’m aller­gic but sil­ly enough to try them any­way) This book found me just as I had decid­ed to try a dif­fer­ent approach to healthy eat­ing and bought a smooth­ie blender. It has been very knowl­edge­able with tasty recipes.I like that they are set out into groups of what it main­ly ben­e­fits too.It’s been a plea­sure start­ing out in the smooth­ie world with this book.My only request would have been to have pos­si­bly hor­mone ben­e­fit­ing smooth­ies, I have pcos and strug­gle to loose and main­tain weight due to hor­mones being all out of whack. Maybe in the next one? Brilliant!

  4. Lau­ren

    A must have for a smooth­ie begin­ner!Thank you to who­ev­er devised this well writ­ten book, the pic­tures pulled me in and the recipes are easy to fol­low! I’m lov­ing my smooth­ie jour­ney and this books made me excit­ed to see what else I can come up with ! Would ful­ly rec­om­mend this and it’s a great price to 🙂

  5. Rachel Walk­er

    Wide range of recipesI used this book to find some of my favourite smooth­ies. The recipes are all easy to make and easy to find ingre­di­ents. I also love it has a kids sec­tion and fam­i­ly friendly.

  6. kat­ri­na waples

    Fan­tas­ticLove the pic­tures, even my kids are now try­ing smooth­ies. The recipes are easy to fol­low. Maybe next book is smooth­ies for kids.… Thank you

  7. Andrea hall

    A great book,I loved the way the book was set out­The smooth­ies were easy to fol­low and make.If you are bored of your smooth­ie buy this book and change them you will be glad you did x

  8. Melis­sa

    Worth the readLove the recipes in this book, I’m using them dai­ly! Lots of infor­ma­tion mak­ing it a good read. Like the fact it’s got a children’s sec­tion too. 100% worth it so Thankyou!

  9. Julie Gill­son

    Great RecipesReal­ly enjoyed this book the smooth­ie receipes are real­ly good. I like all the infor­ma­tion about each smooth­ie you make.

  10. Becky Ben­nett

    Bril­liantBril­liant book with great smooth­ie ideas I would high­ly recommend

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