Sheba Fine Flakes in Jelly – Poultry Collection – Wet cat food pouches for adult cats – 40x85g pack

£ 14.90

Brand Sheba
Flavour Poultry Collection in Jelly
Target species Cat
Item Form SHEBA Fine Flakes Cat Pouches Poultry Collection in Jelly 40x85g Bulk Pack
Breed recommendation All Breed Sizes
  • Resistance is futile with Sheba's exquisite line of cat food and treats / High-quality ingredients promote complete nutrition / Food comes in 85-gram pouches ready to serve to your feline friend
  • Multipack with 4 exquisite varieties: chicken, duck, turkey, and poultry pouches in a delicious gravy sauce / Without artificial colours or preservatives
  • Sheba Fine Flakes is a special range with delicious flakes in melting jelly - The perfect choice to inspire a nuzzle of affection
  • The purrfect choice for a nuzzle of affection: For adult and senior cats (+12 months) / 3 trays daily for a 4kg cat / Provide food at room temperature with water / Chill surplus food for up to 2 days
  • Items delivered: 40 x 85g Sheba Fine Flakes Poultry Collection in Jelly / Multipack with poultry variety / Suitable for any adult cat


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From the manufacturer


Important information

Safety Information:

Feed­ing instruc­tions: Allow a tran­si­tion phase and adjust amounts accord­ing to your pet’s needs. For over­weight cats reduce dai­ly amount. How? Vis­it our web­site or call our Con­sumer Care­line. 24h Dai­ly Feed­ing Rec­om­men­da­tion Pouch Only: 3 kg 2 1/2, Pouch + Dry Food: 2 + 15 g Pouch Only: 4 kg 3 1/2, Pouch + Dry Food: 2 + 20 g Pouch Only: 5 kg 4, Pouch + Dry Food: 2 1/2 + 25 g We rec­om­mend to feed a mix of She­ba® wet and dry food. Fresh water should always be avail­able. Serve at room tem­per­a­ture, sur­plus food can be refrig­er­at­ed for up to 2 days. 62 kcal/85g


Fresh water should always be avail­able. Serve food at room tem­per­a­ture, sur­plus food can be chilled for up to 2 days.


  • With Chick­en: Meat and ani­mal deriv­a­tives (45 per­cent includ­ing 4 per­cent chick­en), min­er­als, and var­i­ous sugars.
  • With Turkey: Meat and ani­mal deriv­a­tives (45 per­cent includ­ing 4 per­cent turkey), min­er­als, and var­i­ous sugars.
  • With Duck: Meat and ani­mal deriv­a­tives (45 per­cent includ­ing 4 per­cent duck), min­er­als, and var­i­ous sugars.
  • With Poul­try: Meat and ani­mal deriv­a­tives (45 per­cent includ­ing 4 per­cent poul­try), min­er­als, and var­i­ous sugars.



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Additional information

Weight 3.81 kg
Dimensions 15 × 39 × 14.7 cm
Pet Type


Product Dimensions

15 x 39 x 14.7 cm; 3.81 Kilograms

Item model number


Breed Recommendation

All Breed Sizes

Pet Life Stage



Poultry Collection in Jelly

Item Form

SHEBA Fine Flakes Cat Pouches Poultry Collection in Jelly 40x85g Bulk Pack

Allergen Information





40x85 g

Number of Items




Care Instructions

Feed a mix of complete wet Sheba and a dry food

Storage Information

Best before date: see side. Batch number factory identification number: see individual pack.

Special Features

Free From Artificial Preservatives

Specific Uses


Batteries Required


Batteries included


Item Weight

3.81 kg



Date First Available

31 July 2017




  1. Booklover Cat­la­dy

    My cats love it. Clean bowls every time. Good for cats with sen­si­tive tum­mies.The media could not be loaded.

     My two cats love She­ba flakes. I’ve tried lots of cat food (not me per­son­al­ly! The cats) and this I love for a few reasons:1. The cats like all flavours and I get clean bowls, no wastage.2. They don’t leave real­ly stinky poop in their lit­ter box.3. One of my cats has a sen­si­tive stom­ach and can vom­it food up a lot. He nev­er does on She­ba (Gour­net Per­le was a night­mare to clean up).4. It’s bril­liant val­ue for mon­ey com­pared to a lot of brands.5. You can see the meat, it’s not drown­ing in run­ny gravy.6. I like the way the box opens and folds back. Just easy to see the flavours.My cats like both the poul­try and the fish selec­tion. Love to see those clean bowls too! No food wastage. Oh and I love that my Riley doesn’t vom­it this up — did you know a cat always vom­its 3 times in 3 dif­fer­ent places? The amount of car­pet clean­er was cost­ing me a for­tune due to oth­er food mak­ing him chuck up.Very hap­py with She­ba and Tod­dy and Riley love it too. Clean bowls in the video!

  2. Alis­tair

    Maybe unlucky but open packs with rot­ten meat and bugs in the boxWhen open­ing the box we were greet­ed with the famil­iar smell of rot­ting cat food, upon fur­ther inspec­tion we found a few packs had burst. Along with the leaked meat are what appears to be dead bugs and eggs. We have how­ev­er washed the none open packs and so far our cat is ok with it, still not a pleas­ant expe­ri­ence. I tried talk­ing to an ama­zon chat bot about this and only got the responce of ‘this item can’t be returned’, buy at your own risk.

  3. Jack­yD

    It will make your house smell like BAD farts.I’ve two cats, 6 and 4 years old.The old­er cat usu­al­ly eats most cat food , the younger can be picky but any­time I had bought Sheba,they liked it, so I got a box of these on sub­scrip­tion. We are half way through the box and the sub has been can­celed. This food, will make your house smell dis­gust­ing if your cats are fed indoors like my two. I mean, like decay­ing smell, like some­thing is dying down the back of the cup­board . Oh believe me , we did a full check of the area. Dis­in­fect­ed all and it went away soon as the food came out and them fed again .. the ran­cid aro­ma is back.What’s more even though they wolf it down I’ve seen the younger one gag about 20mins after eat­ing a few times (old­er kit­ty keeps to her­self , has a del­i­cate sys­tem, and we only know a food does­n’t suit her when she throws it back up –so buy­ing foods for suit­ing them both is tough) AND I swear to God my younger cat , who’s a bit of a Cling in and likes to just hang with me all the time , has just fart­ed twice and holy hell it is the same smell as in the kitchen.Never again !

  4. phoebe134

    CAT OWNERS BEWAREMy cat has been recent­ly hav­ing very upset stom­ach with this, I have fed him on it for years and whiskas I took him to the vets and had full set of blood tests done, a cou­ple of things showed up that were in rela­tion to his bow­els, my vet asked what I fed him, I told him, he told me all the ter­ri­ble ingre­di­ents that were in she­ba, whiska­so and Felix to name a few, if you look on the box you’ll see there is only 5% meat in there, there’s a high amount of ani­mal deriv­a­tives, these can be any­thing from crushed up ani­mal bones to horse meat, as long as it states ani­mal deriv­a­tives they do not have to say which ones, also there is quite a high amount of sug­ar and chem­i­cals that are real­ly unhealthy for your cat, I know the nat­ur­al foods are pricey but you don’t have to feed them as much and they can be mixed with a nat­ur­al brand bis­cuits, not brands like go cat as they con­tain alot of those bad ingre­di­ents aswell, buy­ing nat­ur­al foods works out alot more inex­pen­sive than peo­ple think as you don’t have to feed them as much

  5. The idle one

    NOT LIKEDMy 3 cats,(all res­cued cats) plus vis­it­ing cat nor­mal­ly clear their bowls of she­ba, but when I ordered this box, as their usu­al was not avail­able, trou­ble start­ed, they would not eat their food, just turned their heads away, and refused to even look at food, had to rush to the shops and buy some of their nor­mal she­ba, so what a waste, nev­er again. Now have to find some cat or res­cue place to take this food.

  6. car­ol­carol

    Dogs have mas­ters, cat’s have slaves 😺My cat got gin­gervi­tus Stom­ati­tis (immune, FCF) lost most of her teeth. Also had to have cost­ly meds. Was on inter­fer­on, For months.Was advised by vets, not to give fish prod­ucts, try as nat­ur­al as pos­si­ble. So as not to get repeat flare ups.This foods, meat, poul­try is bril­liant. In jelly.She’s 9 now and wolf’s between 3/4/5 pack­ets a day. She loves it 😺She’s very healthy, her mouth is clear

  7. Peachie­day

    Love itOne of our cats is one fussy lit­tle madam. We have tried no end of oth­er brands of cat food as well a dry food. To no avail. She will eat the jel­ly and leave the rest .…which works well as my oth­er cat will eat the meat but picks around the lelly.This is the first and only cat food Bel­la has cleaned the bowl for. I always thought it was on the pricey side but weigh­ing things up ..It works out val­ue for mon­ey as there is no wastage from either Bel­la or Peanut. .They both love it and at last I can see they are get­ting a full meal every time they are fed. Wish I had got this soon­er. It would have saved on wastage and mon­ey .The food it self does look more appeal­ing and fresh than others.10 out of 10 both from cats and the mere human owner

  8. Mrs. A. J. Choo

    Good qual­i­ty and val­ue for mon­eyMy cat loves she­ba in jel­ly. The box can be opened so it’s like a tray with sep­a­rate com­part­ments so you can eas­i­ly select which flavour to feed your cat next instead of giv­ing him or her the same flavour for dif­fer­ent meals. Val­ue for mon­ey as I paid £18 for 72 pouch­es which works out at £3 per 12. That is cheap­er than any super­mar­ket. If my cat gets bored of she­ba in jel­ly ( fussy cat) then I just sprin­kle a cube of dried chick­en treat on top or a squirt of lick-y-lix will do the trick every time. No more waste and one hap­py cat.

  9. Sil­ver Surfer

    but the great thing is my cats eat all of itSmall­er pouch than some oth­er brands, but the great thing is my cats eat all of it, don’t just lick off the jel­ly or gravy and leave most of the rest, so I feel they are get­ting much bet­ter nutri­tion. Also a bit cheap­er than my local super­mar­ket and I don’t have to car­ry it home.

  10. Lau­ren Parker

    Cat goes bonkers for it!My cat isn’t fussy with food in the slight­est but he does have IBD and we have to be super care­ful with mon­i­tor­ing his food intake as 95% of it will give him an upset tum­my. She­ba is now pret­ty much the only brand he’s able to tol­er­ate. Even the more expen­sive foods such as Applaws etc don’t ful­ly agree with him. We bought 2 box­es of this dur­ing the Prime Day offer but even with­out that mon­ey knocked off, it’s still cheap­er than pur­chas­ing from in-store. I must say though, he does meow extra loud when he sees us reach­ing for these pouch­es com­pared to oth­ers he’s had in the past!

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