SHARP YC-MG51U‑S 900W Digital Touch Control Microwave with 25 L Capacity, 1000W Grill & Defrost Function – Silver


  • Powerful 900-watt microwave oven & grill: With a spacious 25-litre capacity & a turntable inside, complete with 11 levels of cooking power & 8 automatic programmes
  • Features: 1100 W microwave grill with grill only, grill & microwave combi, or microwave only settings, digital clock & kitchen timer, ECO function & child safety lock
  • Modern handle-less design: With a stylish silver finish, complemented by a black door window & control panel with an LED display
  • Cooking programmes include Popcorn, jacket potato, pizza, frozen vegetables, reheat drinks, reheat dinner plate, plus time & weight defrost function
  • Easy to clean exterior: The ideal addition to any kitchen, with full touch control, electric panel & all-over flat, easy-to-wipe down design


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From the manufacturer

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SHARP believe, that to be dif­fer­ent, is to be bold.

Our lat­est prod­ucts fea­ture inno­v­a­tive tech­nolo­gies and cre­ative designs for a remark­able user experience.

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  • Deliv­er­ing the best solu­tions for cus­tomers and their homes

SHARP 900W Digital Microwave Oven & 1000W Grill


The SHARP YC-MG51U 900W dig­i­tal touch con­trol microwave & 1000W grill offers a con­tem­po­rary look with a han­dle-less design with a sleek sil­ver fin­ish com­ple­ment­ed by a black door win­dow and con­trol pan­el, the per­fect addi­tion to any kitchen.

The blue LED screen shows the time when the microwave is not in use and comes with a kitchen timer function.

With the easy to use touch con­trol dig­i­tal pan­el, 11 lev­els of pow­er and 8 auto­mat­ic pro­grammes it’s a great option for your microwave needs

  • 25L Capac­i­ty
  • Microwave & Grill
  • Elec­tron­ic Con­trol
  • ECO Func­tion
  • 8 Auto­mat­ic Pro­grammes inc. Time & Weight Defrost
  • 11 Lev­els of Microwave Pow­er
  • Straight Design Easy to Clean

Key Features




Large Capacity

Fea­tur­ing a 25 litre capac­i­ty, it can eas­i­ly hold a large sized din­ner plate, per­fect­ly holds the grill rack and the 315mm glass turntable.


The dig­i­tal touch con­trol pan­el makes select­ing your pro­grammes easy and along with the rest of the Microwave can be eas­i­ly wiped clean.


Fea­tures 8 cook­ing pro­grammes; pop­corn, jack­et pota­to, piz­za, frozen veg­eta­bles, reheat drinks, reheat din­ner plate, plus time and weight defrost.


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Additional information

Weight 17.2 kg
Dimensions 51 × 39 × 30 cm


Model Number




Product Dimensions

51 x 39 x 30 cm; 17.2 Kilograms


25 litres

Volume Capacity

25 litres

Power Wattage

900 watts


230 Volts

Special Features

Handleless design touch control panel LED display 900W 11 power levels 8 programmes 1000W Grill Eco Mode Safety Lock

Item Weight

17.2 kg



Date First Available

15 Sept. 2018




  1. Joan

    Why must it beep so much?!My 3rd Sharp microwave. The 1st was a big com­bi­na­tion job, bril­liant and long-last­ing; 2nd was also a com­bi­na­tion, but did­n’t last very long. This time I decid­ed I only need­ed a very sim­ple one, but it had to be big enough to take my 30cm din­ner plates. Bizarrely, this com­bi­na­tion one was £20 cheap­er than the sim­ple one, so I went for it. I haven’t used most of its fea­tures, but it works fine for sim­ple heat­ing up, that being all I need it for, but it beeps exces­sive­ly! The door but­ton is easy to use, and it opens gen­tly enough. One has to press the ‘microwave’ but­ton before enter­ing a time, which is pret­ty annoy­ing — it should default to microwave — but the start but­ton does default to 30 sec­onds microwave, and one can add to that with the time but­tons, so not too dif­fi­cult once one gets used to it.It beeps every time I press any but­ton, and five times at the end of the pro­gramme — and it won’t shut up if I imme­di­ate­ly open the door, nor will it let me acti­vate the Stop/Clear but­ton while it’s beep­ing. If I neglect to take my food/drink out of the microwave, it beeps (twice) again five min­utes lat­er, which can be help­ful, but it also beeps (twice) five min­utes after I have tak­en it out! Why? What is the point of that? Mobile phones can be set for silent oper­a­tion of keys, so why can’t we have a silent option on a microwave? (It should still beep at the end of the pro­gramme, but that’s the only beep I ever real­ly need to hear from my microwave!) It is very annoy­ing that I can’t use it qui­et­ly while hus­band is still asleep.An extra press of the Stop/Clear but­ton removes the time dis­play, to save ener­gy, but it would be bet­ter if this were han­dled by a ‘no time dis­play’ set­ting, rather than hav­ing to press the key again after every use.

  2. Kin­dle Customer

    Not for the UKArrived with an Euro­pean plug — no good for theUk and though you could use an adapter would­n’t want to for a high volt­age item. This was not stat­ed in the descrip­tion. Very 😞Returned for a refund.

  3. Peter King

    This Microwave/Grill Is known to be Defec­tive!!1st one, the grill had a mind of its own. Rang sup­port and they said it was faulty, and return it for a replace­ment. Ama­zon ser­vice excel­lent. Next day new one arrived and the faulty one col­lect­ed. The new one had the same fault. Grill worked, did­n’t work, part­ly worked, beeped dur­ing ses­sion etc, etc, .….. Rang sup­port who this time con­firmed it is a new prod­uct and has a known fault with the grill con­troller. Sharpe are look­ing into it. They offered to take my name and inform me when the fault was fixed!! NO WAY. This is going back to Ama­zon for a refund. Very dis­ap­point­ed as my old one, an ear­li­er ver­sion of this mod­el, last­ed many years with­out a problem.

  4. Star­dust

    Too unin­tu­itive and no longer made by Sharp!Liked the mod­ern appear­ace and roomy capac­i­ty. 900w so very quick. Also ceram­ic coat­ed inte­ri­or v easy to wipe down.Didn’t like con­stant bleeps for every touch of keys nor the, some­times, non respon­sive­ness of the touch keys. If the door is left open to let mois­ture dis­si­pate the inte­ri­or light nev­er switch­es off and the top of the microwave actu­al­ly heats up alarm­ing­ly from the bulb if you for­get to shut the door. The touch keys are hard to locate by feel alone as not raised or lit ren­der­ing the logos and text quite feint and close­ly grouped to eas­i­ly read. As oth­ers have point­ed out, hav­ing to always press microwave pow­er lev­el before set­ting the cook­ing time became a chore for me as I felt the 30s inter­val, instant on but­ton would like­ly, even­tu­al­ly, wear out either the pan­el or the mech­a­nism itself. There were many oth­er aspects that frus­trat­ed rather than delight­ed me and my over­all opin­ion was that it was too quirky and unintuitive.Finally, the rea­son this review is in the past tense is because the dis­play start­ed to inter­mit­tent­ly fail after just 5 months and upon con­tact­ing Sharp was told they no longer make or sup­port this par­tic­u­lar mod­el them­selves. They gave me the num­ber of the ser­vic­ing com­pa­ny that does sup­port it who, after explain­ing the dis­play issue advised me to return for a refund which I have suc­cess­ful­ly insti­gat­ed through my Ama­zon account via online chat.

  5. Ms Vic­ki R. Adams

    Real­ly large and even cooking/defrostingPros­Great defrostEasy to use­Huge insid­eEasy to clean­Even heat in food­Con­sTakes longer than my pre­vi­ous microwave though the heat is more even­Grill is ter­ri­ble — it does­n’t do any­thing, no effect even after extend­ed rec­om­mend­ed timeOver­all, this microwave is an amaz­ing buy for the mon­ey, so long as it lasts ok. We’re hap­py with the capac­i­ty, the even cook­ing and the thor­ough defrost.With oth­er microwaves it’s easy to just blast and go and you have to be very cau­tious not to leave things too long where­as this one seems so steady and reli­able, for exam­ple I defrost­ed 10 sausages and with­in 20 all were even­ly and com­plete­ly done with­out scald­ing and mushi­ness which is great.The dig­i­tal dis­play is real­ly easy to use — sim­ply press the times you want in incre­ments of 10 min­utes or 1 minute, or in 10 sec­onds. I think the size may actu­al­ly help with the cook­ing as there’s plen­ty of space inside. I’m real­ly hap­py with this and glad I went with the reviews that make this the top seller

  6. Mrs M S Carpenter

    Nice microwave at the price but too small for me.The microwave itself is nice enough look­ing in the kitchen, the issue is the com­part­ment seems tiny, for a 20L we found we could not even fit are nor­mal plates inside, we dont have pub size plates either. This would suit a cou­ple or stu­dent at the price and size as it is very small com­pared to our old microwave.

  7. M. Wiszniews­ka

    New­er mod­el, easy to useOur old microwave, A Sharp 23 Lt, ‘died’ of old age. We decid­ed to go for a 25 ltr and so bought this mod­el, which also has a grill. it arrived soon­er than expect­ed and it did­n’t take long before we were try­ing it out. It is worth read­ing the instruc­tions before using it. We have not tried the grill out yet. It is big­ger in size than our pre­vi­ous one but we are very hap­py with it.

  8. liz k

    Very Dan­ger­ous fire­men con­demned itDO NOT BUY. This microwave is faulty and very dan­ger­ous should not be sold.Bought this microwave for my 86 year old mum as sim­ple to use.It has an auto­mat­ic timer which when time is up should switch off microwave.Mum used just to warm some nan bread, she has no sense of smell, she saw loads of smoke and auto­mat­ic smoke sen­sors call fire brigade. They said its faulty and should not be used, a few sec­onds more and her flat would be in flames !Of course Alma­zon refund­ed imme­di­ate­ly and took it off sale for a cou­ple of weeks but now its back on sale.!

  9. mod­el D grand

    Sub stan­dard microwave from sharp.Had this almost two weeks, total­ly use­less, rea­sons as fol­lows– to use kitchen timer, could not unless you–OPEN AND CLOSE DOOR, select grill-OPEN AND CLOSE DOOR, select any func­tion-OPEN AND CLOSE DOOR before it would oper­ate. The touch con­trol pan­el was com­plete­ly mal functioning,To send a prod­uct out in this unus­able state leaves only one con­clu­sion, qual­i­ty con­trol non exis­tent . This is appar­ent­ly an on going issue as oth­ers are expe­ri­enc­ing the same prob­lem with this microwave, should have been rec­ti­fied BEFORE being mar­ket­ed . Would nev­er touch anoth­er Sharp prod­uct again, absolute atro­cious rubbish.

  10. Jpofg­wynedd

    WOWBought to use as a small one per­son oven in a small kitchen. It’s a BEAST. Most one per­son por­tions of stuff of any type usu­al­ly is 200°c for half an hour… This is 190° for 25 mins…Best of all: no turntable to go wrong.Worst of all: no square grill pan or shelf and whatnot.WARNING: as with all new cook­ing appli­ances, each indi­vid­ual needs to learn how the appli­ance fits in with the user’s cook­ing styles and lifestyle, ergo YOUR expe­ri­ence may differ.So far, though, I say it’s a great val­ue piece of kit.Edited, Novem­ber 2021. I found if used on high­er heat set­tings for over more than about 25 mins, it over­heats and goes a bit dolal­ly tap or shuts down… So although it DOES go up to 230°C and 90mins, don’t do it!

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