Science in Sport | SiS Go Isotonic Energy Gel | 0.6g Sugar & amp; 22g Carbohydrates per Gel | Vegan | Digestible & amp; Practical |

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  • The GO Isotonic Energy Gel was the world's first isotonic gel effectively delivering an easily digestible and quick supply of carbohydrate for energy during exercise
  • Replaces energy stores quickly and efficiently during bouts of intense exercise, without leaving you feeling bloated. Go Energy gels are a convenient and tasty way for you to push further for longer in a handy easy to consume low sugar sachet (0.6 g per serving)
  • Delivering 22 g of carbohydrate per gel, in a variety of flavours to suit all tastes without the unwanted added sugar that a lot of cheaper brands may have included in their formulas
  • The complete product range is developed using a world-class approach to banned substance testing, providing assurance for athletes, as well as those who are just concerned about the safety of what goes into their favourite products


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Product Description

About SiS GO Iso­ton­ic Gels The SiS GO Iso­ton­ic Gel was the world’s first iso­ton­ic gel effec­tive­ly deliv­er­ing an eas­i­ly digestible and quick sup­ply of car­bo­hy­drate for ener­gy dur­ing exer­cise. SiS GO Iso­ton­ic Gels are designed to be con­sumed with­out water mean­ing that you can ensure rapid deliv­ery of car­bo­hy­drate to your mus­cles with­out the feel­ings of being bloat­ed that can some­times occur with over-drink­ing. Why should I take this gel? Deplet­ing your car­bo­hy­drate stores dur­ing exer­cise is one of the major caus­es of fatigue. In addi­tion to ensur­ing opti­mal car­bo­hy­drate stores before exer­cise, deliv­er­ing addi­tion­al car­bo­hy­drate dur­ing exer­cise is known to improve per­for­mance, race times and delay the onset of fatigue. As such, SiS GO Iso­ton­ic Gels rep­re­sent a high­ly prac­ti­cal solu­tion to your in-train­ing and com­pe­ti­tion fuelling strat­e­gy by pro­vid­ing you with a quick sup­ply of 22 grams of car­bo­hy­drate per gel. Gels can eas­i­ly be car­ried in your pock­et or your race belt with­out the require­ment for bulky bot­tles. Rec­om­mend­ed Usage Con­sume 1–3 gels per hour to deliv­er approx­i­mate­ly 60 grams of car­bo­hy­drate and max­i­mize car­bo­hy­drate uti­liza­tion rates. Where hydra­tion is also impor­tant, SiS GO Iso­ton­ic Gels can also be con­sumed with SiS GO Hydro or with SiS GO Elec­trolyte to ensure a com­bi­na­tion of both ener­gy and flu­id deliv­ery dur­ing exercise.

Address: Albion Mills Suite 1, Willer­by, East York­shire, HU10 6DN 

SIS PLC, 16–18 Hat­ton Gar­den, Far­ring­don, Lon­don, EC1N 8AT 


Water, Mal­todex­trin (from Maize) (33%), Nat­ur­al Flavour­ing, Gelling Agents (Gel­lan Gum, Xan­than Gum), Acid­i­ty Reg­u­la­tors (Cit­ric Acid, Sodi­um Cit­rate), Preser­v­a­tives (Sodi­um Ben­zOATe, Potas­si­um Sor­bate), Sweet­en­er (Ace­sul­fame K), Sodi­um Chlo­ride, Antiox­i­dant (Ascor­bic Acid), Colour (Beta-Carotene).

Box Contains

7 Ener­gy Gels

Manufacturer Contact Information

16–18 Hat­ton Gar­den, Lon­don, EC1N 8AT, Unit­ed Kingdom

From the manufacturer

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Water, Mal­todex­trin (from Maize) (33%), Nat­ur­al Flavour­ing, Gelling Agents (Gel­lan Gum, Xan­than Gum), Acid­i­ty Reg­u­la­tors (Cit­ric Acid, Sodi­um Cit­rate), Preser­v­a­tives (Sodi­um Ben­zOATe, Potas­si­um Sor­bate), Sweet­en­er (Ace­sul­fame K), Sodi­um Chlo­ride, Antiox­i­dant (Ascor­bic Acid), Colour (Beta-Carotene).

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Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Product Name

Science in Sport Isotonic Energy Gel Variety Pack 7 x 60ml


60 Kilograms


420 Millilitres


7 count

Manufacturer contact

16-18 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8AT United Kingdom





Country of origin

Gb, United Kingdom



Date First Available

5 Feb. 2015


16-18 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8AT United Kingdom



    Very good for run­ningI pur­chased these after find­ing i was strug­gling to run more then 10 miles with­out any extra fuel, and don’t like the weight of car­ry­ing water.The first time I used one was dur­ing a half marathon attempt, and con­sumed it over the course of about half a Km around mile 7–8 — These were the per­fect boost, light weight, easy to open, and easy to con­sume, and felt fine on the stom­ach — the rehy­dra­tion and extra ener­gy were just about the right amount i had been miss­ing before (it might have been the gel, it may have been the place­bo of hav­ing some­thing) either way it worked, and i was able to main­tain my pace the remain­ing 5 miles.

  2. red0209

    Great gelsHav­ing used many dif­fer­ent gels, I def­i­nite­ly find the Sci­ence in Sport ones eas­i­er to stom­ach dur­ing a long run than any of the oth­ers I have tried. The tex­ture of these gels is notice­ably thin­ner than some oth­ers, mak­ing diges­tion eas­i­er. It sug­gests as much on the pack­ag­ing, sug­gest­ing that extra water isn’t need­ed, which I would cer­tain­ly agree with. I like this vari­ety pack as all of the flavours taste good in my opin­ion. The only SiS gel that I don’t like is the berry flavoured one, oth­er peo­ple have said that to me too, but thank­ful­ly none of those in here.The ingre­di­ents for all sev­en flavours are basi­cal­ly the same: Water, Mal­todex­trin (from Maize) (33%), Gelling Agents (Gel­lan Gum, Xan­than Gum), Acid­i­ty Reg­u­la­tors (Cit­ric Acid, Sodi­um Cit­rate) Nat­ur­al Flavour­ing, Preser­v­a­tives (Sodi­um Ben­zoate, Potas­si­um Sor­bate), Sweet­en­er (Ace­sul­fame K), Sodi­um Chlo­ride, Antiox­i­dant (Ascor­bic Acid). [The orange flavoured gel in addi­tion has Colour (Beta-Carotene) list­ed as an ingredient.]The nutri­tion per 60ml is the same for each flavour and is as follows:Energy 368kj/87kcalFat 0.0g (of which sat­u­rates 0.0g)Carbohydrate 22g (of which sug­ars 0.6g)Protein 0.0gSalt 0.01gThe best before date, some­thing to con­sid­er if order­ing 35 sachets, was 11 months away on the date of deliv­ery. I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend these gels to anyone.

  3. John

    My go to ener­gy gelsI think ener­gy gels are one of those things that have to try a few brands until you find one that you per­son­al­ly can stom­ach dur­ing exer­cise. I’ve tried lots of brands I’ve the years and keep com­ing back to the SIS gels as the ones that I can work with. Oth­ers don’t seems to sit well and make me fee a bit queasy whilst exer­cis­ing. I think it’s very much a case of find­ing a brand that works for you — for me it’s SiS!

  4. Scuba­Girl

    Dif­fi­cult to openI bought these to use whilst out hik­ing, to con­sume on the go as a quick ener­gy boost between stops for food. I have, though, found them very dif­fi­cult to open and, as a result, they’re messy to consume.I have only con­sumed two sachets and found their taste to be mild­ly like the stat­ed flavour. They are, for me, a lit­tle sweet in taste.I’ll need to use them on more hikes to be able to com­ment on their effectiveness.

  5. J J

    good ener­gy — a lit­tle goey, but a good prod­uctpret­ty sure they do help giv­ing you that lit­tle extra ener­gy.. and even if not, the phys­col­o­gy that you think you are get­ting more ener­gy is enough… flavours are ok.. they are a lit­tle gooey to drink, so i find that i have to real­ly shove it down my throat… if you try and ‘drink’ them for me after a lot of miles they are too gooey so i try and throw it down my throat..

  6. Tim

    Ener­gy when you need it.I’ve been buy­ing and using these Gels for sev­er­al years now, they’re ide­al for cycling and run­ning and meet all of my require­ments. I’ve nev­er had any issue with sup­ply, deliv­ery is always as, or bet­ter than promised. I’ve nev­er had an issue with prod­uct expirey dates either.

  7. Jan

    Ener­gy drinksVery good flavours and price. My one very small point is that it is not easy to open whilst running

  8. Tb

    Tasti­er and less messyDid­nt feel tra­mend­less­ly bet­ter hav­ing used them on a 20 mile run how­ev­er they tast­ed bet­ter than expect­ed and weren’t as sticky as past ver­sions and brands so It made it eas­i­er to con­sume on the go. I will state that I had run the day pri­or so per­haps the exhaust­ed feel­ing was just due to over training.Will update after using them again and will be order­ing more for future runs till the next marathon.

  9. Mark Bar­rass

    Great ener­gy blastThought they were a great added ener­gy boost for my bim­ble up Mt Kilimanjaro.Only neg­a­tive was the weight of 2 packs but the old adage, the more you eat, the lighter it gets.

  10. Kaizen27

    Excel­lentBought a vari­ety box took 3 gels for my first half marathon. I’d only ever used 1 for 10 miles.I took 3 spaced out dur­ing my race. Wow man­aged to fin­ish 15 min­utes faster than my pro­ject­ed time. I hon­est­ly believe these helped on the day to replace ener­gy towards the end.Very good flavours as well for me anyway. 👍

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