Science in Sport Clear Drinks Bottle, 800 ml, Transparent


Material Plastic
Brand Science in Sport
Capacity 800 Millilitres
Age range (description) Adult
Colour 800 Ml Sports Bottle Clear
  • Science in Sport delivers superior sports nutrition, so you can train harder, race faster, and recover quicker.
  • 800ml Drinks Bottle
  • For use with SIS Products or any other brand!
  • Great quality & highly durable
  • Made in the EU


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Product Description

Sci­ence in Sport has been a pio­neer in sports nutri­tion since being found­ed in 1992. Through­out that peri­od, SiS has worked close­ly with lead­ing research insti­tutes, sports sci­en­tists, per­for­mance direc­tors and elite ath­letes to stay at the fore­front of sports nutri­tion. Over the years many World Cham­pi­ons, Olympic medal win­ners and elite ath­letes have used SiS prod­ucts to fuel their train­ing and com­pe­ti­tion needs.

2012 has illus­trat­ed this with 24 Olympic medal­lists, the Tour de France team prize, the Tour of Britain win­ner and King of the Moun­tains prizes and Andy Mur­ray’s US Open win all being fueled by SiS. Their prod­ucts were the most wide­ly used in the pro pelo­ton at the Tour de France with Blan­co Giant Nis­san Trek, Katusha and Astana being amongst those teams using the range of sports nutri­tion products.

Address: Albion Mills Suite 1, Willer­by, East York­shire, HU10 6DN
SIS PLC, 16–18 Hat­ton Gar­den, Far­ring­don, Lon­don, EC1N 8AT
Sci­ence in Sport (Italy) S.R.L. via Michelan­ge­lo Buonar­roti, 39 20145 Milano Com­pa­ny no C.F.: 09919530965 – REA MI-2121798

System Requirements

con­ti­nu­ity 2013

From the manufacturer

Important information


N/A — no ingre­di­ents or aller­gens (water bot­tle ASIN)

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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Product Name

Science in Sport Drinks Bottle - Drinks Bottle 800 ml


0.2 Kilograms


27 Fluid Ounces


1 count


Science in Sport

Age Range Description


Country of origin

United Kingdom

Serving Size

100 Grams



Date First Available

2 Feb. 2008


Science in Sport


  1. ◀Pugzu Dad­dy▶ 🇬🇧

    Ode to my water bot­tle…Could this be the per­fect bottle?Only time will tell.All my bot­tles had got old,And real­ly start­ed to smell.I prompt­ly ordered a new one,It was a mere £3.99.I real­ly love the design of this,That I’ve ordered anoth­er time.No more get­ting thirsty,When I’m out on a ride.I love my 800ml bottle,It’s on my bike with pride.

  2. Pete

    Holds water so I can drink when I’m thirsty!I use this bot­tle a lot. Deliv­ery was great, as I was get­ting it deliv­ered to a tem­po­rary address and it arrived exact­ly when it said.It also has the right num­ber of holes so the water comes out only where it’s sup­posed to! Like with any water bot­tle you have to close the lid so it comes out exact­ly when it’s sup­posed to. With the lid closed it does keep the water in, which is great as I’m pret­ty tough on this lit­tle bottle…Almost noth­ing sur­prised me more when, after a cou­ple of rins­es like with any oth­er bot­tle, I took a swig of much craved water and it tast­ed exact­ly like water!Not only does this bot­tle hold my water until I need it, it also deliv­ers it at the right time tast­ing like it did when it went in.I’m glad I bought this.

  3. John­ny C

    As rec­om­mend by 1000s of oth­ers, plus me!!Water bot­tles ey? Who would have thought it would be such a palaver to find the right one!?But I may have found it with this one:Nice squishy plas­tic (but firm enough), so it’s eas­i­er to squeeze the water into your mouth!Nice soft cap that you can open with your teeth so you can keep one hand on your handlebars.Nice lit­tle design (ridge) that enables the bot­tle to sit in a water hold­er with ease. Fits my Vico Car­bon Elite perfectly!!Nice wide open­ing, mak­ing it eas­i­er to fill — and to fit ice in for those extreme­ly hot days out!Nice price — I.e. rel­a­tive­ly cheap so if some­thing does hap­pen at least you can get anoth­er one, with­out break­ing the bank — and at a cheap­er price than a more expen­sive bottle.BPA free! Which is a good thing.Flow rate is pret­ty good.The bot­tle is marked to help you mea­sure out SIS sup­ple­ments if you are using.Also…sounds a lit­tle odd to say, but when you need to quench your thirst it actu­al­ly TASTES like water (if you have water in your bot­tle obvi­ous­ly — if you had Lucozade in it, it would taste of that!!). Some bot­tles can add a plastic‑y taste to the water — this one doesn’t! I use a hydra­tion back­pack as well as this on a ride, and that def­i­nite­ly has a dis­tinct plas­tic taste to the water! So it’s nice to get the pure taste from at least 800ml (prob­a­bly a lit­tle more if you fill it right to the brim).Also as it’s quite squeez­able — if you’ve got any­thing left after a ride, you can have a decent water fight with your mates!Onto the bad points;I’ve seen from oth­er reviews that the bot­tle can get dis­coloured if you are using a coloured flu­id in your bot­tle — this may be the case, but it doesn’t affect the use — so far mine has stayed the same clear colour due to me just using water.Also oth­er reviews have stat­ed that if you drop it on its head, you will snap the noz­zle — my advice is don’t drop the bot­tle! Although if you do have but­terfin­gers and it does snap it’s not a huge­ly expen­sive cost to replace.Overall a pret­ty good bot­tle and a piece of kit I will always def­i­nite­ly car­ry round with me when out on the bike! I tend to use this moun­tain bik­ing, and the only thing I’d sug­gest as an improve­ment is prob­a­bly a noz­zle cov­er to keep the mud and stuff out of the noz­zle, but this would obvi­ous­ly make it a tad hard­er to open on the bike.Would I buy this bot­tle again? Maybe, although prob­a­bly not as since I pur­chased this, SIS have released a slight­ly larg­er 1000ml bot­tle in the same style — and I’d prob­a­bly get that instead for that lit­tle extra hydration!Thanks for read­ing — if you found this help­ful, please let me know by click­ing below. 😀

  4. Ama­zon Customer

    Dis­coloured in less than a weekHad pre­vi­ous­ly used SiS bot­tles for over a year at a time with no issues. Not sure if have a bad batch or gen­er­al qual­i­ty has been real­ly reduced but the two brand new clear bot­tles I bought last week from Ama­zon have dis­coloured bad­ly already — that’s with hand­wash­ing only, not in the dish­wash­er. Com­pare to a 6 month old High5 clear bot­tle in the photo.

  5. Gyp­sum Fantastic

    Best cycling bot­tles you can get.Big neck for easy fill­ing, fast flow­ing spout for fast chug­ging, walls just squashy enough to let you squirt it into your mouth as fast as you like but not so soft that you spurt every­where unin­ten­tion­al­ly (good lord). 800ml a good size. 100% water­tight — nev­er even the slight­est leak. Goes through the dish­wash­er every week with no issues. Just don’t drop it on the spout as it’ll snap. The only bot­tles I every buy. All good.

  6. Giles

    Great water bot­tlesI looked for these spe­cif­ic water bot­tles, not because of any of the Sci­ence In Sport stuff, but because they are just great bot­tles. I first got a cou­ple thrown in when I bought my last bike, and have always gone back to them. They are soft enough plas­tic that they flex allow­ing the water to flow more eas­i­ly, and the plas­tic is not brit­tle so if they ever get dropped or fall from the bot­tle cage they don’t break. The lids on them are wide, big enough to fit the big, pre made ice from the super­mar­ket in which is a bonus for me.It seems stu­pid that find­ing some­thing as sim­ple as a water bot­tle is dif­fi­cult, but hard plas­tic ones are a pain to drink from, some have sports caps that don’t seem to flow prop­er­ly, the met­al ones are a pain to drink from, and I’ve had plas­tic ones that are more brit­tle and have cracked when dropped. Also these fit nice and snug­gly into my bot­tle cage, and the plas­tic is a tad more ‘grip­py’ than some oth­er bot­tles, so it holds well.

  7. PL7

    Good, no frills drinks bot­tleNeed­ed a new drinks bot­tle for when im out on the bike and this looked like a safe bet. Its a decent size, and the clear trans­par­ent mate­r­i­al means its easy to tell how full/empty it is at a glance. Its also a nice pli­able mate­r­i­al so flex­es as need­ed when tak­ing a big gulp and will also ensure a bit of pro­tec­tion if dropped as it should take a decent impact. I obvi­ous­ly thor­ough­ly washed it upon its arrival and had no issues with plas­tic smell or taste which can be com­mon. If you need them, there are 40 & 80g mea­sure points also.I quite often put squash in mine rather than plain water and have not had any issues with stain­ing either. The lid screws on and i have not had any leak issues, the pop up top is a soft rub­ber so also seems to seal well. Mine is still quite new so the pop up is a lit­tle tight and hard to open, espe­cial­ly if you attempt to do so with your teeth! I expect this will loosen over time but its easy enough when you are used to it any­way. Not so much a fault with this bot­tle but the over­all style of bot­tle… When out on a bike it is easy for dust/mud/rain etc. to flick up, so the exposed top which you put your mouth around can quick­ly become dirty if you do not have ade­quate pro­tec­tion from things like mud guards etc. Just some­thing to con­sid­er but not some­thing to mark this down for.

  8. Tim

    Leak too eas­i­lyOn the plus side: the rub­bery noz­zle isn’t hard­ened plas­tic like a lot of bot­tles, so it’s a nicer tex­ture to drink through. And if you’re cycling, you can drink from it one-hand­ed (you can open/close the noz­zle with your mouth).But I’ve had four of these now, and they all end up leak­ing after a bit of use, because they crack at the base of the noz­zle. And hav­ing the mouth­piece exposed all the time is rather unhy­gien­ic. I’m not buy­ing any more.

  9. Mr. A. Skene

    great for the gym fits in all tech­no gym bot­tle …it’s a BPA free bot­tle, great for the gym fits in all tech­no gym bot­tle hold­ers as well as most (but not all) spin bike bot­tle hold­ers, it’s cheap to buy, the out­let mech­a­nism is stur­dy and good qual­i­ty, and is eas­i­ly cleaned but not dish­wash­er safe. Holds 800mlI have yet to have any­one judge me at the gym for my choice of bottle.Honestly you can spend lots more on bot­tles but there is no need this does the job, looks OK, has 2 mark­ers on the bot­tle show­ing where 50g and 100g is pre­sum­ably for those that use shake powders.I’ve paid sil­ly amounts for top end bot­tles that I usu­al­ly leave or have suck mech­a­nisms to get the water from teh bot­tle but you have to real­ly ques­tion your­self on what more do you need from a bottle.This will do every­thing you need and costs very lit­tle. buy it, you wont regret it.

  10. RK

    Pos­si­bly the per­fect drink­ing bot­tleBought a cou­ple of these for my bike, but giv­en the price was­n’t expect­ing too much. How wrong I was. These are pos­si­bly the best designed drink­ing bot­tle I’ve used. The plas­tic is yield­ing enough it fits snug­ly into the bot­tle cage, but not so flex­i­ble that it gets crushed. The spout opens eas­i­ly, is easy to drink from, and clos­es prop­er­ly to give a snug seal (so no leaks).Have now run them through the dish­wash­er a num­ber of times, and no signs of any wear or degra­da­tion of the plas­tic parts.For the mon­ey, you can­not go wrong with these. My only wish is that they did oth­er sizes, as a 500ml would be the per­fect com­pli­men­ta­ry size for the sec­ond bot­tle cage. As it is, I’ve had to use anoth­er (some­what infe­ri­or) brand for that one.

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