Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 12.4 Inch 128GB 5G Android Tablet Graphite (UK version)


  • That plus really adds up to something. You get everything on the Galaxy Tab S8, plus a bigger 12.4” AMOLED screen. A bigger battery. And an on-screen fingerprint scanner.
  • Write, sketch, doodle, or draw all your wildest ideas into reality with S Pen with ultra-low latency. A thousand tools in one, the new S Pen gives you impressive levels of control.
  • Love to draw or paint? Clip Studio Paint5 was created just for creative people like you. With a natural brush feel you can bring life to your most imaginative creations.
  • Auto Framing gives the spotlight the speaker deserves. So, you can record a dance lesson and the camera will automatically zoom in to keep focus on you and your moves as you give instructions.
  • Ring up your bestie or up to 31 of your closest friends with the high-quality video calling app available. The three Mic noise reduction technology makes sure you focus just on the call.
  • Size. Position. And number of windows. You’re in charge with Multi Window. That means you can research decor inspirations, sketch out architectural plans, and video chat with your friend — all at once.


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From the manufacturer

Galaxy Tab S8

Space for limitless possibilities

Galaxy Tab S8

Avail­able in three dif­fer­ent tablet mod­els. Galaxy Tab S8 has an 11” LCD screen, while Galaxy Tab S8+ has a big­ger 12.4” sAMOLED screen. Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra sets a new epic stan­dard for tablets with a 14.6” sAMOLED screen.¹

Galaxy Tab S8

Be the centre of attention, wherever you are

The Dual Front Cam­era (Ultra-Wide + Wide) boasts an impres­sive field of view that pro­vides opti­mal 4K video record­ing. Auto Fram­ing gives the spot­light the speak­er deserves² ³. The Cam­era even knows to auto­mat­i­cal­ly zoom out to include them, mak­ing it feel like you are talk­ing to them in person.

Galaxy Tab S8

Get the gang together with Google Duo

Ring up to 31 of your clos­est friends. The three Mic noise reduc­tion tech­nol­o­gy makes sure you focus just on the call. You can even team up and col­lab­o­rate cre­ative­ly with Jam­board — Google’s inter­ac­tive whiteboard.⁴ Share your screen and expe­ri­ence it togeth­er with Google Duo.⁵ ⁶

S Pen snaps right into place to charge

No mat­ter which tablet size you select, the brand-new S Pen comes includ­ed and mag­net­i­cal­ly snaps to the back of Galaxy Tab S8 Series to charge. Write, sketch, doo­dle or draw all your wildest ideas into real­i­ty with S Pen with ultra-low laten­cy. A thou­sand tools in one, the new S Pen gives you impres­sive lev­els of control.

Galaxy Tab S8
Galaxy Tab S8

Amazing alone. Better together

Enjoy a con­tin­u­ous expe­ri­ence across all your Galaxy devices. One UI 4.1 allows you to access all the same apps between your Galaxy S22 Series and Galaxy Tab S8 Series. Even jam­ming out to music is easy with Auto Switch with Galaxy Buds.⁷ Your Galaxy Buds will auto­mat­i­cal­ly pair from your Galaxy Tab S8 Series to your Galaxy S22 Series to switch devices with­out miss­ing a beat.

¹Mea­sured diag­o­nal­ly, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra­’s screen size is 14.6″ in the full rec­tan­gle and 14.5″, account­ing for the round­ed cor­ners. Galaxy Tab S8+‘s screen size is 12.4″ in the full rec­tan­gle and 12.4″ account­ing for the round­ed cor­ners. Galaxy Tab S8’s screen size is 11″ in the full rec­tan­gle and 10.9” account­ing for the round­ed cor­ners. Actu­al view­able area is less due to the round­ed cor­ners and the cam­era hole.

²Cer­tain res­o­lu­tions and ratios may not be sup­port­ed. Cer­tain func­tions may not be avail­able when Auto fram­ing is on. Only peo­ple can be recog­nised, and there is a lim­it to how many peo­ple may be recognised.

³Au­to Fram­ing is only avail­able on Ultra-Wide Front Camera.

⁴Jam­board requires to be down­loaded sep­a­rate­ly and addi­tion­al func­tions may require purchase.

⁵Google Duo is a TM of Google LLC. UX/UI sub­ject to change. Google Duo App avail­abil­i­ty may vary by coun­try and region.

⁶Re­quires opti­mal con­nec­tion. Actu­al speed may vary depend­ing on coun­try, car­ri­er and user environment.

⁷Au­to Switch fea­ture only avail­able on Galaxy smart­phones and tablets with One UI 3.1 or lat­er. Cer­tain devices and appli­ca­tions may not sup­port Auto Switch. Galaxy devices must be logged in to Sam­sung Account to enable Auto Switch.

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Additional information

Weight 550 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 5.08 × 6.86 cm


Product Dimensions

25.4 x 5.08 x 6.86 cm; 550 Grams


1 Lithium ion batteries required.

Item model number



Tab S8+



Screen Resolution

2800 x 1752


2800 x 1752 Pixels

Processor Brand


Processor Speed

3 GHz

RAM Size

8 GB

Speaker Description

Quad speakers

Graphics Card Description


Connectivity Type


Wireless Type

802.11n 802.11b 802.11a 802.11g 802.11ac

Number of USB 3.0 Ports


Front Webcam Resolution

12 MP

Operating System

Android 11

Item Weight

550 g



Date First Available

9 Feb. 2022




  1. mike more­ton

    Bril­liant tablet!Well impressed with this tablet. Very thin and light with a great pic­ture and sound. Fast enough proces­sor for just about every­thing I need it for. The pen is very sen­si­tive with no lag at all so note­tak­ing is great. It also con­verts hand­writ­ing to text. I pre-ordered this so I will get the key­board as a pro­mo­tion. It also has the DEX app that changes the usu­al Android screen to a PC like screen. Can’t find any­thing I dis­like. I’ve got an iPad pro 12.9″ and I pre­fer the Sam­sung to that. Expen­sive but no more than the near­est Apple equiv­a­lent. This is a seri­ous con­tender for the Apple crown.

  2. George

    Out­ra­geous­ly amaz­ing!Incred­i­ble. The tablet I’ve been wait­ing for, and stun­ning in every way! I do add that Sam­sung’s bloat in increas­ing­ly frus­trat­ing, but that is some­thing com­mon across all their prod­ucts, and not just this tablet. How­ev­er, be aware that if you want to silence and remove some of those things, that can be dif­fi­cult or impos­si­ble. Amaz­ing yes, but with some soft­ware annoy­ances nevertheless.

  3. Ali

    Amaz­ingThis tablet is a beast. Comes bun­dle with the new and improved s pen. Unfor­tu­nate­ly no plug is sup­pled so for the super fast charg­ing you will need to buy your own 45w charg­er. Com­pared to my old­er galaxy tab s7 this tablet makes it looks small and a lit­tle washed out. I was wor­ried that the ultra was going to be too big but it is so light and thin that it makes using this tablet a breeze. I main­ly want­ed this tablet to remote play the playsta­tion 5 which is does per­fect­ly as the duelsense con­troller can pair direct­ly to the tablet and has all func­tions like rum­ble and adap­tive trig­gers as if it was con­nect­ed to the actu­al ps5. Also works well for Xbox games pass with­out a need for an Xbox con­sole if u have a games pass sub­scrip­tion. It is an excel­lent tablet for gam­ing on. The screen is sharp and clear at 14.6 inch­es and has a refresh rate of 120hz. The colours just pop and makes the s7 tab look dull in com­par­i­son. Watch­ing tv on this tablet is real­ly nice with the large screen and bril­liant speak­er sys­tem. I pre ordered this tablet before the 24th Feb­ru­ary as well so came with a free key­board cov­er case to turn this into a lap­top with Sam­sung dex mode. The key­board case had to be redeemed on the Sam­sung web­site but that was straight­for­ward so I am very hap­py with this pur­chase. If any­one is on the fence about this tablet I would say just go for it as there is noth­ing else like this out there at the moment. Sam­sungs best tablet yet.

  4. john james

    It’s Sam­sung per­fec­tionOne of Samsung’s lat­est cre­ations, I love it

  5. elkay

    The Ulti­mate TabletI pre-ordered mine through the Sam­sung online store, and it arrived ear­ly, the day before the offi­cial release. This tablet is incred­i­ble, so very light and thin, with an amaz­ing dis­play, and is a joy to use. Every­thing about it just oozes ‘pre­mi­um.’ I espe­cial­ly like the feel of the glass back. This aspires to be the new king of giant tablets, and invokes inevitable com­par­i­son with what could well be the erst­while king, the iPad Pro. I have seen some ‘pro­fes­sion­al’ com­par­isons, which smack of bias, and felt com­pelled to put the record straight, at least from my point of view. As it hap­pens, I now have both, and am in a posi­tion to make direct com­par­isons, so here goes.Cost:-I have the 256GB ver­sion for both, cost­ing £1099 each, but the Ultra comes with 12GB RAM com­pared to the iPad’s 8GB. Fur­ther­more, the Ultra comes with a free pen, where­as the Apple pen­cil will cost an addi­tion­al £119. Pre-order­ing the Ultra got me a free book cov­er key­board, which would nor­mal­ly cost over £300, where­as the Apple Mag­ic Key­board will cost an extra £329. The free Sam­sung book cov­er key­board is no longer avail­able, but buy­ing the Ultra now will still get you a free set of the Sam­sung Galaxy Buds worth around £130.Size and weight:-At 14.6″, the Sam­sung Ultra gives quite a bit more real estate than the 12.9″ of the iPad. Yes, the Ultra weighs 80g more than the iPad Pro, but, in real world terms, if I had not seen the weights spec­i­fied in spec­i­fi­ca­tion sheets, I would not have thought that there was any dif­fer­ence in the weight. Nei­ther tablet can be com­fort­ably held sin­gle-hand­ed for very long, and, held in both hands, the weight dif­fer­en­tial is not notice­able. In any case, the Ultra­’s big­ger view­ing area more than makes up for the weight dif­fer­en­tial. One pro­fes­sion­al review­er describes the Ultra as being ‘large and unwieldy to car­ry around,’ yet the Apple Mac­book Pro14 , of equiv­a­lent size, but of more than twice the weight, is per­fect­ly fine.Display:-I used to rel­ish the excel­lent dis­play of my iPad Pro, albeit with some cyn­i­cism. The Pro is often described as hav­ing bet­ter colour accu­ra­cy than its rivals. How­ev­er, as the real world is com­posed of an almost infin­i­tes­i­mal gamut of shades and hues, is there real­ly such a thing as ‘colour accu­ra­cy’? When I placed the Ultra and the Pro side by side for the first time, I imme­di­ate­ly saw what seems to be a very slight green­ish cast on the Pro which I had not noticed before. Now, when I use the Pro I can see the green­ish tint, and it irri­tates me. The Ultra, on the oth­er hand, has a Super AMOLED screen that gives a gor­geous display.Storage capacity:Both the Ultra and iPad Pro came with 256GB stor­age capac­i­ty. A pro­fes­sion­al review­er was quick to point out that, for the iPad, ‘you can get stor­age up to 2TB, which Sam­sung does­n’t offer.’ What he neglect­ed to men­tion is that, for this priv­i­lege, you have to cough up an eye-water­ing extra £900, while 1TB will cost an addi­tion­al £550. The Ultra, on the oth­er hand, pro­vides a micro sd slot which will accom­mo­date a 1TB card for around £135.Android vs iOS:-iPads give you access to a vast range of apps that per­form slick­ly on your tablet, sup­pos­ed­ly more so than is avail­able for Android tablets. How­ev­er, I have no use for that vast array of apps. From time to time, I browse through lists of ‘100 best iPad apps’ to see what I was miss­ing, but nev­er find any­thing of real inter­est to me. I have a small but com­pre­hen­sive selec­tion of apps that I use con­stant­ly, and, I sus­pect, like many oth­er tablet users, have no com­pelling need for any­thing else. For all apps that I use on my iPad Pro, there are equiv­a­lents avail­able on Android, which are every bit as good, and often bet­ter. So, which is bet­ter, iOS or Android? Well, nei­ther real­ly. I am remind­ed of the Apple adver­tise­ment where a boy with his iPad asks what a com­put­er is. I have to tell him that a com­put­er is some­thing which lit­tle boys who play with toys would­n’t know any­thing about, because that is essen­tial­ly what tablets are, just glo­ri­fied toys. To be hon­est I use tablets pure­ly for enter­tain­ment, and much pre­fer to use my Win­dows desk­top pc or lap­top for any real work. For all Apple’s efforts, the trimmed-down ver­sions of apps for iOS mobile are still no match for the full-spec­i­fi­ca­tion and bespoke appli­ca­tions avail­able for Win­dows devices. How­ev­er, for pure enter­tain­ment, the Sam­sung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is now, for me, the undis­put­ed king.

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