Sage BTA825UK the Smart Toaster 2 Slice Motorised Toaster — Brushed stainless steel

£ 129.00

Brand Sage
Colour Brushed Stainless Steel
Material Metal
Item dimensions L x W x H 18 x 19 x 26 centimetres
Power / Wattage 1000 watts
  • INNOVATIVE AUTO FEATURES: 1-Touch “A Bit More,” “A Quick Look”, Fruit Loaf and Crumpet and Frozen functions derived directly from your feedback makes for flawless toasting
  • 2-SLICE CAPACITY: Larger artisanal bread, thick bagels and dense pastries demand wider slots, so we answered the call
  • VARIABLE BROWNING CONTROL: Toast to your ideal brownness level while the LED indicates your browning progress
  • 1-TOUCH LOWERING: Automated lowering into the trays makes for gentler handling of your toasted goodness
  • EASY CLEANING: No need to ever lift when cleaning. Just pull out the front crumb tray and tip it into the dustbin


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From the manufacturer

Sage appliances smart 2 slice toaster

smart 2 slice toaster

sage appliances

Kitchen appli­ances designed to inspire peo­ple to pro­duce per­fect food and bev­er­age results in their own homes with ease. From espres­so machines to food proces­sors, the inno­va­tion in each appli­ance delights. Sage makes the process a plea­sure and the end result per­fect, every time.

The Smart Toast 2‑Slice Toaster by Sage

2‑slice toaster with innovative 1‑touch automation for perfect toasted goodness every time you switch it on.

As your arti­sanal bread, bagel or pas­try low­ers gen­tly into one of the 2 extra-wide slots, you’ll know toast­ing per­fec­tion is in the works. Real-world feed­back led us to devel­op inno­v­a­tive ‘A Bit More’ and ‘Lift and Look’.

  • Inno­v­a­tive Auto Fea­tures
  • 2‑Slice Capac­i­ty
  • Vari­able Brown­ing Con­trol
  • 1‑Touch Low­er­ing

Product DNA

Smart auto function toaster

2 slice smart toaster by sage

variable browning control toaster

1-touch lowering smart toaster

Innovative Auto Features

1‑Touch ‘A Bit More’, ‘Lift and Look’, Bagel, and Frozen func­tions derived direct­ly from your feed­back makes for flaw­less toasting.

2‑Slice Capacity

Larg­er arti­sanal bread, thick bagels and dense pas­tries demand wider slots, so we answered the call.

Variable Browning Control

Toast to your ide­al brow­ness lev­el while the LED indi­cates your brown­ing progress.

1‑Touch Lowering

Auto­mat­ed low­er­ing into the trays makes for gen­tler han­dling of your toast­ed goodness.

smart 2 slice toaster by sage

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Additional information

Weight 3.07 kg
Dimensions 18 × 19 × 26 cm


Model Number



Brushed Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

18 x 19 x 26 cm; 3.07 Kilograms

Power Wattage

1000 watts


240 Volts



Number of Slices


Special Features

Crumb TrayCord StorageHigh LiftBrowning Control

Item Weight

3.07 kg



Date First Available

14 May 2013




  1. Ergates

    Caught fire and fused the house, toasts uneven­ly but looks nice!We’ve been using this toast­er for a year or so now. It’s expen­sive but looks love­ly and it’s very trendy and gad­gety. But it toasts hor­ri­bly and uneven­ly. Worse still, hav­ing popped some crum­pets in the toast­er they tried to pop up but they got caught on the mech­a­nism and got ‘fold­ed’ into the ele­ments where they caught fire and fused the house. Not my best morn­ing … I put out the fire, mend­ed the fuse and had a cup of cof­fee while I picked the bits of burnt crum­pet off the ele­ments (with it unplugged — health and safe­ty!). Not one of my best pur­chase choices!

  2. Stoik­er

    Form over func­tionAs a brand snob (I’ll start ther­a­py at some point) I love the Sage stuff and design. It’s not quite the same met­al colour as the Nespres­so cof­fee machine but the toast­er lives in the cup­board when not in use.The elec­tri­cal low­er­ing and rais­ing of the bread is cool. Super­mar­ket height slices should be fine how­ev­er if like me you do make your own bread it will have to be trimmed. Also some­times on the high­est toast set­ting it doesn’t always toast as much as I would like. I end up press­ing the ‘bit more’ func­tion. It’s nice to have the fruit loaf/crumpet set­ting which toasts the inside part only. It will take a lit­tle get­ting used to the set­tings to get it just right for what­ev­er you toast.Is it worth the amount? Unless you want brand uni­for­mi­ty and a gim­mick might be bet­ter off with anoth­er brand­ed toast­er that just works the old fash­ioned way. How­ev­er it’s a love­ly bit of kit, but I wouldn’t run out and replace it with the same if it broke.Update: I have the same issue that has been brought up in oth­er reviews now. The col­lapsi­ble pad­dle has seized up and no replace­ment avail­able from Sage. I’d also need a new bread con­tain­er as the coat­ing is com­ing off too. I have tried the jam pad­dle for bread. While this works it does leave a gap­ing hole in the bread. I’m dis­ap­point­ed there haven’t been any stock. I know, covid, Brex­it or what­ev­er rea­son but it’s still sad when one has spent a lot of mon­ey on a machine. I may end up get­ting a dif­fer­ent brand soon.

  3. Mar­tyn Stanley

    Fan­tas­tic Toast­er which would­n’t be out of place on the bridge of the Enter­prise.Okay, these are not cheap. You could go get some cheap chi­nese plas­tic thing from Argos or Home Bar­gains for £9.99 — sure. How­ev­er, if you like nice things and don’t mind pay­ing extra for them, this is well worth a look.It seems very well engi­neered and feels qual­i­ty. The but­tons, the body, the slid­er for the timer (which lights up!) all feel a bet­ter qual­i­ty than you’re used to expe­ri­enc­ing on this type of appli­ance. Yes, the slow, motorised low­er­ing and rais­ing of the items being toast­ed might seem gim­micky, it is. But you know what? So what! It’s nice. There’s some­thing sat­is­fy­ing about press­ing a but­ton, then watch­ing your round of bread glide grace­ful­ly into the body. You can even press a but­ton for a ‘quick look’ where the toast­er will gen­tly rise the toast up so you can catch a tan­ta­lis­ing glimpse of your toast­ing per­fec­tion before it’s done.Another key fac­tor of this toast­er is toasts well! In fact VERY well. It even does crum­pets well. Remem­ber to point the porus sides of your crum­pets inwards and set the timer right for the brand of crum­pet and you will have per­fect soft crum­pets with a nice crispy tex­ture just where you want it.The only down­side to this toast­er is it’s a lit­tle bulki­er than aver­age I think. It seems big for a two slice machine, but oth­er than that we love it.

  4. Jam

    A very nice, if expen­sive, toast­erOne would be for­giv­en for think­ing that “a toast­er is a toast­er” — and one would have a point. That makes this toast­er very expen­sive, in that sense.It does, how­ev­er, have some pret­ty neat fea­tures; the best for me being the indi­ca­tor lights which match the lever posi­tion then counts down to 0 so you can see how far it still has to go. Crum­pet mode is also a valid addi­tion — assum­ing you agree that crum­pets (and bagels) need toast­ing more on one side than the other.The pop up/down mech­a­nism is elec­tri­cal­ly dri­ven rather than mechan­i­cal: so you put the toast in, press the but­ton, and watch the toast get low­ered into the machine; and at the end of toast­ing, it rais­es up with a lit­tle beep­ing alarm (pret­ty unin­tru­sive). Arguably, that’s gim­micky and unnec­es­sary — but it does look pret­ty cool com­pared to the old fash­ioned mechan­i­cal spring sys­tem. “Frozen” and “Quick Look” are basi­cal­ly fea­tures that exist on many toast­ers if I’m hon­est. “A Bit More” does exact­ly that: essen­tial­ly what you could do on tra­di­tion­al toast­ers, except here you don’t have to remem­ber you’ve put them back in (or be remind­ed when you smell the burning).Form wise, as you can see from the pho­tos it looks very smart and high tech, and indeed it does up close too. The build qual­i­ty seems excel­lent. I just hope that, with the added com­plex­i­ty, it’s not a case of “more to go wrong”.In sum­ma­ry — this is a very nice 2‑slice “top-mar­que” toast­er: it’s very expen­sive (at £116 I think it’s about £20-£30 too much, to be hon­est), but it’s like buy­ing a BMW or a Mer­cedes of toast­ers; if you can afford it, then you will like the added fea­tures and high quality.

  5. Ama­zon Customer

    Well pleased so far — Five StarsI’d asked a ques­tion as I like to toast 2″ gar­lic slices and want­ed to know if I could get them out eas­i­ly. Now that I’ve bought one the answer is yes, just! Thank you for the replies. The toast­er has very deep slots so you can even toast stan­dard bread slices ver­ti­cal­ly if you want, but it also lifts quite high when fin­ished so even those gar­lic slices can be picked out, but gin­ger­ly if it’s still hot.The slots for crumbs to fall into the crumb tray are nar­row, so I won­dered if that would mean it get­ting messy but I see that as it’s motorised there is lit­tle jar­ring to the toast when it’s fin­ished so maybe few­er crumbs fall anyway.It’s very nice­ly made, has a qual­i­ty fin­ish, and I like the led lights that dis­play the timer set­ting and it’s accu­rate so I’ve made a note of the best set­ting for dif­fer­ent things. (Those lights pro­vide a use­ful visu­al count-down too.) I haven’t found the but­tons for crum­pets or frozen espe­cial­ly use­ful, but the ‘bit more’ but­ton and the ‘quick look’ seem a good idea. It beeps gen­tly when fin­ished too, and that’s quite handy.So over­all I’d say it’s very good. The war­ran­ty is 2 years so as long as it does­n’t fail in 25 months I’ll be happy.

  6. SAM

    ReviewHi Every­one who is plan­ning to buy this product,I always want­ed to have an instru­ment which should be capa­ble of ONLY toast­ing bread and be able to make small scale toast­ed sand­wich. After months of search­ing, read­ing reviews at var­i­ous web­sites , ask­ing friends and vis­it­ing shops I decid­ed to buy this one know­ing what’s in store.My expec­ta­tions were — thing should be stur­dy, long last­ing, it should pro­vide a good toast and clean­ing should be easy.With these pre­cur­sors in mind, I start­ed using this prod­uct about a month ago. I should say I am extreme­ly sat­is­fied with the out­come. I have read reviews where peo­ple say it does not toast even­ly — yes it’s true if you do toast at 5, but things work pret­ty cool if I tend to use 3–4 along with lit­tle extra option it makes a beau­ti­ful toast.Also it makes good light weight sand­wich and heats up crois­sant quite well.When we com­pare this one with dualit toast­er, dualit ones do have a big­ger boot space to cook big­ger stuffs. This is one of the down­side about this device, If this device had such a set­up then I would have giv­en 5/5 then it’s worth what we pay for. In my world I think it’s still lit­tle bit over priced.

  7. Simon-Matthew

    Sage BTA825UK the Smart Toast­er 2 Slice Motorised Toast­erOrdered through Ama­zon’s web­site seamlessly.Arrived on time. Pack­age was intact. The toast­er was pack­aged appro­pri­ate­ly and was undamaged.Easy to fol­low instruc­tions on how to care for the toaster.It toasts even­ly and is quite quick. It has some set­tings which you can use and you can also tog­gle the time yourself.Overall, this is a great product!Would rec­om­mend to friends and/or family.Would pur­chase again if the toast­er stopped work­ing for any reason.

  8. G.

    Good prod­uct, how­ev­er…I am hap­py with the purchase.However, some­thing to men­tion would be the timer switch made of cheap plas­tic and every time I want to move it for less or more I am afraid it will just break. The whole toast­er is made of met­al, don’t real­ly saw a point of doing that spe­cif­ic part out of plastic.

  9. Ali­son Williams

    Supe­ri­or toast­erAbsolute­ly love this toast­er espe­cial­ly the take a look and a bit more fea­tures. Also like the smooth action of the mech­a­nism which low­ers and lifts the bread in/out of the toast­er. First tried tea­cakes which were toast­ed to per­fec­tion as usal­ly these the hard­est to get right in a toast­er. Yes it is a bit pricey which is why the 4stars for val­ue for mon­ey but oth­er­wise it far out ways oth­er brands of toast­ers out there on the mar­ket that I have tried

  10. Ric_Shaw

    Worth The extraLike oth­ers here its pret­ty hard to review a Toast­er… Does it make Toast — YES!However the dev­il is in the detail and whilst we will all be gen­er­al­ly impressed with the gad­getry, the motorised car­riage, a bit more, etc. the fact that it actu­al­ly toasts real­ly well is often lost. In short any­thing that I’ve tried in the machine to date has been well toast­ed across the whole sur­face is unusu­al in any toast­er I have had before. This ‘even­ness’ was a sur­prise to me in that I have nedr seen this an any toast­er I had pre­vi­ous­ly owned.The addi­tion­al ease of the brown­ing con­trol is also a great boon when in a house­hold where every­one seems to want a difer­ent degree of toast­ing allows easy and accu­rate calibration.It is pret­ty expen­sive, how­ev­er seems well made and so long as it does­n’t go wrong I think its worth the extra.Recommend to a Friend — TES­Buy again — YES

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