Russell Hobbs RHM1714B 17 Litre 700 W Black Digital Solo Microwave with 5 Power Levels, Digital Clock and Timer, 8 Auto Cook


  • EASY CLEAN – With a wipeable painted interior and removable glass turntable which is dishwasher safe, it’s super easy to keep clean.
  • Amongst its features this microwave offers. Auto Cook Options, 5 power levels, weight defrost settings & a digital clock/timer display
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Installation type: Countertop
  • Included components: 1 x User Manual
  • The RHM1714B is a practical and stylish everyday microwave. This model has a silver mirror finish door and black housing


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From the manufacturer

Russell Hobbs Compact Microwave

The RHM1714B from Rus­sell Hobbs is sim­ple and easy to use with 700 watts of microwave pow­er, pro­vid­ing you quick and con­ve­nient cook­ing in your home.

About your Russell Hobbs microwave

Microwave ovens do not gen­er­ate any heat them­selves but instead cause water mol­e­cules in food to vibrate. This vibra­tion pro­duces heat that cooks the food. This is why your food will come out of the microwave pip­ing hot, when your uten­sils inside the microwave stay much cooler.

Microwaves can­not go through met­al, so the inside of the appli­ance is lined with met­al. The door is lined with a fine met­al mesh which stops microwaves get­ting through.


Avoid using scour­ing pads, steel wool or oth­er abra­sives. Warm soapy water and a sponge should get rid of all mois­ture and food spillages.

How to get the best cooking results


With six microwave pow­er lev­els to choose from, you can ensure all your food is cooked or re-heat­ed to the opti­mum temperature.


This microwave has auto­mat­ic defrost set­tings, all you have to do is input the weight of the food and the microwave selects the ide­al defrost time.

Auto Cook Menus

The RHM1714B also fea­tures pre-pro­grammed auto cook menus such as piz­za, fish and pop­corn, allow­ing you to cook all your favourite food at the push of a button.

Hints and tips

To avoid any microwave mishaps it is rec­om­mend­ed to take extra care with the following:

Low mois­ture foods (eg. cere­als, bagels, dried pas­ta, puls­es and chocolate)

- These must be cooked on a low pow­er lev­el for a very short length of time, or prefer­ably not at all.

High sug­ar con­tent foods (eg. jams, syrups)

- These foods can become eas­i­ly ‘super-heat­ed’ when cooked in a microwave oven.

Foods con­tain­ing alcohol

- Foods with an alco­hol con­tent must not be cooked in a microwave as they could ignite.

Foods with a mem­brane or out­er skin (eg. fruits, sausages, potatoes)

- Food with a sealed or none porous skin must be pierced to allow pres­sure and steam to escape.

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Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 45.2 × 26.2 cm

Russell Hobbs

Model Number




Product Dimensions

36 x 45.2 x 26.2 cm; 10.5 Kilograms


17 litres

Volume Capacity

17 litres

Power Wattage

700 watts



Auto Shutoff


Special Features


Item Weight

10.5 kg



Date First Available

13 Mar. 2009


Russell Hobbs


  1. Ama­zon Customer

    Very pret­ty but inside is just fill of rust.It’s just as the reviews had said inside get rusty very easy and I clean it every used. So it’s def­i­nite­ly some­thing wrong with it.

  2. Ryan Munro

    Don’t Buy!At the time of pur­chase, I thought “this has lots of excel­lent reviews, this is the per­fect microwave to get!Oh, how I was so wrong.After a few months of use, it was show­ing signs of rust inside and mois­ture was build­ing it up like mad. Once we had it for a year, it has clear­ly got worse. It has to be wiped dry of mois­ture after every use and the rust buildup is crazy!We cleaned it out and microwaved a meal to see how much mois­ture had built up for the pur­pose of the review. you can see on the images attached that the rust is every­where and the mois­ture is present. What we thought was an excel­lent microwave for the first few months has turned out to be a nightmare.I’m not sure if there is a war­ran­ty or any­thing that came with it oth­er­wise I would have asked for a replacement.

  3. Mar­ty Stardust

    Rots insideAvoid like the plague — worst thing about it is under the plate rots even when kept clean — the fin­ish comes away and its an ugly rusty colour — not only that but its real­ly real­ly slow — 700w may as well read 500w. Some­times it just does­n’t start and you have to bang the door — real­ly poor product

  4. Jason­pi

    Works a dreamFor the price this is one of the best microwaves i have bought, with help from an ama­zon vouch­er :).This microwave will do what most expen­sive microwaves will do. i do advise to have a quick read of the menu because it can do things my part­ners 120 pound microwave cant. Even though this is rat­ed at 700 watt just add or minus ten sec­onds and it come out per­fect. easy to clean inside (not the largest space) the door takes reg­u­lar clean­ing as you can basi­cal­ly use it like a mir­ror. Brilliant

  5. Lewis

    Very dis­ap­point­ed!!With­in a few months of min­i­mum use the front glass on my microwave became stained that no clean­ing prod­ucts could take it off.. to my dis­cov­ery it was not a stain it was heat that had got­ten between the glass because the seal­ing on the inside of the door has peeled off let­ting it in.Wouldn’t expect this to hap­pen as I would have thought they’d design the seal to be pro­tect­ed from melt­ing … very dissapointed!!

  6. Claire D

    Does every­thing I need it toWas look­ing for the most com­pact microwave I could find, with basic fea­tures. Looks good, easy to use, small. Has auto start func­tion so you can get it going for 30 sec­onds with a sin­gle but­ton press. My only com­plaint is that the timer goes 30s, 1m, 1m30, 2m, 2m30, 3m30, 4m30 etc. So I’m not sure how you set it for 4m..!

  7. Mar­i­an Creanga

    Easy to use and styl­ishThe microwave arrived in due time and it was packed very well to pre­vent any dam­ages. The microwave itself behaves fan­tas­tic ever since I pur­chased it and it is very easy to use. Did not need the man­u­al for instruc­tions as the labels next to the but­tons explains it well. It is quite pow­er­ful and the mir­ror like design for the front glass makes it a good addi­tion to the kitchen environment.

  8. Kev

    Amaz­ing for the price, though rather noisy for ear­ly morn­ing use.(review for Rus­sell Hobbs RHM1714WC, sold by Ama­zon Nov2020). Microwaves don’t seem to last long these days, so thought I may as well try a cheap one. At £55.99 this fit­ted the bill, and I’m pleas­ant­ly sur­prised to find it does­n’t seem cheap or nasty, so first impres­sions are that it is amaz­ing­ly good value.There is a sep­a­rate page of safe­ty info and then the man­u­al itself gets to page 10 before the list of pre­cau­tions fin­ish­es, leav­ing one think­ing it may be safest nev­er to plug the device in. There is also some info that I would have liked before pur­chase, like the large amount of clear­ance need­ed around it (approx 3″ at sides and back and 12″ above). How­ev­er it is well writ­ten, in Eng­lish, and uses a font size that is suit­able for read­ing, which sets it sev­er­al light-years ahead of some com­peti­tor’s offerings.It took quite some time to set up the kitchen around the require­ments, but once done it seems to work as expect­ed. Very briefly a ‘new’ hot kind of smell but by the sec­ond use this was gone. I was hop­ing to just turn the dial and press go, like pre­vi­ous machines I’ve had, but this one selects the pre­set rather than time by default so anoth­er but­ton needs to be pressed first; not ide­al but easy enough to get used to. There are quite a lot of iden­ti­cal but­tons which are labelled with mod­est­ly sized text, so (unlike my last mod­el, which was clear­er) read­ing glass­es are need­ed to oper­ate it.It seems to have quite a range of func­tions, more than many bud­get mod­els, and so far has done every­thing I’ve test­ed it at. The only sig­nif­i­cant down-side is that the tra­di­tion­al ‘ping’ is loud enough to seem more like an alarm — and it goes off when­ev­er a but­ton is pressed, then ‘four’ times when it fin­ish­es heat­ing, then four times again after a pause if one does­n’t open the door in time (then open­ing the door also sets it off, though just the once). This might be use­ful for the hard of hear­ing, except it is also quite high pitched, but it has already been com­ment­ed on by the neigh­bours (in an adjoin­ing flat) and I’ve only had it a day; it real­ly does­n’t seem very suit­able for ear­ly-morn­ing break­fast time unless there is some way to shut it up that I’ve not seen yet.But over­all very pleased with it for the price. If it will last as long as the pre­vi­ous microwaves I’ve had, which failed with­in months of the war­ran­ty expir­ing, then I shall con­sid­er it to be much bet­ter value.

  9. Ama­zon Customer

    One Star

  10. Esignum

    Poor design. Do you want a mir­ror or microwave?Plus points: It works.Negative points:- It last­ed just over 3 years of light to mod­er­ate use before break­ing.- The mir­ror glass in front may make it look ‘nice’ but it makes it very hard to see your food inside. If you want to see your face rather than your food, then this is for you.- The light stays on, even when the door is open, so your choice is: keep the insides dry by leav­ing the door open and waste elec­tric­i­ty or keep the door shut to save elec­tric­i­ty and watch the insides rust.- The fin­ish­ing alarm keeps beep­ing for­ev­er on an inter­val till you open the door — very annoy­ing. I much pre­fer a sin­gle ‘ding’ then let me decide when to open the door.- When it even­tu­al­ly broke I was glad to get rid of it and bought a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent brand and model.

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