Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 3100 W Vertical Steam Iron 20630 — Black and Grey


Brand Russell Hobbs
Colour Black
Item weight 2.04 Kilograms
Style Iron Only
Item dimensions L x W x H 12.2 x 17 x 30.5 centimetres
  • The 45 g/min continuous steam will make light work of most fabrics, however the powerful 210 g steam shot is there to help you tackle stubborn creases with ease
  • 3100 W of high-powered performance gives this power steam ultra a speedy heat-up time and it's 15% faster than previous Russell Hobbs models
  • Prolonging its life and maintaining performance a self-cleaning function will ensure your iron is free from impurities, such as scale. 350ml water tank
  • Improved glide means no more struggling to work your way through large laundry piles; 50% smoother than previous models with less of the effort
  • Activating if left on or knocked over the automatic switch-off function is perfect for busy households and those constantly rushing out the door
  • Steam control: Lift the iron off the fabric. Press the steam button. Leave 4 seconds between shots, to let the temperature build up.


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From the manufacturer

Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 3100 W Vertical Steam Iron 20630 — Black and Grey

Whether you enjoy iron­ing or you hate it, you’ll love the fresh pressed results from the Pow­er­Steam Ultra. Pow­ered by 3100 W it heats up 15% faster so you can get the job done quick­er. It has a super smooth ceram­ic sole­plate that glides through even the tough­est creas­es to leave your gar­ments wrin­kle-free. A tapered tip with but­ton groove lets you get into those awk­ward bits of fab­ric around fas­ten­ings to give your clothes a pro­fes­sion­al­ly ironed finish.

Vertical steam function

It has a pow­er­ful ver­ti­cal steam func­tion that’s ide­al for get­ting the wrin­kles out of hang­ing gar­ments, cur­tains and uphol­stery and it has a vari­able steam func­tion that allows you to con­trol the lev­el of steam you apply.

Spray function

If clothes have been left to dry for too long creas­es can be a firm fix­ture. Giv­ing fab­ric a quick spray is a good idea to soft­en it up and make iron­ing eas­i­er. A quick spritz is all it takes, and it means you don’t have to increase the heat to get a smooth result.

Triple Action Self-cleaning

Your Pow­er Steam Ultra has a triple action self-clean­ing func­tion. This com­pris­es of an anti scale car­tridge that self cleans to pre­vent the build up of harm­ful scale and help pro­long the per­for­mance and life of your iron

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Additional information

Weight 2.04 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 17 × 30.5 cm

Russell Hobbs

Model Number




Product Dimensions

12.2 x 17 x 30.5 cm; 2.04 Kilograms


0.35 litres

Power Wattage

3100 watts



Steam Output

45 Grams Per Minute

Special Features

Continuous steam

Item Weight

2.04 kg



Date First Available

27 April 2014


Russell Hobbs


  1. Tre­for

    Ver­dict — What works well and what does­n’tI’m writ­ing this review after using the iron a few times.. I find it’s best to cap­ture first impres­sions with items like this as I tend to get used to odd quirks and start to work around themWhat works well# IRONING CAPABILITY — Seems very good — hot temp works well, glides well, notch for use around but­tons is use­ful — ini­tial fin­ish on clothes is good.# WEIGHT — The iron is towards the heavy end of what’s avail­able — I like this! — It sounds as if the weight might require more effort to use, but I actu­al­ly find hav­ing to apply more down­ward pres­sure using a light iron hard­er work than slid­ing a heav­ier one from side to side.# SPEED TO HEAT — the 3100W makes a dif­fer­ence — it’s right up to top temp in a mat­ter of sec­onds — this works well for me as the thing I iron most of are cot­ton shirts .. I actu­al­ly iron very lit­tle on a low set­ting.# STEAM — This fea­ture works well — but it’s not a big one for me. As men­tioned on the box when it arrives the iron will have a lit­tle water residue in it where the steam / spray func­tion has been test­ed. I actu­al­ly pre­fer to use a sep­a­rate water spray bot­tle as in the past I’ve found water reser­voirs even­tu­al­ly get a bit grub­by and will occa­sion­al­ly leave a spot on a shirt (always at the end when you’ve ironed the whole thing!) I pre­fer to keep the iron clean and dry and apply water as I go using a sim­ple gar­den spray bottle.What could be bet­ter# HANDLE — While this is ok I did find the steam but­tons at the front of the han­dle got in the way a lit­tle — not to the point where it was a real prob­lem, but it just made the han­dle a lit­tle less com­fort­able than it could have been# COILING CABLE — This is a lit­tle annoy­ing — there is nowhere to coil the cable around the iron after use — hav­ing said that I often leave mine out in a spare room.. but not great if you need the space and want to keep it out the way — also think irons left out are extreme­ly dan­ger­ous re small kids or pets .. so abil­i­ty to coil the cable would be useful.OVERALLI like it so far — it feels sub­stan­tial heats up quick­ly and irons well.

  2. John B.

    I am Iron man!I’ll be hon­est… I bought this because it looks like the sort of thing Darth Vad­er would use to iron his cloak! Unlike Darth Vad­er I cant use the force, so it’s a good thing for me that this iron is easy to use, smooth and not too heavy. Lots of steam and makes short work of this bor­ing job!

  3. Mrs. I. Watson

    Used iron recievedRecived a used dirty iron with water inside and limescale out­side, see the pic­tures. It was nice­ly pack­aged as new, very cheeky. Return­ing now.

  4. Sid

    Extreme­ly pow­er­ful, great buy!Great prod­uct. I want­ed a pow­er­ful iron to get rid off the diff creas­es (tum­ble dried clothes). This did an amaz­ing job, wth it’s extreme­ly pow­er­ful steam. I want­ed to buy a big steam iron but could not because of space issue so set­tled for buy­ing this. That turned out to be a great deci­sion as this one did a pret­ty good job.I bough mine last year and after that have bought 2 more of the same — one for par­ents and anoth­er one for in laws. It has not giv­en us any issue. Would rec­om­mend this prod­uct to every­one who wants a pow­er­ful heavy iron

  5. Mr. J. Hunt

    It’s has a notch — just like the iPhone X !!Great iron. Heats up quick­ly, gen­er­ates plen­ty of steam and has a very smooth plate so glides over the clothes easily.The only down­side (hence 4 instead of 5nsyars) is that the heat indi­ca­tors aren’t very clear — so it’s tricky to work out where the cot­ton or wool set­tings are.The best thing though is — it has a notch ! Just like the iPhone X ! The notch enables you to iron round but­tons — which is odd­ly satisfying !

  6. Sue

    Will ruin your clothesI dis­like the fact that after 6 months the iron leaks brown coloured liq­uid all over shirts when iron­ing. A num­ber of white shirts have been ruined by the stain­ing. When request­ing a refund I have been told by Rus­sel Hobbs that I have used the incor­rect water. I have been using iron­ing water (tesco). RH insist that you can only use tap water with this iron and there­fore are not refund­ing. They have told me to clean (which I was doing 2–3 times each time I ironed) to erad­i­cate brown/limescale water and only use tap water. Inter­est­ing to see on here how many oth­er cus­tomers are hav­ing the same prob­lem. Don’t buy this iron its big ugly heavy and does not have an amaz­ing anti-scale agent incor­po­rat­ed that helps pre­vent the build up of scale! Had to give one star as not allowed to review with a zero

  7. Bethany Dawn

    An ade­quate iron, but not impres­sive.This iron looks great, it heats up fast, and the steam boost is very pow­er­ful, how­ev­er it is very heavy which can be great how­ev­er I iron a lot and it just makes my arm ache! The open­ing where you refill the water tank feels and looks very cheap, like the sil­ver paint will eas­i­ly chip and come away.The notch­es for iron­ing round but­tons can be real­ly use­ful how­ev­er it con­stant­ly gets caught on fab­ric bunch­ing it up and just caus­ing more creas­es that are even hard­er to get out, which got real­ly frus­trat­ing after it kept hap­pen­ing. The con­stant steam when iron­ing was min­i­mal, so I had to use the steam boost a lot to get a good flat mate­r­i­al, which made the steam loose pres­sure and become weak.It’s a great iron if you don’t iron too much, how­ev­er if you iron a lot and for longer than I would re-think!

  8. Char­lotte

    DO NOT BUYAs I was iron­ing, it has cre­at­ed yel­low rusty marks on my part­ners shirt that will not come out. I haven’t even had the iron 6 months yet.

  9. Sil­tone

    This iron has served us very wellMy wife and I actu­al­ly pur­chased our Rus­sell Hobbs Pow­er­steam Ultra just over 18 months ago. So, I thought it would be a good idea to write a belat­ed review on the product.….First of all, here are our rea­sons for pur­chas­ing this par­tic­u­lar iron in the first place:It was (and still is) a best seller.Didn’t want to pay more than £50.Needed one that could be used once/twice each week, and han­dle the require­ments of two people.Wanted one that was easy to use.We liked the design of the ceram­ic base, fea­tur­ing plen­ty of jet holes, which in turn­helps cre­ate plen­ty of steam. We also liked the two cut-outs in the front of the base plate — these allow eas­i­er access into ‘dif­fi­cult to reach’ areas of your clothing.This one has a tan­gle-free 3 metre lead.It has a prac­ti­cal han­dling weight of 1.6Kg (includ­ing cable).It has a self-clean­ing function.By the way, my wife and I both use the iron, though I’ll admit my wife gets more use out of it than me. Now that we’ve had the expe­ri­ence of using it for all this time, here are our conclusions:It is indeed easy to use.It’s easy to fill up with — we only use dis­tilled water, because tap water con­tains cal­ci­um, which can clog up the iron. That said, we also (around once a week) use the Self-Clean but­ton which addi­tion­al­ly helps to keep those jets clean and clear.We like that the iron gets up to tem­per­a­ture quickly.We espe­cial­ly like its steam func­tions. There is a vari­able but­ton to reg­u­late the steam, or you can press anoth­er but­ton, which results in a quick burst of steam.Overall, we con­sid­er our Pow­er­steam Ultra to be an excel­lent pur­chase. Ours has not let us down, it’s straight­for­ward and com­fort­able to use, and it does what we expect of it. I can be quite crit­i­cal of a prod­uct at times, but I hon­est­ly can­not find any­thing neg­a­tive to to write about this iron. If you want a steam iron, and you have a bud­get of less than £50 then this one is well worth considering. 😊

  10. K.A.Y.

    Bril­liant. Hus­band and son love the space age look …Bril­liant. Hus­band and son love the space age look and now enjoy iron­ing. Heats quick­ly. no leak­ing at low tem­per­a­tures. per­fect­ly satisfied.

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