Russell Hobbs Breadmaker with Fast-Bake Function 18036 — White


Voltage 240
Colour White
Item weight 4.32 Kilograms
Material Plastic
Capacity 1 Kilogram
  • Comes with 12 programmable functions and a 13-hour delay bake timer
  • Complete with a 7-minute power cut-off memory function
  • Has an automatic keep-warm function for 1 hour
  • Large viewing window with LCD display and non-slip feet
  • Comes with a manual and 1-year guarantee


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From the manufacturer



russell hobbs

About The Brand

Rus­sell Hobbs was found­ed in the UK in 1952 by Bill Rus­sell and Peter Hobbs, whose com­bined design and engi­neer­ing flair allowed them to launch a com­pa­ny that remains a lead­ing brand to this day.

Over the years, Rus­sell Hobbs has built up a lega­cy of design and inno­va­tion that placed the brand at the heart of the consumer’s home. The first auto­mat­ic switch off ket­tle, the first auto­mat­ic cof­fee mak­er and even the first plas­tic ket­tle were all Rus­sell Hobbs innovations.

Russell Hobbs Fast Bake Breadmaker 18036

Enjoy Fresh, Homemade Bread Quicker Than Ever Before!

There real­ly is noth­ing like the mouth-water­ing­ly deli­cious smell of fresh bread to make a house feel like a home.

By mak­ing your own bread at home you’re able to con­trol what ingre­di­ents are used, from the type of flour to the deli­cious lit­tle extras like seeds and raisins. There’s no knead­ing by hand or oven bak­ing required and you can enjoy a pro­fes­sion­al fin­ish every time – no more sunken cen­tres or crum­bling crusts!

  • Non-Stick Knead­ing Blade and Bread Pan Includ­ed
  • 12 Pro­gram­able Func­tions includ­ing Fast Bake, Cake and Jam
  • Dish­wash­er Safe Parts

Key Features

fast bake



Fast Bake

No more wait­ing for fresh­ly made bread. The Rus­sell Hobbs Fast Bake Bread­mak­er fea­tures a 55 minute fast bake func­tion, giv­ing you the abil­i­ty to quick­ly whip up a deli­cious white loaf if your friends and fam­i­ly descend last minute!

12 Programmable Functions

To ensure you have the ver­sa­til­i­ty to bake up your favourite type of loaf the Rus­sell Hobbs Com­pact Bread­mak­er has 12 pro­gram­ma­ble func­tions. With options from gluten free, french, whole-wheat, cake and many more!

Did you know that you can even use your bread­mak­er to make jam? Why not give it a go — you’ll always have some­thing tasty to top your fresh bread.

Loaf Sizes

The 18036 Rus­sell Hobbs Bread­mak­er can make 1lb, 1.6lb and 2.2lb loaves allow­ing you to make bread at a suit­able size for you.

31 hour delay

13 Hour Delay

The handy 13-hour delay bake func­tion gives you the free­dom of fresh­ly baked bread at your con­ve­nience. You can set the delay fea­ture at night so that you wake up to a fresh­ly baked loaf for break­fast, or you can set it before a busy day so that you can come home to a crusty loaf to accom­pa­ny your dinner.

keep warm

Keep Warm

You may not be able to get to your bread as soon as it has fin­ished bak­ing and so the design­ers at Rus­sell Hobbs have includ­ed an auto­mat­ic keep warm func­tion that will auto­mat­i­cal­ly keep your bread warm for 1 hour after the bread­mak­er has fin­ished baking.

3 crusts

Crust Control

This nifty lit­tle bread­mak­er hasn’t left any­thing to chance and even fea­tures a crust con­trol func­tion allows you to select from 3 set­tings of how dark you would like your crust.


Easy Cleaning

For added con­ve­nience, the bread pan and knead­ing blade are both non-stick and are dish­wash­er safe, mak­ing clean­ing up a breeze.


Product Specifications

  • Non-Stick Kneed­ing Blade and Bread Pan Included
  • Fast Bake Function
  • 1lb, 1.6lb & 2.2lb Sizes
  • 12 Pro­gram­able Functions
  • 13 Hour Delay Feature
  • 7 Minute Cut-Off Mem­o­ry Function
  • Keep Warm Function
  • Crust Con­trol Function
  • Dish­wash­er Safe Parts
  • Non-Slip Feet

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Additional information

Weight 4.32 kg
Dimensions 32.3 × 29.3 × 28.5 cm

Russell Hobbs

Model Number




Product Dimensions

32.3 x 29.3 x 28.5 cm; 4.32 Kilograms


1 Kilograms

Power Wattage

660 watts





Special Features

Rapid_Bake_FunctionNon-StickTimerViewing Window

Item Weight

4.32 kg



Date First Available

19 Jan. 2010


Russell Hobbs


  1. Valene

    Rus­sell Hobbs Com­pact Fast Bread­mak­er 23620, 600 WI was­n’t sure what to expect from this as the reviews are pret­ty mixed. I had owned a Pana­son­ic for 10+ years but was reluc­tant to pay the price for a Pana­son­ic again as reviews are sug­gest­ing they don’t last a frac­tion of the time that they used to. At the price of this Rus­sell Hobbs if it only last­ed a year I would­n’t have lost much.Setting it up took a bit of get­ting used to so read the instruc­tions care­ful­ly, if you want to pause the pro­gram and go back to where it left off then switch it off at the mains — you’ll have 7 min­utes to do what you need to. If you use the Start/Stop But­ton it will start the pro­gram from the begin­ning. So the 1st loaf I made I had to learn this and the loaf was restart­ed a few times, it came out not look­ing too good but tast­ed fine.I most­ly use Gra­nary Flour and was dis­s­a­point­ed when I saw the size it came out, as it used to be much larg­er in the Pana­son­ic. How­ev­er, I must admit it was much nicer con­sis­ten­cy from this machine which in turn made it a lot eas­i­er to cut, so I’m extreme­ly pleased with this.I don’t nor­mal­ly eat white bread but had a cou­ple of loaves for oth­er peo­ple who raved about it. I decid­ed to try it for myself on the 3hr+ pro­gram Wow! I’m hooked, it was lovely.I did try the 1 hour pro­gram for white bread too and was­n’t impressed, the loaf tast­ed okay but it cre­at­ed that type of dough that sticks to your teeth, some peo­ple like that.Making bread can be a bit of tri­al and error but I found fol­low­ing the recipes straight from the book­let sup­plied was suc­cess­ful. I use Dove’s Gra­nary Flour, I think I used Tesco White Flour and Wright’s Seed­ed Bread Mix.I would high­ly rec­om­mend you give this bread mak­er a try. If you reg­is­ter your pur­chase with Rus­sell Hobbs they will give you an extra year Guarantee

  2. strob

    Fan­tas­tic and com­pact — great gluten free bread!After a diag­no­sis of coeli­ac dis­ease in the fam­i­ly we took the plunge and bought this machine to bake our own gluten free bread. This machine has a gluten free set­ting and it works brilliantly.I can’t com­ment on the timer because I’ve not used it but the machine is sim­ple and even I man­age to pro­duce fan­tas­tic bread — fol­low­ing the recipe in the book­let pro­duced a slight­ly crumbly loaf (using Doves Farm GF Brown Bread flour) so I added 7g of xan­than gum and 10ml of water and bin­go! Per­fec­tion. (You may have to exper­i­ment a lit­tle to find what works best for you but the recipe book­let is a good start­ing point.)It is as sim­ple as adding liq­uid ingre­di­ents, fol­lowed by dry ingre­di­ents with yeast last of all (if using the timer you must keep the yeast dry so it does­n’t acti­vate before the machine starts work­ing), select­ing your loaf and menu set­ting (press­ing a but­ton until your option appears on the easy to read screen) then.…let the machine get on with it.I don’t have room to leave this machine out on my work sur­face — it is com­pact enough to put on top of the kitchen cup­board and is light enough that I don’t have any trou­ble lift­ing it up.I was skep­ti­cal about buy­ing this — like many peo­ple I have bought bril­liant sound­ing kitchen gad­gets only to find they don’t actu­al­ly work as well as I had hoped or they don’t fit into our lifestyle and they just end up clut­ter­ing the place up before being donat­ed to char­i­ty BUT.….this beau­ty gets used rough­ly every 5–6 days with­out fail and does a bril­liant job. We’ve had this for almost 6 months and are still impressed with the results!I high­ly rec­om­mend this machine.

  3. Ama­zon Customer

    Absolute­ly use­lessThe pad­dle is per­ma­nent­ly stick­ing inside the bread and has not worked prop­er­ly since it was pur­chased, despite get­ting the cus­tomer ser­vices advice in how to rec­ti­fy the prob­lem. That was to coat the pad­dle in oil/butter. The guar­an­tee was for a year, but some­where in the small print it states that the pad­dle only has 6 months war­ran­ty and they are sug­gest­ing it has lost its coat­ing. It has nev­er worked once, so can’t see how this is the problem

  4. Steven sel­way

    Great Machine.We had the pre­vi­ous ver­sion of this Bread­mak­er. It last­ed for 10 years and was a great machine. This new ver­sion is absolute­ly fan­tas­tic. We make bread, piz­za bases and cobs/rolls. I total­ly rec­om­mend this bread maker.

  5. social_unrest

    cheap but very goodthis is the sec­ond bread­mak­er i’ve had of this mod­el. The pre­vi­ous one i man­aged to destroy by fill­ing it with small sesame seeds that caused prob­lems when they worked their way into the mov­ing parts. So don’t do that.I’m very pleased with the bread it makes. I used it just last night.I would have pre­ferred it to be taller inside because when I make the largest size of loaf it will often touch the top of the inside of the bread­mak­er caus­ing it to not form a crust there. But that’s a minor quib­ble. The medi­um size loaf is per­fect­ly ok.

  6. Casper

    Looks good — stur­dyI have not used this yet but it lookk well made and solid.Edit 14th Feb 2019Started using this and a cou­ple of things to be not­ed.# It moves around on the work­tops so you need to keep an eye on it. When the dough is in a ball state it thumps around mov­ing the whole machine. So could be dan­ger­ous and fall off the counter.# Would be bet­ter if it had suc­tion feet to give it some sta­bil­i­ty. I think to feel safe if you can’t be in the kitchen for 3 hours. I would put it on the tiled floor to save any poten­tial dam­age.# So far I have failed twice, so on my third batch, I would say that’s more about me and not the machine. It does make quite a noise tho. Will update how this batch goes 3rd time lucky# 17th — ok Third batch turned out much bet­ter. Bet­ter to under mea­sure the flour than over mea­sure. The flour in bags is com­pact so fluff it up some before you mea­sure.# Dif­fer­ence between bought bread and hand made very different..Wish I had bought one earlier.

  7. nigel.d.richards

    Very rea­son­able priceFan­tas­tic bread machine. Makes a love­ly loaf of bread

  8. I p

    At this price, give it a try, you won’t be dis­ap­point­ed.Excel­lent machine, quick and easy, on offer price bril­liant, def­i­nite­ly a good buy, if you­ve nev­er had a bread mak­er this is the one to try. Makes a love­ly loaf and makes the house smell great. Very pleased, high­ly recommended.

  9. Mrs. Jacque­line A. Hollis

    Does­n’t do what it says on the tin (or in the leaflet)The machine looks pret­ty smart. I read the instruc­tions care­ful­ly, set it up and very care­ful­ly mea­sured the ingre­di­ents for the basic loaf. Made sure I placed ingre­di­ents into the pan in the cor­rect order. Great antic­i­pa­tion! Loaf emerged with a crust all around but the top one was very thin, more like the skin on a rice pud­ding. Inside, the loaf had a large hole from front to back, only the 2 sides were sol­id. Add to that the hole in the bot­tom left by the pad­dle there was very lit­tle bread with­in the crust. Back to the draw­ing board, tried again, same result. Tried dif­fer­ent recipes from var­i­ous sites, BBC etc, in all baked 7 loaves using 6 dif­fer­ent recipes and all came out with the same result. I dou­ble checked my ingre­di­ents each time and twice had some­one stand­ing with me check­ing my method. Apart from that, there are hard­ly any recipes in the leaflet and the lid on the machine was quite loose and wob­bled about eas­i­ly. I rarely feel the need to leave poor reviews but this just does­n’t do the job in any way. I have arranged to return.

  10. Tre­ble­cel

    Great for mak­ing my own keto breadI bought this to make my own keto bread using the keto king recipe on youtube. It’s a great wee machine, just lay­er up the ingre­di­ents and press a but­ton. For keto bread I use the gluten free set­ting and it comes out per­fect. The first few loaves had the pad­dle stuck inside them, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to tip the loaf out onto the cool­ing rack. So now I remove the pad­dle from the machine when it’s fin­ished the mix­ing cycle.…problem solved and no big hole in the bot­tom of the bread.

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