Russell Hobbs Adventure Brushed and Polished Stainless Steel Four Slice Toaster with Polished Kettle Bundle

£ 61.96

Brand Russell Hobbs
Colour Polished Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Item dimensions L x W x H 16.7 x 23.4 x 20 centimetres
  • Sleek stainless steel body with black Accents fit for any stylish kitchen
  • Variable browning control to suit your preference
  • 4 extra wide slots with independent 2 Slice operation, perfect for a variety of toasting from bread to crumpets
  • Boils 1 cup in 45 seconds, one cup is equal to 235ml of water
  • The perfect pour spout allows you to get a streaming flow of water straight into your cup. Say goodbye to splashes and spills on the kitchen worktop
  • Rapid boil internal marker for 1/2/3 cup volume


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Additional information

Dimensions 16.7 × 23.4 × 20 cm

Russell Hobbs


Polished Steel

Product Dimensions

16.7 x 23.4 x 20 cm


Stainless Steel



Date First Available

24 Aug. 2018


Russell Hobbs


  1. Mr Stephen O’Dwyer

    Please do not buy — Poten­tial­ly dan­ger­ousNot one of my best purchase.To be hon­est this ket­tle is a frac­tion above rub­bish but only the tini­est fraction.The lid is NOT attached to the ket­tle body. So when fill­ing you have to detach the lid put it down, fill the ket­tle and then replace the lid.There is no win­dow to see how much water you have in the ket­tle before turn­ing on, or whilst is it boiling.There is no light to say that the ket­tle is turned on. I’m not an expert but I have nev­er had an elec­tric ket­tle with­out some sort of light to say that there is pow­er to the ket­tle. This I feel is very, dangerous.The fil­ter inside looks to be very flim­sy and will not last very long.Having now seen the pre­vi­ous review with regards to the inter­nal wiring I wish I had nev­er brought this kettle.I have only used the ket­tle overnight but I know I will chuck it away and buy one from from a super­mar­ket where I can see it in the flesh.My hon­est advice is to steer clear of this ket­tle and buy some­thing else.I hope this helps with your prod­uct choice.Steve

  2. Sarah mom hair dogs budgie men­tal health

    Do not buy. Not safe. Wob­bles on stand.The media could not be loaded.

     To be hon­est I can’t rate taste, effi­cien­cy etc because I didn’t get that far. I was shocked to dis­cov­er that I ordered 2 ket­tles (one for car­a­van) both Rus­sell Hobs and they were both rock­ing on the stand! Shock­ing to see it wob­ble as it boils! Total­ly use­less. Sent straight back!Russell Hobs have lost my busi­ness for good.

  3. K. Hugh­es

    Cheap, noisy and poor­ly designed.Looks ‘okay’, but that’s where the good points end.The bad points?, well where do I begin…As you know, a ket­tle is basi­cal­ly a met­al con­tain­er with a heat­ing ele­ment, a han­dle and a spout. That’s the approach the prod­uct design­ers took… not con­sid­er­a­tion of ergonom­ics, usabil­i­ty or func­tion­al­i­ty, and “let’s make it chrome and black” being the only con­sid­er­a­tion to aesthetics.Feels like cheap plas­tic and the met­al con­tain­er is the thinnest mate­r­i­al known to man.No exter­nal­ly vis­i­ble indi­ca­tion of how much water is in it, so you need to remove the lid to check every time.Oh that annoy­ing lid… you need to ful­ly remove it to refill the ket­tle. The lid has a stu­pid ‘pinch’ hold and you need to place it on your table/worktop upside down when refill­ing the ket­tle, oth­er­wise you get a tsuna­mi of water everywhere.NOISE! Thank­ful­ly after the first time you boil it your hear­ing will be all but gone, so sub­se­quent boils will be less painful in the ears. I imag­ine the noise to be akin to stand­ing behind a fight­er jet that has full after­burn­ers scream­ing and the in dash cas­sette play­er cranked all the way up to 10…

  4. SH

    CheapThe black gloss look plas­tic trim looks and feels very cheap. Boils fast but it is hard to find the fill line as there is no out­er indi­ca­tion. To fill you have to remove lid and inside is 3 red fill lev­els for 3 cup (not mugs) fulls. Then you are left guess­ing how much you have put in until u reach the max fill line which is just a in-print on the inner side which is hard to make out.

  5. abeck001

    Over rat­ed but it works.Bought this to replace an old Rus­sell Hobbs ket­tle that looked sim­i­lar and last­ed years. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this one is nowhere near as good.Feels very light and cheap and over­all a poor design. But it does boil water, so its not a com­plete write off.Main issues:1) takes ages to boil if more than half full.2) the spout is tout­ed as some great feat of engi­neer­ing… its not. It just slows the pour to such a ridicu­lous trick­le that you tip it too mich and boil­ing water gush­es out of the top past the lid.3) the lid fits poorly.4) the lit­tle red mark­ers for 1 and 2 cups of water are very use­ful. Shame they did­n’t car­ry that thought through to the ‘max’ line which is a bare­ly dis­ci­pher­able etch­ing on the inside of the metal.

  6. Got­Got­Need

    I regret buy­ing this ket­tleIt’s not exact­ly rein­vent­ing the wheel to make a decent ket­tle. Rus­sell Hobbs have man­aged to down­grade ele­ments I hadn’t even con­sid­ered when replac­ing my pre­vi­ous cheapo ket­tle. 1) no exter­nal fill­ing gauge, 2) pours bad­ly and spills, 3) stiff lid — no handy pop up but­ton- which is becomes v hot so refill­ing after boil­ing is more dif­fi­cult than it needs to be 4) Super noisy.In fair­ness it does boil water for which I have giv­en it two stars

  7. R4K

    Fast, sim­ple, and clean-lines but AWFUL pack­ag­ingMy wife does­n’t like that she can­not see the water lev­el from out­side and finds the lid dif­fi­cult to pull off. But I like the lack of plas­tic and sim­plic­i­ty of design which means there’s less to go wrong. Don’t real­ly miss a pow­er-on indi­ca­tor (though it’d be nice to have) — you soon hear the water hear­ing up. The on-off switch is a lot stur­dier than our pre­vi­ous ket­tle so I hope it will last longer.I reduced my review from five to three stars because I for­got to say how awful the pack­ag­ing was. It was post­ed in the orig­i­nal man­u­fac­tur­er’s box with no sur­round. The deliv­ery man hand­ed it to me already opened exact­ly as in the pic­ture. I know the ket­tle had been out of the box because I lat­er found the foam rub­ber square it sat on in our gar­den — and the ket­tle had been put back in the box with its top fac­ing the bot­tom of the box. Lucky noth­ing seemed to be missing.

  8. Lydia Room

    Last’s Well, still goingThis is a very good ket­tle, and has giv­en me no prob­lems. I find it qui­et, and very quick. I’ve had plen­ty of ket­tle’s that say they are ‘quick boil’ then take so long, that you lose the will to live while waiting.I am also a type 1 dia­bet­ic (dia­betes mele­tus) who uses sweet cof­fee, to raise my blood sug­ar when need­ed. So do appre­ci­ate a ket­tle that boils quick­ly. I know I could have a cold sug­ary drink, some­times I do do that, but rarely, as if my blood sug­ar is low, hand me a cold sug­ary drink, and I just sit there look­ing at it. Hypo­gly­caemia can do that, where as a hot drink, I will drink quick­ly (cast iron throat)This ket­tle is light, I also have weak wrists, and fin­gers that don’t work well. So I don’t fill this ket­tle full, as then I could­n’t lift it, but a third full is fine for me.So any­one else, who is elder­ly, or not as strong as they were, may find this ket­tle per­fect­ly suit­able for themselves.It stays bright and shiny eas­i­ly, the cord stor­age works, for the length you want, so many don’t. It was­n’t the most expen­sive ket­tle, but def­i­nite­ly worth every pen­ny and more.

  9. Philip S.

    Worst ket­tle I have ever bought.I can­not believe peo­ple are leav­ing good reviews for this kettle.It is noisy, cheap and tack­i­ly made.The ket­tle wob­bles bad­ly when it is placed on the pow­er pad for it.I have nev­er seen such a bad­ly made kettle.I would avoid buy­ing this and spend an extra £5 Ona bet­ter one.I have always bought Rus­sle Hobbs for their qual­i­ty products.But I will think again now and go for a dif­fer­ent brand in my kitchen if this is the qual­i­ty of the stuff they are pro­duc­ing now.

  10. John

    You will need to be patient when pour­ing water.….The dif­fi­cul­ty in leav­ing this review is com­par­ing this ket­tle with my old one.A ket­tle is a ket­tle and it’s main pur­pose is to boil water and you can argue over the noise it makes when boil­ing etc. but for me it has to be safe to use.The only downside/difference between this ket­tle and my last one is the amount/speed of water that you can pour out of the spout.With this ket­tle you have a sheet of met­al which com­pris­es the main body of the ket­tle with pre drilled holes near the neck where the spout is posi­tioned and there­fore this controls/restricts the speed in which the water can be poured.With my last ket­tle there were no such pre drilled holes and it was cut out in the main body of the ket­tle so that more water came out when poured.So the point I am try­ing to make is you have to be aware/patient when pour­ing oth­er­wise the temp­ta­tion to lift/angle the ket­tle more to get a quick­er pour of water will lead to water com­ing out of the lid which is a slight safe­ty haz­ard from my point of view.Having used the ket­tle a num­ber of times now, I have made allowance for this ‘design’ fea­ture and am hap­py with this pur­chase espe­cial­ly for the over­all design fea­ture and functionality.

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