Russell Hobbs 26060 2 Slice Toaster — Contemporary Honeycomb Design with Extra Wide Slots and High Lift Feature, White

£ 25.75

Brand Russell Hobbs
Colour White
Material Plastic, Metal
Item dimensions L x W x H 27.4 x 18.3 x 20 centimetres
Power / Wattage 850 watts
  • Textured Design - The Honeycomb 2 Slice White Toaster has a Textured Design with Stainless Steel Accents, that makes a statement on any kitchen counter.
  • High Lift Feature - Letting you easily remove your toast safely and easily from the Extra Wide Slots, this feature takes care of your fingertips.
  • Frozen, Cancel and Reheat Functions - Toast a slice straight from frozen, reheat that piece you’ve forgotten about, or press cancel to save your toast from burning.
  • Removable Crumb Tray - Say goodbye to crumbs all over the countertop. This handy tray collects all of your crumbs, ready to be emptied straight into the bin with minimal fuss.
  • 2 Year Manufactures Guarantee - Plus 1 extra year when you register the product online.


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From the manufacturer

Russell Hobbs 26060 2 Slice Toaster-Contemporary Honeycomb Design,Extra Wide Slots,High Lift, White

Russell Hobbs 26060 2 Slice Toaster-Contemporary Honeycomb Design Extra Wide Slots, High Lift,White

Russell Hobbs logo

Mod­ern life is so busy that we rarely stop to appre­ci­ate things. Nobody has any time anymore.

We’re in a social era, but we don’t meet up. Life just goes on at too quick a speed.

As a brand, we’re just try­ing to remind peo­ple to slow down, and appre­ci­ate the moment more. Whether it’s a moment to cel­e­brate or not, some­thing big or small, every day or once a year, it’s about going round and get­ting the ket­tle on, get­ting togeth­er for a brunch, or even just tak­ing a sec­ond to reflect.

Russell Hobbs 26060 2 Slice Toaster — Contemporary Honeycomb Design with Extra Wide Slots and High Lift Feature, White

Makeovers made easy

Trends move fast. Now you can keep up. Thanks to Hon­ey­comb 2 Slice Toast­er, which is the per­fect kitchen acces­so­ry. Bring­ing you a styl­ish design that doesn’t blow your bud­get, mak­ing over your kitchen can be easy and inex­pen­sive. In a pre­mi­um white plas­tic with a Hon­ey­comb-Inspired Tex­tured Design, you can enjoy a tasty slice of toast from a toast­er you’re proud of. With a High Lift Fea­ture that lets you lift your toast up to your fingertips.

  • 2 Slice Plas­tic Tex­tured Toast­er
  • Extra wide slots – Ide­al for toast­ing thick­er bread types
  • • Frozen, Can­cel and Reheat Func­tions

Product Features

Textured Design

Frozen, Cancel and Reheat Functions

High Lift Feature

Removable Crumb Tray

Textured Design

The Hon­ey­comb 2 Slice white Toast­er has a Tex­tured Design with Stain­less Steel Accents, that makes a state­ment on any kitchen counter. In a pre­mi­um white plas­tic with a Hon­ey­comb-Inspired Pat­tern, this on-trend toast­er is the per­fect addi­tion to your kitchen.

Frozen, Cancel and Reheat Functions

Take care of your every toast­ing need, with the 3 x handy func­tions — Frozen, Can­cel and Reheat. Toast a slice straight from frozen, reheat that piece you’ve for­got­ten about, or press can­cel to save your toast from burning.

High Lift Feature

The Hon­ey­comb 2 Slice Toast­er has a High Lift Fea­ture that lets you effort­less­ly lift your toast out of the toast­er. Let­ting you eas­i­ly remove your toast safe­ly and eas­i­ly from the Extra Wide Slots, this fea­ture takes care of your fin­ger­tips, and brings com­plete con­ve­nience to your break­fast routine.

Removable Crumb Tray

Say good­bye to crumbs all over the counter top, thanks to the Remov­able Crumb Tray. This handy tray col­lects all of your crumbs, ready to be emp­tied straight into the bin with min­i­mal fuss.

Boxed product


The Hon­ey­comb 2 Slice Toast­er com­bines a Hon­ey­comb-Inspired Design with a pre­mi­um white plas­tic, to bring you this on-trend toast­er. With a High Lift Fea­ture for safe and easy toast removal, and a Bun Warmer per­fect for morn­ing pas­tries – mak­ing break­fast has nev­er been easier.

Prod­uct Features

• 2 Slice Plas­tic Tex­tured Toaster

• Extra wide slots – Ide­al for toast­ing thick­er bread types

• Stain­less Steel Accents

• Vari­able Brown­ing Dial

• Frozen, Can­cel and Reheat Functions

• Remov­able Crumb Tray – For easy cleaning

• High Lift Feature

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Additional information

Weight 1.68 kg
Dimensions 27.4 × 18.3 × 20 cm

Russell Hobbs

Model Number




Product Dimensions

27.4 x 18.3 x 20 cm; 1.68 Kilograms

Power Wattage

850 watts


240 Volts


Plastic Metal

Number of Slices


Special Features

Frozen cancel and reheat functions with illumination Removable crumb tray Variable browning dial Stainless steel accents

Item Weight

1.68 kg



Date First Available

24 Dec. 2019


Russell Hobbs


  1. Emma362

    Great/ it brokeThe bad reviews on this made me ner­vous. But took a gam­ble and ordered. Glad i did because every­thing was fine no faults worked well and looked great :)Despit­ed lov­ing this and tak­ing a chance after 2 weeks the toast­er broke!! So annoyed its not even a cheap toast­er. So angry with myself now paid all that mon­ey when i could have got a cheap one from bnm. Dont waste your money 🤬

  2. Rochelle mitchell

    Caught fire I need anoth­er one I need a toast­er but damn it’s riskyThe thing caught fire I can’t believe it I’m in my house with my 10 month old and I was just toast­ing her a bread and it caught fire I’m lit­er­al­ly freak­ing out. Like I have my baby life to think about now I have no toast­er and the smell of smoke through­out my flat 😢😢😢😢. Please make it bet­ter this is life we are talk­ing about

  3. V. M. Williams

    Use­less toast­erThis prod­uct hasn’t worked prop­er­ly since it was deliv­ered. The bread won’t stay down and pops up imme­di­ate­ly you let go of the lever. Because of self iso­la­tion can­not return it.

  4. bri­an mcdonald

    nice colourwill not fit aver­age loaf length ways , you need to cut end off which is a pain

  5. Mrs B.

    The worst and slow­est toast­er everThis is the worst toast­er I have bought ‚I took note of the above 4 star reviews and fool­ish­ly sent for it,I am a pen­sion­er and bought this with Birth­day mon­ey and what a waste of mon­ey It takes 5 min­utes to toast bread and then has it takes so long the toast is very hard has its total­ly dried the bread out ‚I would not want any­one else to waste their mon­ey and I wish I could send it back but it isn’t actu­al­ly faulty just use­less Rus­sell Hobbs should be ashamed and I for one will not pur­chase that make again,It is now in the cup­board and I am using my old toast­er Please do not take note of the oth­er 4* reviews they are so not accu­rate ‚all I can say is if you dont have lots of time to wait and you dont like sol­id dry toast dont buy

  6. Dawn

    I need to return the item!This was bought for my father who is 90 years old. So I thought it looked easy to use and easy to keep clean which it is but after only hav­ing for two weeks the crumb trays were put in wrong­ly so now can­not change over as they are stuck. Also one side of the toast­er is not work­ing now and I can­not see or fath­om out how to return the prod­uct to Amazon!

  7. Dav­eW

    Slot size lim­it­ed but browns even­ly.Pro­duces nice even colour over the whole slice but takes longer than our pre­vi­ous toast­er. Only suit­able for nor­mal bread, it will not take thick­er items such as tea cakes or halved rolls. The slots are not as wide as we have been used to and some taller slices of bread will not fit. We have to cut the slice in half and use two slots per slice. Ide­al for square loaves.

  8. Sandy

    Dis­ap­point­ingBought the match­ing ket­tle and toast­er. Ket­tle is great but real­ly dis­ap­point­ed with the toast­er. The love­ly dia­mond pat­tern only shows on the sides of the toast­er, so when it’s placed near the ket­tle you can’t tell that it’s actu­al­ly a set! The slots are not long or deep enough for a nor­mal slice of bread.. don’t even try to toast a full slice of War­bur­tons! Hav­ing it on the top num­ber 6 still comes out light­ly done… I pre­fer a dark­er toast so have to toast mine twice. Had this to replace my old Rus­sell Hobbs set which last­ed 13 years and was great… not sure if this set will last 2!

  9. A. Mcquil­lan

    APPALLING AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICEAwful product,It has always been very very slow at toast­ing bread. It often takes 2 goes to brown any­thingTh­is morn­ing I came down for break­fast and noticed that all the pow­er in the kitchen was off includ­ing the fridge and freez­er. I then found that the Toast­er had short­ed out and tripped the RCD on the sup­ply unit. Clear­ly its elec­tri­cal­ly unsafe. Thank heav­ens for RCD­sOh well there is a war­ran­ty . So i called Mor­phy Richards. After about 10 min­utes I got through to an agent. He was very help­ful, took all my details then said he would have to speak to his man­ag­er. He dis­ap­peared. Then came back and cut me off. I wait­ed but he did­n’t call back I called again and after anoth­er 10 min­utes was still in a queue with no sign of any answer­DO NOT BUY THIS TOAS­T­ER­It looks nice and well made but that is all super­fi­cial. It does­n’t toast well and mine broke down after just 2 months light use

  10. B

    Great lit­tle toast­erDon’t under­stand the neg­a­tive reviews. It toasts real­ly well and it fits War­bur­tons 50/50 and ASDA own brand bread. 5 out of 5 from me.

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