Russell Hobbs 24361 Inspire Electric Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Black with Chrome Accents with 4 Slice Toaster


Brand Russell Hobbs
Colour Black
Capacity 1.7 litres
Material Plastic
Power / Wattage 3000 watts
  • 3 KW premium plastic textured design, complemented by sleek chrome accents with lift off lid and an ideal pour spout
  • Ideal for those with busy days, boiling one cup in just 45 seconds, boiling one cup versus 1 Litre
  • Easy-view water window with delicate blue illumination upon boil
  • Inspiring premium plastic high-gloss textured design complemented by sleek chrome Accents with soft illumination on buttons while in use
  • Lift and look feature, so you can check on the browning of your toast without cancelling the cycle
  • Variable browning control and cancel function for personal toasting preference


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From the manufacturer

kettle toaster set

kettle toaster set

Russell Hobbs

About the Brand

Mod­ern life is so busy that we rarely stop to appre­ci­ate things. Nobody has any time anymore.

We’re in a social era, but we don’t meet up. Life just goes on at too quick a speed.

As a brand, we’re just try­ing to remind peo­ple to slow down, and appre­ci­ate the moment more. Whether it’s a moment to cel­e­brate or not, some­thing big or small, every­day or once a year, it’s about going round and get­ting the ket­tle on, get­ting togeth­er for a brunch, or even just tak­ing a sec­ond to reflect.

Make an Impression Every Morning

Com­bin­ing pre­mi­um, tex­tured plas­tic and stain­less steel accents, this clas­sic Black ket­tle and toast­er set adds a touch of class to any kitchen. With enchant­i­ng curves that end­less­ly wrap around the ket­tle – it real­ly feels as good as it looks.

  • 1.7L large capac­i­ty
  • Boils one 235ml cup in 45 sec­onds
  • Pre­mi­um tex­tured high gloss four slice toast­er with chrome accents
  • Frozen, can­cel and reheat set­tings

Key Features

kettle toaster set


Cancel, Frozen & Reheat

Lift Look

Premium Design with Chrome Accents

Make an impres­sion every morn­ing with a deli­cious break­fast from the Inspire Ket­tle and 4 Slice Toast­er. Com­bin­ing pre­mi­um, tex­tured plas­tic and stain­less steel accents this range adds a touch of class to any kitchen. With enchant­i­ng curves that end­less­ly wrap around the ket­tle – it real­ly feels as good as it looks.

Perfect Pour Spout

The Black Inspire Ket­tle is designed with a per­fect pour spout that cre­ates a stream­lined flow of water straight from your ket­tle to your cup, leav­ing the days of splash­es and splut­ters all over the counter behind.

Frozen, Cancel and Reheat Settings

Whether you want to toast a slice of bread straight from frozen, save your toast from burn­ing or reheat it on those hec­tic morn­ings to a time that’s more con­ve­nient for you – it’s all at the press of a but­ton. The ele­gant chrome accents with blue LED indi­ca­tors adds a touch of style to your kitchen.

Lift & Look

Allows you to take a sneak peek at how the brown­ing of your toast is doing, with­out can­celling the cycle.

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Additional information

Dimensions 16.7 × 23.4 × 20 cm

Russell Hobbs



Product Dimensions

16.7 x 23.4 x 20 cm


1.7 litres

Volume Capacity

1.7 litres

Power Wattage

3000 watts





Date First Available

24 Aug. 2018


Russell Hobbs


  1. deb lay­cock

    Very dis­ap­point­ed in my pur­chaseI was very dis­ap­point­ed to dis­cov­er that this ket­tle is PLASTIC inside. I assumed it was stain­less steel inside and just plastic/coloured white on the out­side – like most ket­tles are. There’s been a lot writ­ten about chem­i­cals leach­ing out of plas­tic with heat. So I am return­ing it.

  2. Deb­o­rah

    Fab­u­lous ket­tleI love this kettle.I’ve nev­er real­ly both­ered that much about ket­tles in the past. Even when I changed my kitchen I kept my exist­ing ket­tle and toast­er because they were work­ing fine.In the past when my ket­tle has stopped work­ing I’ve gone down to Cost­co and bought whichev­er one they had in at the time. And it’s always been stain­less steel.Anyway my exist­ing ket­tle had stopped work­ing a cou­ple of times. My hus­band fixed it but I fig­ured it was time for a new one. I decid­ed to look on Ama­zon before going to Cost­co. I noticed this, it stood out straight away and so I ordered it.It’s a fab­u­lous ket­tle. It works just as well as all my pre­vi­ous (more expen­sive) ones but it looks so much better.It’s the same capac­i­ty as all my pre­vi­ous ones so noth­ing is dif­fer­ent there. The lid is easy to take off and so I use that and not the spout to fill.It’s a fast boil and qui­et with a white lead as you’d expect with a white kettle.The prob­lem is now I want the match­ing toast­er plus a white white Tassimo.

  3. hiss­ing sid

    Styl­ish and very effi­cient ket­tle .My wife loves this ket­tle pure­ly on its looks , it’s very con­tem­po­rary look­ing and the white suits the kitchen colours . It has a large capac­i­ty and it has a very bright blue light inside and on the lit­tle start­ing switch when oper­at­ing. Per­son­al­ly my favourite thing is how easy it is to fill it has a large lid,with a good sized han­dle .This makes remov­ing and fill­ing the ket­tle real­ly easy ‚as I have arthri­tis in both hands this is a bonus for me. I also like the fact that because of the large lid you can get your hand inside for clean­ing. A lot of reviews have com­ment­ed on the plas­tic interior.Personally I do not find this a prob­lem no fun­ny tastes of smells as some have stat­ed. I want very lit­tle from a ket­tle I want it to look good and boil water this does that in spades. If you like the look get one as it func­tions as it should with no issue ‚and it’s handy if you suf­fer as I do with arthri­tis the lid is very easy to remove and replace.

  4. Geoff Lee

    The most amaz­ing boil­ing ever!I bought this ket­tle not real­ly expect­ing much from it, oth­er than its colour matched the decor of my new kitchen. How wrong was I? Ive lived a long life and , obvi­ous­ly had rela­tion­ships with many ket­tles through­out my life, some very good, some not so good! To be hon­est, when it came to ket­tles, I was a ‘take it or leave it’ kind of guy.…as long as they boiled water then I was sat­is­fied, not over excit­ed in any way but, you know, con­tent? Well, as soon as I turned this lit­tle beau­ty on I knew I was in for the ride of my life! The boil­ing sounds she made were like a sym­pho­ny! Not only did she look good , she came to the boil real­ly quick­ly and eas­i­ly and I was sat­is­fied with­in a very short time. High­ly recommended!!

  5. DK Hanne

    Weird Rus­sell Hobbs!!!!!!Hav­ing been through 2 Rus­sell Hobbs Cam­bridge ket­tles in a short space of time I frankly can’t believe I bought this. Love the Cam­bridge for the shape and capac­i­ty but base pow­er sup­ply it not up to scratch, can’t cope with 3KW, the wiring burns out, is quite noisy but fast. Last Cam­bridge burnt out after 359 days and RH is not a help­ful firm; how­ev­er Amzon did come up trumps.Have nev­er had a plas­tic ket­tle before and this one is slight­ly mad. Almost same shape as Cam­bridge with open han­dle but in shiny plas­tic which has to be gripped hard­er not to slip. Also and amaz­ing­ly there are 2 blue lights INSIDE? the ket­tle as well as the on/off, shin­ing blue when switched on. Pret­ty blue lights inside, but why? Pop the lid on and you would­n’t know your water is illu­mi­nat­ed. Just hope this wiring is some­what safer and longer last­ing. Pla­sic taste at first but has worn off. A bit less less noisy and flex is longer. Here is hop­ing for a longer life. Nor­mal­ly my stuff lasts for­ev­er and I am pret­ty dis­gust­ed at this throw away stuff, such a waste. Could have bought a new base?13.03.2019That shiny han­dle has turned out to be a pain. I need a full ket­tle in the am, that is quite heavy and has a ten­den­cy to slip. Also the water gauge (always tried to avoid those as they often leak), this one is tucked behind the han­dle in a use­less place, pos­si­bly to help avoid­ing acci­den­tal touch­ing of hot ket­tle if your grip on the han­dle slips. Still won­der­ing about the inter­nal, blue lights, tru­ly weird.16.04.19I have now had this ket­tle for a while and it need­ed de-scal­ing. Plus point: the inside of the ket­tle, the plas­tic body, does­n’t seem to fur up, but the base is a pain and need­ed 3 goes. If you get every bit of scale off, the ket­tle last a lot longer before next de-scale (and longer life), so I per­se­vered. Easy to see shape of ele­ment as a very per­sis­tant square of scale builds up in the mid­dle. The sur­round ring with the blue lights also scale up in the same way. Think the base is stain­less steel. I have got on bet­ter with the shiny plas­tic han­dle with­out slipping.

  6. Ama­zon Customer

    Style, light and quick boil­ingLove the style and cool sides ( you don’t burn your­self or oth­ers) as well as the quick boil. Great for a quick cup of tea but equal­ly good if sev­er­al cups are required due to its capacity.Really pleased with it and have bought the match­ing four slice toaster.

  7. Allen Akinye­mi

    Five StarsLove this ket­tle & Toaster

  8. Sun­ny Peace

    LastsOur last one last­ed three years. That is longer than the oth­ers we tried. This one costs a tiny bit more but los­ing the ket­tle just in time for win­ter is not a pret­ty pic­ture! I just bought this one again after com­par­ing all the oth­er options.The only scale that hap­pens is on the bot­tom, eas­i­ly cleaned. But the BEST rem­e­dy for scale is don’t use water straight from the faucet. Hel­lo! Use fil­tered water.It is love­ly to look at…goes nice­ly with our Longhi cof­fee mak­er and our Krups grinder…all black and chrome.Yes, it is plas­tic on the inside as it is on the out­side. But the bot­tom is stain­less steel as are all the impor­tant parts.This is hard­ly that expen­sive. A full-on stain­less steel ket­tle puts the wal­let back a few. I find this price well worth it, since it works like a dream…quietly, quick­ly, and hot­ly… ;0) and .…it Lasts!

  9. J. P. Abbott

    Water tastes of plas­tic over­pow­er­ing a strong cup of tea.I recent­ly bought this ket­tle because the reviews were very good. Do Not Be Fooled. After boil­ing the ket­tle at least 6 times before boil­ing for a cup of tea, my cup of tea tast­ed of pure plas­tic, it was awful. I am return­ing the ket­tle and am very sur­prised no one else has had a sim­i­lar expe­ri­ence. Hor­ri­ble plas­tic kettle!!

  10. E. J. Hankin

    It’s a ket­tle — what is there to say?I got this at a real­ly good price from Ama­zon. Rus­sell Hobbs seems to be a trust­ed name and I’ve not been dis­ap­point­ed. There are handy lit­tle mark­er tabs inside the ket­tle for judg­ing the amount of water you need for pur­pose and the inside seems very clut­ter free. I like that the lid comes off. I have large hands and the remov­able lid makes it easy for me to get the lit­tle mesh fil­ter out for descal­ing. It’s quite a heavy ket­tle but the han­dle is very com­fort­able to use. Decent length of flex as well and the base unit is stur­dy and stays flat where you put it. This is not the case with some cheap­er ket­tles I have owned. All in all good val­ue for mon­ey for a smart ket­tle that boils water rapidly

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