Russell Hobbs 21850 Multi Cooker, 900 W, 5 liters, None


Brand Russell Hobbs
Capacity 5 liters
Item dimensions L x W x H 15.4 x 10.4 x 9.3 centimetres
Item weight 4.06 Kilograms
Power / Wattage 900 watts
Controller type Push Button
Operation mode Automatic
  • So Handy And Versatile, Every Home Should Have One - A one-stop appliance that cooks the lot and caters to all of your family’s tastes, quickly and simply
  • 11 Functions In One Appliance - From making perfect porridge at breakfast time or setting its slow cooker function to have a stew ready at dinner time, there’s not a lot this handy cooker can’t do
  • Generous 5 Litre Capacity Bowl - The non-stick 5-liter bowl is big enough to make meals to feed the family and handy for making batches of your favorite dishes
  • Pre-Set 24-Hour Timer - For certain programs – slow cook, rice, soup, bread, steam, porridge, yogurt - there is a handy pre-set timer so you can set the Multi Cooker for later in the day
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee - Plus 1 extra year when you register the product online


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From the manufacturer



russell hobbs

About The Brand

Rus­sell Hobbs was found­ed in the UK in 1952 by Bill Rus­sell and Peter Hobbs, whose com­bined design and engi­neer­ing flair allowed them to launch a com­pa­ny that remains a lead­ing brand to this day.

Over the years, Rus­sell Hobbs has built up a lega­cy of design and inno­va­tion that placed the brand at the heart of the consumer’s home. The first auto­mat­ic switch off ket­tle, the first auto­mat­ic cof­fee mak­er and even the first plas­tic ket­tle were all Rus­sell Hobbs innovations.

Russell Hobbs Cook@Home Multicooker 21850

Versatility and Convenience at Meal Times

A one-stop appli­ance that cooks the lot, the Rus­sell Hobbs 21850 Mul­ti Cook­er is a com­pact size yet has a 5‑litre capac­i­ty that caters for all of your family’s tastes, quick­ly and sim­ply. Instead of heat­ing up your con­ven­tion­al oven or hob, the Mul­ti Cook­er can be set to cook a range of meat, fish and veg­etable dish­es. It can also be used to bake cakes, cre­ate fluffy rice and even make yoghurt. It’s ide­al for fam­i­lies on the go, if you like to cook in batch­es or space is tight in your kitchen.

  • Choose From 11 Ver­sa­tile Func­tions
  • 5 Litre Capac­i­ty
  • Large LED Dis­play with 24 Hour Pre-Set Timer
  • Dishawash­er Safe Parts

Key Features


11 programs

digital controls


Generous 5 Litre Capacity Bowl

The non-stick 5 litre bowl is big enough to make meals to feed the fam­i­ly and handy for mak­ing batch­es of your favourite dishes.

Choice of 11 Pre-Set Programmes

Choose from 11 ver­sa­tile func­tions for every meal of the day; rice, slow cook, meat, fish, stew, soup, steam, yoghurt, por­ridge, bread, cake. Just press a few but­tons and away you go!

Pre-Set 24 Hour Timer

For cer­tain pro­grams – slow cook, rice, soup, bread, steam, por­ridge, yoghurt — there is a handy pre-set timer so you can set the Mul­ti Cook­er for lat­er in the day. Easy to nav­i­gate, you can set your pro­gram to give you a deli­cious meal for when you come home from work.

Dishawasher Safe Parts

Dish­wash­er Safe Parts including:

  • Steam­er Basket
  • 2 x Spatulas
  • Mea­sur­ing Cup

Product Specifications

  • Rus­sell Hobbs 21850 Mul­ti Cooker
  • Steam­er basket
  • Spat­u­la
  • Mea­sur­ing cup
  • Infor­ma­tion booklet

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Additional information

Weight 4.05 kg
Dimensions 15.35 × 10.43 × 9.25 cm

Russell Hobbs

Model Number


Product Dimensions

15.35 x 10.43 x 9.25 cm; 4.05 Kilograms


5 litres

Power Wattage

900 watts

Auto Shutoff


Special Features


Item Weight

4.06 kg



Date First Available

21 Oct. 2014


Russell Hobbs


  1. Paula Gomez

    The best pur­chase ever madeI can­not be more hap­py with this mir­a­cle. I bought it because I don’t have too much time to cook and this saves me hours of cook­ing. Usu­al­ly I cook hotspots, stews and soups. I pre­pared a Span­ish stew that nor­mal­ly takes up to 3h, I just set up the mul­ti­cook­er in saute pro­gramme to soft the onions, gar­lic, car­rots and leek with a bit of olive oil, then I added chori­zo as well and all were per­fect­ly soft and gold the gar­lic did not burnt at all, after I put it on soup pro­gramme and changed the time to 2h and added water and the meat, after 40 mins I checked the meat and it was almost melt­ing. I added all the ingre­di­ents and then turned it off after 1h 35 as every­thing was per­fect­ly done.AdvantagesDon’t burn the gar­lic in saute pro­gram­me­Wa­ter does­n’t con­sumeAll the ingre­di­ents cook well in less time­Flavour is amaz­ingSave hours of cook­ing­Keep the food warmEasy to cle­an­Dis­ad­van­tage­Why I did not buy this before?

  2. Juli­ja Zukova

    Works well, food tastes amaz­ing­lyTasti­er meals than on the hob, and bak­ery is always a suc­cess. Had one issue cook­ing borsch when using the Soup func­tion and it over­flowed first time. Next time I ensured I have liq­uid below the max mark and made sure the small steam lid is fixed prop­er­ly. No over­flow any­more. The cakes are amaz­ing­ly well baked through. The bread is per­fect qual­i­ty too on the Bread func­tion. Did chick­en rice pilaf — hus­band said he nev­er tried bet­ter rice! The mag­ic is that if you put all ingre­di­ents togeth­er at the same time, the veg­gies dont over­cook, but the meat get super ten­der and juicy. Will be tak­ing this cook­er on the week’s hol­i­day to the South of Eng­land to cook evening meals for quick and easy.

  3. hap­pys­noopy

    Amaz­ing cook­erAmaz­ing mul­ti­cook­er!!! I want­ed to replace my rice cook­er, had so many over the years but this cook­er does not just cook love­ly fluffy rice but also have 8 dif­fer­ent uses, like bak­ing, roast­ing, soup mak­ing, and won­der­ful for stir­fry!!! It great for car­a­van and small kitchen or kitchen where like mine dif­fi­cult to have good ven­ti­la­tion, so no smoke and splut­ter­ing of oils! NO MESS! Would be great for car­a­vans, easy to trans­port too and for peo­ple who are not great at cook­ing! I love it, am not great at cook­ing but my stir fries now cook best!! Worth every pen­ny! Would rec­om­mend stu­dents, even good size for sin­gle per­son or for a famiy.

  4. shaun stokes

    Cooks love­ly food all the time.Great appli­ance for any kitchen and many uses.Deep cook­ing pan, easy functions.My Wife in par­tic­u­lar uses this for rice cook­ing as against our old rice cook­er and the bas­mati is fan­tas­tic every time.It also keeps the food hot after cooking.Very sim­ple to clean and sits nice­ly on one of our kitchen work sur­face as it is in gen­er­al use espe­cial­ly now the weath­er is cool­er, great for a casse­role or stews.

  5. Fid­dler Anne

    Great cook­er. So use­ful.I real­ly like this mul­ti­cook­er. I want­ed the instant pot but wasn’t avail­able at the time so chose this.I under­stand the crit­i­cisms about lim­it­ed instruc­tions but it’s fair­ly com­mon sense. If you want to sauté the veg pri­or to stew­ing or slow cook­ing just choose the steam func­tion which heats up the bowl and runs for 30 mins dur­ing which time you can add your ingre­di­ents. You can can­cel it ear­li­er if you wish. Then choose stew or slow cook or what­ev­er you need. As for addi­tion­al recipes, you don’t need them real­ly. Just add any ingre­di­ents you fan­cy with some liq­uid (tinned toma­toes or stock) and you leave it run­ning. In the unlike­ly event of it run­ning dry it will switch off. So use­ful as you can leave unsu­per­vised. I wasn’t sure about it at first but wouldn’t be with­out it now. Easy to clean and small foot­print on work sur­face in my small kitchen

  6. michael ryan

    Good but there are issues.Its a good mul­ti­cook­er but i have some issues i.e. the slow cook­er pre­set is 8 hours, there is no way of adjust­ing this, i have had to turn it off some­times well before the 8 hours when cook­ing was done, also there is no high or low set­ting so looks like just a low set­ting. I do like that it goes into keep warm mode when done and with stews. Its large capac­i­ty is good and the mon stick bowl looks well made. Not tried rice yet but oth­er reviews i resd says its good at rice.

  7. Yan

    Rus­sell Hobbs Mul­ti Cook­erOver­all is a good mul­ti cook­er with mul­ti­ple func­tion. The neg­a­tive part is it takes longer to cook rice com­pare to my old rice cook­er. The annoy­ing part is every­time when I open the lid the evap­o­rat­ing water from the lid pour­ing out and some get drain inside the hob or comes out to the sur­face board, have to get a tow­el ready every time I open the lid to absorb it with the tow­el. It will be great if there’s a drainage con­tain­er to drain into.

  8. Joan Ogden

    Real­ly good addi­tion to my kitchenI strug­gle to put things in and out of the oven so this is great as it sits on the kitchen work­top. The bowl is eas­i­ly removed from the out­er. It heats up real­ly quick­ly and casseroles are cooked in an hour from start to fin­ish. Real­ly easy to use and pro­duces hot, tasty food

  9. Antho­ny

    Awe­someJust buy it, you won’t be dis­ap­point­ed. The saute func­tion works great, works just like a fry­ing pan. Heat the liq­uid first before putting in, trust me, it saves time. Man I love this, made life so much eas­i­er, great food every day, and it makes a hell of a lot for its size. I can’t fault it, and trust me, I’m real­ly picky. Scored an absolute crack­er with this bad boy. Well happy.

  10. JC

    It’s good.It’s painful­ly slow at mak­ing rice com­pared to our cheap rice cook­er, but it’s great for stews and oth­er dish­es. Also great for mak­ing breads and fluffy pan­cakes (put pan­cake bat­ter where egg whites have been beat­en stiff sep­a­rate­ly and merged del­i­cate­ly in the bat­ter and cook on the cake setting).

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