Russell Hobbs 21641 Textures 2‑Slice Toaster, 700 — 850 W, Black


Brand Russell Hobbs
Colour Black
Material Plastic
Item dimensions L x W x H 27.6 x 16.2 x 18.3 centimetres
Item weight 1.44 Kilograms
  • Wide slots - ideal for toasting thicker items such as crumpets, tea cakes and thick slices of bread
  • Frozen, cancel and reheat functions
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Variable browning function
  • Note: Experiment with the browning control until a suitable setting is acquired


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From the manufacturer

About Russell Hobbs

At the heart of your home

At Rus­sell Hobbs, prod­ucts offer more than just qual­i­ty – they help cre­ate deli­cious moments to be savoured. That first cup of cof­fee in the morn­ing, the warmth of a fresh­ly ironed shirt, the sim­ple joy of shar­ing a fresh­ly cooked meal with fam­i­ly – these are the things that tru­ly mat­ter. From ket­tles and toast­ers to irons and food prepa­ra­tion, all appli­ances offer ways to make life eas­i­er. Designed with real peo­ple in mind, for solu­tions that help make home life even more enjoyable.

Russell Hobbs Two Slice Textures Toaster

Ide­al Toast­er With­out The Compromise

The Rus­sell Hobbs Four Slice Black Tex­tures Toast­er com­bines ide­al looks with prac­ti­cal­i­ty. So if you’re look­ing for an ide­al toast­er with­out com­pris­ing on qual­i­ty this is the toast­er for you.

A Com­bi­na­tion of Prac­ti­cal Fea­tures and Style

The 21651 Tex­tures Toast­er com­bines a high gloss fin­ish with matt accents mak­ing it a choice that will look ide­al in both tra­di­tion­al and con­tem­po­rary kitchens. It has extra wide slots, ide­al for toast­ing a whole host of fam­i­ly favourites from crum­pets to bagels whilst the remov­able crumb trays help keep your kitchen sur­face mess-free.

If you like your bread a paler shade of gold­en but some­one else likes theirs well done, the adjustable brown­ing fea­ture will make sure every­one enjoys toast that’s just to their taste with a sim­ple tem­per­a­ture dial set­ting on each half of the four slice toast­er. The 21651 has a Frozen Bread fea­ture that lets you toast bread straight from the freez­er — an ide­al way to keep your bread fresh and reduce food waste and also has can­cel and reheat func­tions for your convenience.

Fam­i­ly Friendly

The Tex­tures Black four Slice Toast­er is ide­al for a fam­i­ly kitchen. Host­ing four wide slots, you can toast up to four items at one time mean­ing the break­fast rush is a thing of the past. The inde­pen­dent two slice oper­a­tion also means that when toast­ing only two slices it’s easy and ener­gy efficient.

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Additional information

Weight 1.44 kg
Dimensions 27.6 × 16.2 × 18.3 cm

Russell Hobbs

Model Number




Product Dimensions

27.6 x 16.2 x 18.3 cm; 1.44 Kilograms

Power Wattage

850 watts



Auto Shutoff


Energy Efficiency Class



0 minute

Number of Slices


Special Features

Variable browning function Three heat functions

Item Weight

1.44 kg



Date First Available

21 Dec. 2015


Russell Hobbs


  1. Melisa

    Too small for a toast…I like the col­or and size is good but too small for a two slices toast­er. My toast can’t even go in com­plete­ly in one side and for the oth­er side the toast get stuck inside so I need to force it a lit­tle bit with hand to remove it. I except­ed bet­ter from this pur­chase but can’t be return as My hus­band already used it. I for­got to leave note need to return too small. Shame for I need to bought a new one.

  2. William

    go-slow toast­erI have been buy­ing toast­ers for 30 years and seem to replace them every few years. This one is by far the worst I have ever owned. It looks love­ly. That’s the nicest thing I can say about it. It takes an extra­or­di­nary amount of time to toast a slice of bread. Some­times it does one side more than the oth­er. Some­times not. Needs to be on 5 to get any colour on it and most curi­ous of all the toast comes out at a tem­per­a­ture that does­n’t real­ly melt but­ter. For a brand­ed prod­uct I would not buy again. Did I say it looks nice?

  3. Clara T.

    Nice design and quick to heat upI bought this toast­er to replace my old one. The thing I like the most about it is that is not too long. Most peo­ple wor­ry about the depth of the appli­ances because it takes away counter depth but my spe­cif­ic prob­lem was that I have very lit­tle room along the wall to dis­play appli­ances. My old toast­er was long and the rea­son I picked this one is because it looked cute and small. Anoth­er plus is that as you can see by my pho­tos, the but­tons and brand logo are on the side, which leaves an all-black side to the front that looks real­ly sim­ple. The slots are pret­ty large which allows you to toast thick­er slices. The heat­ing set­tings go from 1 to 6 so for a stan­dard slice I would rec­om­mend the set­ting to be between 3 and 3.5. It heats up quite quick­ly. So far, I’m hap­py with this purchase.

  4. Vicuña

    Neat and toast browns even­lyThere was a time when a toast­er last­ed for years. I now find that they tend to last only two or three years before some­thing goes wrong. My pre­vi­ous toast­er was a fair­ly basic Rus­sell Hobs and I used it reg­u­lar­ly for just over two years until the spring loaded catch refused to stay in place to cook the toast.This toast­er was actu­al­ly cheap­er than my last one and has the ben­e­fit of wide slots, mak­ing it easy to do crum­pets or buns. Sad­ly, not quite wide enough for a bagel. The toast­er body is mat­te black plas­tic. The met­al at the top makes it look a lit­tle more glam­orous than it real­ly is! Out of the box, real­ly easy to use. 6 temp set­tings, a but­ton if you want to toast from frozen and anoth­er to keep cooked toast warm. Like most toast­ers, this leaves a thin bit at the top that miss­es the heat­ing ele­ments. My last one was the same and towards the end of cook­ing, I’d flip the toast out, turn it and cook for about 30 secs, just to fin­ish off. It’s not a huge issue.Really impressed with how even­ly the bread toasted..Both sides were even in colour and with 1000w out­put, it seems to toast quick­ly, even at set­ting 6 for well done. Crumbs are caught under­neath and slide out tray makes it easy to keep clean. For the price and per­for­mance, can’t fault it. Cheap and cheer­ful and does the job.

  5. Jil­ly w

    Cheap plas­tic cheap­ly made avoid at all costsMine arrived and it arrived in the toast­er box no oth­er pack­ag­ing it had also no tape on the box , I removed the toast­er and imme­di­ate­ly noticed how cheap and light it was, it was a very very cheap look­ing plas­tic, the top of the toast­er was scraped , the fil­a­ments inside the toast­er were cheap and very sparse, I put the bread in and despite test­ing it on dif­fer­ent set­tings it took an eter­ni­ty to brown, when it even­tu­al­ly browned the bread it missed half the top of the bread and the part that was toast­ed was brick hard its a heap of rub­bish but I chose it as nor­mal­ly Rus­sell Hobbs is a half decent make, how­ev­er god only knows what hap­pened to this toast­er it’s not fit for pur­pose, I returned it as it was use­less looked awful as well

  6. vick­ie keightley

    Dont buy, waste of mon­eyDont waste your mon­ey, Ive had cheap­er ones in the past that are much bet­ter, it looks and is very cheap look­ing, does­n’t brown the toast prop­er­ly, takes an age to toast, and arm to push down bread is very flim­sy and you have to press real­ly hard for it to stay down, would not rec­om­mend and will nev­er buy any­thing form this make again, shocking!!!

  7. Anon

    Very good val­ueThis was so cheap it is ridicu­lous. I was replac­ing a fan­cy make I’ve had for years. I want­ed one with wide slots and though this would dis­ap­point but it did­n’t. Excel­lent from that point of view. You need to choose a num­ber to work out how long to leave it to get the right colour of toast but that works okay. Helps if you have quick reflex­es to catch the toast when it’s read as occa­sion­al­ly it does jump quite high and if you’re not care­ful it might catch you out, but that can be quite fun in a toast­er sort of way. I’d say don’t hes­i­tate to buy this in favour of a fan­cy expen­sive one, men­tion­ing no names of course. I quite liked the oth­er one’s ‘lift it out and look’ type lever but is it worth pay­ing more than a hun­dred squid for that? Only if you live in Isling­ton and sad­ly I don’t. Seri­ous­ly, for the mon­ey, I don’t think you could buy bet­ter. It actu­al­ly looks more expen­sive than it was. It works. It fits in thick slices of bread. It toasts the bread. it does­n’t play music and does­n’t imprint a logo or pic­ture of a pot of mar­malade on the toast but I can live with that.

  8. Ian Mar­tin and Vid­hya Gupta

    Waste of mon­ey.This item is your typ­i­cal waste of mon­ey prod­uct, it is bet­ter to put some more mon­ey and buy a bet­ter prod­uct. After using this item for a month or so there is fire com­ing out of the toast­er. The inside of this toast­er gets eas­i­ly burnt and then there is so much smoke com­ing out of it. Very dan­ger­ous and very cheap item.

  9. Mark N.

    Great val­ue toast­er… with one caveat!Every­thing about this toast­er is a thumbs up apart from one thing…It looks good. It’s small. It fits a nor­mal-sized slice of bread (just!)But it is slow to toast bread… which means that when the toast is nice and brown on the out­side, the whole slice is crisp and brittle.If that’s how you like your toast then this is the bud­get-con­scious option for you!If you like the out­side of your toast brown, but the inside soft and moist, then you will be disappointed.Just a heads up for those inter­est­ed in buy­ing this oth­er­wise great device.

  10. Dr. J. R. Bacon

    How big are your slices?Bought as a pair with Rus­sel Hobbs ket­tle (prob­lem with that as well!). Some good fea­tures on the toast­er like tak­ing fair­ly thick items but for us the big prob­lem is that it will not toast slices of our favourite bread even­ly . These slices mea­sure rough­ly 6 x 5 inch­es and bits don’t get toast­ed. Turn­ing them upside down when the bot­tom half is done and re-insert­ing them over-toasts part of the slice.

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