Revival, Rapid Rehydration Electrolytes Powder, 6 Pack Cherry, Vitamin C, B1, B3, B5, B12, High Strength Sachet Drink,


Units 60.0 gram
Package information Stick Pack
Format Powder
Brand Revival Shots
Age range (description) Adult
Special ingredients Contains Antioxidant
Flavour Wild Cherry
Product benefits Hydrating
Item weight 60 Grams
Dosage form Powder







  • Work, Play, Party, Health - Simply mix this electrolyte replacement with 500ml of water to experience renewed energy, focus, and performance throughout the entire day - the best on-the-go electrolyte replacement
  • High Strength Vitamin Supplement - Support Immune function, each stick contains 500mg vitamin C, 5x more than most high strength vit c supplements, our exceptional blend is the perfect balance of hydration salts & vitamins C, B1, B3, B5, B12
  • Based on a World Health Organisation Formula - Formulated to W.H.O standards for oral rehydration solutions (ORS) for hydration & recovery. Our sports electrolyte powder drink can allow you to train harder, go faster & longer while simultaneously recovering quicker
  • Multi-Functional Electrolyte Drink - Our premium single-use stick pack recovery drink fits easily in your bag or pocket. The perfect electrolyte drink after a big day or after a big night, to help you wake up fresh and energized. Perfect for travel, can aid “jet leg”. The perfect alternative to electrolyte tablets, with greater convenience and effectiveness
  • If It's Not For You…Then It's On Us - Simply reach out to us and we will take care of the rest. Hit the yellow button, and add Revival to your basket to experience our range of premium electrolyte packets for yourself! (packaging may vary)


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From the brand

Revival electrolyte powder powder hydration tablets drink rehydration packets
Revival electrolyte powder powder hydration tablets drink rehydration packets

Our story

How we got our start

Devel­oped by Dr Olivia Finn & Daniel Elahi. The demands of intense jobs, endurance sports, trav­el & social­is­ing high­light­ed the need for rapid recov­ery and to per­form at peak lev­el both men­tal­ly & phys­i­cal­ly. Deter­mined to find a way to sup­port their active lifestyle’s they came up with Revival 

What makes our product unique

Revival was devel­oped along­side lead­ing sci­en­tists & nutri­tion­ists. By using the finest ingre­di­ents and lever­ag­ing glob­al exper­tise we were able to cre­ate an elec­trolyte pow­er that deliv­ers on its objec­tive of pro­vid­ing rapid rehy­dra­tion & recov­ery with­out com­pro­mis­ing on taste 

Why we love what we do

Through the thou­sands of reviews we have amassed we get to see the amaz­ing pos­i­tive impact Revival is hav­ing on peo­ple lives around the world. Hear­ing about how our prod­ucts have helped so many to achieve their goals across sports, work, trav­el, social & health makes all the hard work worthwhile 

Product Description

hydration electrolyte rehydration powder tablets
hydration electrolyte rehydration powder tablets
hydration electrolyte rehydration powder tablets

” Gets to work instantly & tastes great, the ultimate dehydration relief! ”

Revival was devel­oped along­side lead­ing med­ical pro­fes­sion­als and sci­en­tists to cre­ate the per­fect mul­ti­func­tion­al rehy­dra­tion drink. Our prod­ucts are enjoyed around the world by ath­letes, trav­ellers and those with an active lifestyle. Our break through for­mu­la is served in easy open sin­gle use stick packs and is avail­able in 6 pre­mi­um flavours.

hydration electrolyte rehydration powder tablets

How does Revival work?

Revival con­tains pre­cise amounts of key elec­trolytes that allow more water to be absorbed by the body into the blood stream and at a much faster rate


What does mul­ti-func­tion­al hydra­tion & vit­a­min drink mean?

It means that we ser­vice cus­tomers from many sec­tors of the mar­ket, we are loved by ath­letes, trav­ellers, par­ty peo­ple, those with an active lifestyle, peo­ple look­ing for a nat­ur­al ener­gy / vit­a­min sup­ple­ment and many, many more


Can Revival be used to boost immunity?

Each stick of Revival has a high con­tent of vit­a­min C and com­plex B vit­a­mins as well as our pre­mi­um blend of elec­trolytes. Vit­a­min C con­tributes to the nor­mal func­tion of the immune systems


Can I use Revival to help recov­er from a busy day / big night?

Many of our cus­tomers use Revival for exact­ly this pur­pose. If you are plan­ning to use Revival for such recov­ery, we rec­om­mend tak­ing one stick before you go to bed, for best results


Does Revival work?

We have thou­sands of cus­tomers in over 44 coun­tries, your sat­is­fac­tion is at the heart of every­thing we do — add Revival to your cart today to expe­ri­ence pre­mi­um hydra­tion for yourself!


Important information

Safety Information:

Do not exceed 4 sachets in any 24 hour period


Sodi­um, Potas­si­um, Dex­trose, Tri Sodi­um Cit­rate, Vit C,B1,B3,B5, B12 & Folic Acid (Dex­trose anhy­drous, Cit­ric acid anhy­drous, Beta Carotene, Ascor­bic acid, Sodi­um chlo­ride, Tri sodi­um cit­rate, Flavour, Potas­si­um chlo­ride, Cal­ci­um D pan­tothen­ate, Sucralose, Nicoti­namide, Sil­i­con diox­ide, Folic acid, Thi­amine mononitrate)


Mix with 500ml of water and drink

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Additional information

Product Name

Rehydration electrolyte powder packets with added vitamins and minerals


Contains Antioxidant

Allergen Information

Contains: Dairy Free Wheat Free Gluten Free Soy Free


60 Grams


60.0 gram

Solid Net Weight

60 Grams

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dark place once mixed consume immediately

Use By Recommendation

For best before date see reverse of pack and once mixed consume immediately.

Serving Recommendation

For best results mix pack with 500ml of cold water

Manufacturer contact

Revival Drinks Limited


Revival Shots



Age Range Description


Material Composition

Electrolytes Powder

Country of origin

United Kingdom

Serving Size

10 Grams


0 Grams

- Saturates

0 Grams


8 Grams


0 Grams



Date First Available

6 Mar. 2018


Revival Shots


  1. Serendip­i­ty

    Sus­pi­cious ingre­di­ents. Too expen­sive and bet­ter NATURAL ways to get elec­trolytesthe blue ver­sion con­tained food col­or­ing “Bril­liant blue” banned in some coun­tries due to poten­tial side effects. not a big fan of cit­ric acid anhy­drous. main first ingre­di­ent is dex­trose anhy­drous? bet­ter NATURAL ways to get elec­trolytes like coconut water for this price. pack­ag­ing was awful and ama­teur­ish.. hyped prod­uct. very disappointing

  2. BG

    DANGEROUS!!!I used one pack­et Trop­i­cal Blast flavour in 500 ml of water. For the past 4 days every­thing that leaves my body is coloured green.My doc­tor has advised not to use again.I will throw out the remain­ing 5 pack­ets. Most disappointed.

  3. Col­in Gibson

    got it for food poi­son­ing!I have food poi­son­ing, and urgent­ly need­ed rehy­dra­tion to add to the water I have been drink­ing as much as I can. While this is not the usu­al rea­son for buy­ing this drink the WHO rec­om­mend this sort of thing for diar­rhoea. I have type 2 dia­betes and found many were just real­ly a Sug­ar hit! This one seems dif­fer­ent it does not rely on sug­ars as much, and hav­ing tak­en 2 so far think it makes a dif­fer­ence. If it doe when I have returned to health will keep some in for when I have been cycling or exer­cis­ing too much‑I am 62

  4. Bian­ca

    Absolute must have for a boost of hydra­tion.May 2020Adding anoth­er review.I ini­tial­ly took these to help with hang­overs (which they mirac­u­lous­ly did , pure­ly by hydrat­ing they body).However, for the past year, I take one dai­ly just for a boost of hydration.The vit­a­min c con­tent in these is bet­ter than that in a bero­ca tablet.When I’m feel­ing lethar­gic, usu­al­ly due to a com­bi­na­tion of over work­ing and lack of sleep, one satch­et sorts me out!I usu­al­ly sip this away whilst I’m work­ing out.Since my last review, I’ve also tried the blue one which is also very good. Orange still remains my favourite.Previous reviewI’ve been buy­ing these for a cou­ple of years now from their web­site but my first time from amazon.I like this flavour the best. It real­ly does work to help with hang­overs. I’ve also had this when when I’m super tired and need a boost of hydra­tion. I take one before I go to bed and one the morn­ing after.Whilst out, I’ve had one in between drinks too.Only down side for me is that the sachets are a bit dif­fi­cult to open- maybe just me!Overall — love these

  5. Jon­ny Blake

    5 starI’ve nev­er used one of these before and was a bit scep­ti­cal, but OMG they lit­er­al­ly are a hang­over cure, I went out and drank a lot, but felt ful­ly rehy­drat­ed the next day and ready to sieze the day! It must be all the elec­trolytes that make you feel great again! High­ly rec­om­mend and will be telling all my friends to buy too! 5 star prod­uct, if you don’t want to have a hang­over again,get your­self one of these!

  6. Nicol Dziedz­ic

    Ok.I actu­al­ly had 3 shots of those last night. I had one before start­ing to drink, one before I got to bed and one when I woke up.It is cer­tain­ly not a cure for a hang­over but I don’t think any­thing can get rid of putting tox­ic alco­hol in your body. I do feel very tired and weak and a bit dizzy but I do get very bad hangovers.I think one thing that it reas­sured me in is that my body is get­ting the right hydra­tion after a heavy night also there is no headache present so it helped with that.

  7. Gary B

    Con­ve­nient, good taste, does it’s job!So ordered and tried the Revival sachets. There are a lot of elec­trolyte prod­ucts on the mar­ket. This one is a bit more expen­sive then some, but is it worth it? Yes poten­tial­ly it is, I was quite sur­prised when I poured the sachet into the glass and the fact that you just mix it with water I was scep­ti­cal as thought it would sure­ly be very watery with a small amount of pow­der and a lot of water (note — I like my taste strong) — I was real­ly pleas­ant­ly sur­prised. It mixed up real­ly well and also was a love­ly taste. A bit like pure orange juice. But you could almost taste that it was good for you. Had it after a hard gym ses­sion and real­ly felt it quick­ly replen­ished the salts and hydrat­ed me quick­ly. I did down the lot in one go! Also no residue after­wards which is nor­mal­ly the case with sim­i­lar prod­ucts. So all in all, I would rec­om­mend the prod­uct — some peo­ple may feel its expen­sive but you are also lying for the con­ve­nience, just tear the sachet put in glass and add water. Just swirling it around makes it mix well, so no faffing and for me the taste was per­fect. So I would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend and buy it again. As I said a lit­tle more expen­sive but worth it for me for taste, con­ve­nience and most of all it seemed to work!

  8. Ama­zon Customer

    It real­ly works!I can’t deny that I still like par­ties. I can’t deny that some­times I enjoy the night so much that next day I feel not at my best.We all know that hang­over is main­ly due to poor hydra­tion, so after read­ing the reviews, I decide to buy these prod­ucts and give it a try. They help A LOT and they taste good too! Def­i­nite­ly recommended!!!

  9. Car­men E. DeLeon

    The reac­tion was either right or way wrongNor­mal­ly I use a dif­fer­ent brand of hydra­tion but thought to try some­thing new.Here’s what happened.Says it’s for 500ML, when used to direc­tions. It’s thick. Very thick. Orange fla­vor is deli­cious but you bet­ter real­ly like orange.I took the hydra­tion pack at 3pm ish­Here’s what I did­n’t expect.Around 10ish my stom­ach start­ed feel­ing quesy. Think­ing it was food or the two G&Ts , maybe the extra 3 pints of cider , I blew it off as part of the course. (This quesy nev­er hap­pens normally)Around mid­night , full blown stom­ach cramp­ing and pro­jec­tile vomiting.Why I don’t think it was the food or booze.I eat more and drink more than I did this time. I nev­er feel this way after a hydra­tion pack.Tried day 2. Half pack. Felt quesy. So imme­di­ate­ly drank more water to “pee it out“Day 3 avoid­ed the hydra­tion pack and drank and ate as normal(music fes­ti­val weekend).Felt good, a bit hun­gover next day since I did­n’t have a hydra­tion pack.Results. My body reject­ed the hydra­tion pack via pro­jec­tile vom­it­ing (prop­er aller­gic reac­tion. Imag­ine the descrip­tion of tod­dler reject­ing peanuts) That’s why it’s a 1 . Fla­vor is too thick for 500ml. In my opin­ion but the taste was deli­cious (plus side)Not inex­pen­sive but not the most expen­sive I’ve used.

  10. Ama­zon Customer

    Best elec­trolyte rehy­dra­tion drink I’ve triedFast act­ing and effec­tive hydration!!Have pre­vi­ous­ly gone for the vit­a­min c / oth­er effer­ves­cent tablets, but I love the rehy­dra­tion pow­ders. I find these are much eas­i­er as it’s a sin­gle use stick. Unlike the tubes these can eas­i­ly fit in your pock­et, so make them great for on the go.Taste amaz­ing and real­ly work!

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