PURIFIDE by Acnecide Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 for Acne Prone Skin, 50ml, Ideal for Spot Treatment Routine, Lightweight Cream



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Product Description

Puri­fide is the NEW range of clear skin dai­ly skin­care, from the mak­ers of Acnecide. Puri­fide Dai­ly Mois­turis­er SPF30 light­weight non-greasy mois­turis­er specif­i­cal­ly for­mu­lat­ed for hydrat­ing and pro­tect­ing sen­si­tive spot-prone skin. Con­tain­ing a bare­ly-vis­i­ble UVA/B sun­screen, this is suit­able for a wide range of skin tones. Con­tains sooth­ing Glyc­er­rhetinic acid (a com­po­nent of liquorice root extract), Allan­toin & Zinc. Also con­tains skin bar­ri­er nour­ish­ing and hydrat­ing ingre­di­ents: Glyc­erin, Sphin­ga­nine, Pan­th­nol (vit­a­min B5) and Vit­main E, for soft, smooth skin. Pro­vides a smooth, hydrat­ed base, per­fect for apply­ing makeup/concealer. Dai­ly SPF pro­tec­tion is expert-rec­om­mend­ed for the gen­er­al care of acne-prone skin includ­ing as part of a clear skin rou­tine. May be used as a dai­ly mois­turis­er along­side Acnecide ben­zoyl per­ox­ide 5% treat­ments which may help sup­port the skin’s tol­er­ance to the treatment.


Ingre­di­ents: Aqua, Octocry­lene, Iso­propyl Lau­royl Sar­cosi­nate, Glyc­er­ine, Eth­yl­hexyl Sal­i­cy­late, Dime­thicone, Butyl Methoxy­diben­zoyl­methane, Diiso­propyl Seba­cate, Sil­i­ca,  Poly­methyl Methacry­late, Sucrose Tris­tearate, Alu­minum Starch Octenyl­suc­ci­nate, Penty­lene Gly­col, Polysor­bate 61, Allan­toin, Capry­lyl Gly­col, Car­bomer, Dime­thiconol, Dis­odi­um Edta, Gly­cyrrhetinic Acid, Hydrox­y­palmi­toyl Sphin­ga­nine, Pan­thenol, Phe­noxyethanol, Potas­si­um Sor­bate, Sodi­um Stearoyl Glu­ta­mate, Toco­pheryl Acetate, Tri­ethanolamine, Xan­than Gum, Zinc Glu­conate (FIL Code 0494)

From the manufacturer

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Acne, spots, clearer skin

Acne, spots, clearer skin… it’s personal.

And com­ing from a der­ma­tol­ogy com­pa­ny that is a glob­al leader in acne treat­ments, it’s our focus, day in day out. Acnecide + Puri­fide join forces to cut through the maze of myths and get straight to work on the key root caus­es of acne and spots: bac­te­ria and blocked pores, offer­ing effec­tive skin­care solu­tions across the stages of acne and blem­ish-prone skin.

Build a daily skincare regime with Acnecide and Purifide products that help to:

  • Fight spot-caus­ing bac­te­ria
  • Rebal­ance the nat­ur­al micro­bio­me
  • Con­trol spot-caus­ing bac­te­ria

Acnecide + Purifide have joined forces to offer a Treatment and Skincare Range, suitable for use on acne, spot and blemish-prone skin.

treat spots, balance skin, control causes

Treat mild acne or recur­ring break­outs to help break the cycle of spots with Acnecide treat­ments, which are avail­able with­out a pre­scrip­tion. Puri­fide is a range of smart skin­care to care for and help keep skin clear by strength­en­ing and bal­anc­ing the skin bar­ri­er or address­ing the key caus­es of spots: excess oil, blocked pores and spot-caus­ing bac­te­ria. Treat Spots, Bal­ance Skin, Con­trol Causes.

Important information


Ingre­di­ents: Aqua, Octocry­lene, Iso­propyl Lau­royl Sar­cosi­nate, Glyc­er­ine, Eth­yl­hexyl Sal­i­cy­late, Dime­thicone, Butyl Methoxy­diben­zoyl­methane, Diiso­propyl Seba­cate, Sil­i­ca,  Poly­methyl Methacry­late, Sucrose Tris­tearate, Alu­minum Starch Octenyl­suc­ci­nate, Penty­lene Gly­col, Polysor­bate 61, Allan­toin, Capry­lyl Gly­col, Car­bomer, Dime­thiconol, Dis­odi­um Edta, Gly­cyrrhetinic Acid, Hydrox­y­palmi­toyl Sphin­ga­nine, Pan­thenol, Phe­noxyethanol, Potas­si­um Sor­bate, Sodi­um Stearoyl Glu­ta­mate, Toco­pheryl Acetate, Tri­ethanolamine, Xan­than Gum, Zinc Glu­conate (FIL Code 0494)

  • UVAB PROTECTION FOR A WIDE RANGE OF SKIN TONES: The UVAB Sun­screen is bare­ly vis­i­ble, suit­able for var­i­ous skin tones; non-come­do­genic does not clog pores
  • HELPS MATTIFY OILY-LOOKING SKIN: non-greasy mois­tur­iz­er specif­i­cal­ly for­mu­lat­ed to reduce skin rough­ness and dry­ness for soft­er, smoother skin
  • HYDRATING SOOTHING INGREDIENTS: sooth­ing Liquorice Root Extract, Glyc­erin, and Skin-essen­tial Vit­a­mins B5 & E to nour­ish and pro­tect skin bar­ri­er; pro­vides 24-hour hydration.
  • FOR DAILY USE: Apply in the morn­ing after spot treat­ments or cleans­ing. To main­tain SPF pro­tec­tion, re-apply as nec­es­sary through­out the day e.g after swim­ming, tow­el­ing, or washing
  • BUILD A CLEARER SKIN ROUTINE WITH ACNECIDE PURIFIED: Puri­fied is the NEW range of clear-skin dai­ly skin­care, from the mak­ers of Acnecide

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Additional information


50.0 gram





Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

16 Feb. 2022




  1. Ms Roberts

    Excel­lentThis does­n’t give me spots like most spf stuff. Only need a small amount and it absorbs well. Nice & moisturising.

  2. maria caires

    It’s niceGlides on well no white marks and not sticky hope­ful­ly it protects

  3. debra hugh­es

    Total­ly not safe to use as it bleached my face tow­els so god knows what it does to your skin

  4. Kel­ly

    Great that it also has SPF 30 in itany­thing is worth a try when you have a unhap­py teenag­er, my son has been suf­fer­ing for over 4 years now with acne and has been on so many dif­fer­ent acne antibi­otics and noth­ing has helped, so many of the antibi­otics and dab­bers leave his skin so so dry, he is using this at the moment just to get some mois­ture back into his skin and he likes the fact it also has sun pro­tec­tion in it and his not hav­ing to slap on an addi­tion­al lay­er of sun­cream onto his face. I know the whole point of the med­ica­tion giv­en by the doc­tor is to dry the acne up but when you still have dai­ly out­breaks and 4 years lat­er its still an every day issue we have found our­selves going back to buy­ing stuff our­selves in hope that some­thing helps. He sails a lot so has his skin exposed to the salt water and sun a lot so this cream is real­ly help­ful for him

  5. Sil­tone

    Look after your skin with this SPF 30 mois­turis­er.I think most peo­ple now under­stand how impor­tant it is to pro­tect your skin, espe­cial­ly in regards to pro­tect­ing it from the sun’s harm­ful rays. I lived in one of the hottest regions in Aus­tralia for a few years, so I saw at first hand what can hap­pen to unpro­tect­ed skin — it dries out, pre­ma­ture­ly ages the per­son, and at the very worst can lead to the some­one devel­op­ing skin can­cer. I there­fore took seri­ous­ly the Aussie TV and radio cam­paigns that encour­aged the pop­u­la­tion to ‘Slip-Slop-Slap — mean­ing: Slip on a shirt, Slop on sun­screen, and Slap on a hat. With this in mind, I was hap­py to order this tube of PURIFIDE, which acts as a light mois­turis­er, whilst also pro­vid­ing UVA/UVB pro­tec­tion. I find that this goes on eas­i­ly, doesn’t leave any unsight­ly white smears, and has a fair­ly neu­tral fra­grance. My skin def­i­nite­ly feels soft­er and has a nice sheen to it after applying.This is pro­duced by Gal­der­ma, who have been around for over 30 years, and we’re ini­tial­ly found­ed as a joint ven­ture between L’Oréal and Nestlé. Giv­en the qual­i­ty of this dai­ly mois­turis­er, and the cre­den­tials of the com­pa­ny who make it, I believe this is a worth­while invest­ment, so I accord­ing­ly rec­om­mend it to fel­low Ama­zon customers.

  6. Hon­est Reviewer

    Great for cur­ing and avoid acne spots!I per­son­al­ly have suf­fered with very mild acne and found that this cream, over a peri­od of 2 weeks (dai­ly use) has sig­nif­i­cant­ly improved my skin health and acne! I love how effec­tive it is at mois­tur­is­ing and reduc­ing dry­ness with­out feel­ing super heavy and greasy. This cream does­n’t have a fra­grance which is nice as often per­fumed skin cream caus­es my skin to flare up and get irri­tat­ed. This ofcourse has­n’t been the case with this cream by PURIFIDE.I’ll men­tion that you do only need a small amount at a time and you do need to mas­sage it into the skin well. Oth­er­wise, the cream will leave some white mark­ings on your face. Of course this is tem­po­rary, but it’s some­thing worth men­tion­ing. Over­all, very pleased with the results after 2 weeks. Worth try­ing out! It is also nice that it is enhanced with SPF30 so you will have some sun pro­tec­tion for when the sum­mer heat­waves final­ly start com­ing! :)5 stars!Thank you for read­ing my hon­est review, I hope you found it helpful! 🙂

  7. iBearsy

    Good dai­ly moisuris­er with sun pro­tec­tionWhen I first received this Puri­fide by Acnecide Dai­ly Mois­turis­er I was a bit sus­pi­cious that it was just a tube of sun block because it smells a bit like sun block and it’s a white cream. How­ev­er, once I start­ed using it dai­ly I found that it is lighter than reg­u­lar sun block and gets absorbed into the skin quite quick­ly with­out leav­ing that sun block film on your skin. Prob­a­bly not that many men use dai­ly mois­turis­er, although they real­ly should, but more than that I am a bald man so the top of my head gets burned all too eas­i­ly. With this dai­ly mois­turis­er my bald head is also pro­tect­ed from the sun. To be hon­est, we all should use more sun pro­tec­tion than we do as the sum­mer and sum­mer hol­i­days come along. It should be not­ed though that the instruc­tions for this mois­turis­er say “re-apply as nec­es­sary through­out the day e.g. after swim­ming, tow­el­ing or cleans­ing” so you do need to use it much like a reg­u­lar sun cream in that respect.

  8. Natasha

    Light­weight mois­turis­er with sun pro­tec­tion.This mois­turis­er from Acnecide with SPF30 comes in a round 50gm tube. This cream has quite a light con­sis­ten­cy, it’s non-greasy and absorbs quick­ly into my com­bi­na­tion skin leav­ing it soft and sup­ple. It’s avail­able on Ama­zon for £14.99 (at the time of writ­ing this review).This mois­turis­er is from Puri­fide range from Acnecide that is for­mu­lat­ed for hydrat­ing and pro­tect­ing sen­si­tive spot-prone skin. I don’t have sen­si­tive skin but I like using this cream as it feels light on my skin, and with the addi­tion of SPF 30, is a real bonus.I have been using this cream at night for the past three weeks, I have not expe­ri­enced any irri­ta­tions, and I’m lov­ing the results so far. That said, it’s always wise to do a patch test first to see if there are any adverse reactions.Overall, a rea­son­ably priced good mois­turis­er with sun pro­tec­tion that’s light­weight and hydrating.

  9. Emi­ly — London

    Nice light mois­turis­er with good sun pro­tec­tionPlen­ty of sun pro­tec­tion in the ingre­di­ents and a nice light feel when I put this on. The ingre­di­ents explained:Aqua, water, the first ingre­di­ent for many creams that rub in eas­i­ly but which may reduce stay­ing powe­rOc­tocry­lene, an organ­ic com­pound used as an ingre­di­ent in sun­screens and cos­met­ics. It is an ester formed by the con­den­sa­tion of 2‑ethylhexyl cyano­ac­etate with ben­zophe­none. It is a vis­cous, oily liq­uid that is clear and colourless.Isopropyl Lau­royl Sar­cosi­nate, a col­or­less to light yel­low oily flu­id that works as an emol­lient (makes your skin nice and smooth) and a sol­vent for poor­ly sol­u­ble mate­ri­als, such as sun­screen agents. It also has a light touch, low odor, and good spread­abil­i­ty. It is derived from the amino acid sar­co­sine and is biodegrad­ableG­lyc­er­ine, which absorbs water and which can dam­age the skin by draw­ing water from low­er lay­ers of the skin but which is com­mon in hand creams — not real­ly for overnight useEthyl­hexyl Sal­i­cy­late, an organ­ic com­pound used as an ingre­di­ent in sun­screens and cos­met­ics to absorb UVB (ultra­vi­o­let) rays from the sun. It is an ester formed by the con­den­sa­tion of sal­i­cylic acid with 2‑ethylhexanol. It is a col­or­less oily liq­uid with a slight flo­ral odor.Dimethicone, a sil­i­cone-based poly­mer that is fre­quent­ly used as a skin pro­tec­tant in skin­care prod­ucts. The sec­ond most com­mon mois­tur­iz­ing ingre­di­ent found in mois­tur­iz­ers after petro­la­tum, dime­thicone helps con­di­tion the skin—improving its soft­ness and flexibility.Butyl Methoxy­diben­zoyl­methane, a syn­thet­ic sun­screen that pro­tects the skin, scalp and hair from sun dam­ages by absorb­ing UVA and UVB. It is glob­al­ly the only avail­able chem­i­cal sun­screen that pro­vides prop­er UV‑A pro­tec­tion. This makes Butyl Methoxy­diben­zoyl­methane the gold stan­dard of UV‑A pro­tec­tion. Butyl Methoxy­diben­zoyl­methane is also known under the name Avobenzone.Diisopropyl Seba­cate, a clear, col­or­less, prac­ti­cal­ly odor­less, light liq­uid that works as a handy helper ingre­di­ent in sun­screen for­mu­las. It helps to cre­ate high-SPF for­mu­las with reduced con­cen­tra­tions of UV-fil­ters and it also helps to cre­ate cos­met­i­cal­ly ele­gant for­mu­las (and that’s no easy feat when it comes to sun­screens). It absorbs rapid­ly, makes the prod­uct eas­i­ly spread­able and reduces greasi­ness com­ing from the oil-sol­u­ble sun­screen agentsSil­i­ca, can help you have more youth­ful and firm skin by pro­duc­ing col­la­gen. Col­la­gen sup­ple­ments keep your skin firm and elas­tic and reduces the appear­ance of fine lines and wrin­kles. A study in 2005 found that sil­i­ca improved the rough tex­ture of wom­en’s sun-dam­aged skin.Other ingre­di­ents in order: Poly­methyl Methacry­late, Sucrose Tris­tearate, Alu­minum Starch Octenyl­suc­ci­nate, Penty­lene Gly­col, Polysor­bate 61, Allan­toin, Capry­lyl Gly­col, Car­bomer, Dime­thiconol, Dis­odi­um Edta, Gly­cyrrhetinic Acid, Hydrox­y­palmi­toyl Sphin­ga­nine, Pan­thenol, Phe­noxyethanol, Potas­si­um Sor­bate, Sodi­um Stearoyl Glu­ta­mate, Toco­pheryl Acetate, Tri­ethanolamine, Xan­than Gum, Zinc Glu­conate (FIL Code 0494)

  10. Becky‑a

    Not bad at all, will buy this again todayI’m impressed with this mid-range mois­turis­er, it’s gen­tle but my skin feels nice and hydrat­ed after using it, and the spf is a bonus.With sen­si­tive skin that is prone to break­outs, I’m con­stant­ly search­ing for some kind of mir­a­cle cure. I have come to realise that maybe that doesn’t exist, and they best I can do is man­age the break­outs the best I can. So I am gen­er­al­ly hap­py with prod­ucts that don’t make things worse, and help a lit­tle! I’m a big fan of the Effaclar range, but feel it doesn’t always quite hydrat­ing enough, espe­cial­ly in winter.This mois­turis­er feels quite thick when it goes on (a bit like the con­sis­ten­cy of a sun cream, real­ly) but sinks in quick­ly leav­ing a non-greasy fin­ish, that doesn’t pil under make-up.The only thing I don’t real­ly like is that I feel the tube itself is a lit­tle basic — it’s hard to get the right amount out so I often end up with way more than I need which feels real­ly wasteful.

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