Pure C8 MCT Oil, in Glass Bottle | 100% Recyclable Glass, | Highest Purity 99.8% C8 MCT, | Keto Professional Designed, | Lab Tested,


Brand Ketosource
Format Oil.
Diet type Keto
Material feature Vegan
Units 500 millilitre
Package information Bottle
  • GLASS BOTTLE: The Glass Bottle is 100% recyclable and sustainable. Additionally, the glass bottle removes all possibility of chemicals leaching from plastics (including BPA and other plastic-based chemicals). Using glass instead of plastics supports the environment by reducing the amount of plastic pollution. Plastic pollution adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitats, and humans because plastic doesn't break down. Once in the environment, it stays a very long time.
  • ALL NATURAL, NON-ALLERGENIC & HIGHEST STANDARDS CERTIFICATION: Ketosource Pure C8 MCT Oil is Keto, Vegan, and Paleo friendly. Our all-natural C8 MCT is completely non-allergenic. It's certified free of gluten, dairy, nuts, and shellfish. This is compliant with the strictest EU Directives and U.S. FDA. Our C8 MCT is produced in a BRC Global Standards compliant facility (the highest standard worldwide). It is also certified 100% sustainable & free of genetically modified organisms (GMO).
  • KETO PROFESSIONAL DESIGNED & SUPPORTED: Ketosource is the #1 Ketogenic Diet & Fasting company in the UK. Founded in 2015 we have over 4 years of experience. We have worked with over 1000 clients to optimize their keto lifestyles. A team of keto scientists and nutritionists - we are passionate about helping people get the best results from the Keto Lifestyle. Not sure how to use this product? Please make use of our experts via email or phone support to get the best results from it.
  • LAB TESTED & RESEARCH BASED: Highest purity source of C8 MCT is available at 99.8% based on lab testing. C8 MCT is shown in research to be the only MCT that effectively increases blood ketones. Boosts ketones 3X more than other MCT oils or coconut oil. (IMPORTANT NOTE: 100% purity is not possible with current technologies. Unfortunately, some companies make this false claim.)
  • EASILY DIGESTED: 3 years of customer feedback shows very few people experience upset stomachs. Lower purity MCT oils often cause these issues. You should not experience indigestion, loose stools or stomach aches with this high purity C8 MCT. Please follow the instructions on the packaging for dosage or ask our keto professional team for personalized advice.


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From the brand

Product Description

Time in Ketosis comparison

Keto Fasting C8 MCT lifestyles

Large CofA

Safe source and standards

Be Confident in Your Ketosis

Many MCT oils con­tain a blend of dif­fer­ent MCTs. Our MCT oil con­tains 99% pure C8 MCT because it is more keto­genic than oth­er MCTs. This ensures that you spend more time in keto­sis with each dose.

Supports Your Keto & Fasting Lifestyle

Pure C8 MCT Oil fits per­fect­ly into your keto and fast­ing lifestyle. It has zero net carbs and will boost your ketone lev­els. And whether you fast for 13 hours, 16 hours, 18 hours, or longer, you can take Pure C8 MCT Oil to help you stick to your fasting.

Independent Lab Tested to Ensure Purity & Quality

Since C8 is the most active ingre­di­ent in MCT oils, we ensure our MCT oil has a high puri­ty lev­el of it. That’s why we have every pro­duc­tion run test­ed by exter­nal labs. We pub­lish the results of these lab tests pub­licly to give you con­fi­dence about what you’re buying.

Safely Sourced and Produced in World-Class Facilities

Our Pure C8 MCT Oil is made in a world-class BRC glob­al stan­dards facil­i­ty. We use nat­ur­al steam dis­til­la­tion to iso­late the C8 from 100% coconut oil. We also ensure our coconuts are sus­tain­ably sourced to pro­tect the environment.

Important information

Safety Information:

To avoid stom­ach upset ensure to fol­low exact dosage instruc­tions. Food sup­ple­ments should not be used as a sub­sti­tute for a var­ied diet, bal­anced and healthy diet. This prod­uct is not intend­ed to pre­vent, cure or treat any dis­ease. Do not exceed the rec­om­mend­ed dai­ly dose. Store out of reach of young children.


Pure Caprylic Acid Triglyc­eride (C8 MCT) Oil


Pure C8 MCT oil is often tak­en straight or added to cof­fees, teas or oth­er no calo­rie drinks (e.g. water). • Start with 1/3 dose (5ml) and build up to the full dose (15ml) over 3 weeks. • Warn­ing: Some slight indi­ges­tion may occur at first. Only increase your dose size if your stom­ach feels okay. • Take 1 dose from 1 to 3 times dai­ly depend­ing on your goals. • Best tak­en with­out oth­er calo­ries an hour before you eat. Tak­ing with carbs or sug­ars reduces the ketone-boost­ing effects.

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Additional information


All Natural Gluten Free Dairy Free Paleo Vegan Keto GMO Free


500 millilitre

Manufacturer contact

Ketosource Limited 71-75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ United Kingdom





Country of origin

United Kingdom



Date First Available

2 May 2018




  1. Nze

    Helps my brain switch on and gives my body a sub­tle ener­gy boost!This C8 MCT oil is fan­tas­tic. It’s ear­ly days but it had a noti­ci­ble effect on me even after the first half tea­spoon full. With­in 15 min­utes I felt a notice­able bright­en­ing effect in my brain, like some­body switched some­thing on and a sub­tle lift in my ener­gy. I have CFS/ME so am always look­ing for ways to improve this con­di­tion. It can’t be place­bo as I wasn’t even expect­ing these sub­tle gains!!! I’ve tried oth­er brands of MCT oil and felt noth­ing at all.It’s is pleas­ant enough tast­ing with a light coconu­try flavour. My advice is to work up slow­ly. Even on half to a full tea­spoon my stom­ach did grum­ble, but it’s get­ting used to the oil. Thank­ful­ly. The only pack­ag­ing ‘down­side’ is spillage from the bot­tle. It’s too pre­cious to spill!!! So I reme­died that myself by pulling the oil por­ing cap off a cheap bot­tle of olive oil and putting that in the C8 bot­tle. It’s not the ide­al fit, but works for spar­ing the drips of this won­der­ful oil. Ear­ly days but I defi­nate­ly wouldn’t be with­out it. It works!!!

  2. Mel . G

    It ticks most of the box­esTo my mind, the best MCT oil has > 99% C8 Caprylic acid made only from coconut oil in a glass bot­tle with a non-drip spout. It can take a long time to deter­mine if a prod­uct match­es all cri­te­ria, and I’ve been mis­led a cou­ple of times. No claim is made that palm oil isn’t used, and it does­n’t have a non-drip spout, so I’ve giv­en it a 4‑star rating.However I still high­ly rec­om­mend the prod­uct. The com­pa­ny is work­ing on pro­duc­ing a non-drip spout. (Plas­tic inserts are nor­mal­ly used to stop drips, so they aren’t ide­al.) And palm oil is just as healthy as coconut oil — it’s the defor­esta­tion result­ing from increased palm oil pro­duc­tion which is undesirable.

  3. Den­ny

    I’m stick­ing with this oil !!!I have researched MCT oil for some time, and have to say this is the one for me !! At the moment I have not got up to the full dose, but once I do I will stick with this oil, and from this sell­er, who offers so much advice it’s amaz­ing !!! The oil is as stat­ed with­out odour or taste, and I use it in my Keto cof­fee. I am not young and I under­stand that it can take longer for an old­er per­son to get into Keto­sis, but after 3 weeks on the Keto diet I feel amaz­ing, so the oil will only add to the ben­e­fits of this diet.

  4. Kathy

    Excel­lent!Received this yes­ter­day and tried it out for the first time blend­ed in with my shake. It is taste­less and odor­less and very easy to take. I took only a tea­spoon as rec­om­mend­ed and felt no adverse affects. Took again today (same quan­ti­ty) in a small amount of unsweet­ened almond milk. Again, no prob­lems at all. This time how­ev­er, I noticed I felt more alert. My weight plateaued over a week ago, and even with a con­sid­er­able calo­rie deficit through­out that week, and a 23 hour fast; the scales weren’t mov­ing. Today I weighed and had lost 2.6lbs. Coin­ci­dence maybe? Who cares! I look for­ward to see­ing what ben­e­fits con­tin­ued usage pro­duce, utter­ly delight­ed with my purchase.

  5. Eleanor White

    Glass bot­tle sold it!No com­plaints — would rec­om­mend it — Had leak­ing prob­lems though — using wine bot­tle pour­er to avoid waste and it fits per­fect­ly — not sure how this would affect the oil which is a con­cern of mine so I remove it every time after I pour it and return lid to the bot­tle. Would like to see pour­ing being sorted.

  6. Mr F

    Giv­en me the chron­ic two bobs!!They say — what works for one, doesn’t work for another…Well this did not agree with me at all.Tried just 1tsp in my morn­ing cof­fee for a few days and it gave me a major upset stom­ach (to be polite!!)Stopped for a few days then tried again and it was actu­al­ly worse the sec­ond time of trying.To say I could have gone to the toi­let, through the eye of a nee­dle would be an understatement!Three more days pass and my guts still aren’t right.I clear­ly have some kind of intol­er­ance to this stuff so I can’t give it a good review. Just an hon­est one from my experience.I guess this week or so try­ing it’s made me lose weight from dozens of trips to the loo every­day, but that’s not a good way to lose the pounds!Overall review: Awful stuff which has giv­en me the chron­ic two bob bits.

  7. AMZ Cus­tomer

    Great MCT oilThis is the sec­ond bot­tle I’ve bought and gone for the ‘Glass Edi­tion’ this time as I’m always con­cerned about plas­tic ‘leach­ing’. The first time I took it, I have to say it was like a light switched on in my brain! It real­ly does seem to be a pow­er­ful fuel for the brain, amaz­ing. I built it up slow­ly as sug­gest­ed on the box (with a cou­ple of stom­ach aches along the way when I had too much by acci­dent) over a cou­ple of weeks. I now take a table­spoon with my own ‘Bul­let­proof’ cof­fee (just add grass-fed Ghee) and also have it on my sal­ads and some meals. Real­ly good stuff and would rec­om­mend. Just build it up slow­ly like they say! 🙂

  8. Talisker-book

    Scep­ti­cal before pur­chase but com­plete­ly won overI’ll be hon­est, I’ve been hood­winked by every snake oil this side of the Serengeti and, I’m ashamed to admit, I sus­pect­ed this was the same. I ordered it a cou­ple of weeks ago, was con­vinced it was just ‘woo’ sci­ence but took it any­way. Every morn­ing, I added it to my black cof­fee (makes it a bit oily but zero taste change) and went about my day. I hoped for imme­di­ate weight loss and razor sharp think­ing instant­ly (for I am an unre­al­is­tic opti­mist) but I noticed zero change so fig­ured I’d been duped again but I’m a tight Scot so was deter­mined to fin­ish the bot­tle, lest I face mock­ing from my bemused fam­i­ly. Then on Mon­day I com­plete­ly for­got to take it and I was rav­en­ous, fuzzy brained and felt like destroy­ing the uni­verse on my diet. Pure fluke, I thought, but took it on Tues­day and the hunger, fuzzi­ness and rage went. As a crit­i­cal thinker, I decid­ed to leave it today and guess what? I was starv­ing all day again and, accord­ing to my staff, my mood rivalled any Mar­vel Uni­verse vil­lain. So, aye, reck­on I’ll keep tak­ing this stuff, it’s clear­ly helping.The email sup­port you get from the com­pa­ny (if you vis­it the web­site) it’s actu­al­ly real­ly use­ful. I usu­al­ly unsub­scribe from these things 2 days in (fick­le? Me? Yep) but I think their updates/support/tips are bril­liant. They’ve got them­selves a con­vert. Can’t com­ment on the weight loss ele­ment of it because I’m not inter­est­ed in being a slave to the scales but my stom­ach feels a bit flat­ter. I’d rec­om­mend try­ing it if you feel like flip­ping desks with hunger pangs on a keto diet

  9. A

    Keto — great!I’m very hap­py with the qual­i­ty and flavour of the oil. It does help bust the pro­duc­tion of ketons! Because it’s so neu­tral in flavour I add it pret­ty much to every­thing- smooth­ies, sal­ad dress­ings, my break­fast chia seed/coconut meal. Yes, the glass bot­tle would ben­e­fit from bet­ter pour­ing. How­ev­er, if you bring a spoon close to the edge (make sure it is touch­ing the edge of the bot­tle) you do not lose any oil.

  10. Marge Simp­son

    Good qual­i­ty MCT oil in a glass bot­tleWith­out a doubt, this has been the best MCT oil I have tried. This 500ml size comes in a glass bot­tle, which is the best way to store it. This helped me get into keto­sis the first time, when oth­er poor­er qual­i­ty oils had­n’t. The price, how­ev­er, is rather high (even com­pared to oth­er MCT oils sold in glass bot­tles). You could buy it in a plas­tic bot­tle and decant it into a bot­tle like this, I sup­pose, but how long would the oil have sat in the plas­tic for before­hand? This is some­thing you will have to con­sid­er and research for your­self, to make an informed deci­sion on plas­tic vs. glass.As expect­ed, it has no flavour. It pours okay (unlike the same brand plas­tic bot­tle I bought once) with min­i­mal drip­page. I will prob­a­bly buy again, although I’ll be look­ing for the price to drop.

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