Pritt Stick Original Glue Stick — Multi Pack 3 x 22g — Childproof and washable for paper, cardboard and felt & BIC Velleda 1721


Compatible material Paper, Cardboard
Colour Purple
Brand Pritt
Item package quantity 1
  • Product 1: Unique performance – Thanks to the low water content, the glue stick is highly efficient and long-lasting – ideal for use during arts and crafts or as school glue.
  • Product 1: Inspire creativity – Help children develop their creativity through arts and crafts with our safe craft glue for kids. Suitable for a variety of materials.
  • Product 1: Child-friendly – With 90% natural ingredients*, the glue stick is ideal for school supplies and can even be washed out at low temperatures after messy craft activities.
  • Product 1: High efficiency – Due to the low-water formula, the glue results in no paper wrinkles – not only ideal for a kid's glue but also practical for office supplies.
  • Product 2: Make your words come alive with this pouch of 8 vivid colours: black, blue, red, green, orange, purple, brown and dark blue
  • Product 2: BIC Velleda pens feature a durable non-retracting nib that's designed with kids in mind
  • Product 2: Good erasability immediately and even after a few days
  • Product 2: These odourless pens are great for working on long assignments or using at home without any fuss


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Pritt Glue Stick, Safe & Child-Friend­ly Craft Glue for Arts & Crafts Activ­i­ties, Strong-Hold adhe­sive for School & Office Sup­plies, 3x22 g Pritt Stick
p>Every­thing you can imag­ine! Get ready for unlim­it­ed cre­ativ­i­ty – with the long-last­ing & child-friend­ly Pritt Stick!

Let your chil­dren grow through cre­ativ­i­ty by get­ting hands-on with arts & crafts and learn­ing with the high-qual­i­ty, sol­vent-free kids glue stick. With a 90% nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents for­mu­la*, the glue is not only one of the safest glue for­mu­las avail­able, but it can also be washed out in low tem­per­a­tures after messy play times! With strong and long-last­ing hold, the glue is easy to apply and results in few­er lumps or wrin­kles on paper thanks to the low-water for­mu­la. With a range of sizes, the glue stick is ide­al for chil­dren to cre­ate every­thing they can imag­ine from glu­ing paper into their school note­books to big craft projects. The craft glue for kids need not only be for chil­dren to bring their ideas to life – this is also the ide­al addi­tion to your office sup­plies for use by those of any age!

Appli­ca­tion: Apply smooth­ly and even­ly to the sur­face (paper/card etc.). Repo­si­tion sur­faces if nec­es­sary, before allow­ing the glue to dry.

The Prod­uct Ben­e­fits at a Glance:

  • Ide­al as a kid’s craft glue & for office supplies
  • High lev­el of performance
  • Child-friend­ly & safe
  • With 90% nat­ur­al ingredients*
  • High effi­cien­cy: long lasting**
  • Easy to apply & low lumping
  • Strong ini­tial tack on var­i­ous craft­ing mate­ri­als, e.g. paper, card­board, felt, pho­tos, cotton
  • Low paper wrin­kling due to low-water formula
  • Sol­vent-free and washable
  • Colour: trans­par­ent
  • For­mat: 3x22g

*incl. water

**Less water con­tent, high­er effi­cien­cy; glues up to 2x more paper, tests per­formed using 160 g/m2 paper, analysed by the Fraun­hofer IFAM Institute
BIC Velle­da 1721 White­board Pens — Assort­ed Colours, Pouch of 8
BIC Velle­da 1721 white­board pens are per­fect for kids. Shaped like a mark­er, they’re just what you need for detailed work at home or at school. This pouch con­tains 8 white­board mark­ers in black, blue, red, green, orange, pur­ple, brown and dark blue (one of each). These BIC Velle­da white­board pens are designed with a fixed bul­let nib that does­n’t retract under the pres­sure of writ­ing. Avail­able in 8 vivid colours to make your words stand out and high­light impor­tant ideas. The sky’s the lim­it since they have good erasabil­i­ty imme­di­ate­ly and even after a few days. Did you know Velle­da has been a BIC brand for over 35 years? BIC acquired Velle­da to add an entire­ly new dry erase line to its range of writ­ing sup­plies, which now includes pens, slates and white­board rolls. And you can be sure of the qual­i­ty because these dry erase pens are made in BIC’s plants in Europe.

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Pack of 3



Date First Available

21 Jun. 2019




  1. David H

    Prit­t’s amaz­ing — go get it for your stick­ing needsPrit­t’s great. For crafts, it adheres well and solid­ly and does not appear to dimin­ish over time (at least in the months I have glued things to paper in). I’ve had some for a scrap book near­ly ten years ago that still hold as true as the day it were done. Just leave things to stick for a few min­utes with pres­sure applied (I use a heavy book). Less use­ful in stick­ing things that are not paper to things, such as string to paper or oth­er mis­cel­la­neous bits and bobs. You prob­a­bly want PVA or some super­glue for that. It’s also use­ful in stick­ing your eye­brows down if you’re want­i­ng some­thing for block­ing your eye­brows out (e.g. drag makeup).For this order, it arrived swift­ly, in great con­di­tion and secure­ly pack­aged. I feel you get a lot here for your mon­ey so it’s rea­son­ably good val­ue for mon­ey and I don’t think I’ll need to be reorder­ing any­thing again soon. That said, when I do need some more stick glue, I’ll com­fort­ably reorder this! Five stars!If you have found any of this review help­ful or infor­ma­tive, I’d be grate­ful if you could let me know by click­ing the “help­ful” but­ton below 🙂

  2. mum2three

    Sticky like it’s sup­posed to beSame clas­sic Pritt Stick is has always been. It sticks paper to paper. Won’t dry out unless you leave the lid off indef­i­nite­ly. The brand that your kids want even though Pound­land own make glue sticks are 5 for a pound, though they do at least last much longer than Pound­land glue sticks. And Pound­land sell these exact same size Pritt sticks, 1 for £1 so 3 for £2 (what I paid for these) turned out to be good value.

  3. Patrick

    Great val­ue — suit­able for home­work along with craft and col­lage projects.I have always used Pritt sticks as the qual­i­ty is top-notch for a bar­gain price. This prod­uct is no excep­tion: £2.00 for 3 medi­um-sized glue sticks with prime next-day deliv­ery. The glue is effec­tive and long-last­ing; sheets of paper do not start to fall out after a while, unlike oth­er prod­ucts with a sim­i­lar price.I love that the com­pa­ny tries to make their prod­ucts using nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents — around 90% of this glue stick is cre­at­ed from nat­ur­al sources. This is great as this makes the prod­uct safe and suit­able for children.

  4. Sap­phire

    Real­ly good val­ue for mon­eyReal­ly good val­ue pack of Pritt sticks in a larg­er size than you tend to see in the shops.My kids need to take these in their pen­cil case for school and get through quite a few. The adhe­sion is what we have all come to expect from this well-known trust­ed brand, which always per­forms so much bet­ter than its cheap­er counterparts.I think this triple pack was very good val­ue for mon­ey and will def­i­nite­ly be buy­ing again.

  5. CK

    Great glue for art, as always!I’m an artist and use Pritt sticks for my col­lage and mixed media works.Never had any issue with these prod­ucts, con­sis­tent­ly very effec­tive and use­ful for artwork!The glue can apply thick or thin depend­ing on the amount of pres­sure you use, and while it is very sticky at first, it quick­ly dries smooth­ly and solid­ly to form a nice and strong bond.Mixed Media Artist Tips:When lay­er­ing many things on top of each oth­er, depend­ing on paper thick­ness, you may get some “glue leak­age”; To resolve this, sim­ply wait until each lay­er is dry before apply­ing the next lay­er. This will only take a few extra seconds.If apply­ing many thin sheets of paper togeth­er, to cre­ate the max­i­mum bond with this glue, do the oppo­site and apply them fair­ly quick­ly to ensure the “glue leak­age” on the paper allows for a sin­gle, smooth­ly dried layer!If you get this glue on your hands or any sur­faces such as a table, use a dish cloth and a mild wash­ing up liq­uid to gen­tly clean it off, using small cir­cles and ensur­ing the tow­el is damp but not soak­ing wet. This will pre­vent any like­li­hood of water dam­age, and will also pre­vent smear­ing a bunch of glue around!If you can’t use a tow­el and soap, you can use any water based wet wipes to clean the area or your hands as well, such as Hug­gies baby wipes.This glue does not stain, but on dyed paper, you may notice some “bleed” of the dye colour on the glue stick. This is nor­mal, and not a sign of any prob­lem with the glue. Use a ker­chief or paper tow­el to gen­tly wipe a small lay­er off the top of the glue stick to remove any paper residue or dye residue.

  6. Mrs Shopo­holic

    GreatLove­ly pack of glue. trust­ed brand. Val­ue for money

  7. LKScot

    Laud­able eco-friend­ly move has made prod­uct way worseI’m a long time Pritt stick user and while I am very excit­ed they’ve decid­ed to make their glue more eco-friend­ly, this new ver­sion is not good. It does that weird gloopy pull that cheap glue sticks often have and applies real­ly uneven­ly. Haven’t seen what it’s like dry yet, but I am real­ly dis­ap­point­ed. It’s so hard to apply now it’s real­ly dif­fi­cult for younger kids to do, which is frus­trat­ing for every­one involved.

  8. Shopa­holic

    Very good val­ue for mon­ey!Pritt Glue Sticks don’t require any intro­duc­tion. They are a house­hold item name and a must have, espe­cial­ly if you have chil­dren mad about arts and crafts like we do.However, this par­tic­u­lar deal is amaz­ing val­ue for mon­ey, since you get three sticks near­ly for for the price of one in tra­di­tion­al shops.I high­ly rec­om­mend this pack­age, I just wish there was a way of hav­ing less plas­tic waste.

  9. R. L. D. Cooper

    An ever­green prod­uct.What can one say about some­thing that has been around for­ev­er (at least it seems like it)? I use this for all sort of paper projects — more par­tic­u­lar­ly putting book­plates onto the end­boards of books I own.The ‘lip­stick’ type of appli­ca­tor is ide­al for my book needs and as Pritt Stick comes in var­i­ous diam­e­ters they can be used for many paper projects.Please note that this not glue, as in sticky glue, but is used to fix very light­weight (e.g. paper) items into a par­tic­u­lar place and/or position.

  10. C Nyman

    Expen­sive but worth itThere are lots of cheap­er glue sticks avail­able but as a teacher and a moth­er, noth­ing will beat a pritt stick! It is easy to apply, holds with very lit­tle glue and does­n’t leave a mark. Don’t waste time buy­ing oth­er brands!

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