Polti Vaporetto Smart 100_B, Steam Cleaner, unlimited autonomy, high pressure boiler 4 Bar, kills and eliminates 99.99% * of viruses, germs and bacteria, 9 accessories [Energy Class A]

£ 179.94

Brand Polti
Style Single
Colour White/Sky Blue
Item weight 11.02 Pounds
Capacity 2 litres
  • Polti Vaporetto steam kills and eliminates 99.99% * of viruses, germs and bacteria
  • Powerful 4 bar steam, variable up to 110 g/min with rapid 2 minute heat up
  • Removable transparent water tank with high 2 litre capacity, unlimited autonomy with auto refill and boiler cleaning system
  • Certified to be effective against dust mites with the British allergy Foundation seal of approval
  • 9 accessories included plus Vaporforce brush plus integrated accessory parking


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From the manufacturer

The Secret to a Natural Home Feeling

Naturally Effective, Simply Steam

Vaporet­to, an inno­va­tion cre­at­ed by Polti more than 30 years ago, con­tin­ues to be a sim­ple and nat­ur­al solu­tion for tak­ing care of the home, sav­ing time and effort with­out the use of chemicals.

The Vaporetto with unlimited autonomy to clean every surface

Vaporet­to Smart 100_B is a steam clean­er with auto water refill for unlim­it­ed clean­ing. Ready in 2 min­utes only, acces­sories are includ­ed for clean­ing every sur­face with­out deter­gents. Thanks to the Vapor­force brush, ide­al for floors, it is pos­si­ble to reach even the most dif­fi­cult areas for deep, fast and effec­tive cleaning.

  • High pres­sure boil­er 4 BAR
  • Unlim­it­ed steam
  • Fast heat up: ready n 2 min­utes
  • Vapor­force brush
  • 9 acces­sories includ­ed
  • 2 litre tank capac­i­ty
  • Remov­able tank
  • Miss­ing water indi­ca­tor
  • British Aller­gy Foun­da­tion Seal of Approval
  • Removes 99.99% germs and bac­te­ria*

Unlimited Cleaning

Thanks to the auto refill sys­tem with remov­able tank it is pos­si­ble to refill Vaporet­to with water every time you need it, with­out wait­ing the cool­ing of device.

Efficient cleaning also on carpets and rugs

Vaporet­to Smart 100_B is pro­vid­ed with a spe­cial frame to eas­i­ly slide on rugs and car­pets, clean­ing and remov­ing dust, bad smells and pick­ing up dirt.

Perfect for people with allergies

Steam heat kills dust mites and aller­gens effec­tive­ly so that peo­ple who suf­fer form aller­gies will have a more healthy home. The prod­uct has been approved by the Britsh Aller­gy Foun­da­tion and has obtained the pres­ti­gious BAF seal of approval.

Ready in 2 minutes

Thanks to the boil­er in stain­less steel Vaporet­to Smart 100_B is ready for the usage in less than 2 min­utes. The ‘ready steam’ light will indi­cate when the appli­ance is ready to use.

A complete range of accessories

The car­pet acces­so­ry for car­pets or rugs; the small brush with win­dow clean­ing fit­ting is ide­al for glass­es and reflec­tive sur­faces; the spat­u­la can remove stub­born stains; the steam con­cen­tra­tor allows you to reach the most dif­fi­cult areas; the nylon brush­es in dif­fer­ent colours allow clean­ing of all sur­faces includ­ing del­i­cate areas and dif­fer­en­ti­ates rooms, for exam­ple bath­room and kitchen.

Accessories always within reach

All the acces­sories, includ­ing the extend­able pipes and the Vapor­force brush can be placed in the ded­i­cat­ed com­part­ment. You will always have every­thing with­in reach dur­ing clean­ing and be able to store every­thing in place.

Sanitise with steam

Steam is the most effec­tive and nat­ur­al solu­tion to clean and sani­tise your home: proven tests state that Vaporet­to Smart 100_B kills and removes 99.99% of germs and bac­te­ria* that com­mon­ly live in homes. *Tests have been run in a third par­ty laboratory.

Easy and fast manitenance

Vaporet­to Smart 100_B has a cap that is sit­u­at­ed in the low­er part of the device for a fast access to the boil­er for clean­ing. In this way we ensure a long prod­uct life cycle and help pre­vent limescale build up.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 52.5 × 33.1 × 32.5 cm


Model Number



WhiteSky Blue

Package Dimensions

52.5 x 33.1 x 32.5 cm; 5 Kilograms


2 litres

Power Wattage

1500 watts


188 Stainless Steel

Auto Shutoff


Energy Efficiency Class

A+ to G

Item Weight

5 kg



Date First Available

9 Feb. 2018




  1. nyo­mi

    ✋ No More Chem­i­calsThe media could not be loaded.

     I lit­er­al­ly love this steam­er, so so much!!! There’s noth­ing I don’t’t love about it. I want­ed a steam­er that would do tiles/ kitchen tops/ the oven/ the floor / windows/ the bed. The list is end­less. The house smells so ster­ile after using this. I was wor­ried abt the amount of chem­i­cals i was using due to covid-19, and us all clean­ing like mad. Now there’s no need. Bye bye chem­i­cals ✋. Can’t rec­om­mend this enough.

  2. Andy

    Polti Vaporet­to Go Steam Clean­er. 3.5 BarThis review is for the Polti Go ver­sion of this clean­er, there is anoth­er ver­sion called the Handy, that seems pret­ty much iden­ti­cal in terms of pow­er, vari­able steam pres­sure, attach­ments, reser­voir size (750 ml) etc.The only dif­fer­ence, as far as I can tell, is that the Handy comes with some kind of fra­grance dis­penser in the han­dle, as far as I under­stand it, nev­er hav­ing used this model.The Go mod­el does not have that. (There are also sev­er­al oth­er sim­i­lar mod­els. Check the Polti web­site to see which mod­el would suit your needs.)I have had mine for a cou­ple of weeks now and so far it has per­formed very well.I have cleaned car­pets, rugs, a cook­er, wash­ing machine, tum­ble dry­er, fridge, roller blinds, (in situ) tiles, taps, bath, sinks, vinyl kitchen floor and fresh­ened cur­tains, plus kitchen uten­sil con­tain­ers a stain­less steel bread bin kitchen cup­boards, doors and paint­work arti­fi­cial flow­ers, train­ers and defrost­ed a freezer.It is aston­ish­ing how many things this device can clean. It also gets into nooks and cran­nies, that usu­al clean­ing meth­ods don’t get to. Don’t be sur­prised to see gunk com­ing out of places you thought were already as clean as you could get them using cloths and sprays, espe­cial­ly, cook­er knobs and the like.Really bad stains, such as those embed­ded in a car­pet or rug, can some­times be blast­ed loose, by hold­ing a cloth at one side of the stain, and by hold­ing the con­cen­tra­tor attach­men­tat an angle to the stain and blast down into and across the stain towards the cloth, you can blast the stain loose from the car­pet and on to the cloth.This tech­nique, takes a lit­tle while, to get the knack of but it works very well. Don’t blast direct­ly down into the stain but blast into and across it. Again take care, if you are hold­ing the cloth with your oth­er hand, as you will be blast­ing hot mate­r­i­al towards it.. Use a thick cloth.It takes a while to get the hang of it, how much steam to use, how long to leave it on there etc.Most of the time, it is com­mon sense.On del­i­cate mate­ri­als, such as cur­tains, turn down the steam dial and use less, plus move over the sur­face quick­ly. I actu­al­ly steamed a dry clean only, pair of lined, lounge cur­tains, using this method and they came up beau­ti­ful­ly and to no harm.DO BE CAREFUL, when first start­ing the machine, after first heat­ing the water or after hav­ing let it stand for a while, as some water will come from the end­of the pipe or attach­ments, when you first press the trig­ger, before the steam comes through, in a steady stream, so you can aim it at the cloth, to col­lect this extra water, if you are work­ing on some­thing, you don’t want to get over wet.On thick car­pets, or tiles, I just used this extra mois­ture, to help loosen, stub­born grime or stains, before steam­ing prop­er­ly, so it was not a prob­lem in those areas, it was a help…On del­i­cate arti­fi­cial flow­ers in a vase, I found, that once the steam was up and run­ning clear, a quick half sec­ond blast, sweep­ing quick­ly across them, cleaned all the dust from all the intri­cate folds of the petals, obvi­ous­ly leav­ing it on these for an extend­ed peri­od would dam­age them.The same with clean­ing down doors or cup­boards, a quite blast and wipe down with the cloth removes all the grime.The oth­er handy thing, is that you have fresh, clean, hot water, with you all the time, so if you need to, you can spray hot water on the cloth and use it to wipe down. Again BE CAREFUL, if you do this, as the steam is very hot, so it will burn your hand if you are not care­ful, it will make the cloth very hot too, so exer­cise care…Another tip, the small­er win­dow clean­ing head, comes with what they call a sponge or sock. This is just an elas­ti­cat­ed, ter­ry cloth pouch, which turns the win­dow clean­ing head into a clean­ing pad, very use­ful for cup­board doors, cur­tains, clothes, uphol­stery etc.This can be a lit­tle fid­dly to fit and remove it gets dirty. You can get spares but I found, that if you get a stan­dard, microfi­bre clean­ing cloth, such as can be found very cheap­ly, almost any­where, you can wrap this round the win­dow clean­ing head, secure it, by twist­ing an elas­tic band around the neck twice, this works just as well and it very quick to remove and attach.When clean­ing win­dows, espe­cial­ly in the cold weath­er, make sure there is no water in the pipe, as this could cause the win­dows to crack, don’t spray the hot steam at, direct­ly on the win­dow, spray the steam into some­thing near the win­dow, such as a sink and let the steam rise on to the win­dow. If need be, spray across the room a dis­tance away from the win­dow and let the win­dows steam up or spray from a good dis­tance away from the win­dows 3 ft or so, to let the win­dows steam up uni­form­ly and naturally.I usu­al­ly find, that clean­ing some­thing else, auto­mat­i­cal­ly caus­es the win­dows to steam up, so they get cleaned inci­den­tal­ly, by a quick switch to the win­dow clean­ing tool, when I notice it has happened.It has sev­er­al attach­ments, which cov­er near­ly every clean­ing task. It has 8 twist on attach­ments that con­nect to the mul­ti adapter, which also serves as a short lance and steam con­cen­tra­tor, for var­i­ous medi­um to tough jobs and gives you a lit­tle more reach, than the steam gun on its own. Also includes a spat­u­la, grout clean­ing brush, wire bris­tle brush for real­ly tough jobs and an an angled, even fin­er steam con­cen­tra­tor blaster, for round the base of taps and fid­dly jobs like that.You will be amazed what junk falls out of your tap water out­lets, if you give them a blast, with this tool, also deblocks your show­er head and restores full water flow, almost instantaneously.It has a car­ry strap, which allows you to car­ry it around leav­ing both your hands free if you wish.The tube exten­ders are click in, press to release and come in three sections.This can make it feel a lit­tle over flex­i­ble and make you won­der if it’s liable to break, espe­cial­ly when you sweep the floor/carpet brush, from side to side. I dis­cov­ered, the trick is, to let the steam and stiff brush bris­tles, do the work. DON’T press into the floor/carpet/rug too hard.Alternatively sweep from one direc­tion, then change posi­tion, and sweep at right angles across the area, just covered.You can also, one, two, or all three of the tube exten­ders indi­vid­u­al­ly or in com­bi­na­tion with each oth­er, to reach par­tic­u­lar areas, to which they are best suited.I cleaned my rug by first run­ning the uncov­ered stiff brush over it first, while releas­ing steam, to loosen the dirt, then ran over it again after attach­ing the clean­ing cloth. Did a great job, the stiff brush, dug out and gath­ered up, all sort of debris, that must have been hid­ing in the car­pet pile for years.The cloth attach­es by plas­tic teeth, on a sep­a­rate springed lever, on either side of the head. The sup­plied one, does tend to hang a bit loose but once it is on the floor or car­pet, the bris­tles keep it in place and this does­n’t seem to affect, it clean­ing abil­i­ty. Again DON’T press too hard, let the steam do the work.If you con­stant­ly pour out steam at the top pres­sure, you will get around 20 min­utes — half an hour of clean­ing. If you use it, as it prob­a­bly more usu­al, inter­mit­tent­ly steam­ing and wiping/sweeping in between, you will get 50 min­utes — 1 hour of clean­ing. You tend to clean more than you expect­ed, in a short­er time than you expect­ed, because you can clean so many things with it, just by chang­ing a noz­zle and it also cleans many things, much faster, than oth­er meth­ods do.For exam­ple. I cleaned the fridge, when I fin­ished, I had loads of steam left, so I cleaned the kitchen floor as well.. The win­dows steamed up so, I did them as wellAll the con­nec­tors, are kept in the base under­neath the clean­er, so are with you all the time and you don’t have to hunt round for them. The base releas­es with a tab lever press and clicks back in by insert­ing the nar­row end first and low­er­ing the back into the cav­i­ty. Very easy, when you get the hang of it.My advice, would be to watch a cou­ple of you tube videos on this machine, read the man­u­al prop­er­ly and put in a lit­tle prac­tise with it, you will be very pleased with the results it achieves, I think.So far I am delight­ed with this device and though it took a few goes to get the hang of so far, it is work­ing, extreme­ly well..It does take a while to cool down, before you can refill it but you have usu­al­ly done so much clean­ing by then, you gen­er­al­ly want to have sit down, sur­vey your handy­work and have a cup of tea while you wait. It does­n’t take that long. It has a safe­ty device, that won’t allow the filler cap too open, while it is under pressure.To assist in refill­ing quick­ly, if you need to. When the steam has stopped work­ing, wait a few sec­onds and then press the steam trig­ger, ensur­ing that there is no more steam being released by the machine and that there is no pres­sure left in the tank. Then give it a few min­utes to cool down, check that the indi­ca­tor but­ton on the cap, is sig­ni­fy­ing that the cap can be opened (it should be in the ful­ly down posi­tion) and open the filler cap with a cloth, just to be safe, as any air and pos­si­ble rem­nants of steam in the tank will be hot. Then refill with the fun­nel and jug as nor­mal. DON’T leave the fun­nel rest­ing, insert­ed in the open­ing of the hot tank, as this may dam­age it.That’s about it for this review. I can’t speak for the reli­a­bil­i­ty or longevi­ty of this machine, as I haven’t had it long enough but hope­ful­ly, this might have helped some­one out there, to decide, whether they want to give one a try or not. I found it to be excel­lent so far.Quick added tip..I dis­cov­ered after a few weeks use.. When jet blast­ing a stub­born, ground in car­pet stain, using the lance or steam con­cen­tra­tion noz­zle, held at a steep angle. You can put a cloth on one of the clean­ing heads, even using a sec­tion of exten­sion tube, to aid in hold­ing it in posi­tion if required and place it at the oppo­site side of the stain from where you are jet blast­ing, this keeps your hand safe from acci­den­tal harm­ing with hot steam.. In the videos on YouTube, the demon­stra­tor of this tech­nique, is hold­ing the cloth in their hand. This method is much safer and you can hold the cloth much clos­er to the stain..

  3. Frangi­pan

    Flex­i­ble and easy to useI spent for­ev­er try­ing to work out what type of steam­er I want­ed to buy. This one is way cheap­er than many but very flex­i­ble to use — worked fine on larg­er areas like car­pets as well as small bits like taps and tight cor­ners. The only prob­lems I’ve had is that1. the han­dle of the long carpet/floor attach­ment is not as ergonom­ic as It could be — gave me a blis­ter at the base of my thumb after scrub­bing a lot of car­pet — and2. the clips which hold the cloths onto the end of it don’t secure them as well as I’d like.However over­all I’m very pleased I went with this mod­el not one of the dozens of oth­ers on the market.

  4. rod

    Excel­lent prod­uct we bought this to replace our larg­er polti …Excel­lent prod­uct we bought this to replace our larg­er polti steam clean­er and is ide­al one minor prob­lem is it would be nice if you could see the water lev­el and the instruc­tion say you have to wait it to cool down to release the pres­sure before you can refill it which can take up to at least half and hour, but the way round this is just to press the trig­ger and hold until the steam is gone about a minute then you just release the filler cap and away you go again, if your look­ing for a small good qual­i­ty steam clean buy this one

  5. Louie Reynolds

    Great steam­er, bet­ter than Vax!Excel­lent steam clean­er that is hot enough to remove stub­born stains. Pre­vi­ous­ly tried Vax which was real­ly poor. This has exten­sions so you can stand straight whilst clean­ing, brush­es etc con­ve­nient­ly in a case that clips to the bot­tom of the steam­er. This is not an instant steam­er so it needs 15 mins to heat up, how­ev­er the qual­i­ty is much bet­ter than the instant ones. You get about 15 mins worth of steam­ing. Could be improved by a bet­ter way to store and to make you aware of how much water is left in the tank as you can­not see it.

  6. les sum­mers

    I am sad­ly a lit­tle dis­ap­point­ed..I am sad­ly a lit­tle dis­ap­point­ed … I see this as much my issue as any fault with the prod­uct but I was hop­ing for some­thing a lit­tle more robust and while its very good for many sur­faces I may look at buy­ing anoth­er prod­uct for floor clean­ingthe main arm between the trig­ger han­dle and head is sec­tion plas­tic and I fear that if pres­sure applied to attack stub­born marks / stains then it could eas­i­ly brea­kI shall look at more ”indus­tri­al rather than domes­tic prod­uct. this is a case where I would not have bought if I had han­dled the prod­uct in advancethere are many many advan­tages to on line buy­ing but this is one case where it has not worked for me.

  7. Paul Dins­dale

    Great per­for­mance, great design, and great price. What’s not to like?Looks attrac­tive, and appears to be well made. Very good val­ue for a mod­est price, and includes a great range of tools, all housed in the base of the appli­ance. It is obvi­ous that a great deal of thought has gone into the design of this cleaner.Bought orig­i­nal­ly to sani­tise mat­tress­es and car­pets. Good on gen­er­al clean­ing of hard sur­faces, have yet to try clean­ing win­dows, but would expect excel­lent results.No crit­i­cisms what­so­ev­er. Very pleased with this pur­chase and would def­i­nite­ly rec­om­mend with­out hesitation.

  8. Rain­dog

    Great val­ue for mon­ey and works a treat.This lit­tle device has final­ly allowed me to tack­le some of those nig­gling jobs that seemed too dif­fi­cult with pure sweat alone. Per­fect for clean­ing grout­ing between floor tiles and removes mildew from the show­er with ease. It’s very light enough to sling over your shoul­der too and climb a lad­der for hard­er to reach places (we have high ceil­ings in our house). Great val­ue for mon­ey and works a treat.

  9. Parazard

    Would not buy againI would not buy this. First of all I got a faulty one, twice. Final­ly I got one that kind of works but there is no water lev­el indi­ca­tor which means unless you’re con­stant­ly top­ping it up until it over­flows you risk turn­ing it on but being unable to use it until it cools down com­plete­ly again. This can take quite some time, mak­ing this a very frus­trat­ing piece of equipment.

  10. pol­ly

    my sec­ond choice but should have been my firstI orig­i­nal­ly bought the upright mor­phy richards super­steam pro clean­er but soon found it was­n’t right for me. The break-away hand­set was far too heavy and bad­ly weight­ed and I need­ed two hands to steady it. , it splut­tered steam every­where and the only thing that I found effec­tive was the lim­it­ed space it took up for stor­age. I returned it and decid­ed I need­ed some­thing where the hand­held was much lighter so went for the polti based on reviews and prod­uct details.I have only had this for a few days so can only rec­om­mend based on my ini­tial expe­ri­ence but I am very pleased with it.Having the hand­held func­tion still attached to the main unit is not a prob­lem as the hose is long any easy to man­age, the main unit fol­lows well and not hav­ing all the weight of a break­away unit means I can clean away to my heart’s con­tent with­out hav­ing my wrists ache.The space behind the ain unit for stor­ing the tools is bril­liant and the large water tank means I can car­ry on for as long as I like with­out refill­ing, although with this one you can refill with­out hav­ing to let the unit cool down.My only dis­ap­point­ment and I have to qual­i­fy this with stat­ing it applies to every steam clean­er I have seen in my price brack­et, is the win­dow attach­ment, It isn’t prac­ti­cal, way too small and the lit­tle cot­ton bag is real­ly to pro­tect your fur­ni­ture or dog beds, not for win­dows. It would be great if a man­u­fac­tur­er found a way to mke a viable one but until then, just use your karcher instead.All in all, I am real­ly pleased with this and it’s well worth spend­ing that extra to get some­thing that will do the job. My bath­rooms have nev­er looked so clean and hygenic.Just to add, I was­n’t giv­en this to try in exchange for a review (more’s the pity). I chose it after a bad expe­ri­ence with anoth­er make & style and paid hard earned mon­ey so you can take this review in good faith.

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