Pilot Frixion Erasable Rollerball Pen Set — Black, Pack of 5


Brand Pilot
Age range (description) ALL
Colour Black
Material Rubber
Ink colour Black
Point type Fine
Special feature Erasable
Unit count 5.0 count
Item dimensions L x W x H 15 x 65 x 150 millimetres
Closure type Click-Off Cap






  • Refillable all-in-one pen - write, delete, re-write
  • Erasable gel ink rollerball with soft rubber comfort grip
  • Ink erases cleanly using friction-generated heat
  • Fine 0.7 mm tip


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From the manufacturer

Child drawing

The pilot frix­ion Ball erasable and refill­able roller­ball pen has a unique heat-sen­si­tive ink that allows you to erase all your mis­takes, with­out dam­ag­ing your note­book or hav­ing to tear off a page. Sim­ply use its tip to erase the ink and resume your writ­ing work with­out delay. The pilot roller­ball pen’s aver­age 0.7mm tip ensures accu­rate trac­ing, while its gel ink, avail­able in 15 colours, pro­vides smooth and flu­id writ­ing. The ergonom­ic design of the Frix­ion Ball and its grip allows for hours of effort­less writ­ing, its sta­ple will allow you to take it wher­ev­er you want. 2‑in‑1 erasable ink pen very use­ful in the class­room, at home, in the office or on the go.

Notebook Erase

Blue Frixion

Frixion colours

Pilot heat-sen­si­tive ink roller pens allow you to eas­i­ly write and anno­tate all your doc­u­ments, in meet­ings, in class or on the go. The erasable ink of the Frix­ion Ball dis­ap­pears under the effect of heat, with­out trace or dam­age to the paper. A clean result, read­able with­out any scratches.

Refill­able erasable pens. Sim­ply unscrew the body of the pen to replace its refill. Made with robust recy­cled mate­ri­als, this roller is for eco­nom­i­cal use thanks to its soft recharge­able ink.

These ergonom­ic pens are equipped with a grip for effort­less writ­ing. This roller with a tapered body with tat­too dec­o­ra­tions is avail­able in 15 colours all erasable and recharge­able. Medi­um sweet writ­ing with­out burrs.

Frixion clicker

Frixion colour


Frixion light

Frixion Ball Clicker

Erasable, recharge­able and retractable roller pen. Con­i­cal tip avail­able in fine, medi­um or wide writing.

Frixion Point

Erasable and recharge­able roller pen with nee­dle tip com­bin­ing pre­ci­sion of the trace and soft­ness of writing.

Frixion Refills

Car­tridges for Frix­ion rollerblades that come in nee­dle or con­i­cal tip accord­ing to your writ­ing style.

Frixion Light

High­lighters equipped with Frix­ion erasable ink. Soft beveled tip for a thin or wider path.

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Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 1.5 × 6.5 × 15 cm


Model Number


Product Dimensions

1.5 x 6.5 x 15 cm; 60 Grams




Click-Off Cap

Material Type


Number of Items



Pack of 5

Point Type


Ink Colour


Tip Type


Manufacturer Part Number


Item Weight

60 g



Date First Available

8 July 2011




  1. Nat­u­rals

    Great qual­i­tyI bought these for my son as he makes a lot of mis­takes when writ­ing and his school makes every­one write in pen. The rub­ber on the end works very well and the ink qual­i­ty is also very good. The design on the pen looks very nice. The ink is thick(which was good). The only bad thing is that the ink does­n’t last as long as most pens but this isn’t much of a prob­lem as you can buy offi­cial refills which don’t cost much. If you found this review help­ful please press the help­ful button

  2. Jetage

    Smooth writ­ing and awe­some Ther­mochromic ink for secret mes­sages 🖊The media could not be loaded.

     These pens are the weapons of choice for our left hand­ed 9 YO. Love­ly smooth action (no scratch­i­ness at an angle) and the ink sets nice and quick­ly. For us left­ies this is great, means you can write in “good ink” with­out hav­ing smeary pages!These pens 🖊 use Ther­mochromic ink. And it’s a sci­en­cy delight!! 🧪 🧬Essen­tial­ly when you rub the ink with the end of the pen it gen­er­ates fric­tion heat. The ink reacts and is gone. But it’s not!!The beau­ty of Ther­mochromic ink is that the chem­i­cal reac­tion is reversible (see video). You can take a page of writ­ing and wave it over the hob to make it dis­ap­pear. Then you can put it in the freez­er to make the ink REAPPEAR! It’s awe­some stuff and you can do it as many times as you want. 😮Or you can be bor­ing and just rub out your mistakes 😂

  3. Kuro­mi

    Great pens for ever­last­ing note­booksI need­ed a pen to replace the one I got with my ever­last­ing notebook.I couldn’t see any­one else com­ment­ing about how com­pat­i­ble these pens were and where­as some peo­ple had sug­gest­ed on the note­book reviews that any water-based pen would work, I can safe­ly con­firm that is not the case.So, the quest was on to find some­thing that I can use that won’t dam­age it per­ma­nent­ly mark my book and can be eas­i­ly removed when needed.I bought these pens a bit war­i­ly but test­ed them on the back page before con­fi­dent­ly using them.I must admit I’m more impressed with these than the pen that came with the note­book as these wipe off so much eas­i­er whether using the rub­ber or a cloth.Whereas the sup­plied pens left marks on the pages, these do not. They don’t score or leave indents which is great. They wipe off well first time with­out need­ing elbow grease and scrub­bing like the orig­i­nal one.Will buy more of these now I’ve test­ed them.Great item.Pic 1 — writ­ten note dries quick­ly with­out smudg­ing­Pic 2 — rubbed the eras­er across the page — eas­i­ly removed a sec­tion of the pen with­out smudg­ing or look­ing a messPic 3 — wiped a damp cloth down the mid­dle to see how easy this came off­Pic 4 — one wipe over the whole page with a damp cloth and the writ­ing is gone with­out a trace.Awesome!!!

  4. HB

    invalu­able for all sewing projectsI use this erasable pen to make mark­ings on fab­ric for all my sewing projects, it is more pre­cise than chalk. I iron my fab­ric in the usu­al way and all the mark­ings dis­ap­pear as if my mag­ic, these pens are FANTASTIC.

  5. miss­blueesteyes

    Awe­some!I buy these reg­u­lar­ly from this sell­er & I’m a very hap­py cus­tomer. Being dyslex­ic, hav­ing a pen I can cor­rect is so sat­is­fy­ing. I also order oth­er colours too. Being a stu­dent, I tend to colour code my work to make it eas­i­er to find things when look­ing back. So hav­ing the frix­ion pens in dif­fer­ent colours is real­ly help­ful. I would high­ly rec­om­mend frix­ion pens to every­one & I have a friend who I reg­u­lar­ly give them as gifts to her. She real­ly enjoys using them. And the fact that they seem to glide across the page makes them real­ly easy & pleas­ant to use.

  6. Gem­in­ian

    Great on paper and eras­es eas­i­ly … Works great on fab­ric too…erases mag­i­cal­ly with heat!I have tried to upload a video to show this work­ing but for some rea­son it won’t load. These pens are real­ly smooth to write with and feel love­ly to hold…BUT I have been search­ing and try­ing dif­fer­ent erasable pens for mark­ing fab­ric in that hope that it actu­al­ly does work.I am very pleased to say that they work won­der­ful­ly on fab­ric in that you can either rub the fab­ric with the cor­rect end of the pen but even eas­i­er and more effec­tive is to sim­ply hov­er the iron over the pen marks on the fab­ric and it imme­di­ate­ly disappears.The pen eras­es on paper very well too and def­i­nite­ly recommend.To say I am pleased is real­ly an under­state­ment. I have pur­chased a sec­ond pack­et as dis­cov­ered these are avail­able in sev­er­al colours and also refills are avail­able too. Note though, I dis­cov­ered that dif­fer­ent colours are dif­fer­ent prices for some rea­son but nev­er­the­less, they are good val­ue. High­ly recommended.

  7. G. Hen­son

    Great pen, poor eras­erThese are more expen­sive than the Paper Mate Replay and the eras­er (which works by fric­tion rather than ero­sion) is poor inso­far that it smudges the writ­ing and par­tic­u­lar­ly the black print used in all cross­words etc.However, they last sev­er­al times longer than the Paper Mate equiv­a­lent and as such rep­re­sent much bet­ter val­ue for money.

  8. A Fre­quent Customer

    Beware — did not find this erasable, even after a short timeI bought this on the basis of it being an erasable pen but found that it is not erasable at all. When any sort of eras­er is used (includ­ing the one with the pen), the writ­ten marks become slight­ly lighter but they are not erased by any stretch of the imag­i­na­tion. This test was car­ried out a few min­utes after writ­ing with the pen.I shall go back to Paper­Mate Replay Max.It might be a prob­lem with the deliv­ery because the pens did not arrive in the adver­tised pack­ag­ing, though they look identical .…

  9. Mrs L Smith

    Love­ly pens to write with but all 5 ran out pret­ty quick­lyLove these pens as they are com­fort­able to use, good qual­i­ty ink and I love the fact that you can rub out mis­takes and rewrite over it instant­ly and it does­nt mark the page.However the pack of 5 did­n’t last long at all — I’m going some home study and lit­er­al­ly used all these pens in a week and prob­a­bly have only used about half of a project book so you can imag­ine rough­ly how much you can write with them.They all last­ed approx the same amount of time so I dont think it was just a few dodgy pens but I used to use these for work about 5 years ago and did­nt have the prob­lem of them run­ning out so quick so I was a bit dis­ap­point­ed- they arent cheap either so not great val­ue for money.Lovely to write with though so I guess it’s a trade off.

  10. HHGTTG

    Almost good but eras­er on body and not cap!Pens looked great and flow eas­i­ly, almost too eas­i­ly. I use mine sole­ly for Cross­words but the oth­er day I could not under­stand why a mis­take could not be erased. This car­ried on until I realised I had, after open­ing the pen replace the cap on the pen thus cov­er­ing up the eraser.Too my way of think­ing and to some­one who always puts the cov­er back on top of a pen or oth­er writ­ing imple­ment when using it, it seem like poor design to cov­er up the eras­er whilst keep­ing the cov­er safe and not lose it.Maybe it’s just me who’s use to the excel­lent Paper­mate ones seem­ing­ly not now available.I have since writ­ten to the man­u­fac­tur­ers about my com­plaint and they said they make many mod­els and sug­gest­ed the Frix­ion Click­er retractable pen has the eras­er avail­able, pre­sum­ably not on a remove­able cap and so I have ordered a set of these.

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