Philips 243V7QDAB — 24 Inch FHD Monitor, 75Hz, 4ms, IPS, Speakers , Smart Image, Narrow Border, LowBlue mode (1920 x 1080, 250 cd/m², HDMI/VGA/DVI)

£ 134.99

  • Smart Image pre-sets for easy optimized image settings
  • Less eye fatigue with Flicker-Free technology
  • DisplayPort connection for maximum visuals
  • Edge-to-edge glass and narrow border for seamless appearance
  • Smart Image Lite for easy optimized image settings


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From the manufacturer




Sig­nal Input

  • VGA (Ana­logue)
  • DVI‑D (dig­i­tal, HDCP) 
  • HDMI (dig­i­tal, HDCP)


Full HD LCD monitor

Vivid, crisp images, from edge to edge

A per­fect all-round dis­play with stun­ning images that stretch from edge to edge, made easy on the eyes, in a com­pact, slim design


16:9 Full HD

narrow boarder


IPS LED wide view technology for image and colour accuracy

IPS dis­plays use an advanced tech­nol­o­gy that gives you extra-wide view­ing angles of 178/178 degrees, mak­ing it pos­si­ble to view the dis­play from almost any angle. Unlike stan­dard TN pan­els, IPS dis­plays give you remark­ably crisp images with vivid colours, mak­ing them ide­al not only for Pho­tos, movies and web brows­ing, but also for pro­fes­sion­al appli­ca­tions that demand colour accu­ra­cy and con­sis­tent bright­ness at all times.

16:9 Full HD display for crisp, detailed images

Pic­ture qual­i­ty mat­ters. Reg­u­lar dis­plays deliv­er qual­i­ty, but you expect more. This dis­play fea­tures enhanced Full HD 1920 x 1080 res­o­lu­tion. With Full HD for crisp detail paired with high bright­ness, incred­i­ble con­trast and real­is­tic colours, expect a true-to-life picture.

Narrow-border display for a seamless appearance

The new Philips dis­plays fea­ture ultra-nar­row bor­ders which allow for min­i­mal dis­trac­tions and max­i­mum view­ing size. Espe­cial­ly suit­ed for mul­ti-dis­play or tiling setups like gam­ing, graph­ic design and pro­fes­sion­al appli­ca­tions, the ultra-nar­row bor­der dis­play gives you the feel­ing of using one large display.

SmartContrast for rich black details

Smart­Con­trast is a Philips tech­nol­o­gy that analy­ses the con­tents you are dis­play­ing, auto­mat­i­cal­ly adjust­ing colours and con­trol­ling back light inten­si­ty to dynam­i­cal­ly enhance con­trast for the best dig­i­tal images and videos or when play­ing games where dark hues are dis­played. When Econ­o­my mode is select­ed, con­trast is adjust­ed and back­light­ing fine-tuned for just-right dis­play of every­day office appli­ca­tions and low­er pow­er consumption.

SmartImage pre-sets for easy optimised image settings

flicker free

Low Blue

EasyRead mode for a paper-like reading experience

SmartImage pre-sets for easy optimised image settings

Smar­tIm­age is an exclu­sive lead­ing edge Philips tech­nol­o­gy that analy­ses the con­tent dis­played on your screen and opti­mis­es your dis­play per­for­mance. This user-friend­ly inter­face allows you to select var­i­ous modes, like Office, Pho­to, Movie, Game, Econ­o­my etc., to fit the appli­ca­tion in use. Based on the selec­tion, Smar­tIm­age dynam­i­cal­ly opti­mis­es the con­trast, colour sat­u­ra­tion and sharp­ness of images and videos for ulti­mate dis­play performance.

Less eye fatigue with Flicker-Free technology

Due to the way bright­ness is con­trolled on LED-back­lit screens, some users expe­ri­ence flick­er on their screen which caus­es eye fatigue. Philips Flick­er-Free tech­nol­o­gy applies a new solu­tion to reg­u­late bright­ness and reduce flick­er for more com­fort­able viewing.

LowBlue Mode for easy-on-the-eyes productivity

Stud­ies have shown that just as ultra-vio­let rays can cause eye dam­age, short­wave-length blue light rays from LED dis­plays can cause eye dam­age and affect vision over time. Devel­oped for well being, the Philips Low­Blue Mode set­ting uses a smart soft­ware tech­nol­o­gy to reduce harm­ful short­wave blue light.

EasyRead mode for a paper-like reading experience

EasyRead mode for a paper-like read­ing experience

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 209 × 540 × 415 cm


Product Dimensions

209 x 540 x 415 cm; 3 Kilograms

Item model number






Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080


1080p Full HD

Processor Count


Number of HDMI Ports


Number of VGA Ports



13.82 watts

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

3 kg



Date First Available

26 April 2017




  1. Apple

    Fan­tas­tic Val­ue for mon­ey and amaz­ing pic­ture qual­i­tyThe media could not be loaded.

     I have to start by say­ing I paid £80 each for three of these mon­i­tors and at the price paid they were an absolute steal. 24″ 4k Mon­i­tors with a 60mhz refresh rate for £80 each… bargain!I’ve attached a quick video of my set­up to let you see the end result. I typ­i­cal­ly require this set­up for admin doc­u­ments and get­ting live infor­ma­tion on the side mon­i­tors, but for the pur­pos­es of demon­strat­ing the screens I’ve put 4K video feed on each screen.I’m not sure how well it will come out on the video as it’s com­pressed, but the dis­plays are excel­lent, the 4k con­tent comes out very vibrant­ly and the smooth­ness is incred­i­ble, if there is any lag it will be from my lap­top strug­gling to process 3 x 4k mon­i­tors at the same time!Now for the neg­a­tives and the rea­son it’s not get­ting 5*. The speak­ers have rub­bish vol­ume capa­bil­i­ties and are tin­ny sound­ing at high vol­ume, but thats not a con­sid­er­a­tion for me as I did­n’t pur­chase them for the speak­ers. How­ev­er the oth­er issue is that I use my set­up at night and the mon­i­tors low­est bright­ness set­ting still feels too bright. More flex­i­bil­i­ty with the bright­ness con­trols would be great, or a mode for using at night.Overall I high­ly rec­om­mend these monitors!

  2. leggsy1

    Great val­ue but fatal­ly flawed.Great pic­ture. Clear and bright. Good that speak­ers are includ­ed. I just need sound and don’t need any­thing spe­cial. It is a good size too.But… here is why it only gets 2 stars. The stand is flim­sy and is not wide enough ver­sus the width of the mon­i­tor. Despite being on a sol­id oak 40mm thick desk the mon­i­tor has a ten­den­cy to wob­ble around when typ­ing. This has the effect of the screen wob­bling and thus induc­ing sea sick­ness. E‑sickness if you will. I’m prob­a­bly going to sell this on the bay with the e for 20 quid once I’ve got my assign­ments out of the way if it does­n’t make me sick before then. Poor design around what would have been a great val­ue product.One oth­er down­side is just one hdmi port. These days it real­ly needs to be at least 2.

  3. Ald­win

    Good IPS mon­i­tor for the priceThe mon­i­tor stand feels flim­sy and poor qual­i­ty. Being all plas­tic it is a bit of an eyesore.It’s sim­ple and quick enough to attach the base to monitor.The mon­i­tor itself very sharp and clear with no dis­tor­tion around edges of text nor is there any observ­able ghost­ing when gaming.It’s very easy on the eye when brows­ing or read­ing; fur­ther aid­ed by a read­ing mode in addi­tion to a low blue light mode.Little dis­ap­point­ed when I found its miss­ing video cable but that was quick­ly resolved by Ama­zon. It also lacks freesync at 75hz but for 1080p gam­ing 60hz is more than ade­quate with vsync on to keep frames locked to 60fps.The osd menu is not as intu­itive as the E line mon­i­tors which have a nice tog­gle at the back and press­ing the but­tons to nav­i­gate the menu caus­es the mon­i­tor to wob­ble quite considerably.Besides the stand and lack of freesync I could­n’t find any oth­er mon­i­tor with dis­play­port and it is a good qual­i­ty at that.

  4. Dio­go Conde

    Not great image qual­i­ty and after 5 months already has issuesI bought this screen 5 months ago. Back then, there were a lot more reviews on here, over 200 reviews at least, as I nev­er buy any­thing that has­n’t got more than 200 reviews.When the screen arrived, the image was­n’t amaz­ing, but since it only cost £150 I did­n’t mind.5 months passed and the screen now has this drag­ging like effect that is most notice­able on text (as you can see in the image).I work in design and such issues with the screen are a big annoy­ance as it is a work that requires a lot of atten­tion to detail.Really not hap­py about it and have con­tact­ed the sell­er to either get a replace­ment or a full refund.Will update this review accord­ing to the actions tak­en by the seller.We all want sell­ers that take respon­si­bil­i­ty for their prod­ucts and look after their customers.UPDATE: I realised that since the screen is what’s bro­ken, this printscreen would not reveal the prob­lem to oth­ers look­ing at it.I have now returned the item and was giv­en a full refund. Stay away from this prod­uct if you’re look­ing for a good image qual­i­ty screen

  5. B. J. Payne

    Excel­lent crisp pic­ture and tiny bezel: great val­ue for mon­eyI bought two of these 27″ 16:9 mon­i­tors to replace my old 19″ 4:3 aspect-ratio mon­i­tors (see pho­to — the old ones are mount­ed on top. These are a rev­e­la­tion and my advice is, if you’re weigh­ing up the choice between a new 24″ or 27″ mon­i­tors, try to squeeze the 27″ ones in — you get so much more screen “real estate” (i.e. vis­i­ble area) for a very few extra £.What I like about these: the pic­ture qual­i­ty, weight (they are extreme­ly light), great view­ing angle. I chose the ver­sion of these with both a DVI and HDMI input, as it was impor­tant for me to be com­pat­i­ble with most new graph­ics cards. I did­n’t want Dis­play­Port inputs as these seem less impor­tant with changes hap­pen­ing in the HDMI spec­i­fi­ca­tions (and match the cables. I haven’t tried the sound out­put from these: at this price it’s real­ly not impor­tant how good or bad the sound is. If you’re wor­ried about it you should real­ly be get­ting sep­a­rate active speak­ers. Final­ly I was com­plete­ly blown away at the extreme­ly nar­row phys­i­cal bezels — makes for great screen con­ti­nu­ity. Over­all high­ly recommended.

  6. NTSC User

    Per­forms as expect­ed27” IPS ver­sionI bought this to replace a 19″ square mon­i­tor so the pic­ture height and detail are about the same but this has a much wider view­ing area. Widescreen videos are lit­er­al­ly dou­ble the size they were before. I’m very hap­py with this size and res­o­lu­tion when view­ing from about three feet away. I bought the IPS ver­sion so the mon­i­tor can dou­ble as a tem­po­rary TV view­ing device when fed from a suit­able receiv­er and it per­forms ade­quate­ly in that role.Before remov­ing from box make sure hand holds on the side of the box are not pressed in or else the pack­ag­ing won’t come out. Also when in use be care­ful that the mains con­nec­tor is pushed all the way in the back of the mon­i­tor or unex­pect­ed things may hap­pen. I at first made the mis­take of not using the one sup­plied with the mon­i­tor and it did­n’t quite fit right.The built in speak­ers are a bit of a joke — even by PC mon­i­tor stan­dards — but I nor­mal­ly use an exter­nal speak­er or head­phones in any case. A suit­able audio out sock­et is pro­vid­ed. There are also holes for a VESA mount on the back if you’re not hap­py with the sup­plied stand.

  7. AM

    Not mad­ly impressed — con­sid­er­ing it’s a PhilipsI have a good thing going just now with regard to work­ing at home. I just need­ed a decent low priced mon­i­tor for a sec­ondary com­put­er which I use for video ren­der­ing — after a lot of inves­ti­ga­tions chose This one. The price is good, the size, and it seemed good val­ue the fact there were speak­ers in the mon­i­tor and .… it had every­thing I needed.However, that said I do regret my choice.The mon­i­tor over all is good and would be great for an occa­sion­al or reg­u­lar office type work person.However, my issues are .…Although the mon­i­tor has a great pic­ture (and it does) the sound is rub­bish. Come on Philips — you could have done bet­ter, espe­cial­ly with you being world lead­ers in churn­ing out tech­nol­o­gy. Utter­ly rub­bish sound.My sec­ond issue, it’s a big one for me, I do video mak­ing on you tube. Some of my videos are quite long and if any­one under­stands about video mak­ing ren­der­ing times are long too. The mon­i­tor has a ter­ri­ble flaw of going into sleep mode while I’m doing a long ren­der. That in turn is switch­ing my com­put­er into sleep mode and delay­ing my ren­der … so I can’t ren­der over night or leave it unsu­per­vised While I work at oth­er things, I have tried all the set­tings and I can­not turn off this sleep/power save mode. It SHOULD be option­al, pow­er save mode is a good thing but it should be choice. It also seemed to over ride all the set­tings on my com­put­er regard to sleep mode — I googled and it is a thing with some mon­i­tors that they seem to make life dif­fi­cult this way. I end­ed up installing soft­ware to pre­vent the mon­i­tor from tak­ing the lead in this department.So to sum it up — good Size screen and enough for ordi­nary use if you don’t need to play music or watch videos.

  8. Ben Rowe

    Incred­i­ble val­ue but does have sev­er­al flaws with the worst being back­light bleed.For most users, I think any price under £100 is pret­ty sol­id val­ue for this mon­i­tor. I do how­ev­er notice quite a few issues, but they may not nec­es­sar­i­ly be down to the cost, but just the way things are built cheap­ly these days.I’ll start off with the advan­tages. I got it for £69 which is a real bar­gain over­all. When you have adjust­ed the OSD to get the colours about as accu­rate as pos­si­ble, it cer­tain­ly jus­ti­fies it’s price and like­ly will be ahead of many others.The audio qual­i­ty isn’t great, but it is per­fect­ly accept­able and suit­able for the odd video. With the way TVs and mon­i­tors have come these days, speak­ers are basi­cal­ly an addi­tion and many users will expect to buy sep­a­rates as they just don’t have the space in them to sound good. Many mon­i­tors don’t even come with speak­ers. I’m very sur­prised with the amount of reviews rat­ing this and oth­er mon­i­tors down 2 or 3 stars because of the audio!The build qual­i­ty is excel­lent for the price. It doesn’t look that pleas­ing though. The bot­tom bar at the base of the dis­play pro­trudes quite a bit from the sur­face of the screen and looks a lit­tle out of place giv­en the rest is flush. But it is all real­ly sol­id and doesn’t flex one bit. For this price, you would expect a com­pro­mise on build qual­i­ty, which is the stand by the sound of it from oth­ers opin­ions. But I have it mount­ed on the wall and I fre­quent­ly adjust the posi­tion of it and feel­ing the mon­i­tor else­where, the build doesn’t feel cheap at all, despite look­ing that way.The OSD menu is very advanced for a bud­get mon­i­tor like this. I’m used to OSD menus from DELL and while this one feels rather slug­gish and a bit slow to respond, it does still have most of the options there.The first but­ton on the left is a short cut to 8 dif­fer­ent dis­play modes:EasyreadOfficePhotoMovieGameEconomyLowBlue Mod­e­OffThese are all very sim­ple to change for any­one who doesn’t want spend time fig­ur­ing out how the rest of the menu works.Easyread entire­ly gets rid of the colours and pret­ty much makes it news­pa­per style which is more com­fort­ing for the eyes in some circumstances.Office, Econ­o­my and Off all are pret­ty real­is­tic with­out chang­ing too much of the default set­tings or colours. They more just focus on chang­ing the bright­ness and sharpness.Photo, Movie and Game in my view are all hor­ri­ble. They dras­ti­cal­ly over sat­u­rate colours which to many people’s eyes may be pleas­ing it they want things to stand out. It may even be help­ful in gam­ing, but none of these options are remote­ly real­is­tic in terms of colour accuracy.Low blue mode is a nice option to have that is very easy on the eyes. It has 2 lev­els when it is is select­ed, the high­er num­ber being more of a warm tone. Both of which are too warm for my taste, but if you don’t like look­ing at a very cold white screen, these are useful.There is a lot more that you can do in this menu, but that is the basics covered.In terms of image qual­i­ty, when look­ing at most things in mod­er­ate light­ing, It is out­stand­ing for the price. Even sev­er­al pre­mi­um mon­i­tor mod­els I tried that were far more expen­sive that this didn’t look a great deal bet­ter oth­er than the res­o­lu­tion. I am used to a glossy dis­play which is next to impos­si­ble to find these days, but for a mat­te fin­ish, it is very sharp when sharp­ness is on full and there is very lit­tle to com­plain about for some­thing that was well under £100. Even for around £90 which is is at the time of writ­ing, it is cer­tain­ly more than acceptable.Onto some of the dis­ad­van­tages now. Due to how sen­si­tive I am, I do notice a lot. Some of which won’t be much of a prob­lem for others.Some of these may well be just because I’ve come from a more expen­sive mon­i­tor, but oth­ers cer­tain­ly can be avoided.Back light bleed is eas­i­ly the biggest prob­lem with this mon­i­tor. IPS glow and back­light bleed can look sim­i­lar, but there is a dif­fer­ence. I haven’t come across an IPS mon­i­tor that doesn’t have IPS glow. But all that is is a faint grey patch in the 4 cor­ners when you are close to the mon­i­tor, and only when look­ing at very dark con­tent usu­al­ly. But at least it tends to be even. I’m used to this ever since first using an IPS monitor.There is a large brown blob in the cen­tre on the top of the screen. Even worse, there is a more obvi­ous leak from the back­light­ing at the top right cor­ner, both on the top and right side. It is much more dis­crete, but there is also more from the oth­er 3 cor­ners, but at least this is only notice­able in extreme dark­ness. The top right cor­ner and cen­tre leaks are notice­able when watch­ing widescreen films or 4:3 videos unless you have you room extreme­ly well lit, which then par­tial­ly ruins the con­tent of the footage a lit­tle. This is high­light­ed by the pic­ture attached, although you can’t make it very obvi­ous by tak­ing pictures.This back­light prob­lem isn’t direct­ly a crit­i­cism of this mon­i­tor more than oth­ers as loads these days seem to have this prob­lem. I bought and returned a £350 dell mon­i­tor that had far worse back­light bleed than this. I think this prob­lem is a con­se­quence of most mon­i­tors no longer hav­ing pro­trud­ing board­ers around the edge. All my old mon­i­tors that had the more bulky design had no back­light bleed at all. This design that this Phillips and many oth­er mon­i­tors have make them look nice and sleek being flush with the edge, but in my opin­ion intro­duces this which is quite a big problem.One oth­er thing that Phillips don’t seem to have in their OSD unlike most oth­er brands is to dras­ti­cal­ly dim the screen by turn­ing the RGB num­bers right down. On my Dell S2415h for exam­ple, if I turn them down, it both turns down those indi­vid­ual colours (which if you do equal­ly for all three still has the same tone) as well as the bright­ness. So you can basi­cal­ly go well below the bright­ness that min­i­mum sug­gests you can. This is incred­i­bly use­ful when you are work­ing on your PC late at night and you want the mon­i­tor to be extreme­ly dim. Both with a pre­mi­um Phillips mon­i­tor I had as well as this, turn­ing these colours down doesn’t allow you to go very far. So min­i­mum bright­ness isn’t actu­al­ly that dim. It very like­ly will be fine for most though. I’m just point­ing out that most oth­er mon­i­tors are more flex­i­ble in that regard.Another dis­ad­van­tage that I think is pure­ly going to be relat­ed to the price and I do accept for this. The blacks and most oth­er real­ly deep colours seem to merge a bit too much for my lik­ing. When gam­ing in dark scenes, it makes the slight­ly dif­fer­ent shades very dif­fi­cult to dis­tin­guish. It is also hard when I view some of my cam­era pic­tures to tell apart the dif­fer­ent dark shades that I remem­ber being a lot more obvious.This wasn’t too much of a dis­ad­van­tage for me, but may be for oth­ers if they are com­ing from a mon­i­tor that had more accu­rate colours, con­trast and oth­er things out of the box. As I am crit­i­cal of these things, I noticed that with the fac­to­ry set­tings, this mon­i­tor need­ed quite some tweak­ing in the menu to look it’s best. The con­trast between black and white was rather on the extreme side. I found it a bit dif­fi­cult read­ing black text on a white back­ground ini­tial­ly just because of the bright­ness dif­fer­ence. Turn­ing con­trast down to 25 rather than 50 helps with that. I also thought that some of the colours were just that bit too vibrant even when the quick menu was in the off posi­tion, espe­cial­ly red. So I went into the menu and select­ed user define and turned the red down from 100 to 90 and that has helped.Overall, I do think this mon­i­tor is incred­i­ble val­ue for mon­ey, but I still am try­ing to find a bet­ter one. This was basi­cal­ly to use while I tried to find a bet­ter more advanced mod­el, but it is sur­pris­ing­ly good, even with the issues it has.Update 05/01/21:I thought I may as well include the oth­er weak­ness of this mon­i­tor that I’ve since noticed. It still isn’t real­ly enough to reduce my rat­ing for the price I got mine for (which was £69), but if it was still sold for over £100, I think I would drop 4 stars to 3.The oth­er issue is the view­ing angles, but not in the way peo­ple think of them. Typ­i­cal­ly, this would be how far you can view it from above, below or either side with­out the colours chang­ing or the image mess­ing up. In this area, the mon­i­tor is decent, but not the best. The issue is the first two rows of pix­els on all edges of the mon­i­tor, but espe­cial­ly the sides. This is a dis­play with total­ly flush edges, so this should not be a prob­lem at all. But when you sit close to the screen (2 feet dead cen­tre for exam­ple), the first row on the left and right and left of 1080 pix­els becomes blocked. This is a real­ly strange prob­lem. To many it won’t be notice­able due to it being in the least impor­tant areas of the screen, but if say you sit in line with the right or left side of the mon­i­tor fac­ing it, you can guar­an­tee that at least one or two rows of pix­els on the oth­er side will be blocked. This is prob­a­bly some defect in the design and there is some bent plas­tic that caus­es this effect, as it is very strange that you can see fine if you view the edges from the oth­er side. Such as view­ing the left side from far left of the dis­play, it is then the right side that suf­fers and can actu­al­ly make you miss up to 4 rows of pixels.The only rea­son why I noticed this was because Ubun­tu has a theme where the board­ers of win­dows is 1 pix­el thick. And it became quite frus­trat­ing that mov­ing your head would make the board­ers come and go. Very dis­tract­ing unless you work over a metre away and hard­ly move. But after chang­ing the theme to have thick­er board­ers, it is tol­er­a­ble, and due to the price, I can accept it.Just to give peo­ple an idea of what I’m on about, I have attached some edit­ed pic­tures that explain the prob­lem, and I do expect all these mon­i­tors to have this prob­lem. I sim­ply took a full white printscreen and put turned the first 2 rows of pix­els red, then took pic­tures from sev­er­al angles and explained them.

  9. Andy

    Philips 243V7QDAB 23.8″ IPS Full HD (1920x1080) mon­i­tor with Built-in speak­ers.The mon­i­tor is of good qual­i­ty and the screen is clear and crisp. As men­tioned the speak­ers aren’t the loud­est, but are OK for a bit of casu­al TV watch­ing or gam­ing. While the stand could be a bit more sta­ble, it does­n’t wob­ble as much for me as oth­ers have com­ment­ed on and I have it on the same desk as my keyboard.I use it as a 2nd screen for my lap­top while work­ing from home and also to con­nect up to a Free­view box for casu­al TV watch­ing while away from work and it works just fine for both applications.For the price, I would rec­om­mend it espe­cial­ly if you are after a sec­ond screen for work­ing from home and also want it for a bit of TV watch­ing also.

  10. Rob Shah

    Bit of a let­downI bought 2 27″ Mon­i­tors, as they were on offer (Between £122-£127 each on two dif­fer­ent days, but I had pur­chased at 127 ), and I want­ed to upgrade my mon­i­tor set­up. Philips is renowned and I thought it would be a safe-buy for good qual­i­ty screens.I’m not that fussy and only need­ed the mon­i­tors for basic tasks; Light gam­ing, Net­flix, Research and Study­ing. One of the rea­sons for pur­chas­ing was for more screen real-estate.The speak­ers are okay, they do the job, but I would­n’t use that as a rea­son for buy­ing or not buy­ing a mon­i­tor as Mon­i­tors aren’t real­ly known to have great speakers.The qual­i­ty of image was notice­ably worse off than my cur­rent BenQ Mon­i­tor, there was a dim­ness to the image too only over­shad­owed by the sig­nif­i­cant Back­light Bleed on one of the mon­i­tors that can be seen in the images pro­vid­ed. Both did have the same issue, how­ev­er one was much worse com­pared to the oth­er. As a result both have been returned. As one was worse than the oth­er, this may have just come down to luck, how­ev­er due to a few issues with a few dif­fer­ent mon­i­tors I have tried to pur­chase, I have end­ed up buy­ing an ultra wide mon­i­tor, and so far that is much bet­ter. So, per­son­al­ly I would say if you are after a dual/triple mon­i­tor set­up, you are prob­a­bly bet­ter off get­ting one ultra­w­ide and one stan­dard-size mon­i­tor for a sim­i­lar price.For a bud­get-mon­i­tor, I think you can find bet­ter val­ue in oth­er Monitors.

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