Peppa Pig M004176 2in1 10inch Bike 2 in 1 10″, Pink

£ 40.71

Bike type Balance Bike
Age range (description) Children
Brand Peppa Pig
Wheel size 10 Inches
Specific uses for product Road
Suspension type Rigid
Special feature Lightweight
Included components READY
Number of speeds 1
Size 10inch



  • Peppa Pig 2in1 10" Training Bike


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Product Description

Pep­pa Pig 2in1 10″ Train­ing Bike

Safety Warning

keep away from naked flame

Box Contains

1 x 10inch Bike

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Additional information

Weight 3.7 kg
Dimensions 48.5 × 21 × 32.3 cm
Product Dimensions

48.5 x 21 x 32.3 cm; 3.7 Kilograms

Item model number


Number of pieces


Assembly Required


Batteries Required


Batteries included


Material Types

Steel Plastic

Material Care Instructions

Wipe Clean





Date First Available

15 May 2013


24 months - 4 years


  1. Eden

    Unstur­dyThe media could not be loaded.

     The seat is real­ly wob­bly and spins round even when screwed on as tight as it goes

  2. Paul

    Very UnsafeAVOID! Please lis­ten to the com­mon theme here, this bike has a design flaw and is seri­ous­ly unsta­ble. The sta­bilis­ers do not make con­tact with the ground and the frame seems over weight­ed at the front mak­ing it top­ple over far too easily.We took our 2.5 year old out on just one trip to the shops and she fell off time and time again. Even with me hold­ing the han­dle bars and sup­port­ing her, it fell down twice!!Really poor design and must have been untest­ed before going to mar­ket based on the same sta­bil­i­ty complaints.For the high cost, your pay­ing pure­ly for the pep­pa pig brand­ing and will end up with a ner­vous or hurt child.

  3. Lauren0304

    You pay for what you get…Brought this for my 2 and a half year old. Who isn’t that short. She can JUST touch the ped­als WITH her wellies on. It is easy to put togeth­er will all the bits includ­ed in the box for this. Lit­er­al­ly click, turn and go. It is a bit unsteady. The ped­dles on the front are great but they make it a lit­tle top heavy. When my daugh­ter tries to get on she stands on the ped­dles and it imme­di­ate­ly top­ples over. The sta­bi­liz­ers are flim­sy and JUST about do the job. I con­tem­plat­ed send­ing it back, after the 4th time of her falling off…but there has been no 5th time as she now seems to have mas­tered get­ting on and off. I think it will be a learn­ing curve for her and for me for think­ing some­thing so cheap would do the trick…note next time to just spend a bit more money 🙄

  4. fairy­mary

    Ped­dle FaultyThis was a night­mare to put togeth­er, then one of the ped­dles wouldn’t stay in as it was faulty, we’ve emailed the firm an wait­ing for reply to see if they can send a replace­ment, once it’s put togeth­er and tight­ened up it looks great, but we did need to us a grips on the wheels, also I asked Ama­zon to deliv­er this in an Ama­zon box as you could see what was inside, but this did not happen,

  5. seren­star

    Not fit for pur­poseThis bike is dread­ful. My daugh­ter is 2 and three quar­ters and she can’t use it prop­er­ly, it’s very unsta­ble and unless I crouch down and push her along she falls over. Pos­i­tive­ly dan­ger­ous! Do not buy!

  6. Rebec­ca Eliz­a­beth goodwin

    Waste of mon­ey not fit for pur­poseI pur­chased this bike ear­ly ready for my tod­dler for Christ­mas, and built it up ready for the big day, one if the met­al parts that secures the sta­bi­liz­ers was­n’t made cor­rect­ly and so did­n’t fit, so the sta­bi­liz­ers were loose, the seat moves and the bike isn’t fit for pur­pose, as I did­n’t built it until the night before there was­n’t much I could do with it, it has to be used as a bal­ance bike now cos the sta­bi­liz­ers just can’t be used, it is just a pile of junk and I’m glad I did­n’t pay any­more than I did for it! Les­son learnt I won’t buy any­thing like this again!

  7. Sk

    Please don’t buy unless you want to waste your mon­eyPlease peo­ple don’t buy this bike is real­ly bad I shouldn’t off bought in the first place after read­ing all the neg­a­tive com­ments and it is true, is too hard for tod­dlers, my daugh­ter is 3 years and is to hard for her to ride on, the parts keep on com­ing off, the col­or is love­ly for kids but is not worth the mon­ey cos is stress­ful, my daugh­ter hates the bike and loves it the same time cos is pep­pa pig’s brand

  8. dave mccoid

    Okay ishMy two year old grand­daugh­ter was more than excit­ed to receive this on Christ­mas Day, unfor­tu­nate­ly is was impos­si­ble to con­struct as there was a vital part (the posi­tion­ing sleeve on the rear axle was miss­ing, there was only one and should have been two). I had to man­u­fac­ture one myself a cou­ple of days lat­er, it was eas­i­er to do that than return it, etc. The bike is now assem­bled cor­rrect­ly, it feels quite flim­sy and will not take much nor­mal wear and tear that a tod­dler can inflict, it is only designed to be used for one year so I guess that is why. Does­nt feel like good val­ue for mon­ey and sad­ly my grand­daugh­ter still has to ride it as we live 100 miles apart. A great­ly dis­ap­point­ing purchase.

  9. wendy woods

    You need a bike span­ner to assem­ble thisThis is a nice item but very dis­ap­point­ed not to have got a bike span­ner in order to put it togeth­er very fid­dly and to be quite hon­est it still feels very rick­ety when it is all assem­bled correctly

  10. Minger

    Cheap made itemAfter quite a few attempts of my daugh­ter try­ing to ride this bike, we realised the ped­als was not right. We took them off at least 4 times, to see if we had done some­thing wrong. In the end we had to do our own DIY on the ped­als so the were in line. My daugh­ter is now rid­ing the bike.Also the end yel­low wheel bit of the sta­bilis­er on the left hand side, just come off. We’ve put it back on but it’s look as if there’s only a mat­ter of time before it rolls off again. Think I’ll be buy­ing a bet­ter bike very soon

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