Peppa Pig CO07004 Wooden Playhouse, Multicoloured


Material Wood
Brand Peppa Pig
Colour Multicoloured
Style Single
Item dimensions L x W x H 57.3 x 25 x 75.1 centimetres
  • Features 8 different rooms including Hall, Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, 2 Bedrooms, Study, Playroom.
  • Includes over 20 pieces of furniture
  • Kitchen with glowing cooker and sound FX
  • Includes 2 exclusive articulated Peppa and George Figures (other figures sold separately)
  • For ages 3 years and over


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From the manufacturer


Bring the world of Pep­pa Pig to life with this ulti­mate wood­en playhouse!


Stand­ing at approx. 75cm high and 57cm wide, Peppa’s Wood­en House fea­tures 3 floors and 8 dif­fer­ent rooms.

There’s a kitchen, liv­ing room, hall, bath­room, Mum­my and Dad­dy Pig’s bed­room, and Pep­pa and George’s bedroom.

On the top floor, there’s an attic play­room, and office com­plete with sky­light and telescope!





Pep­pa and George will have lots of fun play­ing in their bed­room, com­plete with bunk-beds, wardrobe and musi­cal night light!

In the kitchen is a table and chairs, microwave, wash­ing machine, and stove with lights and fun sounds!

Mum­my Pig’s office in the attic has a light up com­put­er, so Pep­pa and George can play ‘Hap­py Mrs Chicken!’

Slot a phone (not includ­ed) into the phone hold­er, so the fam­i­ly can watch some TV!


A host of fur­ni­ture and acces­sories are includ­ed to bring your Pep­pa Pig Home to life, as well as Pep­pa and George artic­u­lat­ed fig­ures. (Mum­my and Dad­dy pig are sold separately).


Peppa’s Wood­en Play­house is the ulti­mate gift for all Pep­pa Pig fans! (Please note that con­struc­tion is required)

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Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 57.3 × 25 × 75.1 cm
Product Dimensions

57.3 x 25 x 75.1 cm; 200 Grams


8 LR44 batteries required. included

Item model number


Number of pieces


Assembly Required


Batteries Required


Batteries included


Material Types




Release date

19 Aug. 2019



Date First Available

15 Jun. 2019


3 years and up


  1. ABCDEFGH1234@*

    Very expen­sive but worth it for the best part.I got this for my 5 year old daugh­ter for Christmas.As you’ve guessed she hasn’t got it yet, obvi­ous­ly! But I have opened it and put it up to check for stur­di­ness and to check for imper­fec­tions and to make sure all the acces­sories are there.The box it arrived it in was very heavy, and the wood­en pieces were all nice­ly wrapped up in soft tis­sue paper to pro­tect the wood­en set.Well, the wood of the house seems stur­dy enough. The side walls are thin­ner wood, but still it looks real­ly nice with the coloured design on it.My wood has small inden­ta­tions into the wood, very small imper­fec­tions which at first annoyed me because cur­rent­ly this mas­sive house is £100!This needs some assem­bling but it seems sim­ple enough (the wife put ours up)It’s a very tall toy indeed. The acces­sories on the box pic­ture look much bet­ter qual­i­ty and more crisp than the ones we received.The draws on the box on the down­stairs are white on the box, but we received a pur­ple set.It may seem like a small gripe, but this is expen­sive. The tele­scope again seems less glossy than the one on the box, the tele­vi­sion Ariel on the box is also a glossy sil­ver as the one we received is jet black.I’m dis­ap­point­ed in many ways, I hate false adver­tis­ing. It may seem small to gripe over such things, but it is our mon­ey we part with.Don’t be put off by my review, I’m just being hon­est. It’s prob­a­bly not worth the mon­ey, but it is a love­ly and HUGE toy and it seems well made. It’s prob­a­bly the most accu­rate Pep­pa Pig house I’ve seen to date and the best made.I’d say if you have the mon­ey spare, go for it.If you check the pic­ture you will notice when you pur­chase this that the acces­sories look a lit­tle dif­fer­ent as I stat­ed before.But com­plain about imper­fec­tions because this is expensive!To fur­ther add that the noise and music sounds a lit­tle ‘tingy’ and a smidge cheap.Also to add you don’t get Mum­my or Dad­dy pig as print­ed on the box.I hope your crazy Pep­pa lov­ing kids love this toy.According to Ama­zon, this toy is suit­able for chil­dren aged 36 months til 99 years, so if you’re a cen­te­nar­i­an (100 year old or over) you won’t be to play with this toy apparently!Thanks for reading.Ps. The fig­ures in the set (Dad­dy Pig wiz­ard etc don’t come with this set, they’re my daughters 🙂 )

  2. blue­bell

    nice design, poor qual­i­ty. came well pack­aged and good time though. mixed feel­ings.item in the­o­ry is great and to look at design wise. the item arrived well pack­aged and in good time.the item is not the best quality.the house design was already peel­ing away at the cor­ners. it’s pret­ty cheap and should not cost more than 50 full price.I have decid­ed to kept the house because my child enjoys it and is still small enough to not find fault in the qual­i­ty of item. I have mixed feel­ings.. I am think­ing to find some type of var­nish fin­ish to seal the paper design onto the chip wood pieces so it may last for a few months at least.

  3. Vivi­enne

    She love it and it should lastI brought this house for my grand­daugh­ter birth­day she just turn 4 she love it and she mad on Pep­pa pig she was so sur­prised her face told it all it was dear but I don’t care she play with all the time that all that mat­ter I like the fact you had the fur­ni­ture in as well

  4. Andy

    Hap­py & Dis­ap­point­ed at the same time.Arrived very well pack­aged. Out­er box was plain so didn’t spoil the sur­prise. All pieces indi­vid­u­al­ly wrapped with foam. Sad­ly some piece had the edges peel­ing so have to use glue. My biggest issue was the holes and pilot holes. Sev­er­al we mis­aligned and had a bat­tle assem­bling it. Had to take my time to not split any wood, but man­aged it. A few did start to strain the out­er edges with screws fight­ing and going in at angles. The acces­sories were good and my grand­son loves them. Sad­ly the clip in plas­tic win­dow frames only fit­ted 2, the 3rd didn’t and just falls out as the hole cut is about 4mm to big. Again luck­i­ly this hasn’t been noticed by my grand­son. Looks like you either get a good one or a bad one.. if every­thing works well I would say worth the mon­ey, sad­ly mine isn’t and would be too much work to dis­as­sem­ble to send back.

  5. Ama­zon Customer

    Poor qual­i­ty, very poor fit­ting. £30 at best dolls house…..not £70The qual­i­ty of this dolls house is just appalling! The holes don’t match up and there­fore assem­bly is real­ly dif­fi­cult because you have to force it to line up! One of the wood­en dow­els snapped try­ing. MDF is not the best mate­r­i­al to screw into, one of the screws came out of the side because of the mis­aligned hole. One of the plas­tic win­dows is about 5mm to small all round and just fall straight through. This is a £30 tops dolls house let alone a £70 one…..saw it for £120 in a super­mar­ket just before Christ­mas. I am quite com­pe­tent with tools and had to dis­as­sem­ble most of it to get it to fit and assem­ble it my way……so be ready to NOT fol­low the instruc­tions. I would not rec­om­mend this dolls house.

  6. Cat

    My daugh­ter loves it!It’s made with good qual­i­ty- very easy to assem­ble. You just need a screw dri­ver to built it ‑all instruc­tions are labelled with num­bers. Easy to just look at the pic­ture in the box for guid­ance. I gave this present to my daugh­ters 2nd birth­day. Although the price could be improved — the joy it brought is price­less. Great for pep­pa pig fans. It only has George and Pep­pa for the fig­ures do best to add or buy some oth­er pep­pa pig char­ac­ters which we already have. This is also from the com­pa­ny that use to make Gun­dam wing (Japan­ese) toy!

  7. Ang­harad Major

    A lit­tle on the expen­sive side..So I guess first off I need to say that our Daugh­ter loves this. She has played with it most days since we bought it (Christ­mas 2020) so I’ve giv­en it a 5 star rat­ing based on that alone.It was not that easy to build and it took 2 of us hold­ing walls, align­ing things and try­ing to make poor­ly sit­ed holes line up to screws. There were a few scuffs on the item which was dis­s­a­point­ing giv­en the price paid. The win­dow frames fall out all the time. Per­haps giv­en the price I would have expect­ed more of the acces­sories. Once built it is real­ly stur­dy but as the floors are paper they do scuff eas­i­ly when played with. All said, would I buy it again? Yes, it’s brought our Daugh­ter lots of enjoy­ment and pro­motes imag­i­na­tive self play.

  8. I.alexander

    Our daugh­ter loves itThis is a great dolls house for your lit­tle ones. It’s just the right size for all the pep­pa pig fig­ures we already had and con­tains lots of fur­ni­ture to fill each room. No fig­ures are includ­ed which is a shame. Be warned it comes flat packed so be pre­pared to build it when it arrives. It was pret­ty straight­for­ward to put togeth­er. I think it is quite good val­ue for mon­ey and my daugh­ter loves it so that’s good enough for me.

  9. K Hen­der­son

    Dev­as­tat­ed to say the least!!!Poor val­ue for mon­ey. This is a Christ­mas present oth­er­wise I would have sent it back. It is dam­aged in many places. The holes aren’t drilled in the cor­rect places, mak­ing it less stur­dy than it should be. I think this should be half the price I paid!! (£80) dev­as­tat­ed to say the least!!! Don’t waste your money!!

  10. Michele

    pep­per pigcant give it a prop­er review as its a christ­mas present for my grand­daugh­ter so im sure she will love it as she pep­per pig mad xx so 4 stars for now un till i open it then i will re rate it x but thank you

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