• PROFESSIONAL: Wi-Fi connectivity & mobile printing
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Save time with high speed 22 ppm mono printing | 128MB large memory | 600MHz processor | Metal frame increases reliability | 15,000p monthly duty cycle boosts more productivity
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: All-in-one cartridge reduces waste | auto-sleep mode creates less noise pollution and gives peace of mind | Energy Star 2.0 Certified


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Box con­tains: print­er, starter ton­er car­tridge (700 pages), USB cable, UK pow­er cord, CD, Quick Set­up Guide
12 Month Warranty

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Additional information

Weight 5.53 kg
Dimensions 39 × 28.3 × 23.2 cm


Product Dimensions

39 x 28.3 x 23.2 cm; 5.53 Kilograms

Item model number






Form Factor

Print Only

Connectivity Type


Power Source

Corded Electric

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

5.53 kg



Date First Available

7 July 2016




  1. odd­von

    and I wait­ed to review it because I hat­ed home print­ers with a pas­sion and was just wait­ing …Ive had this print­er since Novem­ber 2016…and I wait­ed to review it because I hat­ed home print­ers with a pas­sion and was just wait­ing for this one to start its mind games with me at around the 12 month mark… but WOW am I impressed.. !!!!!!! I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY.…. no fuss no both­er .. ever !!! SO FAR AT ALL…JUST GREAT I go to it once every few weeks and it fires up and prints.… clear­ly perfectly..all be it in sim­ple black and white… I havent changed the ton­er yet.… about 20 % left… I just use it via usb.…. but it is wire­less and can do much more than i ask of it. As of july 2018@ £33.00 approx its priced at only a lit­tle more than the replace­ment ton­er so if black and white will cov­er your needs you might want to check it out…Im real­l­ly glad I did…( I dont nor­mal­ly both­er to write reviews) … just to update.. its march 23rd 2020…and ive had the new ton­er in for about a ream of A4 … and its still my fave ever printer.…ive switched to iMac in that time and no issues on Catali­na. Im not paid by any­one for my views by the way . UPDATE 2020 AUGUST. IM STILL LOVING THIS THING… PANTUM DONT SEEM TO BE SUPPORTING IT THO NOW… YOU HAVE TO GET COPY REPLACEMENT INK. CODE PG 217 .. JUST ORDERED 1 AT £31.99 BUT THIS IS ONLY SECOND ONE IVE HAD TO BUY SINCE PURCHASE IN 2016.… I WILL REPORT BACK ON ITS PERFORMANCE…

  2. Aldo Sterone

    The most unre­li­able print­er I ever owned — Not fit for pur­poseWhen it works, this print­er does a decent job. How­ev­er, to get it to print is anoth­er sto­ry. Every few days, when I try to print a cou­ple of doc­u­ments, the print­er returns some­thing gener­ic such as “could­n’t print” or “print­er is in error state”. It prob­a­bly has a dri­ver that is too basic to return any spe­cif­ic error or, in fact, there are no errors just this print­er is a result of poor engi­neer­ing that makes it ran­dom­ly refuse to do its job. So after an hour of reboots, remov­ing the ton­er, print­ing a test page… it sud­den­ly starts work­ing. Then, 2 days lat­er when it comes to print oth­er doc­u­ments, every­thing is to be done again.This print­er will go to the bin. I am just try­ing to get most of the ton­er but when the ton­er car­tridge is emp­ty, I am not going to both­er buy­ing anoth­er one. I will just dis­card it and buy some­thing more expen­sive that does­n’t cost me hours of trou­bleshoot­ing at each print­ing session.

  3. pat5252

    Apolo­giesI would like to retract my ear­li­er neg­a­tive review of this prod­uct. I unin­stalled the print­er then re-installed it fol­low­ing the instruc­tions on the CD rather than the pathet­ic paper instruc­tions and am now able to print, albeit just a test page but that seemed ok. Apolo­gies to the sell­er and read­ers of the reviews.

  4. Wag­gyquack

    Beware if down­load­ing dri­versI bought this just to print off a few let­ters and stuff. My lap­top does­n’t have a CD play­er so I had to down­load the dri­vers from the inter­net. The down­load rate was excru­ci­at­ing­ly slow, about 4KB per sec­ond and that was from the man­u­fac­tur­ers web­site. This takes about 4 hours to get the full down­load. In the end I copied the CD instal­la­tion disc onto a USB mem­o­ry pen and loaded the dri­vers from there. Even then it took about an hour to trans­fer the data.Pantum. this is extreme­ly poor and frus­trat­ing cus­tomer ser­vice and I would­n’t rec­om­mend your prod­ucts based on this. I have bet­ter things to do with my life than waste 3 hours try­ing to install a print­er that real­ly should be ready to go 5 min­utes out of the box. Buy­ers beware.

  5. Joel

    Impressed so far.Day 1, but I will update in com­ing months.Build quality:Unit is well built, but not to big or heavy. The inter­nal chas­sis is steel and does not flex. The paper trays are the usu­al plas­tic affair, just about aver­age. I did have some trou­ble with adjust­ing the paper guides, but that’s a set and for­got thing as I rarely print any­thing oth­er than A4.Setup:The phys­i­cal set­up was fine, a few more steps than expect­ed so it’s impor­tant to fol­low the includ­ed instructions.Installing the dri­vers and get­ting the print­er con­nect­ed to the wifi was not very intu­itive but got there in the end. You do need to use the includ­ed CD, as win­dows will not find them online. To con­nect to the wifi I had to use the mobile app to con­nect to the print­er and tell it the wifi pass­word as there is no phys­i­cal inter­face for it on the machine. The instruc­tions do include how to do this and were ok to fol­low once I worked out I need­ed to use the app.Print Quality:Prints text very nice­ly as you would expect from a B&W laser, and as you would also expect it’s not very good at pic­tures, though graph­ics look pret­ty decent as long as they were made with B&W in mind. Only thing I could fault is that the prints come out rather curly, but that’s nei­ther too sur­pris­ing, or dif­fi­cult to fix by rolling back the oth­er way.Pleased so far, expect it to con­tin­ue that way. Sup­port is lim­it­ed but if you’re rea­son­ably com­put­er lit­er­ate you’ll be fine.I bought this at £60, refills can cur­rent­ly be bought for £20–30 depend­ing on what size you get, and I found a cou­ple videos on youtube on how to refill at home which is much cheap­er than that if you don’t mind the mess.

  6. B.H.

    Just as awful as every oth­er print­erI’ve worked in IT for over 20 years. I despise print­ers, and I call down curs­es on their cre­ators and wish noth­ing but plague and woe on them and their kind.This installs OK (Win­dows 10 and Ubun­tu), and worked the first cou­ple of times. After that, who knows? Some­times it’ll give a good long pause, then print. Most of the time it does­n’t. There’s a use­less error mes­sage ‘Print­er is in an error state’ and noth­ing else. The sta­tus light flash­es. What does that mean? Who knows? A slow green blink appar­ent­ly means it’s in ‘sleep’ mode…but who can wake it? Send­ing test page is like look­ing into the abyss — if you do it long enough, the abyss looks back into you and you get a print­ed page. But which test was it? You’ve done so many and it took so long that you have no idea.I hate print­ing with this, and will put it off at all costs. This review was writ­ten after an hour spent try­ing to print a pack­ag­ing slip. A sin­gle page of B&W A4 text. I’ve tried Win­dows and Ubun­tu, cabled and wire­less. Both sys­tems even­tu­al­ly gave me a test page. But still no pack­ag­ing slip. I might just write it in tears instead.

  7. Attle­bax

    Pan­tum P2200W — great for the priceMy Dell 1720dn laser need­ed a new drum. The cost about £60. I could buy two of these print­ers for that mon­ey so I thought I would give it a try.Setup. Hold down the WPS but­ton on the print­er for 3 sec­onds. Press the WPS but­ton on the router. Con­nect­ed. Easy as that. My iPad could instant­ly see it and it worked.To con­nect to desk­top with­out USB, first load the dri­vers on the desk­top. Then Add a print­er in Con­trol Pan­el. Let it find the print­er. It loads the dri­vers itself. Done. Any prob­lems then use the IP address which you can find off the router or on the iPad using Net Analyzer.The print qual­i­ty is OK and it runs at a rea­son­able speed. Who can moan at this price? They must make their mon­ey from the ton­er refill.Very very small footprint.

  8. The Gad­get Man

    Save your­self time buy some­thing else.At under £100 for a laser print­er i was­n’t expect­ing much, I was dis­ap­point­ed. The print­er has sev­er­al ok reviews online all say­ing spend a bit more mon­ey and i wish i had.As an IT engi­neer part of my job includes installing print­ers and fault find­ing print­ers that wont print.The first time i went to install it i was using the most up to date dri­vers from the com­pa­nies web­site as i only tend to use an exter­nal DVD dri­ve as a last resort.The instal­la­tion found the print­er only by USB lead and did not detect the print­er even though i could see that it had been giv­en an IP address. I man­aged to log in and see the settings.I then went to print and that was where things start­ed to go wrong. It print­ed a test page but refused to print any documents.Using Win­dows 10 (64Bit) it came up with an error telling me that the print­er mon­i­tor need­ed Flash play­er installed (Not rec­om­mend­ed nowa­days due to it being dis­abled by default in win­dows 10).I tried to unin­stall the print­er and clean it from the reg­istry using some Tec Tools that remove “Left Over” bits that can clog up the registry.After sev­er­al dif­fer­ent leads, Using both USB or Net­work cable the print­er was not found again even whilst using the sup­plied cd (That is just a basic Driver).Overall The print­er looks good out of the box but TBH would spend the extra £50 and go for the HP Colour Laser.Shame but you live and learn.I hope my expe­ri­ence with this helps some­one, and hope­ful­ly saves you wast­ing your time too.Have now returned back to Ama­zon for a refund.

  9. Ren

    Good lit­tle wire­less print­erDown­loaded the dri­vers from the web­site. I set it up wrong ini­tial­ly but was eas­i­ly cor­rect­ed. This is a fan­tas­tic deal when look­ing at all the print­ers and real­is­ing that we main­ly did black and white print­ing. The speed and low cost make it def­i­nite­ly worth it. It’s very nice that it is wire­less and does­n’t have to be close to the pc. Three months now and no prob­lems. Very happy.

  10. MkSte­vo

    Excel­lent duplex print­ing at a com­pet­i­tive price.I bought this to replace an old Sam­sung that I had had for a few years. I want­ed a mono laser print­er (wire­less) at a sen­si­ble price, with a scan­ner — as the sam­sung was. I have to admit that I nev­er got the wire­less work­ing, to do that, I (appar­ent­ly) have to plug the print­er into the com­put­er with a USB — but because my PC and the print­er are in sep­a­rate rooms this isn’t easy. As the print­er has an eth­er­net port on it and an eth­er­net hub in my “office”, I sim­ply used that and had the print­er run­ning in next to no time. Print­ing from a mobile device was slight­ly con­fus­ing, but installing “Mopria” on my ‘phone(s) and tablet soon sort­ed that out. Scan­ning qual­i­ty is far bet­ter than the Sam­sung, and the Win­dows scan­ning soft­ware sup­plied by Pan­tum is much bet­ter than the Sam­sung ver­sion too. Print qual­i­ty is fab­u­lous and the duplex works quick­ly too. If it lasts the same time as the Sam­sung did, I’ll be delighted.

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