Opulent Oud Musk Blue Black White By Lattafa Halal Attar EDP Spray Perfume 100ml (Opulent Oud)

£ 15.04

  • Opulent Oud by Lattafa Perfumes is a dark, sweet-spicy perfume with a woody Oudh. The top note has a pleasantly fresh character with citrus, floral, and saffron notes.
  • Amber, Oudh and caramel form the heart note, which is warm. Resins, musk, woody notes, patchouli and vanilla form the basis. A perfume that draws from the full and impresses with its dark and beguiling scents. Main accords: woody, smoky, sweet, spicy, oriental
  • Top notes: citrus, floral notes, saffron
  • Middle notes: amber, Oudh, caramel
  • Base notes: resins, musk, woody notes, patchouli, vanilla


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Product Description

Perfume oud perfume for men women perfume sale eau de parfum body spray lattafa perfume oud scent
Perfume oud perfume for men women perfume sale eau de parfum body spray lattafa perfume oud scent

Perfume oud perfume for men women perfume sale eau de parfum body spray lattafa perfume oud scent

Perfume oud perfume for men women perfume sale eau de parfum body spray lattafa perfume oud scent

Perfume oud perfume for men women perfume sale eau de parfum body spray lattafa perfume oud scent

Blue Oud 100 ml Perfume

Blue Oud is a fra­grance that opens with ener­giz­ing oud and ori­en­tal notes. With the dis­tinc­tive, mem­o­rable musk­i­ness of Indi­an and Cam­bo­di­an Oud. Gor­geous Oud per­fume for women and men.

Opulent Musk 100 ml Perfume

A white musk per­fume, with the typ­i­cal inno­cent, fresh pure fra­grances, but the base with the slight­ly resinous chords makes the per­fume stand out from the mass of white musk perfumes.

Opulent Oud 100 ml Perfume

A per­fume that draws from the full and impress­es with its dark and beguil­ing scents. Amber and woody essences high­lights the per­fumes and makes it a lov­able scent. Very long lasting.

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Additional information

Weight 0.37 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 10 × 6.5 cm
Package Weight

0.37 Kilograms

Item Weight

500 Milligrams






100 Millilitres


Opulent Oud

Manufacturer reference

Opulent Oud

Package Dimensions

13.5 x 10 x 6.5 centimetres, 13.5 x 10 x 6.5 cm; 0.5 Grams



Date First Available

5 Jun. 2019


House of Niche Fragrance


  1. Ama­zon Customer

    Best ara­bi­an per­fume ever!Amaz­ing! I can’t describe how amaz­ing this per­fume is! I love the wood smell! Posh and sofisticated!This per­fume is not heavy!It is a soft oud perfume!Last ages on my skin!Sillage 9–12hrs.I higl­hy recomend! Great val­ue for the product!If you love ara­bi­an per­fumes but with a sofisti­cat­ed scent this is the one!

  2. kath­leen parker

    Devine aro­maI bought this item for my hus­band for Christmas,the fra­grance is Devine, it as a very pun­gent aroma,in fact very sexy,and the bot­tle is beautiful,my hus­band likes it very much,would def­i­nite­ly buy again..

  3. marc

    opu­lent oud musk black:a beau­ti­ful dusky flo­ral rose woody EDP — not too sweet or too woody — very well bal­anced — the val­ue of lattafa is incred­i­ble — the for­mu­la and the pack­ag­ing are spot on and very high end for the price — estee laud­er wood mys­tique is almost £100 and this beau­ty out per­forms it by a mile in longevi­ty and sil­lage — incredible!

  4. A mor­gan

    Nice pack­ag­ing!Didn’t like it at first. Top notes too strong. After an hour though, very nice, very heady, very Ara­bi­an nights. Can still smell it now five hours lat­er. Dif­fer­ent to main­stream stuff.

  5. Char­lie Seear

    Smells divine but give it time to set­tleI have recent­ly got into Oud from anoth­er beard oil & balm which I have bought on Ama­zon. I loved the smell of those and stum­bled across this EDP and bought a bot­tle on a whim. I usu­al­ly wear Bleu de Chanel but the scents clash when worn togeth­er so gave this a shot to com­ple­ment the oil/balm more.So, first impres­sions: I love the pack­ag­ing and bot­tle looks like the prod­uct is much high­er than its price point.The scent is real­ly love­ly, although a bit more flo­ral than I was expect­ing, but once it warms up on your skin, the fra­grance set­tles down and the woody mid notes real­ly start to sing. As for longevi­ty, I can’t hon­est­ly com­ment as lit­er­al­ly have only had the prod­uct on for 15 min­utes, but I won’t be upset if I wake up tomor­row morn­ing still smelling of this oud!Whilst I appre­ci­ate it won’t be a fra­grance for every­one, I love it despite being a bit more flo­ral and it is seri­ous­ly good val­ue for money.

  6. vio

    fakeis not the orig­i­nal one …i buy from dubai mall last year and i know how sup­posed to be!

  7. darcey123

    Beau­ti­ful Fra­granceGood­ness, I was so suprirsed by how love­ly this fra­grance is. I pur­chased on a whim not real­ly expect­ing very much but it is real­ly exot­ic. Now I need to know which oth­er ones to try? I would love to know which is the strongest scent as there are many to chose from. Beau­ti­ful pack­ag­ing and bot­tle too.

  8. K.L.

    Not For Me..I usu­al­ly go for these sorts of scents — musky, woody, spicy. But this just did­n’t work for me. I read all the reviews — and yes, it’s true, the pack­ag­ing is love­ly (vel­vety box con­tain­ing a smart bot­tle of scent) but that’s where it end­ed. I did­n’t like it from the sec­ond I sprayed on my wrist — very sweet smelling and a bit sick­ly, to be hon­est. Any­way, I wait­ed for it to set­tle, hop­ing that I might start to love it — I did­n’t. I was­n’t get­ting any­thing musky or woody (which is typ­i­cal of oud). I was giv­en a bot­tle of Oud Wood by Tom Ford last Christ­mas and it is absolute­ly divine (woody, smoky, musky — all the things I hoped Opu­lent Oud would be). One oth­er thing in it’s favour is the longevi­ty — I sprayed it at about 2.00pm today, and it’s now just past mid­night and I can still smell it — unfor­tu­nate­ly! Will find some­one who likes it and give it away.

  9. Hy Yu

    Nice per­fume but mis­lead­ing prod­uct detailsI intend to buy this per­fume as a present for some­one who likes alco­hol free fra­grance. The main rea­son I got it was because it said “halal” in the title. Which means it must be alco­hol free. There were no ingre­di­ents list pro­vid­ed so that I can cross check. So, I was hop­ing that the per­fume does­n’t con­tain alco­hol as it already says “halal” on Its tit­tle. When the per­fume arrived, I was able to see the ingre­di­ents list at the back of the pack­age and guess what?! It does con­tain alco­hol 😤I was a bit mad that the prod­uct descrip­tion was mis­lead­ing BUT, when we tried it on… The scent was gor­geous. I real­ly loved it!!.So, my sug­ges­tion is to add the ingre­di­ents list to the prod­ucts details. Because, one per­son­’s interpretation/ under­stand­ing of “halal” may be dif­fer­ent to some oth­er per­son. Oth­er than that, once again, the per­fume smells amaz­ing, real­ly can’t com­plain about the scent. It latsed all day and good val­ue for mon­ey.☺️

  10. Cof­fee Lover

    Watch the lid, its rub­bishThe bot­tle might look nice but its cheap and the lid does­nt attach. It just sits on top when it goes.And when it does go, dont be hold­ing it by the lid or you will have a bro­ken bottle.The fra­grance itself is love­ly, but the bot­tle cap should­nt be trust­ed. I was just very lucky not to smash the screen of my phone when the bot­tle came away from the cap and missed it by a cou­ple of inch­es, its a heavy bottle.

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